Folders not showing up in Finder?

I've recently bought an iMac (21.5") and have been transferring all my music from the old PC to it via an external hard drive (format: MS-DOS (FAT32), 1tb).
I've noticed that some folders just don't show up in Finder. I have no idea why - they are exactly the same as every other folder on the hard drive ie. a folder containing an album with mp3s (same format of audio as all the other folders). It's definitely not a space problem.
It's a real nuisance as there may be more folders that haven't showed up that I'm not aware of (I only found out by chance that some were missing when I was specifically looking for them), I have a LOT of music.
Note: the folders show up when plugged into the pc.
Some help around this issue would be great. I have tried verifying/repairing the hard drive via Disk Utility, and deleting & re-adding the albums from the pc to the hard drive again. They still don't show up. (they're not hidden either). I also googled but couldn't find anything.
I wasn't sure whether to post this under the iMac or the OS section.. I'm running Lion 10.7.1 if it helps. Hopefully someone will be able to help me!

Ok, that worked to see hidden files, but the folders still didn't show up. (Not surprised, I didn't think they were hidden anyway).
This is such a bizarre issue! I renamed the folders to all plain English letters instead of the original names which included some foreign letters (I did this via the pc), and now they show up when the hard drive is plugged into the mac. So I think I'll just leave them like that, copy them to the mac hard drive and rename them back to the original names later. It's still strange that this happened in the first place though. Now I'll have to check every folder with foreign characters on the pc and do the same thing. (sigh)
Thanks for your help. If you have any more suggestions please do let me know! Hopefully there is an explanation/easier way around this.

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    I made sure the 'Show Icon Preview' box was checked.  This is about all I can do, really, Frank, as i don't know enough about the workings of these machines to start fiddling about.
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    Do you migrate these mail-enabled public folders from previous Exchange server to Exchange 2010?
    Please check if you can see the SMTP address for mail-enabled public folders via Properties of Public folders.
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    Best regards,
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    Assuming that the missing machine is part of the same Workgroup/Domain:
    Open Terminal and enter "nmblookup -M workgroupname" (without the quotes, and replacing workgroupname with the name of your workgroup or domain.
    This will list the IP address of the machine that is the "master browser" of your network. If you are on a domain, the address should be that of your domain controller. There should only be one ip address listed.
    You can then get that machine to list the shares that it see on the network by entering:
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    You should be able to just press enter when it asks for a password.
    This will list available shares and servers.

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    My external hard drive is not showing up in Finder.
    It shows up in Disc Utility, but I do not have access to it. I have tried the following:
    command-shift c, nothing happens
    confirmed in Preferences/General that external hard drive was checked
    tried another cable
    tried another port on the back of the external drive
    tried to connect through the USB port
    re-started, etc.

    zone-5 wrote:
    I have same problem after installing OS 10.5.8. Disk utility sees the hard drive, the computer does not. Disk utility says invalid node structure. Volume check failed. Filesystem verify or repair failed.
    That means the directory is corrupt. If you have a heavy-duty 3rd-party disk repair app, such as +Disk Warrior,+ it may be able to fix it. Otherwise, your only option is to erase and reformat the disk. They're not cheap -- Disk Warrior is about $100. And for Leopard, you need version 4.1.1 or 4.2.
    I have not been able to figure out how to start a new topic here, but did find this discussion, which fits me fairly close.
    Just above the list of topics, on the left, is a +Post New Topic+ option.

  • Windows Shares Not Showing Up In Finder (Master Browser Problem)

    Hi, on leopard I had no problems with Windows shares showing up in finder. However, having upgraded to Snow Leopard, I've now lost that ability.
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    When I run the command "nmblookup -M -- -" which in Leopard returned my Mac as the master browser, now it says "failed to find name _MSBROWSE_#01".
    I'm sure this is why the Windows PC is not showing up in finder, but I don't know why the smb-conf isn't taking effect in Snow Leopard, and setting it as the master browser?
    Also, I can use Go -> Connect to access my Windows shares, and Mac shares show up in Vista okay.
    Any help appreciated.

    Problem fixed upon updating to 10.6.2.

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    My blank dvd and cd are not showing up in Finder. I checked my preference and deleted from my library All to no avail. I have the new upgraded Lion.

    AppleHoop wrote:
    When I open the Disk Utility I see SuperDrive but I can't burn nor eject the disk. The only way I can eject the DVD is to restart my computer.
    Do other blank discs appear normally?
    Do other commercially manufactured discs (software, movies) show up normally?
    Those questions are to help narrow down exactly what the problem is.
    AppleHoop wrote:
    I have no idea what it means to "zap the PRAM" and Reset the SMC"
    Honestly i don't think those are going to make much difference for this problem. Go ahead and do them, but they're usually last resort desparation solutions, not first resort.

  • Blank CD/DVDs not showing up in finder

    When I insert a brand new blank cd or dvd, it does not show up in finder or the desktop, which is how i used to make data dvds and such. however it does write in itunes or idvd, it will write to it and recognize it. any ideas?

    Open up preferences and then go to CDs & DVDs. For the options on "When you insert a blank CD/DVD" choose "Open Finder." This should work for you.

  • Windows partition not showing up in finder OR disk utility

    doesn't snow leopard have ntfs support out of the box? Well I have windows 7 x64 installed via bootcamp, yet the windows partition will not show up in finder. I checked in disk utility and there is my macintosh HD, and a greyed out partition named disk0s4. It's 120gb, same size as the windows partion, but it says that it is FAT, which I know is not right. I even went so far as to to reformat the whole drive and reinstall both windows 7 and os x, and I am 100% sure it is a NTFS drive, even though it still will not mount in osx and it still says it's FAT in disk utility. What is going on??

    Go to Finder > Preferences > General
    Make sure External disks is selected.
    Restart your Mac then connect the external drive.

  • Shared devices not showing up in finder

    Shared devices on my network are not showing up in Finder on my MacBook Air. Problem just began in the last 24 hours, and is limited to just this computer. Have done usual things -- checking, unchecking shared devices in Finder; relaunching Finder; restarting computer. Any ideas?

    Your problem is very common under Snow. At first my shares did not show up under shared in finder windows. I, then, of course, used "Connect to Server" to connect to the shares--both Mac and PC. I found that the more I kept the shares active the more likely they were show up under shared. Then, I discovered that if I kept the computers from sleeping during the period of needed access they would tend to stay in shared without nearly so much keeping the connections active.
    If you do not like the above work around, then there are two other possibilities. You can elect to show mounted items on your desktop. Do that and connect to each share. Then, go > users > unlock > + login options > try dragging the mounted shares to the login item window. If successful, then the shares should be available at login.
    Another approach is to mount and connect as indicated above. Then, making an alias to the share should at least make things faster.

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    We've added another phone on to our iCloud and now our new phone is not showing up on find my iphone even though everything is turned on in the settings. 

    That article above, the one that has you disable the function, is to stop the little window from popping up whenever you connect a camera or iPhone with pictures.
    Try taking a look at this Apple doc -> iOS: Unable to import photos to computer

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    Some songs from my iTunes library do not show in my Finder music folder. For example one of the three CD's form a triple album do not show in Finder. And therefore they do not get saved when I back up my Mac either. Any ideas?

    Consolidate ("organize") simply looks at everything you have in iTunes and copies them to the iTunes media folder location specified in iTunes prefs -> Advanced.  If you select to use the default settings iTunes will copy any files in its library in the correct location in the media folder.  Since you don't want the files in a different locaiton really but just want to deal with some stragglers don't do the full "move" in hte instructions below but make sure they are organized.
    iTunes 11 for Mac: Change where your iTunes files are stored -
    The files will be copied so you will need to find the originals abd once you are content the library is working you can get rid of them (I often archive them on an external drive, delete the originals, then play the files which is a sure test if you have a workable copy on the computer).

  • External drive does not show up in finder/ disk utility not able to repair

    My external drive does not show up in finder. But it appaers in DISK UTILITY. When I tried to repair it, it said:
    Verify and Repair volume “ANNE HD”
    ** /dev/disk1s1 (NO WRITE)
    ** Phase 1 - Preparing FAT
    ** Phase 2 - Checking Directories
    Unable to read directory (Input/output error)
    Volume repair complete.Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required.Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.
    How can I back up files if the external drive is not found in FINDER? I tried to restore with disk utility, but it doesn't seem to be able to select the hard drive.
    Can you please help me?

    Thanks a lot Niel,
    Diskwarrior is a program for what you need to buy a DVD. I live in Brazil I have no idea where to buy it. Or can you download it?

  • My pentax k10d will not show up in finder in os 10.7.2

    i brought a new macbook pro and went to read off the sd card via the camrea and it will not show up in finder i dont have a sd slot on my mac so does anyone have a fix for me
    thanks for you help (in advance)

    I've never know a camera to show up in the finder. only the card if it was in a card reader.  To import the images off the card in the camera  use Image Capture or iPhoto if you have it.

  • My favorite folders not showing up under address bar on safari in my iPad Air. I do have the tab set to on under settings. The folders are still there for me to save to just not visible on safari anymore, help! tried to fix for days. Thanks

    My favorite folders not showing up under address bar on safari anymore on my iPad Air.The folders are still there for me to save to just not visible, I do have the tab under settings, safari, set to on to show the favorites, and did reset the iPad, thanks

    Quit all apps (Double tap the Home button and swipe the preview page up for each open app) then Reset (Hold the Sleep/Wake & Home buttons until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears - no data will bee lost)
    Make sure you have your Favorites selected properly here: Settings > Safari > Favorites

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