G-mail screen too large, no controls like file bookmarks show

Downloaded new Firefox e-mail, now screen is too large to show file, or any tabs on top, can not get to controls to shut down, browser information etc

Make sure that you do not run Firefox in full screen mode (press F11 or Fn + F11 to toggle; Mac: Command+Shift+F).
If you are in full screen mode then hover the mouse to the top to make the Navigation Toolbar and Tab bar appear.
Click the Maximize button (top right corner of the Navigation Toolbar) to leave full screen mode or right-click empty space on a toolbar and choose "Exit Full Screen Mode" or press the F11 key.
You can check for problems caused by a corrupted localstore.rdf file.

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  • Screen too large for internal buffer

    2 days ago I have an issue when I execute "crontab -e" with my terminal maximized. The error say "Screen too large for internal buffer" and the term crash. But when the term isn't maximized the command works fine. I tried with teminal (XFCE), Konsole, rxvt... My screen resolution is 1680x1050. With visudo command I have the same issue.
    ¿Anybody have this problem too?
    Many thanks
    Last edited by figue (2009-08-01 10:38:09)

    It's VISUAL variable... I had EDITOR set to vim some time ago.
    export VISUAL=vim
    Thank you again

  • "result too large" error when accessing files

    I'm attempting to make a backup copy of one of my folders (using tar from shell). For several files, I got "Read error at byte 0, reading 1224 bytes: Result too large" error message. It seems those files are unreadable. Whatever application attempts to access them results with the same error.
    The files reside on the volume that I created a day ago. It's a non-journaled HFS+ volume on external hard drive. They are part of an Aperture Vault that I wanted to make an archive copy and store offsite. Aperture was closed (not running) when I was creating the archive.
    This means two things. The onsite backup of my photos is broken, obviously (some of the files are unreadable). My offsite backup is broken, since it doesn't contain those files.
    I've searched the net, and found couple of threads on some mailing lists describing same problem. But no answer. Couple of folks on those mailing lists suggested it migh point to full disk. However, in my case, there is some 450GB of free space on the volume I was getting read errors on (the destination volume had about 200GB free, and system drive had about 50GB free, so there was plenty of space all around the system too).
    File system corruption?
      Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Here's the tar command with the output:
    $ tar cf /Volumes/WINNIPEG\;TOPORKO/MacBackups/2007-05-27/aperture.tar Alex\ -\ External\ HD.apvault
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/2003.approject/2007-03-24 @ 08\:17\:52 PM - 1.apimportgroup/IMG0187/Thumbnails/IMG0187.jpg: Read error at byte 0, reading 3840 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/2006.approject/2007-03-24 @ 08\:05\:07 PM - 1.apimportgroup/IMG2088/IMG2088.jpg.apfile: Read error at byte 0, reading 1224 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/Jasper and Banff 2006.approject/2007-03-25 @ 09\:41\:41 PM - 1.apimportgroup/IMG1836/IMG1836.jpg.apfile: Read error at byte 0, reading 1224 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/Old Scanned.approject/2007-03-24 @ 12\:42\:55 AM - 1.apimportgroup/Image04_05 (1)/Info.apmaster: Read error at byte 0, reading 503 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/Old Scanned.approject/2007-03-24 @ 12\:42\:55 AM - 1.apimportgroup/Image16_02/Info.apmaster: Read error at byte 0, reading 499 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Alex - External HD.apvault/Library/Vacation Croatia 2006.approject/2007-03-25 @ 09\:47\:17 PM - 1.apimportgroup/IMG0490/IMG0490.jpg.apfile: Read error at byte 0, reading 1224 bytes: Result too large
    tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
    Here's the "ls -l" output for one of the files in question:
    $ ls -l IMG_0187.jpg
    -rw-r--r-- 1 dijana dijana 3840 Mar 24 23:27 IMG_0187.jpg
    Accessing that file (or any other from the above list) gives same/similar error. The wording differes from command to command, but basically it's the same thing (read error, or result too large, or both combined). For example:
    $ cp IMG_0187.jpg ~
    cp: IMG_0187.jpg: Result too large
    The console log doesn't show any related errors.

  • HT201320 After setting up my shaw email account on my phone, i go to mail and the Welcome to Mail screen opens with the icloud, exchange, google, etc shows. How do i get past this screen to see my actual email?

    After setting up my shaw email account on my phone, i go to mail and the Welcome to Mail screen opens with the icloud, exchange, google, etc shows. How do i get past this screen to see my actual email?

    Yeah, I've done that. And the I click the mail app to try to check my mail, and that screen that I described above shows up.

  • Start screen too large, won't go normal?  1st gen

    Upon trying to get on the iPad, the slide doesn't show up & all you can see is the lower portion of the time & all of the date.  Somehow the screen is too large & I'm not sure how to get it back.  Help!  Thanks!

    3 finger double tap drag down to Zoom out.
    You can turn off Zoom in Settings > General > Accessibility.
    See this -> http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4064

  • Screen too large

    I have transferred my iTunes from my desktop to an external hard drive to put the library onto my iBook. When I did that, the screen is too large for me to see the whole thing. I am unable to see the bottom of the screen, including the lower right corner that is needed for making the screen smaller. How can I make the screen smaller? Thank you in advance!

    Click here and use one of the scripts to change the size of the window. This works with applications other than iTunes as well.

  • Drop down "save" screen too large

    I frequently save web pages as PDFs.  When I select "save" or "save as" from the file menu, a drop down page opens to allow me to select the location in which to save the data.  The bottom of this new page extends beyond the screen so that I am unable to see or select the "Save" button to commit to the location.  The original screen is sized correctly , it's only this "save" screen that is too large.  How can I resize this drop down page?

    quitting Safari then trashing
    should reset that & anything else customisable... but if you'd rather keep other changes, try the following command in Terminal, after quitting Safari
    I'm assuming that you do mean the Save window created when say on this page, you choose File - Save as...
    defaults delete com.apple.safari NSNavPanelExpandedSizeForSaveMode
    you could also likely click the expand/contract arrow next to the 'export as' name box - which will make the window smaller & thus hopefully usable - but remove some of its features, including the corner drag to alter its size.

  • File too large error or corrupt file error

    I have scanned some images using a Nikon Cool Scan and when trying to import the the NEF files into Lightroom I get a corrupt or unrecognized file error. Bring it into CS2 or CS3 and save as TIFF and try the import and get a File too large error.
    Any ideas or help on this. What is the file size max for import?
    The scan is 4000dpi even tried at 300dpi.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    > Is it truly a size problem? If so, what is recommended? Lee Jay states that 10000 pixels is the max on either side. Okay, in DPI, what does that translate to?
    <br />
    <br />There's no necessary relationship between pixels and dots. You could scan an image at 4,000,000 dpi and translate it into an image of 100 x 100 pixels. I've used ridiculous extremes to make a point. The LR limitation is currently 10,000 pixels for any side. So you could have 9,000 x9,000 pixels but not 10,001 x50 pixels.
    <br />
    <br />Is this now clearer?
    <br />
    <br />
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  • Photoshop Elements 11 trial version screen too large to view

    I cannot use Photoshop Elements 11 because the screen is too wide and I cannot change the size.
    The tools are not visable since the Photoshop Editor brings up such a wide screen.
    If this can be fixed, I would also like to know how to change the background color in a photo.
    Thank you,
    Bernice Ross
    [email protected]

    The minimum resolution supported by PSE 11 is 1024 *768. So if your screen resolution is higher than this  , then all controls in the application should be properly visible. Even if the screen seems to wide  then hover your mouse on the extreme right side of the app until you see a dragging arrow and then drag until it fits the screen
    To your second question the answer is that  there are many ways to change a background in PSE which depends upon what background in  the image you want to replace and what do you want the background to look like. It would be easier to answer this if you can post a  screenshot of the image .

  • GIF files (MIME attachments) in incoming mail display too large

    This happens only in messages I get from my service provider about msgs their Spam filter catches.
    They attach small GIF files to differentiate the kinds of Spam in the list, i.e. money offers, gift offers.
    The first time each image appears it's the correct (small) size, but subsequent lines have large pixelated displays of the same image.
    Main problem is that the large images on each line space out the lines in the Spam list so that it's a real nuisance to scan through. (I like to check it because legitimate msgs get caught sometimes.) My service provider doesn't know what causes this; it started after a recent software upgrade so I suspect one of my settings is wrong but I can't find which one it is.

    Same problem here - and we are probably using the same spam software.
    I had no problems with the emails I had been receiving with the MIME attachment images for 4+ months. Although another co-worker was having the same issues that you are describing as soon as we started using this new spam filter software.
    The only change I made today was a configuration on my Toolbar, the first I've ever made with Mail. It immediately 'broke' the images in my email. So it seems like some type of 'preferences' setting can't render or read the image after the initial configuration is changed.

  • QT screen too large to resize!  The impossible situation...

    On the basic Quicktime 7 (not Pro), I have received a movie larger than my 17" widescreen mac. This leads to an interesting situation: I can't access the controls and I can't accress the resizing zone of the screen in the bottom right corner because both of them are off the visible screen... any idea on how to resize the window if one is not able to move the screen around to access the bottom?

    Found it... Vew => Half size did the trick!

  • Mail screen too big to see dashboard or toolbar

    Somehow when on my email, the screen got so big that I can't access the dashboard or even the toolbar so I can't even start a new message, can't see the icon. The only way I can quit is not by pressing the red button (because I can't access it) but by control/q, then it seems as though the page slides away, I have looked up every  possible forum and can't work out what to do.  I've tried restarting but it's just the same. I am 62 and not very computer literate so don't get technical please.
    Message was edited by: hendonheather  I've answered my own question, I pressed "esc" and it miraculously changed back to normal.  That was after pressing every key on the keyboard. 

    I'm replying to my own question.  I pressed "escape" and it returned to normal. 

  • Mail Screen To Large for Laptop

    When I go to attach files in a mail document the screen is down by my floating dock. I have tried to make it smaller, but I just open all the programs on my dock. I am sure there is a simple solution that I am just clueless about. Help?

    move the dock temporarily to be on the left (or the right). next try attaching again, grab the lower right end of the popup window and drag it up so that it doesn't overlap with the normal dock position. now you can move the dock back top the bottom.

  • E-mail window too large-how can I make it smaller ?

    E-mail window fills the screen, am unable to make it smaller as a part of the screen, not the entire screen. How can I do this?

    Press and hold CNTL CMD and press F

  • Playback screen too large

    Hi--I inadvertently recorded my demo with a high screen
    resolution, 1280x1024. I want it to display on 1024 x 768 monitors.
    Is there a way to adjust the playback of the demo so it is
    completely visible without scrolling on a 1024x768 monitor, or do I
    have to re-record it?

    > Hi--I inadvertently recorded my demo with a high screen
    > 1280x1024.
    > I want it to display on 1024 x 768 monitors. Is there a
    way to adjust the
    > playback of the demo so it is completely visible without
    scrolling on a
    > 1024x768 monitor, or do I have to re-record it?
    > Thanks,
    You can use the Resize option. Or if you prefer a
    non-destructive solution,
    change the size of the Flash file in the published HTML file.
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    We are using Lync 2013 and Lync 2010 in our company. Upon installation Lync 2010 can connect absolutely fine with for example [email protected], but when we use Lync 2013 we receive a DNS error saying it cannot resolve the domain when using the same

  • Satellite A300-202 - External display turned a strange color

    Hi, I have a Satellite A300-202 with a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650, and after upgrade from vista to windows 7, my external display turned a strange color, seemed to lose the red color. Never show the white color, in which should show the white color

  • Lightbox Gallery widget 1.0

    Does anyone know if there is a variable to make the gallery move from the last image and wrap around to the first image instead of ending the gallery? or modifying the java script? Roz http://www.bigbroncocc.com/products.html