Get idoc number of receiver system in a SAP-to-SAP scenario

In a my custom program i create cremas idoc that i send to another SAP system to create the vendor in the second SAP.
How can i do to get the inbound idoc number created in the receiver SAP to get and show its status in the sender SAP without to use the ALEAUD process?
My scenario is SAP-SAP without anything between the two .
Thanks lot.
Matteo Vernile.

The inbound IDoc is usually created by middleware system i.e. SAP XI, Gentran and etc.
Once the IDoc created, you can use the inbound function module to post to the application. The function module is usually starting with 'IDOC_INPUT_xxxxx' where normally the xxxxx is the name of the IDoc message type.
You can find the associated inbound process code/function module with the IDoc message type via transaction WE42.
Check the Function module idoc_inbound_aysnchronous
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  • Get Idoc Number created through BD14

    I want to send some vendor details from SAP side to other system.And for that I am submitting BD14 using some vendor numberand message type cremas.
    Now whenever we execute BD14 transaction with a vendor it will create one idoc number.
    Now please let me know can we get this idoc number?
    If i go to we02 i can see that but i want the table from where i can get this idoc number as i want show it in my final report output.
    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Sep 12, 2008 4:45 PM

    Its very simple.
    Use function module SREL_GET_NEXT_RELATIONS
    where :
        ROLES = GT_ROLES .
    After that, you will get IDOC number in the OBJKEY field where OBJTYPE = 'IDOC'

  • Getting IDoc Number after posting it frm Java Program

    Hi All:
    I had written a Java Program to post an IDoc into the SAP System. I was successful in posting an IDoc. My next step is, to get the Idoc number generated by SAP system for the posted IDoc. Using this IDoc number i want to track its status.
    Can anyone please let me know how to get the IDoc Number from SAP from a Java program? I have Transaction ID with me, can i get IDoc Number via Transaction ID?
    Please let me know ur views on this.
    Thanks & Best Regard,
    - - Rajiv

    Hi Rajiv,
       Could you Please help to clear one thing .I am very new to SAP JCO Programming.To remove the dependency of Posting Data to SAP through RFC program which is written by SAP People ,I want to use IDoc,is it possible to use it ? if yes could u please help with Some Java code so i can post Data through Java Code to SAP with IDoc.
    Wait for Your Kind Reply.
    Thanks & Warm regards,

  • How to get IDoc number using sdata records

    Hi Experts,
    I have executed a report program in background. Its generating few IDoc's. I can view those idoc's in WE05 also. But now i want to display those idoc number in the result output of the report. One of the segment having materrial number and plant details in the IDoc. Using this details i want to display the IDoc number in the output screen. Even i have tried with EDID4 table its taking huge time to get a single IDoc. Is there is any simplest way is there to get those idoc's .
    Otherwise how to achive this?
    Thanks and Regards,

    1.)If you want the ouput in the same report program which triggers the idoc, it is better to use the control record information.
    You will get IDoc Number from XEDIDC(check the below code) and you can store the idoc number into an internal table if more idoc is expecting to be triggered.
         call function 'MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE'
                MASTER_IDOC_CONTROL        = EDIDC
                MASTER_IDOC_DATA           = XEDIDD
                others                     = 5.
       read table xedidc index 1.
      append xedidc-docno to it_docno.
    And finallly use this to display in the output.
    2.) if u want it in a seperate report, then select based on date, idoctype, messagetype

  • Same IDOC to two receiver system

    I must send same IDOC to two receiver system..I am succeded to send an IDOC to abapProxy for only one system but i need to send it to two different system..I created two XI communication channels but i cannot create second receiver aggrement with same mapping.It gives an error "object already exists". But how can i assign this second communication channel without creating second receiver aggrement.
    Our scenario like this
    IDOC --> systemA abapProxy
             --> systemB abapProxy
    how can i overcome this situation?Could you explain step by step

    in reciver determination, have SysA and SysB both as recivers by adding one more line in reciver section for SysB..........create a second interface determination with  sender IDOC system and this SysB  and create a XI comm channel for this SysB and create a reciver agreement for it also........
    Rajeev Gupta

  • Can IDoc sender and receive system be the same client?

    I think one client can't assign to two logical

    <i>Can IDoc sender and receive system be the same client?</i>

  • To get IDOC number when running MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE in update task.

    Hi ,
    I am running 'MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE' Func Module for creating FIDCC2 message type IDOC in UPDATE TASK. I am not getting IDOC number of the created IDOC in this case.
    Can anyone pls update me how do I get it?
    Note: Useful answers will be rewarded.........

    I found the resolution....
    Thanks all.

  • Idoc and message type not getting replicated in the receiver system

    i have created a Z Idoc and didtributed the mode from system A ....I can see the distribution model in system B
    However i cannot see the custom zidoc / message type in sys B.. Do i need to create the zidoc again in sys B

    Hi Tarang,
    at least ou need the required partner agreements and you should have a processing function for inbound IDoc. To implement this, the full definition of IDoc including Segment definition should be present in receiving system.
    Just look at standard IDocs and do as they do.

  • Get IDoc-number from flat IDoc using dynamic configuration

    Dear experts
    In an IDoc2File scenario I have added the IDoc-number to dynamic configuration using the folling code in an UDF:
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration)
    DynamicConfigurationKey FileName = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("http:/"+"/","DOCNUM");
    conf.put(FileName, a);
    The information is stored in the SOAP message
    <SAP:DynamicConfiguration SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
      <SAP:Record namespace="" name="DOCNUM">0000000000012345</SAP:Record>
    Can anybody tell me how I can access this information in the "variable substitution" section of the CC? Perhaps something like "message:docnum"?
    Additional information:
    Taking the IDoc-number from the payload using e.g. "payload:ORDERS05,1,IDOC,1,EDI_DC40,1,DOCNUM,1" does not work, since the XML-IDoc has been converted to an flat-IDoc.
    Thanks in advance for any good ideas

    Dear Rodrigo and Sarvesh
    Thanks for your help so far! I applied your hints and now it is working fine.
    But now I have the following additional questions
    1.) My message mapping only maps the input IDoc to an output IDoc of the same type and structure. The MM is only required to process the UDF. Is there another, better solution to achieve my requirement that the IDoc-number shall be part of the filename?
    2.) In the CC you have the possibility to use temporary files (section "Processing", Option "Put File" = "Use Temporary File". I think this will not work with the given solution, will it?
    To possibly help somebody else or clarify the mechanism once again, I wrote down how my solution now looks like.
    My UDF in the message-mapping looks like this
    - Input = DOCNUM of IDoc, e.g. ORDERS05/IDOC/EDIDC/DOCNUM
    - Outpt = DOCNUM of IDoc, e.g. ORDERS05/IDOC/EDIDC/DOCNUM
    - UDF:
    public String putDynamicConfiguration(String docnum, Container container) throws StreamTransformationException{
         DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
         DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("","FileName");
         String filename = "Prefix_" + docnum + ".txt";
         conf.put(key, filename);
         return docnum;
    catch (Exception e)
         return docnum;
    In the CC the settings are now as follows
    File Name Scheme = . -> only a dot or something else, because this field is obligatory, even if it is not used in this case.
    Variable substitution (...)
        Enable -> unchecked
    Adapter-Specific Message Attributes
        Use Adapter-Specific Message Attributes -> checked
        Fail If Adapter-Specific Message Attributes Missing -> checked
        File Name -> checked
        Directory, File Type, Temporary Name Scheme for Target File Name -> unchecked
    When I send an IDoc to PI and view the Adapte-Engine Version of the message (the SOAP-document, not the payload) I can find the Filename:
    <SAP:DynamicConfiguration SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
    <SAP:Record namespace="" name="FileName">Prefix_0000000000012345.txt</SAP:Record>

  • Get IDoc number for IDoc generated through RBDMIDOC

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement where in I need to send Vendor master information through CREMAS to PI system. I am using change pointer and batch job to trigger RBDMIDOC and send IDocs.
    In case the IDoc fails a mail needs to be triggered to concerned person giving vendor number, Idoc number and date. Can anyone suggest any user exit/BADI where this can be done ??
    Note: system is 4.7C.

    Hi Chinmay
    I didn't knew you were in 4.7. Since you mentioned about the details of the workflow getting triggered, here are the options i can think of.
    In case of error it is triggering the standard task 00007989 which you can check in PFTC. This task calls the method ERRORPROCESS from Business Object IDOCAPPL. My suggestion here would be to create a subtype of BO IDOCAPPL in SWO1 transaction and add additional logic in method ERROR_PROCESS to send the mail. The details of the IDOC number and other things are available in the task container of TS00007989. But make sure you do it specific for your message type, as this will be triggered for all message types. And then change the BO and method reference in task 00007989 to point to your new BO method.
    Other options would be to delegate the BO IDOCAPPL to a new Z BO, and then modify the method IDOCAPPL. This way you don't have to change the task BO assignment, as it will implicitly use the Z BO method. May be you can get in touch with your Workflow consultant who can help you more on this.

  • How to get IDOC Number in XI?

    i have a scenario (IDOC->XI->SOAP) wherein i have to delete the specific IDOC that is sent and only after getting a successful  confirmation from the receiver.
    Is there a way to get the IDOC number?

    Hi Tirumal,
    There will be a EDI_* segment in the Idoc . It will be having field called DOCNUM - is nothing but Idoc number.
    Please close other threads, if it is solved

  • I need to get IDOC number

    I uploaded file and its visibling with transaction AL11 and i gone to RWB and stop & started channel file got picked.
    Now i need that IDOC number how i can get it?
    Please help me.

    I would say go to the ECC dev system, run transaction we02 or we05 and then fill in most of the details that you know: date/time, message type, partner numbers and you will hopefully find a single idoc.
    to confirm that it is the one you need go to the control record of the idoc that you find in we02 or we05 and then to the EDI tab and check that the message id is the same.

  • Error while posting idoc in the receiving system.

    i have processed idoc in the same system( sending and receiving idoc in the same system ) by creating a dummy logical sys and uploading a text file for customer details.The outbound processing is succesful and it shows a status message 3. But duriing the inbound processing it shows status as 51 with error as 'ENTER VALID VALUE'. but when testing using we19 it is posted sucessfully without any there anything that i have to configure to process inbound idoc sucessfully?? can any suggest me the correct method for doing this.. suggestions please..
    vidya sagar

    you need to make sure that in WE20 inbound processing parameters for you LS is maintained propperly. You need to give correct function module and enter whether IDoc should be processed immediately or IDocs should be collected and processed as batch. Also you may check whether the distribution model (BD64) is maintained correctly for the specific message type in the system for inbound processing.

  • Get IDOC number information from BD10 to be displayed

    I want to make a report whr i m calling 'BD10' report by call transaction which is used for sending material master details through IDOCs.(msg type MATMAS). basic type matmas05.
    now user requirement is that we need to show materail number along with success ful created IDOC number. pls let me know hw to get the informayion for idoc as idoc creation is handled by BD10.

    no rpl

  • How to get Get IDOC Number for Inbound IDOCS

    I am using the FM -- IDOC_INPUT_HRMD for creating Inbound IDOCS.
    I populate the values for Control Record and Data Record and the IDOC is posted successfully and i get the status 53 in the status Table.
    But the problem is the field for IDOC number(DOCNUM in IDOC_STATUS Table of the FM ) is empty.
    How can i get the DOCNUM for the IDOC posted as a result of this FM ?

    Hi Siddhartha,
    I think you cannot call IDOC_INPUT_HRMD fm directly from the external program as this fm only handles the application logic part and not the idoc number generation and save part.
    So I think you have to call IDOC_INBOUND_SINGLE from your external program and then get the IDOC number.
    Then if you need the status records then you need to call another fm and feed IDOC number that you have got from IDOC_INBOUND_SINGLE (there is one IDOC_READ_COMPLETELY but it is not a remote enabled fm)
    <b>OK, I just found one RFC enabled fm which you can use,
    Hope this helps..
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