How can I add a frame around a photo?

Can I add a frame to a photo in iPhoto without creating a book, calendar, or card?
If not what other - simple - application can I use to do that?

If you've looked through Themes and don't like them or the process of getting to them, there are a bunch of applications which will allow you to add borders or frames to images. Some are even free.
I like GraphicConverter, which is about $35 in the Mac App Store. Also in the Mac App Store and free is SketchBookExpress.
Remember to export the photos you wish to work with from iPhoto in order to access them with other applications.

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    how can i add stucture sharpening to a photo?
    nik plugins like silver efex , or viveza 2 have a structure feature
    they add sharpening to a photos and contrast and amplify micro details
    i tried to do it in photoshop with high pass but i was not able
    how can i do it?

    Edit your photo in Camera Raw and use the Clarity slider. Similar results...

  • Can I put a frame around a photo in premier elements

    I have used photoshop Elements for years for scrapbooking, but as just starting to use premier Elements.  my first project will be using a lot of very old family portraits and put on a DVD.  can I put a frame around a photo in premier elements and can i use background papers like I do in elements.  I am using version 11 for both.

    Put the background on track 1. Put the photo on track 2.  Put the frame (with transparancy) on track 3.  Use the motion properties in the effects panel to adjust the scale and/or position as desired.
    It's just like using layers in Photoshop Elements.
    Also, resize your stills to no larger than 1000 x 750 pixels for SD and 2000 x 1500 pixels for HD.

  • How can I add a description to a photo so it will be emailed with the photo?

    How can I add a description to a photo that I am going to email so it will be emailed with the photo? For that matter how can I add a description to a photo that will stay with (or on?) the photo?

    Add your description as you normally would. Then export the photo using the File -> Export command. In the resulting dialogue you have a number of options. If you check the box at Titles and Descriptions then these wil be written to the IPTC metadata of the files, and available in any app that understands this metadata.

  • How can I add a pause after each photo to my flash file?

    How can I add a break to my sequence of photos on a flash file.
    I created a flash with different photos and I want each one to stay on the stay for about a minute before moving away.
    How do I do this? Please help

    //Timers are measured in milliseconds
    var minuteTimer:Timer = new Timer(60000);
    minuteTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, exchangePhoto);
    function exchangePhoto(e:Event):void{
         //put your code of exchanging your photo here
    //you have to start the timer explicitly, when your app starts

  • How can I create a frame around a text?

    I think everything is in the title. I want to create a frame around a text.

    If what you want is a solid line around the text, set the text in a text box. In the Graphic Inspector click on Stroke and choose Line. In the little menu below that click the arrows and choose the type of line (or dots/dashes) you want. Choose the color (if other than black) and then the weight of the line— from the pt menu. Instead of line you can choose frame, but these don’t always look good with text. To allow some space around the text, go to the Text Inspector and adjust the Inset Margin to your liking.
    You can also set text in a shape by inserting a shape from the menu, double clicking in the shape and typing.

  • How can I add a notation to a photo?

    In addition to adding the notation, how can I get that notation to print below the pic?

    You can print the Description
    bleow the photo via the Contact layout in iPhoto:
    Otherwise use a 3rd party image editor or watermarking applicaton to add text to the bottom of a photo.

  • HT204364 In using the photo album how can I make a border around a photo in color?

    How can I insert a colored border around a picture in an photo book?

    To do that you'll need a 3rd party editor like one of these:
    Some Image Editors that support layers:
    Photoshop Elements 10 for Mac - $79
    Rainbow Painter - $30
    Imagerie - $38
    Acorn - $50
    Pixelmator - $60 
    Seashore - Free
    Portraits and Prints - Free
    GIMP for Mac - Free

  • How can I change the frame around a title created with the Rectangle Tool?

    In PrE 7, I have been creating titles (e.g.: Title > New Title > Default Still, etc.) for a long time and using the many ways to manipulate the text (type, color, size, animation, etc.). Today, I tried to use the Rectangle Tool (or the Ellipse Tool, or the Line Tool) and they created a beautiful 'frame' (like a picture frame: artistically designed and colored) and I can change the background color within the frame and place any text (also background picture, etc.) in it. However, I couldn't find any way to change the 'frame' or the general style of these title objects. Is there any way to do this, or this is the only design that can be created with these tools? I would greatly appreciate any help (couldn't find any in this u2u site). Thanks, Laci.

    Yes, you can apply Styles to several Rectangles (or other Shapes), to simulate a "frame." The Styles should appear as Text in the Styles Panel. Since you are working with Shapes, but viewing the Styles applied to Text, it is not perfectly intuitive as to what those Styles look like with the Shapes.
    Personally, I find that doing things like "frames" in Photoshop and then Importing the PSD's into PrE is far, far easier. In that case, I would place the PSD on Video Track 1 (unless I wanted it to appear superimposed over my Video (like a PiP), and then do the text in a PrE Title, and place it above the PSD.
    Here is an example:
    This is a simple "picture frame" created in PS. I used a still image, instead of text in this case. These could be "wood-grained," "granite," etc.
    Much more control and tons of Effects and Filters that can be applied.
    Good luck,
    PS - that is from PrPro, so the GUI will look quite different, but things work the same way.

  • How can I add a title to a photo or clip in iMovie  v11?

    On earlier versions of imovie I was able to add a title to a clip or photo. Since downloading Mavericks I have spent hours trying to carry out what was previously a simple task and are still unable to. Can anyone please enlighten me?

    First, I will ask the hosts to move your post to the iMovie forum where you might get more knowledgeable answers....
    Second, you should still have your older version of iMovie (if you didn't purchase it at the app store). If so, I'd suggest to use that. If not, hopefully someone in the imovie forum can help; I've tried the new version a couple of times and have decided not to use it as there is very little editing nor other options available for the user. It appears to be cloud-centric with minimal editing, fast processing, and uploading to the internet as the only option to export results in an .mp4 file which was not iDVD friendly in my testing.

  • How can I add a place to a photo in photos?

    I upgraded to photos yesterday.  I have a number of scanned photos I am editing and want to add places to them.  I cannot figure out how to do so in the new Photos app.  Thank you for any assistance. 

    Apple - please consider putting back the ability to add a place to an imported photo.  For those of us who have boxes and boxes of 35mm negatives and slides of our children and of ourselves as children we are diligently scanning and adding to our libraries for our grandchildren, the ability to leave behind not just the date but the place is important.  Thank you very much. 

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    How can I add a field to a Repeating Frame in the body of an Oracle 9i Report whose source is in a higher group?
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    I added the field & created a boiler plate & then added the new field, E to the original group A, B, C & D. In the Property Inspector for the field, I pointed the source to the source column in the main query. However, when I run the report, I receive the error "Invalid body size". Some notes on Metalink indicate that this could be due to margins being out of the printable area.
    Moreover, after making the changes & after having unsuccessfully run the report, when I try to open the Page Layout for the report, I get no details.

    i also got same query can u pls tell me elaborately, if u can can u pls send some code.
    Thanks & Regards

  • I am making a graduation video for my cousin using Final Cut Pro. I have photos layered over videos, and I was wanted to find out how you can add a border around the photos so they stand off of the video. Anyone know what I could do?

    I am making a graduation video for my cousin using Final Cut Pro. I have photos layered over videos, and I was wanted to find out how you can add a border around the photos so they stand off of the video. Anyone know what I could do?

    You would need an image editor to edit the images and add a border to the image first before importing them into Final Cut.
    Cheapest and very good image editor?
    Located in the Mac App Store. $14.99 USD.
    Here is the Pixelmator website to give you an overview of the app.
    Good Luck!

  • How can i add new jcomponent to a frame?

    how can we add new component to a frame? look at this code. Why when i click on button, nothing added to frame? event handled correctly and frame size changes but no button adds to frame.
    private void convertButtonMouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt) {
    // TODO add your handling code here:
    JButton newButton = new JButton("new");
    getContentPane().add(newButton , BorderLayout.CENTER);
    setSize(500, 500);

    Don't forget to use the Code Formatting Tags so the posted code retains its original formatting. That is done by selecting the code and then clicking on the "Code" button above the question input area.
    Well typically you wouldn't add a button to the Center of a BorderLayout. If you really want to do this you should be using a [Card Layout|].
    In general the code for adding/removing components should be:

  • How can I add a white frame to a photo in iPhoto

    How can I add a white border of frame to a photo in I photo

    You're welcome.
    Once you installed the plug-in, it will appear  in /Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins/BorderFXExporter.iPhotoExporter/
    To use it, select your photo in iPhoto and use "File > Export > Version".
    You should see "BorderFX" as a tab in the Export panel. Click it.
    Then the BorderFX dialog will appear. Experiment a bit.
    Once finished, click "export".

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