How can I find out what account was used for a Game Center ID?

I have multiple iPhones in my family.  I have an Apple ID with a Game Center account.
My son also has a phone with a Game Center account.
I recently swapped phones around when I got the iPhone 4S.  Also, we upgraded all of the phones in the house to iOS5.
I think as part of that process, all of the previous log in info was wiped.
Now, my son wants to log back in to his Game Center account, but we can't figure out what Apple ID we used?
I've tried the find my Apple ID links with no avail.
I know what his Game Center handle is... is there a way to track it via that ID?

Nevermind... I figured it out.  I just had to log in with the Game Center ID and it worked.
Thanks anyway.

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    The times reported for data usage on your bill do not necessarily reflect the time the data was actually used. The system gathers information from the cell sites and reports on a schedule.

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    You can also call your credit card company to mail you an itemized list of what you purchased from iTunes Store plus get the information over the phone as well.

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    Hello, dear brothers in arms...I have exactly the same problem with my new Nokia C7.
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    Data use when abroad: ALWAYS ASK
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    Went to app store to get updates to the preinstalled iLife suite. All but iPhoto recieved it updates. iPhoto complained that it was purchased with another account?

    generic response I think.
    No HD change at all.
    Got passed it. Mac Mini had two account an admin (my appleID) and a general user (my wifes appleID). Initial configuration was done under the admin. This update was iniciated from the general user. When the updated was started, the general user ID was used and the update started. When it got to iPhoto it repromted for appleID.
    I don't recall if it prompted with the ID needed. I had logged in as the admin and ran update and got passed it so I cannot test the response again.
    Funny that the other iLife products updated fine.
    Thanks for the response.

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    The only way that I know of for viewing your purchase history is on a computer's iTunes (via the Store > View Account menu option), though you should be able to see (and manage) if you have any auto-renewing subscriptions :
    For things such as apps, music etc you should have received email receipts from the store.

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    I have used my appeID to load some games to my son's friends iPod's and have found that the iTunes gift cards that were loaded under my ID have been used very quickly ($100 in 2 months) when I have not been downloading things.  I have been told that the friend has been downloading games/music after I had put in my password to load something else.

    We are fellow users on here and not Apple employees so have no account access.
    You can see iTunes and app store purchases by going to the store for each and clicking Purchases on the right side.
    You might want to consider contacting the store support staff at and request your account be locked for a period of time.  You need to stop allowing uncontrolled access and that may be he bet way.

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    GSpot Codec Information Appliance

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    xx at the end is not a valid model number and those two letters give us some clue as to which market the laptop was sold in. It should be dv or ea or something like that. 

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    Thanks for your help.
      Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Have you tried opening your file with Textedit?
    Also, if you select the file from the Finder and type cmnd-I (Get Info), it should tell you what program can be used to open it.

  • How can I find out what is eating up my data?

    This is my second month with Verizon and with my old service plan we only use to use 5GB per month.  Now we are over 7GB.  How can I find out what I am using that is eating up my data?  I still do same things I did 3 months ago.

    I Assume you may have more than one, new device.  You can check in each devices settings, under cellular/mobile data to see which applications are using the most data. 
    YOu can then change many of the applications to use wifi only by turning cellular data off.
    email and social media apps have settings within the apps to restrict cellular use, like not showing video of images.
    restrict application from running in the background by closing apps before leaving home wifi or letting your phone "sleep" at home, while not connected to power.  (To save battery your phone switches off wifi, reverting to cellular, not a desirable feature, but it is supposed to save battery)
    ** to close apps, double click home button and swipe up to close app.  Leaving YouTube, Games, Maps, Social media apps open in the background can use mobile data.
    clear the "outbox" in email.  Cases of massive data use have occurred when an email continues to fail and sits in the out box of the Mail app.
    IN General, a newer phone does use more data for the same functions as older phones.
    FFor more help with your iPhone, please visit Apple support, community forums or a Genius Bar.  I find them very helpful.
    if you do go in to Genius Bar, back up your device.  In some cases, replacing or a complete restor are the only solutions.
    Official Apple Support
    GOod luck!

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    I have two iPhones on my iTunes account. How can I find out what apps go to which phone?

    I don't believe that there is a way to do that.  I would sugest using automatic downloads to keep your apps synced across both phones.  You might also want to note that just about any app you have ever download will be available for free download via icloud.
    Wish I could be more help.

  • How can I find out what calendars are in my .mac account?

    A simple question, but I am struggling with the answer.
    I have used ical since it first came out and have found it brilliant and very easy to use and access both from the office and also from home. However because I have used it for so long I have had various changes in staff. I am keen to find out if there are any 'other' calendars created by anyone who has/had access to ical via my .mac account.
    The calendars must be stored somewhere online? How can I find out what calendars I am hosting?

    Hello, chunnyb. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Here are the steps on how to view your purchase history in iTunes. 
    iTunes Store: See your purchase history and web order numbers
    If you need to report and issue with a purchase, see the article below. 
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBooks Store purchase
    Jason H. 

  • Are not the right ones for the icloud account. How can I find out what these are?

    I have downloaded icloud onto my PC. When I try to access my account I am told that although my Apple ID and password are correct they are not the right ones for the icloud account.How can I find out what these are?

    Christine Helen wrote:
    I can't find any way of creating an icloud ID. I only have a PC. no Mac product except an iPod classic.
    Oh, then you can't unless you know someone with a Mac you could use for a moment or 2. (Like at the Apple Store)

  • I had water damage to my iphone5 when I was deployed w/ the military overseas. How can I find out what saved to icloud and how to see where my photos are. I don't know when it was able to back up as wi fi was pretty sketchy. please advise. thx in advance

    I had water damage to my iphone5 when I was deployed w/ the military overseas. How can I find out what saved to icloud and how to see where my photos are. I don't know when it was able to back up as wi fi was pretty sketchy. please advise. thx in advance
    My iphone is toast, I know I checked on icloud and see my emails from the day before it happened. Can I see when and what my phone backed up through itunes or icloud?
    Please please help i am lost.

    This was EXACTLY what I needed about the purchases I made from my device. However, is there a way to re-download other ones you've made from a computer? Because I realized some of them were not just purchased from my device.
    This is a picture of what it looks like now:
    As you can see, the stuff circled in red doesn't give me an option to download from Cloud Beta because it already says "downloaded".
    any way to get around that?

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