How can I make images transparent in my documents?

I've got InDesign CS5.5 and like to save my banners, etc. that I create as a jpeg but when I try to use them on something else it has a white background.  How can I make sure the backgrounds are transparent?

I didn't know that about the png in CS6.  Thanks for letting me know.
Unfortunately, I don't have Photoshop.  I just recently purchased Photoshop Elements.  I haven't really done much on it as I have other projects I need to work on. Do you know if I would be able to convert in that program?
Wish I could afford a newer version of InDesign but I can't.

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  • How do you make images transparent in inDesign?

    How do you make images transparent in Adobe InDesign CS5.5?

    Dittco wrote:
    It IS possible: Select the image. Open effects (Window > Effects). Switch from "normal" to "multiply". Viola! White background is gone.
    That only works with a white background. In addition, it introduces a transparency effect, with its associated problems.
    With a rather light background: Select the image. Open clipping path (Object > Clipping Path > Options). Select Type > Detect Edges; use Threshold and Tolerance to get as close as possible to the edge of your image. This may be difficult because of a too low resolution image, or too much fringe on the edge -- if all fails, use the Inset Frame value to force the mask "into" the image. Click OK, and the background is gone.
    But that's not the only way: you can always create a clipping path manually, and then you are in total control, not limited by transparency side effects, auto-edge detection, and busy backgrounds.

  • How Can I make A transparent Pdf with Indesign

    I Have a Document in Indesing.File is a Psd document and doesn't have background. I make some designs with this file in indesign then again I want to use it in photoshop, but when I make it PDF (x3/2002) and open in photoshop white background is comming.
    Do you Have any idea fot How Can i use İndesign pdf document in photoshop without background?

    I've never seen a PDF exported from ID that didn't open with a transparent background in Photoshop unless there actually was some sort of fill. Are you sure you have used a paper-filled frame?

  • How can I make a transparent square box swf file in flash cs4?

    I have one picture imported into flash cs4 and would like to make a rectangle box which should be transparent. Finally I will save it as .swf file for later use. But the box should be transparent (without any background). How can I do that? Please do help.

    Hi just a shot in the dark..
    Have you fiddled with movieclips and the alpha property?
    Best regards

  • How can i make a Transparent background in flash

    I'm developing a web page for a small business I'm new to
    flash, I have been trying to learn flash for a vary long time and
    only recently had the time and resources to do it. I have
    secsessfuly made the menu and actions to work how i wanted them to
    so when you hover over the butten a drop down menu apears however
    my problem is when i export this to the web page a white background
    is present. i need it to be transparent so you can see the web page
    under the flash menu. how can i obtain this effect?

    In your publish settings, under the HTML tab is a dropdown
    under "Window Mode". Select Transparent Windowless and hit publish.
    It will generate all the needed code to do what you ask, copy that
    and insert it into your desired page.
    Basically learn from the flash generated example, its
    properties in the embed code that have it set to "transparent".
    Take a look at the source code on to see a live example.

  • How can I make a transparent text marking with the courser in InDesign CC?

    How can I mark a Text with the Courser and see things, that are behind it (next layer…)
    Of course, it works at Version CS5.5.
    I havn't found any preference for this problem.
    Thx 4 help

    I'll think there was a missunderstanding. So i've made screenshots of the problem.
    Here in CS5.5:
    Here the same in CC:
    Sometimes I have to reconstruct old documents and have to make small modifications.

  • How can i make the size of my document that i created smaller so that i can email it easier

    The 5 page document I created and need to send is 1.7MB.  I need it to be 250KB to send using the format requested.  All the info needs to be sent.  How can i shrink the data by such a large amount to enable the document to send?  I am on Windows 7 and using AcrobatXI

    Depending on the content you may be asking for a lot. From within Acrobat the two options to do this are PDF Optimize or Reduce File Size. The location of these options vary among menus based on version. In some versions they are under the File>Save As options (AA XI). The PDF Optimize also has an audit that helps you determine the source of the bloat. If you used WORD to create the PDF, a first step in a smaller file size is to print to the Adobe PDF printer to avoid all the tagging and other markup. Of course, that is a compromise if you had wanted the bookmarks and all.

  • How can I make a transparent animated gif?

    I'm using CS2. I have an animated gif that I want to take the black background out of so that the animated part of it is all that remains.
    Here is a link to the image:
    I basically want to remove all of the black background from the image so that the animated tesseract is all that remains. I know how to open the gif to expose the layers using ImaegeReady, then edit them in PhotoShop. But when I made the black areas of each layer transparent (by selecting the RGB channel, inverting the selection, and hitting delete), saved a copy, and tried viewing it, it seems to just display all of the transparent layers constantly instead of cycling through them.
    Can someone please help me figure out how to make an animated gif with a transparent background? If I lose some of the black areas of the animated part (since they seem to get deleted when I remove all of the black background) it's no big deal. I just need to know how to do this so that it plays correctly.
    Thank you!!!

    <b>"I have to wonder why the black background was included on every frame of the moving shape."</b>
    <br />
    <br />Well, George...the only reason I can think of is because it's an animated GIF, and GIFs only support one layer.
    <br />
    <br />Whatever application it was created in should have been able to render it out with a transparent BG. But I suppose the creator had his/her reasons for going with the black BG.
    <br />
    <br />(Full disclosure: I ran across
    <s>that same</s> a similar animation back in December, and the version I grabbed only had the black showing through the inside of the tesseract. I opened it in ImageReady and
    </b> a black BG so the edges didn't look jaggedy.)
    <br />
    <br />
    <a href="" /></a>
    <img alt="Picture hosted by Pixentral" src="" border="0" />

  • How can I make grunge transparent?

    I am very new to Illustrator but have had a little experience creating artwork in Photoshop. In Photoshop, I created a t-shirt design where I used the eraser tool with a grunge brush to erase color in spots so that the color of the shirt was visible within the design where I erased. I am working on a new t-shirt design in Illustrator where I would also like to have this look, but the eraser tool doesn't seem to work the same in Illustrator as I am not able to select a variety brushes. Is there a way to add transparent grunge to a shape in Illustrator? I hope this makes sense...

    Hi Cheryl, I am hoping you won't mind helping me out again. Like I said I am a complete newby and really only do this kind of artwork for a charitable beer festival I am in charge of organizing. This is the first year I am trying to use Illustrator instead of Photoshop, both of which are amazing programs.
    I found a tutorial called Grunge Construction, by Gilles Landy, which is a very good tutorial and I believe is about the same process as you suggested. It seem to be exactly what I want to do, and I have tried to follow all the steps exactly as it says, but I can't get it to work for me. The funny thing is, the first time I tried to make grunge on a simple practice shape, it worked, but I haven't been able to get it to work since and I've tried like 8 or 10 times (even with just a simple shape).
    There are a couple of steps that I'm not sure about, so I must have just gotten lucky the first time I tried. Here is a link to the tutorial with the steps I took and below are the questions I have.http://
    All my questions are concerning the Illustrator portion of the tutorial in Step 4:
    1. Step 4 says to "combine the two images." So does that mean to open my logo and bring my grunge image into my file by using the "place" command? Is that the appropriate way, and do I place it in its own layer or do I place it on the same layer along with all my grouped objects (I have a number of layers to my logo). Also, is it safe to assume that the grunge should be placed on top of my grouped logo objects?
    2. Also, it says to "Select the image and go to select > arrange> send to back. Do you think it means to select my grunge image or my logo group? I think it means my logo group, but assuming my grunge texture is already on top, wouldn't the logo group already be in the back???
    3. I tried to select both the logo group and and the grunge to use the Minus Front in the Pathfinder palette, but I'm doing something wrong, because I don't get the grunge knock out, most of my logo gets completely gone.
    I hope I don't sound too ignorant, but I feel I am very close to getting this. There is just something I am either missing or not doing correctly. If you can clarify it for me or would do things differently I would sure appreciate your expertise. Keep in mind I need some detail, though.
    Thank you!

  • How can I make a transparent background to export my file to Powerpoint? I'm using CS photoshop

    I want to use my logo as a transparent file in Powerpoint. Some say save as a PNG file
    but I I don't have a save option of PNG in my CS photoshop?
    Thank you!

    Charisse1 wrote: I don't have a save option of PNG in my CS photoshop? 
    Yes you do: in Save as... (and Save for web).

  • How can I make Acrobat stop shrinking scanned documents??

    Very fr
    ustrated in the fact that every time I scan a document for various purposes, the end result has been shrunk
    so that only certain areas of the document are seen in the .pdf file.  It seems to happen
    especially with documents with alot of lines.  My goal is to scan a document, and have it look exactly like the document with no shrinkage.  Please help!

    I have the same issue with my Xerox Documate 152.  I'm trying to create a fillable form from a scanned document, but I need the user to print only the fields onto an original form.
    When I scan the document -- and I've tried it as a .pdf and as a .tiff -- it is significantly different from the original.  When you hold the two up together in light, you can see how the scanned one is completely misaligned.  Looks like nearly a half inch vertically and maybe about 1/16th of an inch horizontally.  That means that when I create the form from the scanned document, the fields do not print onto the original form in the right places.
    This isn't an Acrobat issue given that the same problem occurs with a .tiff file, but does anyone have a solution?  The scanned document simply doesn't match the original.  I can't find an answer elsewhere online.

  • How can I make different catalogs from the same image

    How can I make different catalogs from the same image where that image has been changed in some way between the catalogs. For instance if I wanted to have a catalogs for cropped images and have 3 catalogs one for 4x6 , 5x7 and 8x10 cropping. When I tried this , if I changed a file in one catalog that same image in the other would change also.

    Do not confuse the creation of the crops and the display in collections per crop ratio.
    Of course one virtual copy (VC) per crop ratio is needed. If the same image should be cropped in all 3 mentioned ratios there would be 3 VCs.
    The OP asked how to have/see a set of same-crop-ratios.
    After having created the virtual copies for whatever crop ratio he wants, the way to display this result in the fashion asked for is via smart collections, provided they can be found. Without a plugin the naming of the VC with the crop ratio applied is a straight way to achieve that.
    IF the wish is to get new crops automatically added. (See my answers 2+3)
    IF the wish is to creat static collections per crop ratio for a certain set of images, I'd go as follows:
    1. Select all images you want to have cropped in that way,.
    2. With this selection click on the + to add another collection and fill the dialog box like this:
    Then navigate into this newly created selection and perform the 4x6 crop - according to taste individually or by synchronizing the first crop.

  • How can I make the tab image instead of text.

    Hi guys,
    How can I make a tab displayed as image instead of text?
    Best Wishes,

    Thanks Jari,
    I use Apex 4.0.2 and the theme is Builder Blue 2. When I click edit tab, I get "Tab Label" that is required field and a region called "images". As I got from you, I cannot utilize images in my case.

  • On images that are long and narrow horizontally, iPhoto truncates them and automaticall crops off part of each end of the image.  How can I make it stop?

    On images that are long and narrow horizontally, iPhoto truncates them and automatically crops off part of each end of the image.  the thumbnail has a jagged, serrated edge at both ends.  How can I make it stop?

    Then I do not get your problem - you can import the photo - you can find the photo and you can edit and save the photo - what more do you want?
    By defination thumbnails are small images to help you find the large image - the large image is fine and you can find it fine - and you know it is only showing part of the image because of the "jagged ends"
    If you think think that iPhoto should display long thumbnails suggest to Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto Feedback
    as to your digital photoframe - contact them - in general gital photos frames display one and only one aspect ratio and any photo that is not in that aspect ratio will be modified to display - either cropped to the proper size for the frame or have 'White" space added to fill the frame - that function is totally controled by the Digital Photo frame and any otptions you have will be in the manual or on the support web site for the frame - to put it in old film terms - you can not put an 8x10 print in a 5x7 frame unless you cut the photo down (or a 8x15 photo in an 8x10 frame either)

  • How Can I Make Acrobat Not Resize Images?

    I am trying to turn around 80 images into the pages of a PDF file. The pictures are saved as JPEGs and have the exact dimensions I want them to have as pages of a PDF. When I turn them into a PDF in Acrobat Pro 9 they get resized so when viewed at 100% the text looks like crap. I want to know how I can make Acrobat not mess with the dimensions of my pictures when turning them into a PDF. I make the PDF by clicking the Create button and selecting Merge Files into a Single PDF... . I then drag and drop the pictures into the window and click Combine Files. I have tried all three of the File Size settings and all of them turn out wrong. How can I make this expensive program work the way I want it to by doing htis simple thing right?
    I have attached two files, the first of one of the images that will make a page viewed in windows picture and fax viewer at the original size. The second is a screen shot of the messed up PDF with blurry text, viewed at 100%. I want the text in the second picture to look just like the text in the first.

    I am not trying to justify Adobe's choice, just an explanation of what may have happened. When one asks for 100%, there is a question of by pixel, by inches (cm), or by size on the screen. These are interpretations and the fact that MS and Adobe interpret them differently is not surprising. However, I think that what you are seeing is a result of the pixel display issues on the screen and with proper sizing, they should appear the same (at least I think). In Acrobat, there is also a smoothing feature under the display preferences that may be an issue and is related to how it extrapolates for the pixels.

Maybe you are looking for

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