How can I make two copies of the same picture one with my watermark and one without for printing for clients?

how can I make two copies of the same picture one with my watermark and one without for printing for clients?

Export the photo twice, once with a watermark and once without a watermark.

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    How can I make two ipod touchs have the same apple id

    If you haven't already set up your two iPods either make and apple I'd on one and on the setup on the other type on your apple ID by setup I mean when you first get it it asked you questions so when your done answering the questions your iPod is ready to be used

  • How can I make different catalogs from the same image

    How can I make different catalogs from the same image where that image has been changed in some way between the catalogs. For instance if I wanted to have a catalogs for cropped images and have 3 catalogs one for 4x6 , 5x7 and 8x10 cropping. When I tried this , if I changed a file in one catalog that same image in the other would change also.

    Do not confuse the creation of the crops and the display in collections per crop ratio.
    Of course one virtual copy (VC) per crop ratio is needed. If the same image should be cropped in all 3 mentioned ratios there would be 3 VCs.
    The OP asked how to have/see a set of same-crop-ratios.
    After having created the virtual copies for whatever crop ratio he wants, the way to display this result in the fashion asked for is via smart collections, provided they can be found. Without a plugin the naming of the VC with the crop ratio applied is a straight way to achieve that.
    IF the wish is to get new crops automatically added. (See my answers 2+3)
    IF the wish is to creat static collections per crop ratio for a certain set of images, I'd go as follows:
    1. Select all images you want to have cropped in that way,.
    2. With this selection click on the + to add another collection and fill the dialog box like this:
    Then navigate into this newly created selection and perform the 4x6 crop - according to taste individually or by synchronizing the first crop.

  • How can I remove multiple copies of the same song from the iTunes listing?

    How can I remove multiple copies of the same song from the iTunes listing. The program seems to be picking up the same songs from, for example, my user area and my public area in the C drive

    As above, Apple's official advice is here... HT2905 - How to find and remove duplicate items in your iTunes library, however it is a manual process and the article fails to explain some of the potential pitfalls.
    Use Shift > View > Show Exact Duplicate Items to display duplicates as this is normally a more useful selection. You need to manually select all but one of each group to remove. Sorting the list by Date Added may make it easier to select the appropriate tracks, however this works best when performed immediately after the dupes have been created.  If you have multiple entries in iTunes connected to the same file on the hard drive then don't send to the recycle bin.
    Use my DeDuper script if you're not sure, don't want to do it by hand, or want to preserve/merge ratings, play counts and playlist membership. See this thread for background and please take note of the warning to backup your library before deduping.
    (If you don't see the menu bar press ALT to show it temporarily or CTRL+B to keep it displayed)

  • How can i add two values under the same property?

    Hi all,
    How can i add two values under the same property name in a
    prop list? For example:
    [question1: "item1","item2", question2: "item3","item4"]
    To be more precise, i am creating a property list and I want
    whenever a two values have the same property name to be added int
    he list under the same property. For example:
    gMyList.AddProp (#""&question&"" & x,
    question is a variable that is updated fromt he user's input.
    Now, whenever somethign like this happens:
    question = "question1"
    member("input").text = "five"
    question = "question1"
    member("input").text = "six"
    I want to output list to be:
    [question1: "five","six"] and so on
    Any ideas?

    Maybe you could make each property a list (so you have a
    property list full
    of lists), and add multiple values to the list held in a
    Richard Smith

  • How can I connect two ipods on the same computer ?

    My girlfriend has just bought a ipod nano. I have already a "classic" ipod. Do you know how can I connect the two Ipod on the sasme computer without loosing all my songs ? Is ti possible to select songs that she will transfer ?
    Thanks for your answer

    I am trying to contact a Nano to the same computer that has a Shuffle and Mini on it but it just doesn't want to update. I have been sitting fr about 3 hours now trying to make it work and cannot get anywhere. Can ANYONE help?
    Do Apple not have an online help service? It seems a little strange for a company so large.

  • How can I compare two collections at the same time? (View two grid views)

    I have two collections containing some of the same images. (My Nikon D70 did not put an end-of-file on some images. I recovered them into a different collection.) Now I want to display both collections side-by-side in grid view. I will select those images in the "recovered" collection that correspond to the bad images in the "main" collection, add the ratings etc, and move just these to another collection.
    It is extremely frustrating to have to bounce back and forth between collections, remembering each image one by one and selecting it in the "recovered" collection. (The image names are not preserved in the "recovered" collection -- I have to go by what the image looks like.)
    LightRoom allows me to compare photos in the compare view. I want to compare collections in two grid views.

    you have ran into a situation when you have to compare two sets of images and now you're wondering how come Lightroom doesn't have such "obviously necessary" functionality? But you have to admit it, this is not such a common situation in a photographer's workflow recovers broken files and tries to compare them against themselves. I think it's a pretty specific feature you need. Still, Lightroom has enough powerful tools for editing and sorting images.
    For example...
    You could just put them all - "main" and "recovered" - into a single collection or into the Quick Collection. Label the entire "recovered" collection with, say, red and sort by capture time. Now you'll have everything side by side, ordered chronologically. The "recovered" images will stay next to the "main" images since their capture time will be the same, and they will also stand out since they have the red label.
    Make the thumbnails bigger and set up the grid view so it tints the thumbnail cell are tinted with the label color. Now, you can go quickly through them visually checking labeled vs unlabeled.

  • How can you delete multiple copies of the same songs without deleting one at a time?

    I have multiple copies of most of the songes in Itunes. How can I delete multiple copies without doing it one at a time?

    Select/highlight more than one at a time followed by selecting Delete.

  • How can I produce two outputs of the same project

    Dear Sir,
    My aim is to produce two outputs of the same master project,
    HTML help and Webhelp each one will be used differently in my
    Producing two outputs is fine but the problem was that
    external links are done differently for HTML help and Webhelp and
    as I Knew from you that this can be solved using conditional tags.
    Actually I am new to conditional tags and I don't know how to
    use them. Could you please help me to do this or recommend a link
    on how to use condtional tags to produce different outputs.
    Thank you very very much

    Hi there ahlam323
    See if the link below helps any. Some goober wrote something
    on it.
    here to read the goober's guide
    Cheers... Rick

  • How can I connect two PS3 to the same Linksys WRT54G correctly

    i'm trying to connect two PS3 to the same routeur without having conflicts. Everytime i try to update my game softwares it tells me error 80710723 or now 8002AD23. I gave the two PS3 different IP adresses, i opened all the ports that Playstation suggested me to open ( and gave them different DNS adresses but still they cannot download any software content without bugging the console. I also use a PC, Tablet and Phone with my wireless connection.
    thank you

    Well in this case the error code (80710723 ) is generated when the internet connection is slow. So you can try the following step:
    # Open up the browser and on the address bar type that will open up the Router setup page.
    # Lower the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) from 1500 to 1400 or less (usually found on your router's main/ basic setup page)
    # Make the Channel Width to 20 MHz only and Channel to 6, 9, 11..
    #Adjust the following advanced wireless settings:
    ~~ Lower the beacon interval from 100 to 75
    ~~ Lower the fragmentation threshold from 2346 to 2306
    ~~ Lower the RTS threshold from 2347 to 2304

  • How can I start two Vi at the same time?

     I have two Vi's, each of these Vi has a stop button. I want to start these two Vis at the same time. I also want to be able to stop the two Vis at the same time. What should I do? Thanks.

    One way to start them is with an Invoke Node and the Run method. You can then stop them with the Set Control Value [Variant] method. When you use the Set Control Value [Variant], you just have to specify the name of the front panel control that stops the while loop. Older versions of LabVIEW only had the Set Control Value method in which you had to use the flatten to string function to pass the Type Descriptor and Flattened Data.
    Message Edited by Dennis Knutson on 03-20-200609:35 AM
    Run Method.JPG ‏44 KB

  • How can I open two libraries at the same time on itunes?

    Hey i need help on opening two libraries at the same time on itunes. I don't know if that is possible but need some advice if its possible. I already have several libaries but I need to compare labaries at times due to various users on my computer. Please help .

    Not that I'm aware of. What exactly is that you want to achieve? There are tools for scanning media folders and adding any files not listed in the library, or deleting those that no longer exist. There are also ways to use one library for multiple users so that any tag update gets applied for everyone.

  • How Can I have 5 links in the same picture

    Good morning.
    I would like to know,how I can create 5 or more links on 5 different positions in the same picture.

    If your writing about html links I believe that is what slicing is all about. I have not done any.  I think what slicing does it cut a image into parts without seams these parts can be addressed using mouse over which may replace the part to highlight the area and if clicked on link to an other page.
    Use Photoshop Help search on Slicing.

  • Can you sync two iphones to the same computer but with different itunes account

    i have got an iphone 4 and my brother would like to get one but we are unsure whether we can both sync our phones on the same computer, within him ended up with all my music and photos. is there a simple way round this?

    check out method one from this support article -> How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • How can I have two pages in the same Oracle Drive Path?

    I have been using OracleDrive for some time to publish a specific kind of document once every week.
    Now I have on my front page a content area that show the newest 3 of these documents. However, I'd like to place a link at the bottom that says "Show All", and that should link to a page that shows all my items in this folder.
    So basically I want to have two pages that are based on the same folder..
    How can I achieve this behaviour?

    When you say two monitors do you mean two separate computers (like 2 iMacs)?
    If you mean 2 seperate macs then you could either:
    Use a network keyboard / mouse sharing program like Teleport:
    Use a physical KVM switch:
    Hope that helps.

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    how to i tranfer photos and music from 1 ipod touch to another ipod touch

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