How Can I use a Variable  in Data Controls query. Frank Kindly check...

I am using JDeveloper 11g ADF BC.
My Requirement is that I hv a login screen which is taken from [].
I hv attached BC in this application. I want to use the login usercode in the next pages after login screen. Next screen contains 3 list items which will be populating based on the user. So I created <af:selectOneChoice> using the BC( Just drag & dropped the column into the page from the data controls). But in the data control i want to use this usercode for passing the condition. Now Data is coming without any condition.
So How can I use the usercode in the Data controls query.
When I tried to display the usercode in the next page it is showing by binding the value. its code is follows
<af:outputText value="#{backing_getUser.uid}"
The program for checking the username & Password is follows.
package login.backing;
import java.sql.*;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver;
public class GetUser {
private RichInputText uid;
private RichInputText pid;
private RichCommandButton commandButton1;
private RichInputText inputText1;
private RichInputText inputText2;
public void setUid(RichInputText inputText1) {
this.uid = inputText1;
public void setPid(RichInputText inputText2) { = inputText2;
public RichInputText getUid() {
return uid;
public RichInputText getPid() {
return pid;
public void setCommandButton1(RichCommandButton commandButton1) {
this.commandButton1 = commandButton1;
public RichCommandButton getCommandButton1() {
return commandButton1;
public String login_action() {
// Add event code here...
String user = this.getUid().getValue().toString();
// String pass = inputText2.getValue().toString();
String pid = this.getPid().getValue().toString();
Connection conn;
conn = getConnection();
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery ("SELECT usercode FROM guser where usercode = '"+user.toUpperCase()+"' and pwd=F_TEST('"+pid.toUpperCase()+"')");
if ( {
return "good";
} catch (SQLException e) {
return "bad";
public static Connection getConnection() throws SQLException {
String username = "ACCTS";
String password = "ACCTS";
String thinConn = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@SERVER1:1521:G5PS";
DriverManager.registerDriver(new OracleDriver());
Connection conn =
DriverManager.getConnection(thinConn, username, password);
return conn;
public void setInputText1(RichInputText inputText1) {
this.inputText1 = inputText1;
public RichInputText getInputText1() {
return inputText1;
public void setInputText2(RichInputText inputText2) {
this.inputText2 = inputText2;
public RichInputText getInputText2() {
return inputText2;

I didn't look at the example, but if you want to secure your application then you should use container managed security. Read this .
Anyway, you could add this before return "good"; in your login_action()
FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().put("username", user);Then, you can access this from anywhere in the application by using #{sessionScope.username}.

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    Think about it:
    JSP/Java is executed on the Server and produces HTML+JavaScript.
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    Obviously there's no way to access a Java variable directly from JavaScript.
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    Thank you for posting to the NI Forums!! You should be able to incorporate the Variable into your vi and then build as normal and the functionality of the vi should translate to the build. What type of build are you doing? Are you receiving any specific errors? Thanks!
    Margaret Barrett
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    kindly help
    Thank you.

    Actually I'm converting Procedures from SQL Server to Oracle.
    Actual Stored Procedure in SQL Server is as follows.
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    When I try with "manual entry", I can't get the type "date" : it proposes quantity, amount, number but not date.
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    Does anybody have an idea.
    Thanks for your help.
    Vanessa Roulier

    if you are using a cube then there will be at least one time char. I think you can just add 0calday to your cube , even if you are not filling it.
      Once this is available in cube  it can be used in query (free chars) where we can define a variable on this 0calday. But we it will not have any effect on query results as you are not storing anything in your query.
    then in your conditions you create a variable with USEREXIT type. then in your ABAP code you can access the value stored in variable(which is entered by user) and copy it to the USEREXIT variable. Then your condition works because it is having a date type and the value is date.
    I don't see any problem in implementing this scenario.
    with regards

  • How can I use local variable in LabVIEW-Action?

    Hi All!
    There is local variable (for example "MyVariable") in local scope of project. There is Action-step, created by LabVIEW. One of input terminals step is "Sequence Context".
    How can I access to MyVariable by Sequence Context? Unbundle? It does't work.
    Thank you.

    On the TestStand palette there is a VI called TestStand - Get Property  Use that.  Attached is an image showing how to use it.  The trick is making it produce the correct data type.  Do that by right clicking on the VI and selecting Select Type.  Then you can choose the type.  I think in LV 2010 and TS 2010 it is a polymorphic VI and you can just change it.  I wrote an example here for Chaz:
    It's the second example that's attached.
    Hope this helps,
    CTA, CLA
    ~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
    AccessLocalVar.JPG ‏67 KB

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    You can use more than one data provider in your application. However if you have defined a dataprovider for a particular table already, and wish to bind a component, select the component and use its context menu to Bind to Data...

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    I've seen this done 2 different ways.
    You could either set the ProgressBar.Maximum to: 100, or  to QuantityToLoad. 
    Option Strict On
    Option Explicit On
    Option Infer Off
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    'Some code
    'Some code
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    End Sub
    End Class
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  • How can I use a variable for an interface log and error fle

    I want to use a variable for the interface's log and error file so that when I migrate from Dev to QA to Prod I don't have to do a lot of editing.
    Specifically on the "flow" tab for the "target", I want a variable to be the first part of the path for the log (\\sundev1\fnd1-hypd1) and join this with the rest (\update\log\logfile.log) within the LOG_FILE_NAME field.
    Thank you!

    It is quite simple....
    just use the <%=odiRef.getSchemaName("D")%> before the file name and configure both path in the topology linked to each context.

  • How can I filter a table from Data Control without enter query

    I have a table from a web service data control based on WSDL.
    I want to filter the table without input query at filter text box. Without filter text box, each would filter the table with a hardcoded query internally.
    For example, when user click A menu button then it filters the table where type = '1' and B menu button filters the table by type='2' and C menu button filters the table by type=' ' .
    How can I filter the table without enter query?
    Could anyone point me to a solution please.
    jdev 11.1.5
    Edited by: 893364 on Oct 26, 2011 12:15 PM
    Edited by: 893364 on Oct 26, 2011 12:21 PM

    when you created the table, did you try selecting the "filter" option. Select the table and go to the Property Inspctor. In the tool bar of the Property Inspector there is an icon to change the configuration. Its adding filter filter fields for the user to search in.
    Option 2: The data of the Web Service actually is held in the iterators. If you wanted to filter the WebService query, I would not use the WS DC but a JAX-WS proxy in a POJO to fetch the WS Data. Then have the Data Control created from the POJO. You could have a method exposed on the POJO that allows you to filter the internally held data

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    My Sun one is 6.1 sp3 on Windows 2003 SE, and I am try to use the ACL file to control the access.
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    (dns = "*");
    Once I add the "deny", anyone include my site is decline for vist the path specify in the ACL file. But if remove the "deny", everyone include other one's website can access the file.
    Can anybody tell me how to make it work?

    I think you've misunderstood what the dns attribute is for. The dns attribute returns the hostname of the client accessing your website, not the hostname of the website that linked to your website.
    For example, when someone using the Comcast ISP goes to a malicious website at that loads images from your website at, the dns attribute will be something like "", not "". ACLs are used for authentication and authorization of clients (not the websites those clients chose to visit), and they don't provide the functionality you're looking for.
    If I understand correctly, you want to prevent websites other than from linking to files in your d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload directory. You can achieve this adding the following lines to your obj.conf configuration file:
    <Object ppath="d:/webserver/imat/pics_upload/*">
    <Client referer="*~*">
    PathCheck fn="deny-existence"

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    Try this vi. You shouldn't have any problems just connecting a string to the case selector.
    Lead Test Tools Development Engineer
    Philips Respironics
    Certified LV Architect / Instructor
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