How do i disable pdfjs on android firefox 15?

The latest firefox for Android has an annoying "feature" that it trys to open pdf documents within the browser after a download. This does not work with the PDFs that we create internally (they display as white pages) so I need to disable it in favour of documents opening in acrobat as before. Is there a simple way to do this like there is on firefox for windows?

Firefox for Android does not ship with PDF.JS. Firefox may open PDF files with the default PDF app on your phone, if one is set.

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    Here are my reasons for why I'd rather use Mozilla's Firefox, than Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Google's Chrome. I love and admire Firefox for Mozilla's intent on good security, for Firefox's Personas add-on, and for Firefox's free use of the Ad-Block add-on which, as you know, has the distinct virtue of reducing screen clutter--the last of which is my motive for wanting to get rid of the SUPERFLUOUS Firefox tabs "windows" bar. I am dreadfully sick of companies forcing miscellaneous bars (mostly representing marketing campaigns trying to sell me something) into my browser (and down my throat) every time I download something. (In case you haven't guessed, I am deliberately referring to your Firefox tabs bar as a "Firefox tabs 'windows' bar," because TABS are WINDOWS!)

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    Do you mean by setting a lower minimum width for the tabs to make more tabs fit on the tab bar before scroll buttons appear?
    The Custom Tab Width extension adds this CSS rule and adjust the settings from the browser.tabs.tabMinWidth and browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth prefs.
    * Custom Tab Width:
    Add this code to the userChrome.css file below the default @namespace line if you do not want to use the extension.
    <br />
    <pre><nowiki>@namespace url(""); /* only needed once */
    .tabbrowser-tab[fadein]:not([pinned]) { min-width: 100px !important; max-width: 250px !important; }</nowiki></pre>

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    You can try to delete the files named '''extensions.*''' in the [ Firefox Profile Folder] after exiting Firefox, and then start Firefox. At startup Firefox would ask for permission and you can select '''Allow this installation''' and '''Continue''' for the needed ones, and leave the unwanted ones deselected, Click '''Restart''' only on the last tab. Afterwards you can '''Remove''' it from the [ Add-ons Manager].
    [ User control]

  • How do I disable all tabs in firefox 4?

    I hate tabs!
    How do I disable them permanently and forever?

    i've tried this but the thing just keep resetting itself as soon as i type something into the address bar. before you ask, yes, i click ok and not cancel. yes, i've made sure i set it to suggest nothing before i click ok. is there a fix for this??

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    I just looked at FF's educated guess at my plug ins & I don't recognize half of them! Do I need them all? If not, which ones can I get rid of & how do I disable them?

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    Every time I open the Firefox browser, a new tab opens up with the ad suggesting me to try Firefox for android mobile. This is additional tab along with my regular home tab. My browser version is Firefox funnel cake 22.0 . It is freaking me out as this happens every time I open the browser. Provide me a solution or tell me to switch to a different browser. I mean who is the dumb idiot who suggested this idea ? Really ?? you want the add to stay there and irritate users everytime they open it ?

    Try to change your new tab by going to about:config, and in that address bar type in browser.newtab.url, right click it, and then hit modify. There will be a window that pops up that will let you type in the address you want to show up in your new tabs. There also might be a warning when going to about:config, but just accept it if it's there.

  • How do I disable awesome bar in Firefox 4?

    Hi, I would like to know how to disable the awesome bar for firefox 4. I didn't like it in FF3 and don't want it now and cannot find to disable it yet.

    i've tried this but the thing just keep resetting itself as soon as i type something into the address bar. before you ask, yes, i click ok and not cancel. yes, i've made sure i set it to suggest nothing before i click ok. is there a fix for this??


    I have free download manager installed into my system which I have been using perfectly with Internet Explorer. After the installation of Firefox, my free download manager could not work again. Instead, Firefox will take over the download. please tell me how to disable the download feature in Firefox to continue download with the Free Download Manager.
    Thank you.

    There are other things that need attention:
    Your above posted system details show outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks that you should update.
    *Java Plug-in 1.6.0_02 for Netscape Navigator (DLL Helper)
    Update the [[Java]] plugin to the latest version.
    * (Java Platform: Download JRE)

  • How can I Disable XI Plugin for Firefox?

    I have disabled the plugin on the Firefox plugin page (Tools>Add-ons), but it re-enables.  I have changed the two .dll files to .dxx.  Tools>Options>Applications does not show .pdf.  I also tried to disable from within Reader's options panel with no success.  I really don't want anything to open in my browser.  Can anyone help?

    Firefox by default uses its own PDF viewer, not the Adobe Reader plugin.  If you haven't manually changed that, it is not an Adobe Reader issue.

  • Disable thumnnails on android firefox

    The newtab thumbnails disclose too much information about my business interests. Often someone else will use my phone to look something up. If I can't disable this I will have to delete Firefox. This problem seems to be handled in the windows version.

    You can always use the the Guest Session feature to disallow the user from seeing anything apart from the default (i.e history, bookmarks, autocomplete).
    To enable this, go to menu > Tools > New Guest Session
    Once it is over, you can go to Menu > Exit Guest Session to have your Firefox back to normal without having anything else added by the guest usage.

  • How can I disable DNS queries in Firefox (when using a proxy) ?

    I am behind a "Chinese wall" and use an HTTP proxy to tunnel and encrypt my data traffic.
    Unfortunately, Firefox still sends DNS queries for the websites, that I visit and reveals more information than I want.
    Is there a way to disable DNS, when I use an HTTP/S proxy ?
    My current workaround is to set a firewall rule for outbound DNS traffic of Firefox. But not all users are able to configure their firewall.

    That is done via an onbeforeunload or onunload event that displays a JavaScript alert.
    You can try to search for a Greasemonkey script to reset and block such events.
    * - Greasemonkey
    * - GreaseSpot

  • How do I disable/delete Yahoo from FireFox 3.6.10?

    Yahoo search toolbar is present. How do I delete/remove.
    Also "new tab" brings up a Yahoo Search window.

    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of your add-ons is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    See [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] and [[Troubleshooting plugins]]
    You can also try "Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults" on the [[Safe mode]] start window.
    There is also (security) software like AVG that can add toolbars to Firefox.

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    It appears that someone decided to mandate tabs in Firefox 3.6.9. A Google search of 'disable tabs Firefox' shows page upon page that reflect many users' dislike of tabbed browsing. Count me amongst them. If possible, please suggest a workaround, a setting, or an update to the add-in that will banish the tab 'feature' forever.

    You can come a long way with setting some Firefox prefs or use specific sequences.
    * (2)
    * (0)
    Open links in a new window by holding down Shift and left-clicking a link.<br />
    Links that do not specify a target window open by default in the current tab.<br />
    <br />
    A link or bookmark opens in a new tab if you hold down the Ctrl key and left-click or by middle-click a link.<br />
    Holding down the Shift key in addition toggles loading a link in the background.

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    I can't install Addons in the menu of my browser (Firefox for Android 33.). When I'm looking for any addon, button "Install" is not available, and it tells that addon is not for Android.

    But the description says, that it's exactly for Android and my version 33 included.

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