How do I insert the trademark symbol to my text in FW?

Apologies for the newbie question.

If you have Fireworks CS3, you can insert special characters
such as the "tm" symbol by clicking
Window >> Others >> Special characters. Then
select the "tm" symbol from the panel (bottom row, sixth from the
Note though, that if you intend to publish your project on
the Internet, it's generally better practice to write proper ASCII
codes to generate the tm symbol. Use
™ whenever you need to invoke the symbol.
Hope that helps. :)

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    Have tried but to no avail, how can I insert the Copywrite symbol into my photographs to protect them before posting online please.

    Alberto Ravasio wrote:
    You meant option+C
    Nope. On an English keyboard you get © with option-g. Option-c gets you ç.

  • How can I insert the copyright symbol

    How can I insert the copyright symbol, I have tried the ALT + 0169 with no success.
    I want to include in a watermark brush

    Did you use the the alpha-numeric keys, the ones on the right of the keyboard?
    You can also get it (WINDOWS) via the character map:
    Type character map into the search box. You will find the symbol there. Select it, then copy, then paste into your document.

  • Using a variable for Lesson Title: How do I insert an alt symbol (TM)?

    HI All,
    I am using a project variable to diplay the title in small sub-titles on each page of a Cap4 module. But....I need to insert a trademark symbol after one of the names in the title. Does anyone know how I can insert a symbol when defining a variable?
    Thanks in advance!

    I just tried this, and seems to work:
    created a Text Caption, with the Symbol button you can insert the Trademark symbol
    copied the text to the clipboard
    created a user variable v_title
    in the value of the variable pasted the copied text
    Here is a screenshot: first text caption has the variable, second was the original TC (you do not really to have it on a slide of course)

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    How can I insert the small "c" with a circle around it fro copywrite?

    Go to System Preferences>Language and Text>Input Sources>Keyboard and Character Viewer>Letterlike symbols.

  • Anyone using Mr Site Pro website software on their iMac, if so how di insert the copyright symbol into my home page?

    I am trying to insert the copyright symbol into the home page of my website, I am using Mr Site Pro software, on windows it is 0169 but this does'nt work on the imac, can anyone help?

    Or you can try option (alt or ⌥) + G to type ©.
    For future reference, enable the keyboard viewer;
    System Preferences > Language and Text > Input Sources tab. Top of the left column, tick (check) "Keyboard and Character Viewer", Bottom of window next to search field, tick "Show input menu in menu bar"
    System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard tab; tick "show keyboard and character viewers in menu bar"
    All the standard diacritical marks and common symbols can be accessed directly from the standard keyboard. ü is produced by pressing alt (option) + U, release them and type U. Similarly é is alt+e, followed by e.
    If you open Keyboard Viewer and press the alt (option) key, the location of the marks will be revealed. Note that five of them are highlighted in orange; these are the ones which can be used with multiple  letters (acute, umlaut, gràve, circumflex and tilde)
    Shift+Alt will show more.
    These are the results of holding down option and shift+option for a standard UK keyboard (US is similar, but a few keystrokes are reversed)

  • The trademark symbol u00A9, u00AE, u0099  in sapscript/SO10 texts

    Hi All,
    We have arequirement to print the trademark symbol  ®, ™ on one of the output e.g google™.
    Does anybody met same problem before? Any solution for it? Thanks in advance.

    hi Trinath,
    may i know how you solve the problem.
    i got the one part number QOSC-143M-85ºC need to be print through zebra printer.
    the zebra code & variable holding the above part number is done in sapscript.
    i've tried using the insert-characters-displayable characters method to hard coded the º symbol in the sapscript. When come to label printing, it will show || instead of º.
    Please advise how you do this in SO10.Also what is the Text ID you're using in SO10.
    thank you.
    Edited by: Boon Kiat Tey on May 22, 2008 11:33 PM

  • How do I get the Blackberry symbol to show after I send a text message?

    How do I get the Blackberry symbol to show after I send a text message?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Create an AutoText entry
    1. In the device options, click AutoText.
    2. Click the trackwheel.
    3. Click New.
    4. In the Replace field, type the text to replace.
    5. In the With field, perform one of the following actions:
    • Type replacement text.
    • To insert a macro (for example, the current date or time), click the trackwheel. Click Insert Macro.
    6. In the Using field, perform one of the following actions:
    • To capitalize the entry exactly as you typed it, click Specified Case.
    • To capitalize the entry according to the context, click SmartCase.
    7. Set the language.
    8. Click the trackwheel.
    9. Click Save.
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

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    Connect in iTunes. iPhone will be detected in Recovery Mode. Restore.

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    How do I get the itunes symbol off the Ipad2 I bought today?

    See Here for Getting Started

  • How can i insert the variable value in MS ACCES Query

    i am creating one Query (query1) in MS ACCESS ( like we creaate Tables, Forms and Reports in MS ACCESS ) in this Query i have given 2 constent value in BETWEEN CLAUSE , after that i Created a CROSS QUERY which is based on the privious Query (query1).
    Now i want to insert the variable value using JSP and HTML in to Query(query1).
    Doing this i want to execute the Query (query1) with variable perameters and
    wants to get the risponce form CROSS QUERY.
    In this matter how can i insert the value in Query(query1) using JDBC and JSP.

    The query is
    Select ZMSGMAP.GROUP_CODE as 'group', ZMSDSTATE.STATE_DESC as 'state', ZMSTRN.YRMON, sum(ZMSTRN.CMAQTY) as 'qty' from ZMSDSTATE,ZMSGMAP,ZMSTRN Where ZMSTRN.STATE=ZMSDSTATE.STATE and ZMSTRN.PLANT=ZMSGMAP.PLANT_CODE and ZMSTRN.YRMON between "+p1+" and "+p2+" Group by ZMDGMAP.GROUP_CODE, ZMSDSTATE.STSTE_DESC, ZMSTRN.YRMONUsing this query i m trying to display the risult but the YRMON is displaying in a single column, i want to display it ia seperat columns. here p1 and p2 is YRMON(it is the yer month like 200102), for this solution i have created Cross table Query which is based on uper Query (query1) and design it column wise Display, it is givng the right display, but the problem is this i m not getting the technique throw which i can insert the variable values in to the query1 (which is designed in MS ACCESS).
    u can contact me on [email protected] for more details.

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    I ask the third time:
    How can I enlarge the menue symbols and the text of the menue in Photoshop CS6 vers.13 so that I can read them??? My laptop has Win 8.1 and a screen resolution of 3840x2160.
    It is unbelievable that such an expensive software does not provide a proper lay out wit a high screen resolution!
    It is also unbelivable that it is not possible to get a qualified employee of ADOBE on the phone in Germany.
    hope of feed back: e-mail: [email protected]

    Chris Cox answered your question here:
    I have PS cs6 extended and a new laptop with screen resolution of 3840x2160. Now all control elements and menues are so small that I can not reed them. How can I make them readable without reducing the resolution of the schreen?

  • How can I use the LabVIEW Symbol Editor as a Sub-VI?

    How can I use the LabVIEW Symbol Editor as a Sub-VI?

    mc-hase wrote:
    > Thank you for your ansver.
    > That means that you see no possibiltiy to use the built in window? (I
    > think the built in window is programmed with LabVIEW as well...)
    The icon editor at least up to version 7.0 of LabVIEW is not written as
    VI but directly implemented inside LabVIEW, which is written in C/C++.
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    CIT Engineering Netherlands
    a division of Test & Measurement Solutions

  • How do you change the minus symbol on the quick selection tool to a plus symbol? im finding it difficult to select an area.

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    You can use the Alt/Option key to toggle between add + and subtract -
    First though select the Add to Selection in the tool options bar for that to work.

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    tap the .?123
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    then you'll find the % key

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