How do you remove duplicates in iPhoto

I just upgraded from the original Mac mini to the new one, when moving my photo library it appears to have included all the photos i have deleated in the past. I not have multiples of most photos. Is there a way such as in iTunes where it selects only the duplicates so I do not have to scan my whole library.

How did you "move" the liberary
The correct way is Connect the two Macs together (network, firewire target mode, etc)  or use an external hard drive formed Mac OS extended (journaled) and drag the iPhoto library intact as a single entity from the old Mac to the pictures folder of the new Mac - launch iPhoto on the new mac and it will open the library and convert it as needed and you will be ready move forward.
If you still have to original library trash the bad one and move it as above - there will be no duplicates
Remember never import an iPhoto library into another iPhoto library - it does not work and creates a terrible mess

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  • How do I remove duplicates in iphoto?

    How do I remove duplicates in iphoto?

    Whenever I move a photo into  an Album and the same photo already exists there, the second p;hoto is accepted without warning.
    These are not duplicates.
    Photos in Albums simply reference the pictures in the Library. A Photo can be in as many Albums as you like without using any extra disk space,a nd it can be used in an Album as many times as you like. There is no duplication involved here.
    At heart, an Album is simply an instruction to iPhoto: Show this bunch of photos together in this order.

  • How do you remove duplicate images from your all images file on your mac desktop

    How do you remove duplicate images from your all images file on your mac desktop?

    Don't under any circumstances.
    All images is not a file. It's not a place. It's a list. Specifically, it's the result of an instruction: List all the images on my machine.
    When you delete something from All Images, then you have no idea what you're removing from where - files that are part of word processing docs, interface elements, corrupting your iPhoto Library. There are many perfectly legitimate reasons why you might have what appears to be duplicates but are not.
    Rule number One: Never delete anything on your machine whose job you don't understand.

  • How do you remove duplicate note events 1 or to ticks apart ?

    How do you remove duplicate note events 1 or to ticks apart ?
    my keyboard was putting out doubled note events durring a session.
    But the note events are between 1 and 3 cliks apart.
    in other words 1 might be at 1 3 151 and the other duplicate at 1 3 153
    So remove duplicate events does not work.
    I dont want to have to quatize all events either.
    Logic X

    The only other option I can think of that may help you is the select highest/lowest notes.
    This will select the top or bottom notes for any notes that are overlapping.
    the key command is :
    **** up ( highest ) or shift down ( lowest )
    It may work on some blocks of notes, but it's a bit hit and miss.
    Other than that it's a manual editing job I'm afraid

  • In iTunes, podcasts are sorted in the library alphabetically. In Version 1.2.1, there is no order and there are duplicates.  Can you sort the library? and how do you remove duplicates of the same podcast (not episode)?

    In iTunes podcasts were sorted in the library alphabetically.  In Version 1.2.1, there is no ability to sort and podcasts (not episodes) are duplicated.  Can you sort the Podcasts in the library section? How do you remove or consolidate duplicates?

    In iTunes podcasts were sorted in the library alphabetically.  In Version 1.2.1, there is no ability to sort and podcasts (not episodes) are duplicated.  Can you sort the Podcasts in the library section? How do you remove or consolidate duplicates?

  • HT1229 The library folder recent imported duplicate photos, how do you removed duplicate imported photos?

    I have had photos , photos albums, or folders deleted in the past, and I have somehow recaptured them by a way that is unknown or clear to me.  Anyway I imported them to the library and it is now in the the library folder recent last 12 months imported.  There are thousands photos are shown duplicate, how do I removed or organized the duplicate photos in a shortcut  without going through all of them ( 23, 000 of photos imported), and secure them in a folder/location/area without loosing them again .

    If you're seeing these duplicates in the iPhoto window (and not the Finder) you can use these applications to identify and help remove duplicate photos from an iPhoto Library:
    iPhoto Library Manager - $29.95
    Duplicate Annihilator - $7.95 - only app able to detect duplicate thumbnail files or faces files when an iPhoto 8 or earlier library has been imported the library.
    PhotoSweeper - $9.95 - This app can search by comparing the image's bitmaps or histograms thus finding duplicates with different file names and dates.
    DeCloner - $19.95 - can find duplicates in iPhoto Libraries or in folders on the HD.
    DupliFinder - $7 - shows which events the photos are in.
    iPhoto AppleScript to Remove Duplicates - Free
    PhotoDedupo - $4.99 (App Store) -  this app has a "similar" search feature which is like PhotoSweeper's bitmap comparison.  It found all duplicates
    Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto - free - was able to recognize the duplicated HDR and normal files from an iPhone shooting in HDR
    Some users have reported that PhotoSweeper did the best in finding all of the dups in their library: iphoto has duplicated many photos, how...: Apple Support Communities.
    If you have an iPhone and have it set to keep the normal photo when shooting HDR photos the two image files that are created will be duplicates in a manner of speaking (same image) but there are only twp apps that detected the iPhone HDR and normal photos as being duplicates:  PhotoSweeper and Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto.  None of the other apps detected those two files as being duplicates as they look for file name as well as other attributes and the two files from the iPhone have different file names.
    iPLM, however, is the best all around iPhoto utility as it can do so much more than just find duplicates.  IMO it's a must have tool if using iPhoto.

  • HT2905 how do you remove duplicate libraries from itunes

    I recently purchased a new window9.1 computer.  I tried to move the library to the new pc by using an external haddrive. The songs and other items all transfered, but the mudic remsined on the externalmedia informaiton files, I had to connect the drive to listen to music..  I worked with tech support and copied themusioc files to ITunes. When I reopened the media files and copied music were on the system.  ITunes recognzed there was missing information on the  media data file and corrected it, so oe I have 20,000 sonfs in a 10,000 song library.How do you delete massive duplicates without individually deleting10,000 songs?

    Apple's official advice is here... HT2905 - How to find and remove duplicate items in your iTunes library. It is a manual process and the article fails to explain some of the potential pitfalls.
    Use Shift > View > Show Exact Duplicate Items to display duplicates as this is normally a more useful selection. You need to manually select all but one of each group to remove. Sorting the list by Date Added may make it easier to select the appropriate tracks, however this works best when performed immediately after the dupes have been created.  If you have multiple entries in iTunes connected to the same file on the hard drive then don't send to the recycle bin.
    Use my DeDuper script if you're not sure, don't want to do it by hand, or want to preserve ratings, play counts and playlist membership. See this thread for background and please take note of the warning to backup your library before deduping.
    (If you don't see the menu bar press ALT to show it temporarily or CTRL+B to keep it displayed)

  • How do you remove duplicates in OSX Lion Mail?

    I know there are a few posts floating around about removing duplicate emails with Mail Scripts, however this software isn't supported in Lion just yet. And I would like to do this now. What's the smartest way to remove duplicates across multiple IMAP folders on 1 account. I don't need something so elaborate that does cross accounts etc.
    I've downloaded and installed MailSteward but it seems to only allow modifying a backed up copy. I need to remove live duplicates.
    Anyone have any suggestions? Come on Apple, as if you guys don't get duplicate emails that this can't be programmed into the software...
    I'd sincerely appreciate anyone's help.

    Check this thread out:

  • How do you remove duplicates?

    For some reason, I have thousands of duplicate songs in my iTunes. What is the most efficient way to remove duplicates without individually selecting, previewing and deleting?

    You can try this program I wrote. It only removes duplicates if the file is the same exact file or a copy of it in the same directory.

  • How do you remove duplicate songs from i pod

    i have duplicate songs and would like to remove them from my I pod

    yea... i faced this problem many a time... have run apple sceipts to delete these songs....
    you download these scripts from the link below.... jus follow thw instructions... and you are free from duplicates
    hope this helps..!

  • How do you delete duplicates from iPhoto import?

    I've noticed that when I imported my library from iPhoto, Aperture has imported all versions of images that I've edited over the years (the ones kept in the "original" folders.
    Is there a quick way of finding all duplicates ie. time and date for ALL of my images so I can cull the superseded versions imported from iPhoto?
    15" 1.67Ghz Powerbook 2GB RAM 100GB HDD   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   1GB Ipod Shuffle, 4GB Ipod Nano, 60GB Ipod Photo

    iPhoto will add the keyword "iPhoto Edited" to images that are edits, and "iPhoto Original" for the originals. So you can create a smart album that has that keyword.

  • How do you remove duplicate tracks and re-instate tracks to empty playlists?

    Having had several problems with my iTunes over the past week I seem to possibly be on the verge of finally sorting everything (help from member tt2 is credited with this!)
    However, after spending most of today trying to find my most recently backed up files in order to restore my iTunes (having installed the new iTunes 11 yesterday...think its a bit Marmite - you'll either love it or hate it!!) I created a new Library and I have somehow managed to find all of my playlists I thought I had lost only to add them to iTunes and find....THEY ARE EMPTY! SACRÉ BLEU!
    Bizarrely, all of my albums etc. are showing when I click Music under the Library tab and to top it off when I scrolled through the albums some have the tracks duplicated between 2 > 5 times over on the same album. I un-ckecked the box incidentally under EDIT > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED to ensure that nothing was duplicated so not quite sure what I've done / what has happened.
    My files were in a real mess and I want to get everything dorted so i can back up and delete all my old libraries etc as I need to clear space on my C/Drive and external hard drive.
    Don't want to do anything else without asking someone out there who has iTunes down to a fine art and can point me in the right direction to put my iTunes back together for once and for all. I've lost some of my playlists that were my own compilations as I appear to have not backed up properly, but I have pretty much all my other music including that that I have purchased - except NONE of my purchases are showing either under Store > Purchased which also seems strange cosidering they are showing under Albums.
    Any help to resolve this once and for all so I can do something else with my life would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance!

    The easiest way is to use the event list for each track. The first few events listed for each track should be Control events. Look for control event number 7 (volume) and 10 (pan) and either delete them or set them how you want them by entering new values. If you delete them they will revert to the default values of 127 (max) volume and 64 (centre) pan and you will need to adjust them using the mixer.

  • Remove duplicates in Iphoto

    How do I remove duplicates in Iphoto?

    I'm going to use this thread to ask a slightly related question, if that's ok..
    I'm  trying to get rid of duplicate IPhoto libraries (on various external hard drives). 
    I opened the one I want to keep , and then looked (in Finder) at each of the other libraries and dragged any photos or folders that seemed not to be in the Iphoto library I'm keeping, INTO that library . 
    I then moved into the TRASH all of those extra Iphoto libraries.   I did not yet empty the trash, because  my fear is that Iphoto doesn't actually have those photos there, and that once I empty trash, those photos will be gone.  
    I'm sure i'm confusing things I've read about the risks of incorrectly deleting photos, so I just want some reassurance that what I did will work out and I won't find that the photos were deleted when I deleted the iphoto library I dragged them from.

  • How do you eliminate duplicate iphoto photos?

    How do you eliminate duplicate iphoto photos?

    There are two apps, actually one app and one Applescript script, for finding and removing duplicate photos from iPhoto. They are:
    Duplicate Annihilator
    iPhoto AppleScript to Remove Duplicates

  • How do I remove duplicate pictures in iPhoto and in folders?

    I have 12000 pictures and duplicate annihilator is so slow and can only be used fopr 500 pictures. How do I remove duplicates pictures i iPhoto and in all the original folders?

    What do you mean by "in all the original folders" ?
    If you purchase and registers Duplicate Annihilator then the 500 photo limit is removed.

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