How to create a persona header bar that displays correctly in all resolutions - Firefox 20 Linux

I'm in the process of learning how to create Personas for Firefox, and have already created one which I am using locally, but I ran into an unexpected behavior: If I create a header bar that is 3000 X 200 pixels as specified in the guidelines, only the right third or so displays in my browser when the theme is applied. To get this header to display "properly" (as I find aesthetically pleasing) I have to resize the header to 1280 X 85 pixels.
Should not the header bar scale automatically, or do I need to produce a persona header at each possible resolution width to get it to display properly?
For what it's worth, the footer appears to be displaying the left hand third, but this is not so objectionable in this case.
A screenshot of the persona is available at
Thanks for any insights. I feel as though I must be misunderstanding something here.
(I tried to post troubleshooting information the first time, but it overflowed the character limit...)

Probably best to ask that sort of question, or research the answer in one of the AMO forums ('''A'''ddons '''Mo'''zilla). I think this one may be appropriate:
** I think you will need to register before posting
I am wondering where are you doing the learning ?
<br />There are also resources on MDN
Detailed discussion of the subject is probably off topic for this forum, but linking to resources or giving as imple answer is not so I hope some of the above are helpful. (You may even find someone else interested and knowledgeable posting a direct answer)

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    check the transaction MMBE or MC.9..
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    Edited by: MPVash Vash on Oct 24, 2008 8:14 AM
    Edited by: MPVash Vash on Oct 30, 2008 7:38 AM

    Go to T-code QS41, give the catalog and code group and enter.
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    In SPRO u should see which type of catalog is assigned to the notification type. This u can see in the overview of the notification type by selecting the notification type in SPRO.

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    As you aware , assign the user to organisation structure via users_gen , the system will create a BP and Central Person , Position and user for you.

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    Hi Sudha,
    Please check the following blogs whick will guide you step by step.
    If helps reward points

  • Div header tag - not displaying correctly

    I thought I had resolved an issue with a div header tag, but - as per a reply in my 'text as gif' thread, possibly not!
    The header contains three images; a logo, a banner (text), and a picture of a castle.  These should display in a  line.
    When I first set it up, I realised that the castle picture was normally ending up below the other two on smaller screens etc. 
    So I changed the dims for my div container from min 760px/max 1260px, to a set width (960px).  I then rejigged the three images so the widths were within 960px, with some to spare for the spacing (total widths of the three are 900: hspacing another 20 pixels).  There is no padding/borders defined.  Therefore the total should be well within the 960 width (?).
    It looks fine on my PC (widescreen); in 3 browsers, using the restore down menu command (ie to make it not full screen), and by  using the Dreamweaver multiscreen preview (phone, tablet, smaller desktop).  It wasn't ideal (as scrolling required), but at least meant the header (and the rest of the screen) displayed correctly, ie in a horizontal line (and then sidebar - content - sidebar).
    If I set my container width much smaller, most of the screen will be green (the body) in big screens.
    If I rejig the dimensions, it's all a bit hit and miss (and why don't the current dimensions work?).
    Do I need to define the width of the header (as well as the container)?
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    Hi there, I started off using one big image, but it didn't look right with regards to size and placing (ie I wanted the logo on the left edge, the castle on the right edge, etc). When you say slice, what do you mean?  One image in from fireworks, and then ... ? Thanks again
    Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 01:37:10 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Div header tag - not displaying correctly
        Re: Div header tag - not displaying correctly
        created by osgood_ in Dreamweaver - View the full discussion
    Datafan55 wrote: I thought I had resolved an issue with a div header tag, but - as per a reply in my 'text as gif' thread, possibly not!  Why not just use one big image  then you wont have a problem of with the alignment. Certainly don't use 'vspace' and 'hspace' to position the images. If you want to use 3 seperate images start by setting them us as one complete image then slice it into 3 images. Then use the following css to position the images side by side. #header img If the total sum of the width of the images is the same or does not exceed 960px then the images should be in a nice row side by side. They will actually sit side by side without using 'float' but you'll get a small gap between them which will be added to the sum of the width which will exceed 960px causing the third image to drop onto the next line.
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    Oops sorry, I've used them before and forgot they did that soon after a site was set-up! My other site is hosted by them with no problem.
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    Edited by: user12873839 on Apr 12, 2010 12:11 AM

    I have replied to you in another post. Help Needed : Changing the Color of Bar Graph Dynamically
    Please don't open multiple posts for the same question. Thanks.

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    Please re-post if this is still an issue or purchase a case and have a dedicated support engineer work with you directly:

  • How To Create a Personality Survey

    I would like to create a personality self-assessment survey
    using the Survey quiz feature of Captivate. I can set the survey
    questions up with a 1-5 scale from Disagree to Agree for each of
    the questions. I'd like this survey to show the survey taker the
    results of his or her choices as a total on the results slide so
    that they could then be interpreted--e.g., "If you scored from
    10-20 you are likely to be introverted and withdrawn," etc. No
    matter what I do, however, the results slide always shows a score
    of 0.
    I know Likert surveys are not graded; I just want Captivate
    to tally up the question responses according to the 1-5 scale and
    report that total on the results slide to create a kind of self
    assessment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    The "Survey" functionality is more of a SharePoint feature than PWA functionality. Here is a Video that will show how to do it.
    If you create it on PWA site, please know that everyone who needs to respons to the survey will need appropriate license for access to PWA.
    Prasanna Adavi,PMP,MCTS,MCITP,MCT

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