How to find output type givenSapscript form name and print program name

Hi  Experts,
       Can anyone tell me how to find the output type of  a sapscript form if the print program name and sapscript form name is 

There are two ways:
1. Use table TNAPR .. Here is table give PGNAM as your print program name and FONAM as form name.. Now the field KSCHL will be the output type assigned to your script.
2. You can also check the NACE t-code.. In that select a application(Corresponds to your area) -> click on Output types tab -> Here you get list of output type.. You need click on Processing Routine folder to get all other info..

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    Dear users,
    I have developed a sample addon through B1DE wizards and successfully installed and connected the addon and can view menu and form of my addon. Since i am new to this, i didn't add any listeners to my form, items and events because i don't know what type of listeners to add and what coding to add after adding listeners.
    If anyone describe me how to work with listeners, i would be glad. My form has basic fields like BPcode, BPname, Docnum, Itemcode, Item name, quanity, price, total etc. Uptil now my addon form has no function of getting list of BP and Items and calculating the totals based on price and quantity but it has some basic functions like add, update,del, add print view, next record previous, record next etc. which are due to object registration and auto-code generation wizards i think.
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    Thanks for reply, Actually I am asking about listeners in the wizard of B1DE, code generator wizard. I think you are telling me about adding listeners directly in the Kindly, tell me first, what event type I should add for item, form etc while adding listeners during  the wizard. Or If you know some link where event types of listeners are decribed, you are more than welcome.

  • How to use Text lements(/E) in Scripts and print program

    Hi all,
    I need to use Text elements from print program to Script output.
    I have included the text element name in WRITE_FORM and defined in the script with (/E) also.
    Still the data is not displaying.
    Please let me know how to use the text elements.
    thanks in advance..
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    For printing the text directly on the formm the text element in form wud be as
    MH Quantity,,,,Description,,UOM,,Net Weight,,Gross Weight
    If you have variable define in the driver prog and you want to display,text elt. wud be as
    /E   ITEM LINE
    where CONF_OUT is a structure with fields ATBEZ and ATWTB
    MH is the paragraph format
    Hope this clears your doubt.

  • Wats d in-built print PROGRAM name for layout MEDRUCK???

    wats d in-built print PROGRAM name for layout MEDRUCK??? and can we change it??
    wat shud we do if we want2 change it??
    i mean...assume we got a scenario in which we need ta use MEDRUCK layout n print progrm n change some text in it.. and d address  and header in it..
    how cud we do dis??

    Hi ,
    The print program name for 'MEDRUCK' is <b>SAPFM06P</b>, it is not advisable to change the print program instead if you want to do any changes use Subroutines in the layout. Eg : PERFORM <Subroutine name> in PROGRAM <pname> USING <in_variables>
                   CHANGING <out_var>

  • Finding output type and form for the transaction

    hi all,
       i have a problem finding output type and form for the transaction j1iv .actually i need to find the standard output type and form name for the transaction j1iv. how can we do it.

    Hi Abinash,
         Go through the following steps.
                     1 . Go to the transaction <b>NACE.</b>
                     2. You will be able to see the <b>Application and description</b> tab over  
                         there. Select the Application for which you need the output type.
                     3. After selecting the Application..on the top you can see the tab--
                        output in you will be able to see all the <b>output
                        types for that application.</b>
                    4. Now select a output type ..and on the left side u will be able to see
                       the tab for processing routines...double click on it...
                    5. Here you will be able to see the standard SAP program...the form
                       routine...the form..attached to it..
                Please Reward..if helpful..

  • How to find the SAP Standard form given the variant name.

    I am working on forms, How to find the standard form given
    print program name or the variant name .
    for eg:
    print program is RKFORD10
    varinat is SAP06
    The SAP standard Form is F140_ACC_STAT_01.
    I need to find the standard form given the variant as SAP13.

    In SPRO,
    SAP Customizing Imp guide->Financial Accounting->Fin Account Global Settings->Correspondence
    Under this-
    'Assign Programs for Correspondence Types'(Tcode OB78) &
    'Define Form names for correspondence print'
    should be useful to you
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  • Output Type for Form 16

    I want to know the output type for Form 16, from where i can find it..

    Hi P ,
    have u seen the program of that Form 16? Run the program itself , it will give defalut  output types.
    i think its the Form name not the output type.

  • How to find out the  particular   form available language?

    hi ,
    how to find out the  particular   form available language?
    pls could u clirify the dought.

    I guess you wrongly closed the thread without any answer.
    utilities --> version, it will give all the list of languages of SAPScript.
    Or goto SE71,
    Press F4, in place of form name and goto unclassified forms, you will see all form names with available languages.

  • How to find the standard Layout(Forms) list in India Baseline version

         Can anyone suggest me how to find the standard layout(forms) in the India baseline version.
    i want total standard form(Scripts/Smartforms) name available in India baseline.
    Thanks in Advance!!

    Goto Se710> Do F4 in form.  In next screen goto Find->Technical Search function and execute it.  It will show no. of forms in the status bar at the bottom.

  • How to find message type by using message number and application area

    Hi abapers,
    I know the message number and application area , how to find messagwe type.
    i.e weather it is error message or warning message.
    MESSAGE NUMBER IS    :219.
    in which table i had to check.
    i checked in t100 table , but i am unable  to find message type.
    please help me to solve this.

    go to se91
    enter area and message number.
    then click on display.
    then go to utilities tab >> where used list or press shift + ctrl +f3
    there list of program will show .
    choose your program name
    then u will get ur mesage infoemation by double click on ur program name

  • How to find condition  type for a particular material document no.

    How to find condition type for a particular material document no.

    Condition types are maintained at PO level
    Take the EKKO-KNUMV and pass to
    KONV-KNUMV field and take the different condition types values from KONV
    Take the Material Document No (MBLNR) and pass to MSEG table and take the EBELN field and from EKKO table take EKKO-KNUMV field and pass to KONV
    see the table T685 for different condition types.
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  • How to find condition type for a material???

    How to find condition type for a material??

    Hi Suman.
    Refer the following
    Please search for condition type with pricing condition/pricing procedure.

  • How can I find the specific channel name and modify channel name in automatically in VBS?

    How can I find the specific channel name and modify channel name in automatically in VBS? (DIAdem 9.1)
    I would like to change channel name = "speed01" ... "speed10"  to  channel name = "velocity01"..."velocity10.

    Hello Martino,
    this script will help:
    Option Explicit
    Dim i
    Dim n
    For i=1 To 10
    If i < 10 then
    n = CNo("speed0" & i)
    n = CNo("speed" & i)
    End If
    If n > 0 Then
    If i < 10 then
    ChnName(n) = "velocitiy0" & i
    ChnName(n) = "velocitiy" & i
    End If
    End If
    Matthias Alleweldt
    Project Engineer / Projektingenieur

  • How to suppress Output Type dialog box at printing time

    Hi all,
       Can anybody tell me how to suppress the dialog box of Output Type at the time of Print and Print Preview of Smartform through transaction? I mean there will be default for Print or Print Preview.

    try with this
    gs_control-no_dialog = 'X'.
    gs_control-preview = 'X'.
    gs_control-no_open = 'X'.
    gs_control-no_close = 'X'.
    call function 'SSF_OPEN'
    control_parameters = gs_control
    formatting_error = 1
    internal_error = 2
    send_error = 3
    user_canceled = 4
    others = 5.
    if not sy-subrc is initial.
    then call smartform function module after that
    call function 'SSF_CLOSE'.

  • How to create output type for GR,GI?

    Can any one explain,How to create output type for Goods Receipt,Goods Issue.?
    and How to take print out for both?

    Hi, jayant in standard u have output type for picking list, delivery doc complete, theres no output type seperately for PGI or PGR
    I am sure u need the help of tech guy to create the new output type for ur requirement

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