How to identify transfer and update routines are applied to my ods/ cubes?

hi all,
how to identify transfer nor update routines are been applied to my ods/ cube?

You need to go through the update Rule and Transfer Rule mapping and if you see any routine then there is a routine. Only manual process and also that is not too bad to go through them.

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  • Diff bet transfer and update routine

    Hi experts,
    can u plz.. clearly explain me.. the diff bet transfer and updatwe routine.. with scenario... i just want to know.. abt... it.. i went thru.. help.. but... not got clearly...
    *points fully assured*

    Both the do the same.
    Trnsfer routine will perform the required transformation in the transfer rules while the update routine will do the same in the update rules.
    The purpose of these routines is when you wish to transform the incoming records by performing some checks and validations before the data get into the data targets.
    A realtime example will be:
    You bring in profit cemtre transaction data and for each profit centre record you wish to check if it has value type indicator. The business rule is if there is no such indicator, either reject the record or tag a value of 10.
    Since this is to be checked for each record, we do it in the transfer routine or in update routine.
    Also, you would have heard of start routine; if  a logic is to be applied on the whole data package, then you do it in start routine.
    In 7.0, all these things got replaced bu start routine, expert routine and end routine.
    Ravi Thothadri

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    This works fine for "powerusers", but for informational users you have to create your own naming conventions for all navigational attributes which are not unique. For example 0COUNTRY may be a navigational attribute of 0CUSTOMER, OSOLD-TO, 0SHIP-TO, 0BILLTOPRTY, 0PAYER. To make the text clear for your users in reports name it CS Country, SO Country, SH Country, BT country, ... as 0COUNTRY could also be a characteristic from the document.
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    hope this helps

  • Diff between transfer and updare routine

    Hi Dudes,
    can u plz explain me.. wt is the diff between tranfer routine and update routine. and give my any suitable examples.. plz take a scenario and explain it..

    Hi rekha,
    these routine u write for individual IOs. while extracting data from any source and before loading in any target the source values can be changed by writing these.
    in Transfer rules it is like global ..the data stored in PSA also. But if u write in Update Rules stored in Data Target.
    so if u want to use more than one datatarget for one  the source data has to change and for other datatarget the source values should come as it is. In this scenario u use these routines.
    Assign points if it helps..

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    Dear All,
    How to Identify incoming and outgoing IDOC in the system for last one year.

    Dear Anindya,
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    This is only the way to identify?
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    Hi All,
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    Please search the forum as this has been dicussed in details many times. Thanks!

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    Hello bat123man
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    iOS: Troubleshooting apps purchased from the App Store
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

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    Hi ,
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  • Converting Tx Routines and Update Routines in to Tranformation in 2004's

    I have to get all the data from the existing BW 3.5 system in to the BI 7.0 system.
    While the conversion process if I choose to create the transformation instead and installing the update rules and tranfer rules and migrating those to the tranformations.
    Here I have three similiar questions:
    i. So, if I copy the transfer routines in to the Transformation, then do I have to change any ABAP Code?  Is there any syntax changes that have to be take care off.
    ii. If I copy the Update routines in to the Transformation, then do I have to change any ABAP Code?  Is there any syntax changes that have to be take care off.
    iii. If I copy the Start routines in to the Transformation, then do I have to change any ABAP Code?  Is there any syntax changes that have to be take care off.
    I appreciate your help.  Thanks!


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    Tip - If connected to your computer, you may need to disable your firewall and anitvirus software temporarily.  Then download and install the iOS update. Be sure and backup your iPad before the iOS update. After you update to iOS 6.x, the next update can be installed via wifi (i.e., not connected to your computer).
     Cheers, Tom

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    Hi there geraosio,
    You may find the information in the article below helpful.
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  • Hints why all Update Routines are coming with 0.00. Even the simple ones?

    any hints why about 5 update routines that I have written are coming with 0.00 or blanks.
    Even very simple ones such as the one for MyCclQTY in the cube, which has the only line in the update routine between ODS and Cube:
    shows in the cube output as blanks while QTY has data:
    e.g. of Cube Output:
    Basically all my routines, e.g. MyCclQTY, MyCalField2
    are not showing values while the direct mappings show the correct data.
    In the above simple case, with the routine shown above, I expected to see 300 and 600 for MyCclQTY but they come out blank.
    Any hints as to what may be wrong?

    <Font Face="Tahoma" Color="Blue">
    Dear Friend,
    Can you please try
    Also please check that you have assigned correct Unit of Measure in the field "Unit of Routine".
    Hope it helps.
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