How to send status message in SOAP to IDOC scenerio without BPM

I have a SOAP to IDOC scenerio in which we require to send the status message back to user from XI that " IDOC has been sent successfully to SAP system"
We do not want to use BPM bacause of performance issues.
Can you please help me how to achieve this synchronous response without BPM.
Note: We require the status message from XI that the IDOC has been successfully posted to WESAP system

Idoc only support async behaviour. U can't get the Idoc response as per ur requirement without BPM.
Better to go for abap proxy or RFC.
Or u may get the ack till XI.

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    I have 2 scenario's
    1) IDoc-SOAP - -response -- IDoc scenario -- (have found some links  to do it without BPM)
    2) SOAP -- RFC request -- RFC response -- e-mail (no links found)
    how can i achive both these scenario's without BPM. Currently i have these 2 scenarios in our 7.1 version with BPM. but our requirement is to migrate this scenario into 7.4 without BPM(No PO).
    please help us to achive this scenario without BPM.
    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Hi Kiran,
    Could you please let us know the exact requirement. How do you want to send the response back to IDOC?
    ASync - Sync Bridge with IDOC sender is not possible in PI 7.0.
    If It is something like IDOC --> SOAP --> IDOC , And If the SOAP request is small then you can use SOAP Lookup in IDOC to IDOC Scenario.
    In The mapping You can do a lookup and get the response from SOAP(Webservice) and map that to your Target IDOC.
    This is one possible way for you without BPM in PI7.0.
    Please let me know if you need more details about this.
    Jyothi A

  • Message Split -- File to Idoc Scenario  -  ( Without BPM )

    I have multiple records coming to XI in a File and I have to create Multiple Idocs to R/3.
    Due to Complexity of mapping I'm splitting Maaping step into 2 message Mappings.
    In the 2nd Mapping step  I'm doing message Split meaning for each Source record I'm creating multiple Idocs ( To be precise each record on the source becomes 4 idocs in the Target.
    2nd Mapping step is as follows
    Source 1..1
      Sourcerecord 0.. Unbounded
        field1  0..1
        field2  0..1
        filed3  0..1
    Message 1
        Idoc   1.. Unbounded
          Idoc Structure..
    Message 2
          Idoc   1.. Unbounded
    Message 3
          Idoc   1.. Unbounded
    Message 4
          Idoc   1.. Unbounded
    So based on some criteria each record of Source will be mapped to 4 Messages (  1 each under each Message )
    Is it possible to do this without BPM?. Iam sending all these Idocs to same R/3 System.
    Thanks for any help..RK

    See the blog
    <i>Basicly we have 2 ways of handling such scenarios:
    - we can use a block step and send multiple IDOCs from our BPM
    - we can also do a little trick and send multiple IDOCs from the XI without a BPM
    The first approach is a standard XI approach. It involves the use of a BPM
    so the speed of this transfer many not be very good in case you'd like to send
    hundreds or thousands of IDOCs in just one call.
    The second approach uses a little trick that was mentioned several times
    on the XI Froum by a number of XI developers but is still not very clear to the XI newbies.
    It allows us to send multiple IDOCs without the use of a BPM. Most probably this will be your choice
    if you'd like to use such 1:N (IDOCs) scenarios effectively.</i>
    Please see the bwlow threads also..
    IDOC Splitting
    File To IDOC Thru XI
    Multi-Mappings in BPM (XI 3.0)
    Please let me know , your solcev or not..

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    try select options then scroll down to mark mark all if this does not work you will either have to delete or resend,you can delete all messages via the same mark all option your best of to just remove,also keep your inbox to a minimum
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
    Now using the Lumia 1520

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    On the communication channel, please check the 'Do Not Use SOAP envelope' option. Also, please, add the "nosoap" attribute to the SOAP adapter caller. Check the note below for more information
    #856597 FAQ: XI 3.0 / PI 7.0 / PI 7.1 SOAP Adapter
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    if you can find a public Webservice on the Web that provides this functionality, you could use JDeveloper and the Forms Java Importer to call it from Forms.
    JDeveloper is helpful in creating the Java skeletton to communicate with the Webservice. As similar issue is covered in teh Forms9i demos by the example of a currency converter.

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    What I’m looking for is if/when the PL\SQL procedure errors, how does one send an failure message back and display it on the SS Page?
    Writing information into a log or table at the database level works for trouble-shooting, but we’re looking for something that will provide the end-user with an intelligent message that the workflow has failed.
    Thanks ahead of time for your responses.

    We have implemented the same kind of requirement long back.
    We have defined our PL/SQL procedures with two OUT parameters
    1) Result Type (S:Success, E:Error)
    2) Result Message
    In the PL/SQL procedure we always use below construct when we want to raise any message
    hr_utility.set_message(APPL_NO, 'FND_MESSAGE_NAME');
    In Exception block we write below( in successful case we just set the p_result_flag := 'S';)
    p_result_flag := 'E';
    p_result_message := hr_utility.get_message;
    p_result_flag := 'E';
    p_result_message := hr_utility.get_message;
    p_result_message := fnd_msg_pub.get_detail;
    After executing the PL/SQL in java
    We have written some thing similar to
    OAExceptionUtils.checkErrors (txn);
    String resultFlag = orclStmt.getString(provide the resultflag bind no);
    if ("E".equalsIgnoreCase(resultFlag)){
    String resultMessage = orclStmt.getString(provide the resultMessage bind no);
    throw new OAException(resultMessage, OAException.ERROR);
    It safely shows the message to the user with all the data in the page.
    We have been using this construct for a long time for all our projects. They are all working as expected.

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    Oh yeah, now I remember that.
    But I also remember that you had to go all the way to the start of the message to gain access to the current contact information. Where as in iOS7 that button you mentioned is the contact information. Personally I perfer iOS7. I don't delete my messages, so this is better for me.
    However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add an Edit button in that sub menu that shows up when you touch the upper right button. Currently there are opitions for "Phone", "FaceTime" and "Information" on the contact.

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    You are correct, the On-Error trigger is a Forms trigger. However, if your Form is going to display the error generated by the database stored procedure or trigger - you might not see the database error in your Form unless you check the DBMS_ERROR_CODE in the On-Error trigger and manually display the Error Code and associated Text. I've see this happen with a co-worker. The Form she was working on was based on a table with an Before-Insert trigger. Because she was not explicitely handling the error from the Before-Insert trigger in the Forms On-Error trigger, her Form appeared to halt for no reason at all. Once she added code to the On-Error trigger in the Form to handle the DBMS_ERROR_CODE, she discovered the trigger was producing an error and was able to show the error to the user in the On-Error trigger.
    I understand the desire to keep as much as possbile in the database, but with that comes some extra coding in your Forms to handle this. This extra coding could easily be placed in a Forms Library, attached to a Form and called in the On-Error trigger. Your code could look like this:
       /*This example assumes you have an Alert defined
          in your Form called: 'ERROR' */  
       al_id    ALERT;
       al_text  VARCHAR2(200);  /* Max text of a Forms Alert message*/
       al_btn   NUMBER;
       /* Error code is ORA-00000 Normal Successful completion
           So only handle non-zero errors  */
       al_text := DBMS_ERROR_CODE||':'||DBMS_ERROR_TEXT;
       al_id := Find_Alert('ERROR');
       set_alert_property(al_id, alert_message_text, al_text);
       al_btn := show_alert(al_id);
    END IF;
    END;Your original question was "How to send error message to forms from Database Trigger?" The answer is you don't because Forms already gets the database error code and database message through the Forms DBMS_ERROR_CODE and DBMS_ERROR_TEXT functions. Look these up in the Forms help and it should clear things up for you.
    Edited by: CraigB on Jun 14, 2010 4:49 PM
    Edited by: CraigB on Jun 14, 2010 4:49 PM
    Edited by: CraigB on Jun 14, 2010 4:50 PM
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    I don't think, its going to be a straight-forward one... Read about OAuth twitter authentication, before you try to post tweets.

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    Settings > Messages. Sign in with your Apple ID.
    Then open the green Messages app, click this to start a new conversation. Select a contact who is also running iOS 5 and has iMessage enabled and text away.

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