Hp pavilion g6 notebook pc audio and sound not working

I've tried system restores, and installing drivers and nothings working, I am finding this really frustrating because I can't skype family or anything since this makes the microphone not work aswell. I really hope someone can be of assistance soon, thanks -.-

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read your thread on your HP Pavilion g6 Notebook and sound and microphone issues. I would be happy to assist if needed. Try these steps first.
1. Right click speaker icon (right hand corner)
2. Select Playback devices
3. Right click Speakers
4. Enable it and set as Default
5. Click Apply/Ok
You could also try Microsoft troubleshooter located on your Notebook.
I would be happy to assist if needed. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?
Please respond with which Operating System you are running:
Which Windows Operating System am I running?
Please let me know.
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  • AUDIODG.EXE hogging 80-100% of CPU and sound not working in Vista . . .

    I posted this on a Microsoft Answers Forum but none of the techs or people reading have been able to help so far.  I'm dying to get to the bottom of this:
    Here is my computer:
    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    2GB RAM
    500GB WD HDD in external enclosure via USB2
    NEC ND-3520A 16X DVD±RW Dual Layer DVD Burner
    LG CD Burner
    I've been using Vista Home Premium successfully for some time.  Recently, not too long after I did a clean wipe of my OS, my audio would stop working.  The way it would happen is that everything would work fine until I started iTunes or another audio application and when I would hit play, things would lock up.
    Upon inspection of my system resources, I'm noticing that the audio platform for Vista, via the audiodg.exe, is using close to 100% of my CPU resources, even when the computer is making no sound at all.
    I've had a Sound Blaster Live! card in my computer for some time but I was not using it; I use the Realtek AC'97 audio drivers that are on my motherboard instead.  I thought that the conflict may be the computer wanting to recognize my Sound Blaster, so I took it out of my computer but the problem seems to be worse.
    Are there any BIOS setting that need to be adjusted for my sound to start working again?
    I'm very reliant on the audio processing power of my computer (I'm in the radio industry, part-time) and this is a huge drag on my productivity.
    Any tips would be much appreciated.
    REPLY #1:
    Thank you for using Microsoft Answers forum.  I suggest going to the manufacture of your sound card and download the latest drivers and install them.
    Good suggestion.  The problem is this:
    I am running on-board audio.  I have an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard which runs "Realtek ALC Series AC97 Audio Driver" and there is no version for Vista. They have a version for Windows 2K/XP and one for Windows XP 64bit.
    Should I use on of those and if not, then what?
    UPDATE (from me):
    I took a chance and found a Realtek AC'97 driver for Vista.
    I went to install it and the install hung.  So, I closed one of the install windows and then the InstallShield app continued like it was working.  So, I hit "Restart my computer".  Well, the reboot hung too.  So, I reset the PC manually.
    When the computer came back up, the sound worked.  Hard to tell if this will fix it for good but it's promising.  Chaotic.  Unpredictable.  Annoying.
    REPLY #2:
    Before you tried updating drivers, did you try rebooting 1st?
    I'm just trying to determine if rebooting your system is what resolved the issue - thank you
    UPDATE II (from me):
    My computer is behaving the same way it was before.  AUDIODG.EXE taking up 80-100% of my CPU and the sound not working.
    Any other ideas?

    Small update: Despite my intelligence, good looks and vast experience I use Google sometimes. To my surprise this file turns out to be a Windows one. Here is someone who is much happier, and since it is some way in my line of thinking I'll quote it, but you might take my previous advice as well:
    "- Open up msconfig.exe > Manage startup programs.
    - Disable ALL Realtek entries
    - Close msconfig.exe
    - Right-click on the speaker icon > Audio devices > Speakers (properties)
    - Go to the enhancements tab
    - Check the box to disable all audio enhancements
    - Close the menu
    - Right-click on the speaker icon > Recording devices
    - Disable all your microphones (yeah..., the actual problem seems to come
    from voice inputs rendering..)
    - Close the menu
    - Restart your computer"

  • DV9910US Audio and webcam not working.

    Hello, I have worked for over a month on trying to restore a HP DV9910us. I even ordered the recovery CD from HP.  I can not get the audio working or the webcam working. I have done extensive research online and tried every solution I found. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    Hello robc1042.  I understand you're having some issues getting your audio and webcam to work.
    You said that you've tried numerous solutions.  Would you mind giving a quick list of the sorts of solutions you have tried?  This will be helpful as I wouldn't want to suggest solutions you've already attempted.  
    You may even want to take a look at this thread.  I posted this a little while back but it covers the solutions for a webcam not being detected.  You may find it helpful.  
    To begin I would like to see if either the webcam or sound card is listed in Device Manager.  Try the following.
    Click Start, type "Device Manager," and press Enter.
    Expand the "Imaging Devices," "Sound, video, and game controllers," and "Other Devices" sections.
    List what you see.
    I will await your reply.  I hope you have a great day!
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  • HP Pavilion DV5000 : Conexant Audio HD sound not working after upgrade XP to Windows 7

    On HP support site there are no drivers for Windows 7 for Conexant Audio HD soundcard in HP Pavilion DV5000.
    Have tried installing Vista drivers in stead, does not work.
    Have tried renaming unzipped Vista files to camcaud.sys & camchal.sys and copied them into Windows/System32/Drivers and reboot, does not work.This is the only solution I found after reading forums for several hours, but does not work.
    Would very much appreciate help.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    My solution is here (registry editing required):
    Conexant audio (vendor 14F1, device 5047) – no sound on Windows 7 – solved

  • Audio spectrum and sound not working?

    Hello! I've been trying to make a video with a sound spectrum. I've done it once and was trying this time to do it again. I made the spectrum, and set the audio layer to the song I want, but it doesn't work. When i drag the pointer on the bottom the spectrum doesn't even move on the preview. I tried rendering, but that turned out to be a literally silent video and the sound spectrum did NOT work. I was wondering if anyone could help me.

    The first thing to try is another source for your audio or your original project. The second thing to check is your system preference settings. If you cannot solve the problem by checking those two items then we need to know and see your composition and timeline with all modified properties of the Audio Spectrum and the Audio layer revealed. Select them both in the timeline and press the U key twice, take a screenshot, and describe in detail how you assembled the composition. It would also be helpful to have the audio layer selected in the Project Panel so we could see the specifications.

  • Audio and Camera not working Macbook air

    I got my macbook air as a present from a relative and it seemed to work nicely even though I think it was used before. I took pics and watched videos on it before, but all of a sudden the sound would not work so I would restart my laptop and then it would work again but now even restarting it wont work the option to use the built in speakers is not there anymore. I wanted to facetime my friend and it says no that there is no connected camera. I do not know what to do.  I really want to get back to watching stuff and taking pics please help me !!!!

    Hello fridamente123,
    Thanks for the question. After reviewing your post, it sounds like the iSight camera and internal speakers are not working. I would recommend that you read this article, it may be able to help you isolate or resolve the issue.
    How to Troubleshoot iSight - Apple Support
    Troubleshooting issues with no audio from built-in speakers on Macs - Apple Support
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Have a nice day,

  • Flickering finder and safari, and sound not working?

    Firstly the screen froze whilst the radio was still playing. I could move the mouse cursor but not click on anything.
    So, I did a safe reboot and the desktop reset.
    Everything now responds to the mouse but Finder is flickering when scrolling and Safari is really flickering - in hte window and address bar.
    The sound is also not working.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Leroydouglas
    Just been playing with the desktops and found a bunch of open Finder windows along with a window asking me if I wanted to erase the Trash files.
    Seems like they were hiding behind an app window on one of the desktops  (found it by accident as I was scrolling through the desktops using the swipe gesture on my Trackpad).
    I've assigned the Finder to a desktop (desktop 1) and it seems to be OK at the moment (opens new windows and Trash icon works).
    I've tried opening Finder by clicking on the Dock icon in all the desktops and it opens without any problems (you can see it scroll to Desktop 1).  The folders on the desktop I couldn't before now open OK (again in Desktop 1).
    Looks like the quick fix to the problem is to assign Finder to its own Desktop.  I'll be keeping an eye on it  :-)

  • Viewer and sound not working. :-( please help.

    I've used imovie before and it was great but now I've been trying to make a short video and my viewer and sound is not working. I dont know what is different from last time. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Do you hear the startup "bong" sound when powering up the iMac?  If you do, that means the speakers work and there is probably something messed up in software or settings.
    First, try resetting PRAM.  This is the procedure.
    Sound volume setting is one of the things stored in PRAM.  If you hear the startup sound after holding down those four keys at startup, then your speakers are probably working now.

  • IChat Audio and Video not working correctly...

    I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard. Before upgrading, I was able to video chat with little to no problem with family over iChat. I just tried it again today for the first time since upgrading to Snow Leopard and the audio is barely working (can only make out every few words, if that), and the video is extremely distorted to where you can sometimes not even tell there are people there. It gets all pixelated and weird. I tried doing the chat with Google Talk and then again with Skype, and had just as many problems with those. My family is using a Mac with an older OS, and they can see and hear me perfectly fine. I'm not sure if the problem is with my computer or with theirs, or if it's just a communication problem, but any ideas would be really helpful. Thanks!

    After iChat developed missing audio and video pixellation problem post Snow Leopard installation at my mother-in-law's machine (and ours), I tried the usual decrease the bandwidth fix to no avail.
    The solution that actually fixed the probem was to turn off port forwarding protocol on her Time Capsule and our Airport Extreme. Things are now working smoothly even at 500 kbps settings on both ends.
    An interesting aside... Turning off port forwarding for ssh to her machine doesn't kill the ssh port tunnel from the outside LAN to her mac. It looks like iChat and the Time Capsule keep an incoming ssh tunnel open even if you have disabled port forwarding on the Time Capsule. I suspect this "secret" opening of ports is the magic of why iChat and screen sharing have been so much easier to set up when a Mac is behind an Apple router. 3rd party routers need ports manually forwarded to the Mac. Apple routers just worked ---- and it looks like Apple does it by invisibly opening ports on their routers when a Mac runs iChat.
    Pretty nifty, but also silently opens a security hole that you may THINK you closed. SL seems to trip up over this arrangement when you also turn on Port Mapping Protocol and manually assign ports to forward.
    At any rate, it wasn't the data rate, it was a new bad interaction between the Apple Router's Port Mapping Protocol and iChat 5. Turn off PMP on the airport and all becomes well once more.

  • Synching audio and video not working

    I recorded a separate audio and video clip of an interview, and I marked the start of the clip with a clapperboard and spoke the take number and contents to make life easier, as I usually do. The gear is borrowed from the college, and for some reason the audio that came out of the Canon 5Dmkiii was really low. This could be the reason why, when I put both the video and audio into their own bin and right click and merge clips, (with the syncronisation point as audio, and under audio tab checking the box to remove audio from AV clip) that the clip doesn't seem to recognise the snap of the clapperboard or something maybe? Is there any way I can correct this, or do I need to synch it manually? If so, is there any quick and easy tutorial on youtube or something that is recommended?  

    I discovered that if I put markers manually on the point where the clapperboard snaps, and select marker instead of audio as the synchronisation point, then it synchs up the clips properly.

  • HT4623 ringer and sound not working

    My phone is not ringing or making any type of sound music won't play text messing sounds dont work.  Stopped working after I updated my phone to the new version yesterday.

    Hello, aleroy.
    Thank you for the question.  You might find this article helpful in troubleshooting your volume issue.  Below I have attached an article that will walk you through some troubleshooting steps.  If the issue persists after these steps are processed, please contact us via https://expresslane.apple.com/.
    iPhone: Can't hear through the receiver or speakers
    Jason H. 

  • Audio and sound not matching when importing

    Hello - I've been importing footage from a miniDV from my Panasonic - the footage contains about 10 dance numbers. I had no problems, until I noticed that one of the dance numbers was a little 'off' in Final Cut. I checked the footage again, viewing it on the camera, and it was fine, so I imported again, and the dancing and the music was off even more, yet the video and audio tracks were lined up.
    So then I tried importing into iMovie, and that worked just fine! So I had to make a full quality DV from that, and then re-import into FCP. How is it that it's fine on the the camera, but then goes 'off sync' when being imported into FCP, even though all of the other imported dances were fine? Any ideas/suggestions would be most helpful, thank you.

    When you say off do you mean out of sync?
    There's really a thousand things it could be and nearly impossible to tell with just a post. What version of FCP? What computer? What OS? What kind of drives are you using? What are you settings? How are you viewing? What capture settings did you use?
    See lots of stuff. With DV, if it's out of sync changes are you have some kind of hardware issue going on as it doesn't take much computer power to edit DV.

  • Audio and Video not working (Satallite L750-X5317)

    Dear All,
    I am using tosiba laptop Satallite L750-X5317 from past 3years , from few days there is a problem when ever i try listen to songs on chrome or any other browser , I am not able to hear the audio nor the video plays.
    The vedio which i have open with windows media player and VLC play . And certain time the same video dont open with same Players such as VLC and windows media player.  
    Please help me. what may be the problem? should i uninstall certain programs ?

    What other browsers have you tried? The visual part of the video doesn't play either? Does it give you an error?
    - Peter

  • Iphone 6 App Audio and Ringer not working...

    I'm completely stumped.... for some odd reason the audio in my phone stopped working for the mentioned applications, also the keyboard makes no noise while texting. However, it works just fine in youtube, music, and netflix for example. The ringer music works in settings while selecting it, but not when someone calls. I've checked all the settings (volume and ringer in max), restarted the phone, and tried different game applications, and still nothing.... Please help! I don't wish to go to warranty unless I know for sure its a hardware defect.... and I can't afford to continue missing calls.... my service provider is Sprint and I have the most recent version of iOS 8 in case that helps.
    Your help is appreciated, thank you!
    PS. A little out of topic, but ever since I owned the phone since October Siri doesn't recognize music playing (What song is this?), she always says "No music is playing" no matter how hard I've tried.

    IOS 8.1 comes out tomorrow if upgrading to that doesn't work you can try downgrading back to IOS 8.0

  • HP Envy Rove 20 - Windows 10 issues: Hibernation and sound not working

    I upgraded my Envy Rove 20 over the weekend to Windows 10. Issues: 1. When the PC attempts to hibernate the power light stay iluminated and it never switches off (I've left it for 10 mins or so, all hard disk activity has finished). I have to hold down the power button to power it off, then power it up from scratch. I had load of issues with this when I upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and resolved them by installing the HP Wireless Button Driver v1.1.2.1. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing this. It didn't help. 2. The sound on youtube (via Microsoft Edge browser and youtube apps) is broken up and distorted.  Any ideas?  

    I decided to give Win 10 another go as there were a few new drivers available from HP for my device. I've installed all the Windows Updates and latest HP drivers. The results are better than first time around. The sound issue is sorted (I actually think this was a problem with Hyper which is a YouTube app and not the sound drivers). The hibernation problem is now improved, but not sorted. This is the behavior:If I click Start ->  Hiberbate it hibernates OK, and resumes OKIf I let the system Hibernate with the timer, it hangs during hibernation, and never powers off. I have to then long-press the power button to power it off, then power it on as normal.The main difference is that with 2 it goes to 'Sleep' mode first (this bit works fine) then hibernate, whereas 1 skips 'Sleep' mode. So my conclusion is that there's an issue going from 'Sleep' to 'Hibernate'. Things I've tried:Using battery vs plugged in: Made no differenceResetting the power scheme defaults: Made no difference My next test is to try bypasssing sleep altogether by stting the timers to:Sleep after 10 minsHibernate after 1 minAny other ideas welcome as always. 

Maybe you are looking for

  • Game Center mixes up scores of multiple users (apple IDs)

    (New iPad, iOS6 - all apps are up to date) My son and I both have our own Apple ID. When we play games in Game Center, we use our OWN ACCOUNT. Still we get each other's scores & achievements. Example: Subway Surfers: I log on to GC using my credentia

  • Which firewire cable for new MacBook Pro and Canon HV20?

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and want to transfer video from my Canon HV20 camcorder (using FinalCut Express). The Canon instructions say to use a "DV cable" and I've learned that the MacBook Pro only has an "800 fire wire" port. Can someone give

  • Solaris on older intel platforms

    Hi, Can you tell me is there any version of solaris that can be installed on 486 or Pentium I platform. Thanks

  • Prime Infra, ACS5.4 and RADISUS/TACACS behaviour

    Hi, I noticed a stranged behaviour while working on migrating to PI1.2. I use ACS5.4(virtual appliance) as my authentication server, TACACS as authentication protocol. Except Wireless controllers and Nexus 5K switches, all the AAA clients were being

  • Remove multiples from array

    Hello,  I am trying to remove multiples of a fundamental frequency from an array of frequency points.  One extra issue with this removal, is that the multiple of the fundamental frequency from the array may be within a range, like +/- 1k.  Any help w