HT4623 I have an iPod touch 2nd gen running ios 4.2.1 and i can't update it cuz theres no 'software update' in my settings. pls help. is there any other way i can update my iPod?

I have an iPod touch 2nd gen running ios 4.2.1 and i can't update it cuz theres no 'software update' in my settings. pls help. is there any other way i can update my iPod?

No more updates for the 2nd Gen.
zyrako wrote:
I have an iPod touch 2nd gen running ios 4.2.1 ...
That is as far as your iPod will go.

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  • Looking for a stopwatch app that can run on iPod Touch 2nd Gen (using ios 4.2.1), do any exist?

    Looking for a stopwatch app that can run on iPod Touch 2nd Gen (using ios 4.2.1), do any exist?

    To more easily find compatible apps:
    iOSSearch - search the iTunes store for compatible apps.
    Apple Club - filter apps by iOS version.
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • Have ipod touch 2nd gen need ios updated dont know how

    have ipod touch 2nd gen need ios updated dont know how to get it

    Hi Carlton ..
    Follow the instructions here >   Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • "medical id" is missing from my health app on my iPod touch 5th gen running iOS 8

    Along the bottom of the health app on my iPod touch 5th gen running iOS 8 I am missing the "medical id" that should be the 4th icon on the lower right of the screen

    You can't seriously believe users would be *that* idiotic, even on a sue-happy country like the US… And while Apple could get sued, it's not like Apple Legal would lose a case like that; for someone to die in the first place *because of the iPod Touch*, first-responders (be them regular bystanders or medical professionals) would have to be stupid enough to believe they could use it to make calls and not try doing that using instead, duh, a regular phone that they would likely be carrying with them anyway, and for Apple to be in the least bit accountable, the interface would have to misdirect them and make them believe they could in the first place.
    Except it doesn't. It never did. The iOS interface, on the iPod Touch, has no references whatsoever to calling functions, be they regular or emergency-related. If you tap a phone number detected by smart filters, you can't dial it (I believe you're offered the option to save it on the Address Book, though), and on the lock screen, there is no “Emergency Call” function (nor would there be such a function on the Health ID page, either). So… I fail to see your point.
    And you can't seriously believe Apple would risk, on purpose, a lawsuit by the family of someone who, having both an iPhone *and* an iPod Touch (not very likely, I know, but please bear with me) dies because s/he is carrying only the iPod Touch and unwittingly (but understandably) expects *all* Health and the potentially *life-saving* Health ID info to sync across devices via iCloud.
    Nope, this is an oversight by Apple devs, and a massive one at that.
    P.S.: A massive legal/functional disclaimer, such as “Warning: This device cannot connect to the cellular network. For emergency calls please use an appropriate device” or something along those lines would pretty much exempt them from any legal responsibility, while still enabling a life-saving feature.

  • Update iPod touch 2nd gen to iOS 4.2

    I'm having a problem updating my iPod touch 2nd gen to iOS 4.2. When I connect it to iTunes (version 9.2.1 as I'm still on OS 4.11) and click "Update" it returns an error message saying "This iTunes version is the latest version (9.2.1)" and no update will happen.
    I'm willing to believe this is due to the fact that I'm using Tiger, but surely Apple would want even users of older versions of their software and hardware to update their stuff, wouldn't they? Anyway, I hope there is a workaround for this, as I'm very keen on starting to use Airplay.
    Thx in advance for your help!

    "So basically I need to buy a new computer (as I'm pretty sure my G5 cannot be upgraded to Snow Leopard) in order to update my iPod touch to the latest iOS version?"
    No. Can your computer not handle Leopard?
    "That seems a bit over the top, doesn't it?"
    NO. Quite normal that newer products require newer software. Happens constantly across the entire industry.
    " And essentially this means that Apple is withholding the benefits of iOS 4.2 from what I believe to be a substantial group of Tiger users. Doesn't seem fair, does it?"
    Not even a little unfair at all. It is completely and totally normal, average, everyday.
    You want the latest technology and features, you need the latest equipment and software. Nothing the slightest bit unusual about this.

  • Bought my daughter ipod touch 4th gen to replace her old one and want to get it ready for xmas by transferring her old content to new - how do i do it? secondly, if the old ipod is sold will the purchaser have access to account details?

    Bought my Daughter new ipod touch 4th gen to replace her old one and i want to get it ready for christmas by transferring everything (games, music etc) - how do i do this?
    Also, if she sells her old one, would the new owner have access to account/bank details?

    You can transfer iTunes purchases from the old iPod to your computer then sync the new iPod.
    Connect the old iPod, launch iTunes. From the menu bar click File > Transfer Purchases From
    Now connect the new iPod and sync Apps, Music, etc.
    As for selling the old one tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings
    That will erase all personal data from the iPod.

  • Can I still update my iPod Touch 2nd gen to iOS 4.2.1?

    Hi, I am new to owning an iPod and I am wondering if I can still update my iPod Touch 2nd gen 8GB to iOS 4.2.1. Answers would be great, thank you!

    Restore from backup.
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content
    Note the backup dopes not included synced media like apps and music.
    You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store         

  • IPod Touch 2nd Gen. / iOS 4.2 update, NO AirPlay!!!

    I updated my iPod Touch 2nd Gen. this morning to iOS 4.2, and found that there is no AirPlay icon in ANY of my media apps (including the native players). There is also NO "text search" in Safari. I checked the "About" section on my Touch and it says I am indeed running 4.2. What gives??? Did 2nd Gen. users get left out again???

    I have 2 second generation iPod Touches and they both have Airplay.
    Not sure what you have for Airplay?
    Apple TV?
    Airport Express?
    or some type of compatible powered speakers that can use Airplay?
    You need to have on of the above for the Airplay to show up I believe but not positive.
    I have 3 Airport Expresses hooked up to 3 different stereos throughout the house and the garage.
    When I open up my playlists and choose a song to play, then I am given a choice of what Airport Express I want to play to after hitting the Airplay button on the right of the volume bar.
    So, mine works.
    Not sure why yours isn't.

  • Twice experienced an unusual problem with my iPod touch 5th generation running iOS 8.0: crashes and disables power up. HOME and POWER pressed together to reset.

    iPod touch 5th generation running iOS 8.0. iOS crashed twice, disabling power up. The only recovery was pressing and holding the home and power buttons together for several seconds. The iPod touch then went into restore mode. I've never experienced, heard or read of an iOS crash preventing normal power up: device has known battery charge, does not respond to pressing power button or connecting to AC charger.

    That happens some times. Try:
    - Restore from backup. See:                                               
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes      
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.                       
    If still problem/it still keeps recurring, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware problem.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                                                              

  • Is there any other way to upgrade my ipod touch 2nd gen to ios 4.3? even a simple facebook app and twitter is not on my itouch. :(

    please do answer my concern. i know apple wont let this kind of crap.

    The bad news is that all new apps created with Apple's latest iOS SDK require devices to be running iOS 4.3 or greater. This means that all first and second generatio iOS devices will not get any new app updates. I'm afraid you're going to see less and less available apps on the App Store for your device as developers update their apps for iPhone 5 screen (which will drop compatibility for iOS 4.2)
    Your only option really is to sell that iPod touch and get a newer one.

  • How does one delete specific photos from ipod touch 2nd gen (with ios 4.2.1)?

    I would like to delete some photos from my ipod touch 2g, ios 4.2.1, but I can't just sync it to my (new) computer because then all of them would get deleted because I don't have the photos that I have on my ipod on my new computer. Help!?

    - You can email the ones you want to retain and the restore the the iPod on the the new computer
    - You can use a third-party like PhoneView or TouchCopy (both paid) and maybe the free
    iFunBox for Mac | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transferer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
    tio copy them to the computer.

  • I've just updated iPod touch 2nd gen to iOS 5 and it keeps crashing

    It just keeps going back to the Apple logo on the black screen and restarts.
    This can happen before any apps have been loaded, or when, it's quite indiscriminate.
    This renders my iPod a paperweight - please help.

    -Try a reset. Nothing is lost:
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - You may have to place the iPod in Recovery Mode to allow the restore
    - Also, if you can't fully turn the iPod off (that is required to place the iPod in recovery mode), let the batter fully drain. After charging for at least an hour try the reset and restore again.

  • Ipod touch 2nd gen stuck on low battery screen and won't turn on, Ipod touch 2nd gen stuck on low battery screen and won't turn on

    My ipod touch was working fine until yesterday it just shut off with about half of charge left. I tried holding the power and home button but nothing. When I plug it into the charging wall outlet the low battery screen pops up and same goes for when I plug it into iTunes on my computer. I let it alone overnight to see if the battery would drain but same thing happened today. What should I do?

    I have never seen this answer before but here's what worked for me and I found it accidentally.
    I have an iPhone and an iPad and I only had 1 charger (my only Apple cord didn't work anymore so I had thrown it out and I thought maybe that was the problem, except my iphone charged fine with my pink cord) by my bedside, so I would just hook up the one that needed it the most before I went to bed.  Well one day I woke up to find that my iPad had a low battery, with the red battery picture. When I plugged it into the charger, it just kept recycling to the Apple logo and then the spinning wheel of death, and back again.
    I did some research and couldn't figure it out. People who thought it was a dead battery still had the same problem after they sent it in and got a new battery  My iPad is not jail broken and half the "solutions" were over my head. I have over 1300 apps on my iPad, not to mention thousands of pictures, that I was just feeling so bereft and sad that I might have lost everything.  So I just let my iPad sit, and drained the whole battery down to the nubbin.  It was 2-3 days without a charger that I just let it sit.
    Then I put it on the charger again and I noticed I still got the red battery symbol, but the red was a thinner slice. I went to work and left it on the charger all day. When I returned, one of my FB notifications came on and bam, there it was, my sign on screen or whatever it's called, where you slide the thingy across. And it was back!!!!!!
    So I was overjoyed.  I'd also had a problem syncing with a warning that it overloaded my USB port. It was a separate problem, but I was able to sync it after that, and my iPhone too, so I was ecstatic.
    Then the battery thing happened again about a week later.  I thought I had been diligent about keeping it charged but it went down after only a day off the charger.  Realized that I had FB and mail notifications notifying me in the startup screen, so that it was constantly turning itself on and off.  I have almost 5000 FB friends and 10 email accounts, so that was a lot of steady activity that I wasn't really aware of.  I have now turned off all notifications to every app, since they also come on my phone AND I bought a 2nd cord, a purple one, so now I'm set and don't expect to ever have that problem again.
    Hope this helps everyone who thought they had a brick.

  • Brightness issue with Passbook on iPod touch (4th gen) running iOS 6

    There's a glitch with Passbook that I'm using with an iPod touch 4G: whenever I open the app, the brightness maxes out, and the auto-brightness doesn't kick in either. The brightness returns to normal when I quit to the home screen or switch to another app. Very annoying and painful in a dim or dark room.

    This is actually not a glitch. The reason the iPhone maxes out the brightness when you open passbook is to prevent scanning issues when your coupon or ticket is being scanned. Basically it is preventing you from possibly having to go manually change your brightness because the scanner can't read the dark screen. It seems like a glitch at first but when you think about it, it's genius.

  • I can't seem to update my ipod touch 2nd gen in order to download apps like sirius and iheart

    I cannot seem to update my ipod touch 2nd gen higher than 4.2.1 and it says it's up to now it won't let me download iheart or sirius. can I update it and how?

    you can't.  that' the last OS for that version of iPod.  buy a new one

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