I am trying to set up and sync with icloud but it says my email has not been verified. How do i do this? When i click the email verification nothing comes to my email allowing me to verify.

how can i get confirmed to sync with icloud?

You might try contacting iTunes store support.  Even though this is an ID that you want to use for iCloud, it's still an Apple ID.  iTuens store support deals with Apple ID issues all the time and they may be able to help you.  Just explain that you are trying to verify your primary email address for your Apple ID but are not receiving the verification email from Apple, despite multiple attempts to resend it.  You can reach them here: http://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html.
You might also check with your email provider to be sure they aren't blocking email from [email protected] as spam at their end.

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