I get a dialog box with a copy of firefox is open and only one copy of firefox can be open at one time.

I get a dialog box with the following: "a copy of firefox is open and only one copy of firefox can be opened at one time."
I do not see where firefox is open.
How do get back into firefox so that i can read the links that are in my emails?
Thank you.

Sometimes when FF is closing, not all of it shuts down properly.
On Windows, start the '''Task Manager''' (Other systems may have
different names and / or commands). Select '''Processes'''.
Look down the list for Firefox. Right click and select '''End Task'''.
If this problem keeps coming up, ask for more help.

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    Something is seriously wrong then.  Did you move it?  There are several Library folders.  One of them should be inside your HOME folder.
    If WZZZ suggestion does not work, re-install your OS by using Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo.  When done, repair permissions and restart your computer.

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    Thanks Cor-El. I already have it set to "Use NewsFox." I'm stumped.

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    You have the accessibility VoiceOver feature or another one turned on.
    Triple click the home button and try going to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn VoiceOver and any other ones off. You may have to use three fingers to scroll the screen to get there. If problems see the following for how to turn off via iTunes:
    iPhone: Configuring accessibility features (including VoiceOver and Zoom)

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    It seems like it's going to install and then it comes up with a dialog box that says "Apple Mobile Device" failed to start and to verify I have sufficient priveleges.
    Try the following user tip:
    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates

  • Need help with "get info" dialog box

    Hi Everyone!
    I need some help with trying to figure out what some of the options are in the "Get Info" dialog box. I've searched the iTunes help and these forums, but can't find anything.
    So, in the options tab,
    1. What does "Part of compilation" Y/N, do for me?
    2. Same for "Remember Position"
    3. And finally, "Gapless album"
    Thanks, Vince.

    1. when you import a compilation album (like an 80's compilation or something), itunes will import it as
    song 1, artist 1, 80's greatest hits
    song 2, artist 2, 80's greatest hits etc
    Click part of a compliation means that, it means that it would keep them altogether rather than having lots of songs everywhere
    2. If you start playing a song, then stop, part way through, when you next come to the song, itunes will remember where you left off
    3. Albums like jean michel jarre, classical, mike oldfield, etc, have many songs which merge into each other. Having gapless album ticked will ensure that, when playing the album, there are no gaps between songs

  • Blank Dialog Boxes with PUSH ME blue buttons

    Greetings All,
    I'm a fairly experienced Mac User and have been a bit surprised recently to be getting blank dialog boxes with buttons. Could it be some sort of spyware hoping I'll just push the blue buttons?
    It seems to come up once my Mac has been on for a while.
    Today I clicked a link at a website I frequently visit. I did so in FIREFOX and it's one of the few sites I allow for pop up windows. The link doesn't lead to a popup, but it did in this case: a blank window with blank buttons.
    I quit FIREFOX and won another such window. I logged out, logged in, and it's gone.
    Is there some utility I can open-- like Activity monitor-- and find out what these windows are attached to?
    Just curious,
    (I have two similar Macs but only this one seems to do it.)

    I would look in Console and see if anything is being reported as you're experiencing this. (Console is in the /Applications/Utilities/ folder). If something is, post it here.
    When the window is visible, switch to the Finder by clicking on its icon in the Dock. Then click onto the dialog to activate its window. See if the application name in the upper left corner changes when the dialog window comes forward. If it does, then it would most likely be the name of the application that's created the dialog. If it doesn't change, then it could be created by either the Finder or by an invisible background application whose LSUIElement is set to 1 so that it doesn't appear in the Dock or in the Force quit window (it should show in Activity Monitor though). To determine which one it is, do the following. Switch to another application, like TextEdit, by clicking on its icon in the Dock. Then click on the dialog window again to bring it forward. If the application name shown in the upper left still says TextEdit, then you know that the dialog is being created by a background application.
    If it is, Open Activity Monitor and change the scope to All Processes. Quit as many open applications as possible, and then bring the dialog forward again. A pulsating button should use a small amount of CPU usage, try to use that to help narrow down what process might be causing it. Also, most likely any application that's drawing a button will have the "/System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/
    HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Extras.rsrc" file listed as an open file in the Open Files and Ports tab of an info window of Activity Monitor. (You can open an info window for an application by double-clicking on it in Activity Monitor).
    Hope this helps....
    Dual 2.7GHz PowerPC G5 w/ 2.5 GB RAM; 17" MacBook Pro w/ 2 GB RAM -   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Spelling - no dialog box with options to correct

    I do not get a dialog box when I right click on a misspelled work. This is the case when using Safari (this message box for example), Mail, Outlook for the Mac, Word, and other apps. When a word is misspelled it is underlined in red. When I right click on the redline disappears, but I do not get a dialog box offering me options.
    On another Mac that I own, I get this dialog box with the options to pick the correct spelling or learn the word. I am assuming this is an OS system setting as the problem seems to be universal.

    I found that I did not have secondary click turned on in System Preferences for either my mouse of my tack pad. Control clicking on a misspelled word, worked, and this gave me the clue to the problem. I now get the dialog box I was expecting.

  • Why doesn't firefox close out when I'm done with it and close it; when next I try to open firefox again I get a dialog box telling me firefox is open and to close it or restart my computer? I'm tired of doing that one of more times a day.

    1. This happens at least once a day, and sometimes multiple times. Today it's happened twice, thus far. My home page is FoxNews.com and if I leave it up overnight or for longer periods during the day firefox doesn't allow the refresh of the home page it just goes to yahoo 404--error can't find the webpage. Then when I enter FoxNews.com it adds a /error to the url and doesn't allow me to go to MY homepage. So I close firefox and then if I try to reopen it and then I get the dialog box saying firefox is open and to close it or restart my computer. Very aggravating. 2. Also the Adobe flash drive update always fails. 3. Webpages get in loops and fail to load to the point I have to stop and refresh or close out and reopen.

    One situation in which Command+w or Ctrl+w might not work is if the "focus" is in a plugin such as the Flash player used on Youtube after you interact with the player controls. Firefox will continue to send the keyboard input to the plugin until you move the focus back to the page. Does that account for any of the problem?

  • I have a 3GS. The iPod on the phone has made duplicates of some songs. I've tried using the "get info" dialog box to set all the information the same but the dups are still there. Even after erasing all music with iTunes they are still there.

    I have a 3GS. The iPod on the phone has made duplicates of some songs. I’ve tried using the “get info” dialog box to set all the information the same but the dups are still there. Even after erasing all music with iTunes, iTunes is empty but they are still on the phone.

    Some Users have reported that a Restore as New  has Resolved Issues after the Upgrade...
    Backup and Set Up as New Device

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    It pains me to hear about your experience with the Home Phone Connect.  This device usually works seamlessly and is a great alternative to a landline phone.  It sounds like we've done our fair share of work on your account here.  I'm going to go ahead and send you a Private Message so that we can access your account and review any open tickets for you.  I look forward to speaking with you.
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    How do I get the dialog box back when clicking on a pdf attachment in my email. Made the mistake of clicking save while the check box was ticked.

    From Control Panel | Programs & Features: right-click on Windows Essentials 2012, then select Repair all Windows Essentials programs.

  • TS1389 when i changed my browser to IE 8, I am no longer able to play the songs I purchased. I keep getting a dialog box saying "this computer is not authorized to play this song. Would you like to authorize it? The box has an old apple ID . How do I get

    I try to play the Itunes song I purchased. I have a new computer, another internet provider since I purchased the songs, and have switched to a new internet browser Internet Explorer 8. I keep getting a dialog box saying "this computer is not authorized to play the song. would you like to authorize it?
    An old Apple ID popps up and I am asked for the old passwork which I no longer remember. I successfully changed to a new Apple ID and password.
    when I enter that, a new dialog box appears, saying "this computer is already authorized." When I try to play the song the first box appears again,
    I I go round over and over, with no success playing my songs. Can anybody out their resolve this? Thanks for any help

    Were these songs purchased using another account?
    " I opened a new iTunes account and copied the files to the new account.  "
    Do you mean to a new library?
    Account is a user neame and password with which you purchase content.
    A library is your collection of media.

  • Opening print dialog box with "Selection" printing enabled

    Hi all,
    I have a JTable in which I wan to print only selected rows. When I open the Print dialog box using printDialog() method of PrinterJob, the dialog opens with "Selection" option disabled.
    How can I enable this option ?
    How can I print my selection using the standard Print Dialog ?

    This I know.
    Let me refrase my question:
    I have a table with selected cells (Rows Cols
    whatever ...) I wish to open the print dialog box
    with Selection radio button enabled, such that when I
    will check it and click print, the selected table
    cell get printed.This I had understood.
    Let me refrase my reply:
    If you simply print a new table containing the selected data
    then you don't need to have the Selection radio button enabled
    in the print dialog box.

  • When I click on any Appleworks document or try to open Appleworks, I get a dialog box saying :Appleworks Quit Unexpectedly" I have a current model iMac running OS  10.6.8. My Appleworks is version   6.2.9. Any suggestions?

    When I try to open an Appleworks document or try to open Appleworks itself, I get a dialog box stating: "Appleworks 6 Quit Unexpectedly". I have Appleworks 6.2.9 and my OS is 10.6.8. Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

    There was a security update through Software Update a couple of months ago for 10.6.8 that caused this kind of problem for PPC applications. Apple issued a revised update a couple of days later. So my first suggestion is to run Software Update to make sure you have the updated update. You can also manually download the updater at this link.
    Whenever AppleWorks quits unexpectedly or you force quit it, there will be some corruption of its preferences.
    To delete AppleWorks’ preference files, go to HD > Users > Library > Preferences. Find and delete the file com.apple.appleworks.plist. Find and open the folder AppleWorks in this Preferences folder, then delete all of the enclosed files (with the exception of the Button Bar Preferences if you have customized the Button Bars). AppleWorks will recreate the preference files as it needs them.

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