I have 2 Apple IDs but itunes store on my computer will only let me log into my old one and not the new one...HELP!

So i had an old apple id i had created to use with my ipod but never ended up syncing them.  So when i got my iPhone i created a new apple ID with my new email address.  Well i went to log into itunes store on my computer (PC) and it wont let me log in with my new apple ID, just the old one.  I get the same message everytime i try it: "We could not complete your iTunes Store request.  The iTunes store is temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later." so i did try again.  and again.  and again.  its been a few weeks now and it gives me the same message everytime.  Its frusterating because everytime i sync my iPhone to my computer to backup and whatnot, all the music i bought on my phone doesnt sync and undownloads itself from my phone.  What can i do??

Hello nat.weidner
Start with the article below for troubleshooting issue with connecting to the iTunes Store.
Can't connect to the iTunes Store
Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
-Norm G.

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