I have always used the same computer to update both of our iphones , welll with this last one it changed my husbands apple account to mine , how do I get that change back, I looked on support but there is nothing l can find to address that issue

He still has money on his account, and plus it is just one more password and all. The information on his phone is all the same, thank god I didn't lose his phonebook or anything.
I have always updated the phones on the same machine, he is also upset on all the changes this last update did. He doesn't like change.
Anyone know how I can contact apple just about an apple id question. I wish they had live chat at least

Now I feel dumb, once I posted this it brought up others like it and tada there it was , just sign out and then sign back in on the other account. Learn somthing new everyday.  Just would like to know why it signed into my account when it never did before....

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