I received a download that indicates I must save it before opening.  How do I save it before opening?

I purchased a download file that must be saved to my imac before opening.  Can't find out how to do this.

Is the sender a Windows user?
Here is a screenshot of my Mail Preferences; if you want to, you could easily change the destination of your downloads (as I have to desktop) - you don't have to, but can:
However, regardless of where the downloaded file goes - since it is just a file, a PDF, not a system update or an app, once it is downloaded, it is already on your computer. Just as a test, drag it out of the downloads folder onto your desktop - that would make absolutely positively certain that it is "saved".
If it is password locked, then that is the sender's choice - it usually means you can read it, but can't copy, add to, save, or do anything else with it except look at it. You can try one thing: while it is open in Preview, go to File menu > hold down Option key > choose Save as. Give it any name you want and choose to save it to desktop (so it's easy to find). See if that works; I've used that as a workaround for some financial statements I download but won't let me save either. If that works, just use that from now on and pick a location where you want to keep that file permanently.

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