Image storing algorithm at photo album sites

Hi there;
I am coding a image storeing website... Photo albums etc.But storing them in a folder system is getting complex for me... Whats the best way of storing image to folders?
What i did up to now is: every member has its own main folder named with hex numbers... and i rename the uploaded images with hexnumbers again...
The result is like:(first one is user-hex /second one is image-hex.jpeg)
4324AFC3BC2390DE / 45F83AECB43B2A.jpeg
its an unprofessional but simple working way...hard to predict the image hex if the image is published as private picture...
If the user has 2000 photos it maybe hard for a single folder to index the photos...
When i look at professional photo album sites or flickr...
Image folders are like 67/434/4543/345/4534/5443F432ACD342.jpeg
so there are too many subfolders...But whats the logic and algorithm behind..How do they name these subfolders?how do they group images in folders?
What can i do with JAVA with best performance on heavy traffic?The archiving mechanism must be fast on indexing and good for maintanance
Please give me ideas or refer me some web links
thank you

If you are using a database to store information about the image then you can use the primary key (or an obsfucated version of it) as the name of the file.
That way when you move images between folders/groups you don't have to move the physical file as its primary key stays the same. All that is needed is a DB update to change the folder/group relationship in the table.
A side note: Many file systems have severe performance problems if you store too many files in a single directory. Subdirectories can really help. Use part of the primary key as a directory name and the rest as the file name.

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  • Best workflow for Photo Album site - Aperture-iPhoto-iWeb??

    *_I posted this on iWeb board, but perhaps this is a more appropriate audience*._
    I am trying to find the best way to get Pics online. I shoot RAW and post-process in Aperture. Have used:
    Aperture web gallery - easy workflow, very poor user interface, good image resolution
    iphoto - extra work to get from Aperture library, nice design but very very slow loading of pics!!, not happy with image resolution
    iweb - nice interface, fast, but not happy with image resolution.
    My goal is a nice user interface for viewing pics in albums, fast, but with GOOD image quality. Is there a way to adjust image resolution in iWEB? Seems like the default is Preview image quality, despite using full resolution JPEG exported from Aperture. It is somewhat disappointing to work so hard in Aperture on adjustments, but then view low res images on website.
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    When you say "low res images on website" do you mean those created by Aperture? It is possible to duplicate one of the default web gallery formats in Aperture, and then modify it so that the photos output are larger e.g. 950pixels wide instead of 800. I've done that with the Stock Black format - I now have a Stock Black Large which is similar on the thumbnails screen, but much larger when people click through to the larger image.
    I think to do it you have to find the folder containing the web presets and make a copy of one of them.
    Its fiddly but possible to do. Hopefully they'll improve this in a future release

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    Some are vertical and some are horizontally so I am trying to make sure they all center in the div container instead of defaulting to the top left of the container.
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    Thanks in Advance!

    Once again with out seeing the code it is rather hard to give you a precise answer. However, find the div that surrounds all your content for the page and if it has a fixed with in your css then simply add margins to center it or if you don't have a surrounding div simply add one...example:
    <div id="content">
    Page content
         margin: 0 auto;
    a left and right margin of auto will center your div within the browser.

  • SEO tool, image tagging-is it possible using iWeb photo album?

    Quaetion as above really, I've recently started to use the Rage SEO tool to tag my website, I came to start doing the images within the iWeb photo album and it cant access these, I read on here(04/09) its because its Javascript, is there a way round this yet, other than creating a html page for each photo myself? With over 100 photos to show this isnt my preference, as there is a lot more work involved in the iweb construction.
    Any help greatly apprected

    How long have you waited before trying to find your images? Google can take 2 weeks or longer to list them. Secondly, your images might not return results for thousands of pages depending on the keywords you used. It will also help to submit a sitemap as discussed.
    Your Lightroom keywords are for Lightroom/searching use, not web use.
    There are free photo galleries you can add your photos to and link to from your website, but unless you're willing to get into something fairly complicated, this will not help the search ranking of your actual site (though it may help get the images themselves ranked).
    Another alternative is to create a few separate pages with a single picture on each, a good text description, image name and ALT text, and then link to your complete photo gallery for people to view. This might be worth doing with images which have unusual keywords or phrases (and so people would be likely to return them when searching).
    Getting your pictures ranked in Google image search, whilst useful in some ways, can end up being counter-productive as people are more likely to just grab your image for their own use (or ignore it if it's water-marked) and not even visit your website.
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  • Now with ADDT Create Most Exciting Users Photo Album "tutorial / demos available".

    Hi, every body
    here is my new tutorial about creating Community Photo Album Site that allow Users To Upload their photos in album containing 10 images for each user.
    Using Adobe Developer Toolbox "Multi Image Upload".
    * the Demo available Here:
    * the tutorials and How to here:
    * to download the complete Script and tutorials here:
    thanks folks and have fun.
    waleed barakat
    ADDT Lover and User.

    Hi Drongo79,
    while I personally agree that the tutorial´s layout could be better and some more explanation could help improve the understanding, just let me add my 2 cts:
    1. writing *good* tutorials is pretty hard, and learning how to get there does take some time and experience -- plus helpful response from others, which Waleed rarely gets at least in these forums.
    2. let´s not forget that Waleed is not a native english speaker/writer, what makes it extra hard to get one´s stuff across to a mostly native english audience which seems to expect perfection -- that´s something I know myself, and it has admittedly taken me some time to understand that this requires some extra care.
    3. "This tutorial does not work"
    well, if this statement were addressing one of my tutorials, I would have to ask you to provide some more details like what exactly doesn´t work -- the fact that something doesn´t work, may have many reasons, and this statement alone is way to too blurry to be helpful.
    4. "A bad tutorial is worse than no tutorial".
    Maybe you´re right, but Waleed is currently the only regular ADDT user who *does that*, and this deserves some acknowledgement.
    5. "Please go away"
    a little harsh, don´t you think ? I´d rather prefer him to *continue* contributing tutorials, and I´d prefer others to help him improve his writing without dispiriting him.
    6. "look at what you have built from the eyes of someone who is not a developer".
    To my experience there´s one particular pitfall which any tutorial writer will always stumble across -- the question "who am I writing for ?". There´s no easy answer to that, and no matter what you´re writing or how, you always risk to fail addressing the requirements of one part of your audience.
    Günter Schenk
    Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver

  • Import from Corel Photo Album 6

    I'd like to import a library of a few thousand photos from Corel Photo Album 6 into iPhoto '08. The photos in Photo Album include a Picture Title which is stored in the Photo Album database, not in the photo file and is different from the File Name.
    Is there a way to import the photos and the Titles into iPhoto '08?

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. I don't think so unless there's a way to get Corel to write the titles to the files.
    Do you Twango?
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 08 libraries and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

  • Need help editing scanned images of old photo album pages PSE 9

    Before I begin this project, I thought I'd get some advice from someone who has undertaken a similar project.  I have three photo albums from the 50's and 60's.  The albums were made by my mother who mounted the photos (mostly black and white but some color photos) on construction paper (of various colors) using the corner holders or glue.  She hand cut the construction paper so each page is not a perfect rectangle ( about 11" tall, 8.5" wide).  The pages were punched and put into a three-ring binder. 
    She added text to the edge of the photo and/or to the construction paper.  Each page contains one to 6 photos and text.  Each album has about 120 pages.  I want to keep the notes on the construction paper so I scanned each page into a TIF files, 400 dpi and stored the images in a separate folder for each volume. 
    I use (poorly) PSE 9.  I see it has a auto straighten/crop feature that can be used one photo at a time.  I tried the divide scanned images function and that did not fully separate all images on the page and also created an image for stray objects on the page such as an unused corner holder.  (I know those things have a better name but it escapes me now.) 
    I plan to create photo books for my siblings.  I am now thinking of cropping the image of each page (rather than each photo on the page) into a uniform size, adjusting levels, contrast and sharpness, saving this image to a JPEG file, and using these edited JPEG images to create the photo book.  Since each page was hand-cut, there will areas of white where one page was torn or cut smaller than another page.  Some pages will have blanks where old photos have been lost leaving behind only the corner things.  It won't be perfect but it will be an image of the album as it exists today. 
    My questions are: 
    The pages are about 11 by 8.5.  Does anyone know a photo service that prints photo albums in a portrait layout in this size?  I  have been unable to find one; it looks like most online photo books are wider rather than taller. 
    Let's assume I use a company such as Shutterfly that offers a 12x12 format.  I assume it would be better to edit the images in PSE9 rather than any online software.  What should I do to keep the proportions in the current images true but make the image fit a 12x12 page, for example? 
    IS there any other editing software anyone can recommend that will speed this up, hopefully a software that would take multiple photos at one time, auto-straighten and auto crop to a set size?  And also auto contrast/level/sharp.  If I could use such auto features on these images and then go back and adjust the photos that did not play well with the auto features, that would save me time. 
    I appreciate anyone's input.  I dread doing this but we have one set of photos and 5 siblings so it has to be done.  Thanks!

    Mentioning your issues one by one:
    1) PSE does not have any portrait Photobook available, so your thought was the best way to get the work done is by choosing the 12x12 - shutterfly one.
    2) PSe does a good job of editing the images. You can set your images of approx. 11x8  size to fit to the 12x12 page. Just choose a one photo page Layout for the page and then right click on the image to " Fit photo in the frame".
    3) If more edits are required for the image, you can easily go to Advanced mode and edit your photos, layouts, move the frames, images or add effects to the images.
    4) Photo book creation sure takes time. because, you want it to be the best. I am sure PSE would help you best here.
    Go ahead and create you photobook. Inc ase you get stuck somewhere, you can always post here to get help!

  • How can I synchronize my iPhoto events? my iTunes doesn't read them and with the app Images in the iPad I can only find Photos, Albums, Faces and Places, not Events.

    How can I synchronize my iPhoto events? my iTunes doesn't read them and with the app Images in the iPad I can only find Photos, Albums, Faces and Places, not Events.

    I had a problem a couple of months ago when iPhotos suddenly rearranged the order of my Events (Why won't iPhoto let me arrange my photos?) .  I was told "Use albums not events - events are not a good way to organize - albums and folder are designed for organisation and are very flexible".
    Haha!  I should have paid attention and read between the lines!  My iPhotos were highly organised groupings - not according to date but the way I wanted them - and it was so easy to do!  I see now that if I had them all in albums, as per the Apple Apologist suggestion, I wouldn't have this unholy mess I have been left with just to make iPhone & iCloud users happy.  I am now going through Photos and making Albums (of what used to be in my Events)  ... maybe I'll get this finished before they do another non user friendly update!

  • Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    No. If you don't have the album you originally used to create the galleries you can do so by dragging the photos from each gallery to a new, empty album. Then when you find the photo sharing site/option you have decided on  you can easily upload each album to the site.
    Another option is to obtain a hosting service and create iWeb photo pages for each album and future albums similar to this photo page in one of my demo sites: iPhoto Book as an iWeb Slideshow.  Or you can use the iWeb album page and have an album for each  iPhoto album on it like on this demo page: Page-7 .

  • Photo Albums showing up in iWeb but not in published site

    I'm publishing to an FTP server using Transmit. The site address is . All of the other pages publish perfectly, but the photo albums page has never published correctly. In the past, some albums have shown up, others haven't. Within the ones that showed up, some pictures were displayed while others weren't. Just today I tried to fix this by deleting all the albums and putting in a single iPhoto album which I also rebuilt. The album displays perfectly in iWeb, but shows up as a blank photo albums page when I publish it to the FTP server. Any ideas? I'm at my wits end.

    For some reason not all of the files are getting uploaded. Publish to a folder on your hard drive and open the site with your browser to make sure the photos and albums are getting created as they should.
    If you using iWeb's ftp client to upload to your server then try publishing to a folder on the hard drive first and use a 3rd party ftp client like the freeCyberduck or Transmit to upload the files to the server. This might help also: Old Toad's Tutorial #2 - Uploading only those published new or newly edited files when using a 3rd party FTP client.
    If you are already publishing to a folder what ftp client are you using? If it's not Cyberduck give it a try. It's well thought of here in the forums.

  • IWeb blog, photo albums requires us to enter the site name on every entry?

    Every iWeb blog entry gets a heading of something like "My Site" or "Tom's Photography." This means we have to retype the name of our site +in addition to+ the actual title of every blog post.
    Does this not seem annoyingly tedious to anyone else? Did the iWeb team really screw this up, or am I missing a setting somewhere? This also happens on photo album pages; the page for every new album dragged in from iPhoto or Aperture gets a generic title of "Tom's Photography" or something. Pretty annoying. Can anyone helps?

    that's cool and everything, but someday when I have hundreds of posts and I want to change the title on the top, I will have to manually change each one. For some reason I think Apple would have thought of this. It seems like a no-brainer...?
    Still need someone to help out on this.

  • Load image into Photo Album

    I'm new to Oracle.
    Can I load image into database by using Photo Album by no writing any code?
    And how?
    If not,how to load image into database?

    Yes you can. You can load media into the database into the photo album tables.
    Is this what you want to do? What exactly are you trying to accomplish.
    You can also use PL/SQL to put images into the database into your own schema (as with other database information)

  • I wanted to create a photo album on dreamweaver with the same style as the ones in iWeb, does anyone know a site to do this or a way to transfer the album to dreamweaver? thanks

    I wanted to create a photo album on dreamweaver with the same style as the ones in iWeb, does anyone know a site to do this or a way to transfer the album to dreamweaver?

    Excellent suggestion! I regularly post in those forums too, so I thought I might offer help here, but would be the best place for a Dreamweaver question.
    Nancy O, Murray Summers or Mark Hollis there can be of plenty help.

  • IWeb 09 major bug - losing site - believe it's photo albums and photo pages

    I have repeatedly lost my site now 3 times since upgrading.
    The problem appears to be when editing photo album pages with a few photo albums on them and then rearranging those albums and pages between sites.
    I can't be more specific at this stage, as it's happening relatively randomly, but am curious if others have discovered similar problems.
    FWIW I am recovering by using time machine and backups.

    I too had major problems with iWeb '09. I was unable even to publish to a local folder without getting an error message "Unknown error" (really, really helpful). I published a site created and maintained by iWeb '08 four times to separate local folders within an hour, not changing the site at all during that period. Only about 90% of the contents were published. Typically what was missing was some photo albums and blogs, although not always the same photo albums.
    After some careful poking about in my MobileMe-published site I noticed that some particular pages were not publishing to a local folder. Upon investigation I discovered that some of the photo albums, whilst appearing in the sidebar in iWeb '09, did not appear on the main albums page. It seems that, for whatever reason, iWeb '09 had lost the links to these. I deleted the pages from the sidebar and then turned my attention to Blogs. This was the other area where I noticed that publishing seemed to have a problem.
    One of the problems seemed to be that there was a link to a, by now, 'lost' photo album. Editing the link and then re-publishing to a local folder at last cured the problem. I have yet to publish to MobileMe, but at last things are looking good in the 'test' phase.
    It seems that, unless your iWeb '08-created site was relatively simple, some editing HAS to be done in iWeb '09 before publishing. I hope that this answers more questions than it poses!

  • Black images in my iPhone's photo album

    When i synced my iPhone with iPhoto on my mac and then deleted the pictures off my iPhone when Iphoto asked, there are now black images in my photo album on my iPhone. How do I get rid of these? I've tried to delete them on my iPhone but that doesn't seem to work.

    Were you able to fix this? The same thing is happening to me, my iPhone4 is new, and I had never had this problem with my 3G. It's happening when I move photos into the trash...I'm left with a black image.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to aling the text in a JTable???

    I use this code to make a vertical header like in excel. The thing is that i want to aling the text in that column but i couldn´t. I try to set the render, but i loose the header render in the column. Anyone know how to aling the text in that column

  • How do I upload a photo from PS CS6 to flickr?

    How do I upload a photo from PS CS6 to flickr?

  • Edit in Photoshop CS3 Issue

    I have one computer where if I do "edit in Photoshop CS3," the file opens in Photoshop and the file name shows as a <image#>.CR2.  I can then save it as a jpg or whatever, and the added file shows up in my Lightroom catalog.  Perfect!!<br /><br />On

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    iOS 7.1 was released today, so I upgraded my iPhone 5.  It was connected to iTunes on my Macbook Pro, but as soon as I went in there on iTunes to manage the phone/sync/etc, the connection dropped and I have been unable to get it back. I am using iTun

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