Is anyone else having difficulty with the iPhone 6 Plus intermittently not responding to touches on the screen in horizontal mode?

My iPhone 6+ is occasionally not responding to touches on the screen when in horizontal mode. This happens both in the apps and on the home screen. In other words, when you go to touch on an area of the screen, it does not register. Even if the view is horizontal, when I rotated vertically the horizontal view will respond.

I've not had issues.  What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far?

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  • TS1702 Is anyone else having issues with the most recent Facebook update? I updated it yesterday and now it won't open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still fails to open! Any suggestions?

    Is anyone else having issues with the most recent Facebook app update? I updated it on my iPad 2 yesterday, now it will not open app at all. I have restarted iPad, uninstalled app and reinstalled, several times and still it will not work! Any suggestions? I have also closed the append still no results!

    I just started having this yesterday.  It's only happened twice, but it's annoying.  My wife texted me that she was coming home last night, and it showed up immediately on my iPod Touch but not my iPhone. I opened my iPhone and it soon updated.  Worked fine after that.  Then just a moment ago today my wife texted me and the same thing happened.  I heard my iMac and iPod Touch receive the message but it didn't display on my phone until I opened the phone and it showed up again a little bit thereafter.  I suppose I'll send Apple some feedback on this issue.

  • Is anyone else having problems with the Canon Online Store?

    In the last month or so, I've had one problem after another with the Canon Online Store; from being unable to delete items from the shopping cart; to not being able to add "in stock" items; disappearing Wish Lists; and just now, I tried to add one lens cap to the 6 or 7 items I already had in the Shopping Cart, and they disappeared.
    I've called, more than once, and I've written, also more than once, to Canon Support about this, but they ignore what I tell them, and tell me there are no problems with the Online Store.  They don't even seem to report to anyone that anyone has complained, because each time is "the first time", even though I've called (more than once) and written (more than once) to them about continuing Online Stores problems.
    Is anyone else having problems with the Canon Online Store?
    Why does Canon not care to track reported problems with the storefront part of their web-site? 
    I'm not trying to insult Canon, it's just that I've been a Canon customer for less than 3 months, and the're only batting .333, so far.  Canon Support was very quick to respond about a concern I had that a 50mm f/1.4 I had just purchased was authentic or not.  In trying to register that lens, I looked up on the Canon web site where to find the serial number.  Since my new lens did not have any numbers there, I was concerned I had been sold a fake.  But, then Canon Support sent me link to a different online document that showed a few different places where it might be, and there it was. 
    Is Canon like that with other problems, as well?  Or is their "batting" average better than my very limited experience? 
    I just love my Rebel T5i, and my Canon lenses (from "the Kit brothers of the Cropped Frame coral":  EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM, and EF-S 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM; to the "Truly Nifty Fifty", the 50mm f/1.4 USM, [the f/1.8 is just a "thrifty fifty"], and finally, the "Super-Macro" MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1x-5x Macro)! 
    Regards and Thanks,
    As an old friend used to always say,
    "Keep Looking Up!"

    Hi Danny.  Thanks for replying.
    I only use my desktop PC to access Canon's web site, and I've been using Mozilla Firefox for years.  And, yes, it is the latest version.  Since Canon REFUSES to support the use of Firefox on it's web site, WHAT BROWSER DOES CANON SUPPORT?  WHEN did Canon STOP SUPPORTING Firefox?
    I've been told that there are 2 pending orders in my account.  Yet, I NEVER placed those orders!  WHY CAN'T CANON SEE THAT THIS IS A PROBLEM??? 
    Instead of off-target suggestions, and pasted boilerplate REFUSALS TO EVEN LOOK at this issue, I would prefer it if Canon went "old school", and FIXED THE PROBLEM, in the first place!  But, maybe that's a bit too grown up of an answer for you! 
    "Award-winning" support???   And, just exactly WHAT AWARD did Canon "support" WIN for CONSISTANTLY IGNORING REPORTED PROBLEMS???  The OSTRICH?
    Please pull your head out, and FIX this problem, OR YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!
    Thank you for your "prompt" attention to this matter!
    As an old friend used to always say,
    "Keep Looking Up!"

  • Is anyone else having problems with the new software update for macbook? I get random clicking and flicker an movement of the pointer!

    Is anyone else having problems with the new software update for macbook? I get random clicking and flicker an movement of the pointer!

    OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion & 10.9 Mavericks
    Reset Password starting from Recovery HD
    Start the computer,then press and hold down command and R keys to start into recovery partition.
    When you see the Apple logo, release the keys.
    Wait until  OS X Utilities window shows up.
    Move the mouse to the menubar at the top and click "Utilities", then select "Terminal"
    from the drop down.
    Terminal window will appear.
    Type in   resetpassword   and press enter on the keyboard.
    Leave the Terminal window open.
    Reset Password Utility window will open with Macintosh HD selected.
    Select the user account from the popup menu box.
    Enter a new password.
    Reenter the new password for the user.
    Enter a hint.
    Click the "Save" button.
    Click  in the menubar and select Restart.
    Log in.
    If Keychain dialog box appears, select “Create New Keychain”.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the iPhone 5 recognizing the "p?" I thought it was afar thumb issue.......but alas it is not

    Is any one else having trouble with the "p" on the iPhone 5 keyboard?

    No, my "P" or "p" works just fine. If you think there is something wrong with your new iPhone 5 contact AppleCare or return it to your local Apple Store without delay, the longer you wait the harder it will be to get a replacement.

  • Is anyone else having difficulties with the Appstore not loading, iTunes store being unresponsive, and iTunes radio being down constantly today?

    My itunes store is having connectivity issues and my net connection is fine.  My appstore is also coming up blank rather frequently as well.  Also I have not been able to get my itunes radio to work - saying an internet connection problem - again not the issue.  Anyone else having these issues?

    It sure is...all three keep acting very wonky.  I'll be able to access the store from my macbook and then browse then not be able to connect.  Same goes for app store....
    As for itunes radio....seems a hot topic for everyone.

  • HT4623 Is anyone else having problems with the new up date?  it's messed up all my passcode and everything

    Is anyone having problems with the new update?? it has messed up my mail I can't send and all my passwords are messed up

    Is anyone having problems with the new update?? it has messed up my mail I can't send and all my passwords are messed up

  • Is anyone else having problems with the free version if soctics?

    I basically installed an update for it but since the app just opens then immediately closes? And there doesn't seem to be any more updates to fix this, is anyone else having this problem? If so how do I fix it?

    Try force quitting the app. Double tap the home button. You'll see hte app icons and previews lining up on the screen. You may need to scroll sideways to get the app in question on the screen. Flick the preview window up and off the screen to force close the app. Single tap the home button to exit the mode
    try to open it again
    You can also try to reset your device. Hold down on the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds. WHen you see the silver apple, let go and let it reboot and try again.
    If the app is still messing up, go and look on the app's page in iTunes. If others are having crashing issues, it'll usually be reflected in the reviews for the app. If the app is broken, then it's up to the developer to fix it.

  • Is anyone else having problems with the overdrive app not working right after new apple update

    I am having problems with the overdrive app.  I am only allowed to read about twenty pages of a book and then it tries to load more pages but does not.  I have reinstalled the app but have the same problem. Any ideas.

    Have to talked to the developer? Gone to their site? Do they have an update out for the newer OS?

  • Anyone else having trouble with the music player with the iOS 5 upgrade?

    When I play music on shuffle some songs won't play on my phone. I'm guessing it's some kinda bug. just wondering if anyone else has had this problem since upgrading to iOS 5

    Hi John,
    Some of us were actually having major issues after the IOS 5 upgrade without music. Here is one solution.
    Altered from original solution from Emily P:
    Okay, mine now works here is what I did.
    plug in the iPhone, iPad etc
    in iTunes select the phone or iPad
    Under Summary uncheck "Sync with this....."
    Under "Music" uncheck the "Sync Music"
    Let it remove all the songs, dont worry it will come back no problems.
    Once that is all done all the music on the phone or ipad should be gone.
    Now check them both back on, sync, and everything should copy back onto it.
    Working now !!!!!

  • Is anyone else having problems with an iPhone 6 delivery date changing on them?

    I sat up until 12:01am to pre order (2) iPhone 6's and (2) iPhone 6 +'s and they had a delivery date of 9/19 for both of the phones at the time I logged on to Verizon's preorder site. The system would not allow me to log in as an existing customer but it would allow me to order as a new customer. I kept trying to order new phones as an existing customer on two different computers and three different browsers without any luck. I finally decided to order them as a new customer and the order went right through the Verizon system without any problem. Two minutes later I received an email from Verizon requesting that I call them as soon as possible to complete the order. I called in and spoke to a rep that explained that I already was an existing customer and that I would need to use the "Existing Customer" preorder link. I explained the issues I was having and she said that I would still need to use that system when it was available. So I tried the existing customer link and it now let me through but the date for the iPhone 6 plus had slipped to 10/7 (It is now 1:30 am). I completed the transaction and it stated 9/19 delivery for iPhone 6 and 10/7 for the iPhone Plus. However once I received the email confirmation it stated that the delivery date for the phones was 10/7. I called Verizon customer service and stated my concern about the later delivery date for the iPhone 6 and they told me that the iPhone 6's would arrive on the 19th and the pluses would arrive on 10/7 so I did not change my order. This morning 9/19 8:00am I called in to inquire about my shipping confirmation numbers for the (2) iPhone 6's and the customer service rep (Robanya) told me that he would call me back at 1:00pm PST and give me the shipping confirmation numbers. He asked specifically which phone number he should call me back on and I gave him my cell number. After not receiving a call back from Robanya, I called Verizon customer service at 5:30pm and spoke Ryan James and he confirmed that the orders were placed on the 12th of Sept and that one system showed all of them due to be delivered 10/7. After insisting that Robanya that I spoke with earlier in the day said they were shipping today, Ryan got off the phone for 5-10 mins and then got back on and said that the iPhone 6's shipped yesterday on the 18th but he did not have a confirmation number. After pressing him that someone should have this confirmation number in Verizon he stated that the delivery dates were subject to change and that all the phones would probably ship on 10/7 and left it at that.
    So after loosing sleep to pre order phones on Verizon, speaking with (3) different Verizon reps, I am rewarded by having my delivery date changed to 10/7 on my iPhone 6's which is the same delivery date they were quoting yesterday 9/18.
    Did any one else have the same disappointing experience that I had?

    Yes, pre-ordered iPhone 6 with a guaranteed delivery date of 19 September; took screen shots after the order just to have record of it.
    Called Verizon 18 Sept because I hadn't received a tracking number yet, and was informed my phone would now ship 7 October.  When I expressed that was different than what was promised and had proof, a manager came on the phone and confirmed that I should have a 19 Sept delivery date based on their records.  She told me however she could not confirm when my order would ship.
    19 Sept came and went with no phone delivery.  I have tried calling Verizon, posting here, and posting on their FB page for customer service.  Every rep I talked to (except for the first manager on 18 Sept) has been unable to admit that they mislabeled their product sales page, and mislead the customer.  One rep told me the guaranteed delivery date was an "estimate"; when I asked her to show me on the website where it uses the term "estimate", she admitted it didn't communicate that, but still was unable to utter the words "we made a mistake".
    VZW needs to take a 101 class in customer service and crises management; rule #1 is if you screw up, admit it!  I know I am not going to get my iPhone as promised, but pretending like there is nothing wrong with that customer service experience is just making things worse. Not a single employee I have communicated with to date has attempted to do anything proactive to correct or mitigate the customer failure.  I am truly amazed at how poorly VZW has been handling this to date; again (removed) happens with supply/demand, website errors, etc, but the failure to acknowledge how the screw up shafted a lot of (formally) loyal long time customers is criminal.
    >> Edited to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<
    Edited by:  Verizon Moderator

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the Up To Date Program?

    I bought a brand new Macbook Pro with Retina Display from the Apple Online Store, on June 15. Last week when Mountain Lion was released, I attempted to obtain a OX upgrade code throught the Up-To-Date Program. Then...the unthinkable happene! I got rejected by Apple. I first sent in my Acknowledgment of Order to prove my purchase, part of the Up-To-Date Program. I was rejected because Apple found the claim wasn't supported.
    I resubmitted with my Acknowledgment of Order, "Thank You" document from Apple when I purchased the Macbook, shipping detail I received from UPS when they delivered it to me (apparently Apple wants prove that the product was shipped), the notification of purchase, and the notification of shipping. With so many support documents, I still got rejected hours later.
    I AM AT LOSS! What exactly is Apple looking for! It's clear that I purchased the product. I have the documents submitted. I logged in my Apple account and found out my Macbook Pro IS REGISTERED under my name. I even phoned customer support, and the guy over the phone even said, "I see you bought and registered the Retina display model." when I inquired about my claim. So CLEARLY, they KNOW I purchased the Macbook.
    Okay. I have the documents. I got rejected twice. The email from Apple the second time left me an address to send an inquiry.
    I sent an inqury with ABSOUTELY EVERYTHING (invoice, notifications, etc). That was three days ago. I received NO reply.
    Let's recount. Apple knows that I purchased the Retina Display model. I've sent in multiple documents which are only received if one actually purchase their products. They rejected the validation of my purchase outright in addition to the lack of reply and service. The conclusion that I've reached is that Apple doesn't want to give out Mountain Lion codes. Needless to say, I got "appled".
    I searched on the forums, and some people who obtained codes from the Up to Date Program claimed that their codes don't work. Is anyone else getting duped by Apple or "appled"??

    There have been some ongoing discussions about this problem that some are having - see the "More Like This" to the right.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with their iPhone on any kind of speakers?

    Just last night, my iPhone 3gs just decided to stop working on any kind of speakers, iHome or other brands. I've plugged my phone into multiple speakers, and my phone will say that it's charging, and the power button to the speakers will say that the speakers are on, but my phone doesn't really register that it's connected to speakers. Whenever I hit play, my iPhone speakers play the music, not the speakers of the iHome. But whenever I plug my iPod classic into any of the speakers, the speakers work just fine. I'm thinking this must be an issue with the recent 4.1 update, but I don't know.
    Does anyone know if there's anything I can do to solve this problem?

    Yes, we all are having this problem. Search for Sony+iPhone and you'll see the threads. I have a Sony clock radio that used to work fine, now it's just a giant charger since applying OS4. Some people have got it to work by doing a hard reset so no apps are running except iPod. This didn't work for me though, and I used to also be able to play Pandora too before the upgrade.
    BTW, I took my iPhone (it's a 3GS) to the Sony store and tried it on the models in the store. It worked with one of them, but not the others, so the newer ones might work. Not very useful if you've had one for a while though.

  • Anyone else having problems with the music controls in the control center?

    Ever since the iOS 7 post release update (iOS 7.0.2) I've have trouble with the music controls not working properly. Wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issues....

    IslandPrince89 wrote:
    That actually helped but it seems that there are a lot of bugs in the iOS 7.0.2 ..
    You can use this Link to send your Feedback to Apple

  • Anyone else having trouble with the latest version of QT with Lion upgrade?

    latest version of QT is refusing to open or play files in their native size. Example: 720x480 files being opened as 853 x 480 with no option to change playback size. I'm forced to open in QT v7. ugh

    latest version of QT is refusing to open or play files in their native size. Example: 720x480 files being opened as 853 x 480 with no option to change playback size. I'm forced to open in QT v7.
    Are you sure the file is supposed to play at 720x480?
    1) 720x480 are the dimensions commonly used for anamorphic encodes of NTSC MPEG-2 or DV compressed video. The content can be either widescreen (16:9 at 853x480) or full screen (4:3 at 640x480) aspect ratio material. The real question here is whether or not the file was anamorphically encoded. Normally this is obvious when watching the file. If people look normal or circular objects are round at 853x480 then the file is anamorphic and playing correctly. If people look somewhat fat and circular objects look more like an egg on its side, then the file is not anamorphic but is "flagged" or contains a value telling the player to scale the display width of the file during playback. Since it is more common for anamorphic files to loose their width scaling values then for such values to suddenly appear in the file, it is mor likely that the file is now playing correctly in the QT X Player but plays incorrectly in the QT 7 Player.
    One of the main differences between the QT X and QT 7 players is the method by which they play the content. QT 7 displays a file using dimension embedded in the file and ignores the PAR value. It doesn't care if these dimensions represent the original source content aspect ratio or any value a user chooses to embed in the file. On the other hand, QT X ignores the embedded display dimensions and instead plays the file at its encoded height with the encoded width scaled using the embedded PAR value. For a file to play correctly in both apps, the file must contain both types of embedded data. In most cases, it is easy to tell when an anamorphic file is correctly coded since the "Format" line will contain both the anamorphic encode dimensions and the display dimensions if the file was properly transcoded as an anamorphically file.
    Example: 720x480 (853x480)

Maybe you are looking for