Is it possible to pass current DataContext as ContructorParameter of ObjectDataProvider?

It would be very useful to pass DataContext as parameter for DataTemplate:
<ObjectDataProvider x:Key="ServiceDataProvider" ObjectType="{x:Type control:ServiceLayout}">
/*here could be DataContext..but how?*/
Source={StaticResource ServiceDataProvider}}" />
I will use this DataTemplate in ListBox ItemTemplate. So, DataContext will be ListBoxItem bound object (type is known), and it is not very well to use ViewModel added as static resource as in
May be there are any other ways to pass parameter to constructor from DataTemplate?

I am afraid that it is not possible to bind anything directly to the ConstructorParameters collections since it is just an IList property and not a dependency property.
What you could to is to use a BindingProxy class that extends the Freezable class and captures the DataContext as described here:
You can then bind the DataContext of the ListBoxItem to the Data property of a BindingProxy object and use a custom StaticResourceExtension class as described in the following TechNet article to pass the DataContext to the constructor:
Here is a complete example:
public class ServiceLayout
public ServiceLayout(object dataContext) {
public class BindingProxy : Freezable
protected override Freezable CreateInstanceCore() {
return new BindingProxy();
public object Data {
get {
return (object)GetValue(DataProperty);
set {
SetValue(DataProperty, value);
public static readonly DependencyProperty DataProperty =
DependencyProperty.Register("Data", typeof(object), typeof(BindingProxy), new UIPropertyMetadata(null));
public class StaticResourcePath : StaticResourceExtension
public PropertyPath Path {
public override object ProvideValue(IServiceProvider serviceProvider) {
object o = base.ProvideValue(serviceProvider);
return (Path == null ? o : PathEvaluator.Evaluate(o, Path));
class PathEvaluator : DependencyObject
private static readonly DependencyProperty DummyProperty =
DependencyProperty.Register("Dummy", typeof(object),
typeof(PathEvaluator), new UIPropertyMetadata(null));
public static object Evaluate(object source, PropertyPath path) {
PathEvaluator d = new PathEvaluator();
BindingOperations.SetBinding(d, DummyProperty, new Binding(path.Path)
Source = source
var result = d.GetValue(DummyProperty);
BindingOperations.ClearBinding(d, DummyProperty);
return result;
<local:BindingProxy x:Key="proxy" Data="{Binding}" />
<ObjectDataProvider x:Key="ServiceDataProvider" ObjectType="{x:Type control:ServiceLayout}">
<local:StaticResourcePath ResourceKey="proxy" Path="Data"/>
<ContentPresenter Content="{Binding Source={StaticResource ServiceDataProvider}}" />
Note that you have to move the resources to the root element of the DataTemplate, a DockPanel in the above example, for this to work, i.e. you cannot add the resources to <DataTemplate.Resources> but that should make no difference.
Hope that helps.
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    For line numbers, we cannot do it at the moment as it is not exposed in that API, however, you can request it on at the feature request station
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    No, you cannot currently pass a vector of objects as a parameter to a stored procedure. JDBC will not take a vector as an argument unless you want it to serialize it (ie a blob) .
    The Oracle database though does have support for struct types and varray types. So you could define a stored procedure to take a VARRAY of strings/varchar, and use that stored procedure through TopLink. For instance:
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    oracle.sql.ARRAY dbarray = new oracle.sql.ARRAY(descriptor, dbconnection, dataArray);
    Vector parameters = new Vector();
    session.executeQuery(query,parameters);This will work for any values as long as you are not going to pass in null as a value as the driver can determine the type from the object.
    dataArray is an Object array consisting of your String objects.
    For output or inoutput parameters you need to set the type and typename as well:
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    Check out thread
    Using VARRAYs as parameters to a Stored Procedure
    showing an example on how to get the conection to create the varray, as well as on using Varrays in Oracle, though I'm sure the database docs might have more information.
    Best Regards,

  • Is it possible to pass parameters through eventlisteners?

    Hello everyone!
    Inside a .fla file I have some buttons and each button will tween a different image to the stage. All the images are outside the stage in the same x and y position and I just need to tween the x coordinate.
    Now I'm working with an external document class where I'm trying to hold all my functions and I'm stucked with the Tweens. I'm willing to stay away from the flash tween engine and I'm trying to work with tweenLite.
    My question is: Is it possible to pass parameters through eventListeners so I can use something like this inside my docClass?
         public function animeThis (e:MouseEvent, mc:MovieClip, ep:int):void { //ep stands for endPoint., 2, {x:ep});
    If this is possible, how am I supposed to write the listeners so it will pass the event to be listened for AND those parameters? And how to build the function so it will receive those parameters and the event?
    If this is not possible, what's the best approach to do this?
    Thanks again!

    So, I understand you need to match buttons with corresponding visuals.
    Here is a suggested approach.
    Since SimpleButton is not a dynamic class, I suggest you have an enhanced base class for these buttons that extends SimpleButton. What is enhanced is that button has reference to the target.
    I wrote code off the top of my head and it may be buggy. But concept is clear:
    This is base class for all the buttons:
         import flash.display.DisplayObject;
         import flash.display.SimpleButton;
         public class NavButton extends SimpleButton
              public var targetObject:DisplayObject
              public function NavButton()
    Now, this is your doc class that utilizes this new buttons:
         import flash.display.DisplayObject;
         import flash.display.MovieClip;
         import flash.display.Sprite;
         public class DocClass extends Sprite
              private var btnArray:Array;
              private var visuals:Array;
              // references to objects being swapped
              private var visualIn:MovieClip;
              private var visualOut:MovieClip;
              public function DocClass()
                   if (stage) init();
                   else addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);
              private function init(e:Event = null):void
                   removeEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);
                   // buttons and MCs shouldn't be in the same array - otherwise it is counterintuitive
                   // assuming all the objects are on stage
                   btnArray = [price_btn, pack_btn, brand_btn, position_btn];
                   visuals = [g19_mc, g16_mc, g09_mc, g04_mc];
              private function configObjects():void
                   var currentVisual:MovieClip;
                   var currentButton:NavButton;
                   for (var i:int = 0; i < btnArray.length; i++)
                        currentVisual = visuals[i];
                        // hold original positioin
                        currentVisual.hiddenPosition = currentVisual.x;
                        currentButton = btnArray[i];
                        // set target MC
                        currentButton.targetObject = currentVisual;
                        currentVisual.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, placeObject);
                        currentButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, placeObject);
              private function placeObject(e:MouseEvent):void
                   // if NavButton is clicked - make new visual targeted for moving in and currently visible object subject for moving out
                   if (e.currentTarget is NavButton) {
                        visualOut = visualIn;
                        visualIn = NavButton(e.currentTarget).targetObject;
                   else {
                        // otherwise - move visual out
                        visualOut = visualIn;
               * Accompishes visuals swapping
              private function swapVisuals():void {
                   if (visualIn), .3, { x:0 } );
                   if (visualOut), .3, { x:visualOut.hiddenPosition } );

  • Is it possible to pass dynamic values to custom tag?

    Hi there, I'm trying to build a calendar custom tag so I can drop the calendar into an existing webpage easily.
    I have got the calendar displaying on the page but the problem I have is when I try to create 'previous' and 'next' links. Is it possible to pass parameters to a custom tag that have dynamic values?
    In PHP it would looks something like:
    <a href="bla.php?page=$pagenumber">next page</a>When I create the calendar object I set it to the current date so when I try to increase or decrease the month (next/prev month) it doesn't work because the code is run again and hence setting the current date again.
    Any ideas?
    Cheers in advance
    Message was edited by:

    for eg
    <a href=" Display.jsp?id='+<%=customerId%>">Result Page</a>
    Please try this,
    i didn't work out, any how apply this sample to your code

  • Is it possible to pass variables from Tidal to the Peoplesoft run controls?

    Does anyoen know
    •1) Is it possible to pass variables from Tidal to the Peoplesoft run control page such as current date?
    An example would be updating run control parameters for a PSQUERY.
    •a) From date
    •b) To date
    •c) Business units

    Edit the job - go to Run Controls Parameters tab - select the param you want in the Override column then click on the Variables button on the bottom and select the variable you want

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    Also, if there are other keywords available, where is that list?
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Richard,
    It seems there isn't a way to do this using the Command type.  The problem is that you can't use an expression to specify the arguments for the executable and you need to use an expression to get the current sequence file's path.
    However,  you can wrap your executable in a sequence file that has only one step; calling your executable.  If you place a Call Executable Step in your sequence, you can specify the argument as the current file path by using the expression RunState.InitialSelection.SelectedFile.Path.
    Then add a new item to the Tools menu and select your wrapper sequence.

  • Is it possible to pass a string from an applet to the web site?

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    Is it possible to pass a String from an applet to a web site (as a field value in a form, an ASP variable, or anything else). Basically, I have a pretty large String that is being edited by an applet. When a user clicks on the submit button, a different page will show up which has to display the modified string. The String is pretty large so it doesn't fit into the URL variable.
    Please, help!
    Thank you so much!

    Why do you want to do this in Java?
    Javascript is the correct language for these type of situations.
    for instance:
    in the head of your html document:
    <script language=javascript type="text/javascript">
    newDoc = new document
    newWin =,'newWin','width=200;height=150')
    in the body:
    <form onSubmit="createWindow(this)">
    Enter a String:<input type=text size=30 name="text">
    <input type=submit value="submit"> 
    <input type=reset value="reset">

  • BSP: Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status

    in the component SRQM_INCIDENT_H i created a own button and eventhandler on the overview view.
    Here in this eventhandler i´m calling an own method from an own class. This method is doing a RFC in our ERP system.
    If i test the method this works fine.
    If i call this method in my eventhandler i get BSP error:
    Calling the BSP page was terminated due to an error.
    SAP Note
    The following error text was processed in the system:
    Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status
    Error Name
    Include ZCL_CRM_CS_DATA_SERVICES======CM001
    Line 54
    Long text -
    Error type: Exception
    Any ideas?
    thank you
    Best regards

           Web-UI cannot handle MESSAGE statements. if it's your own program, you should use the web-ui( view_manager->get_message_container or cl_crm_bol_core's global message container) alternatives to display the messages. If the message statement is being issued by a standard program, it's most usually deliberate attempt to fail on unrecoverable error. You can catch it by usin the try...catch CX_SY_MESSAGE_IN_PLUGIN_MODE ..where you call the standard functions.
    Arun Prakash

  • CRM70 Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status

    Hi all,
    i programmed in Webclient UI an own button which calls a Method of a zclass. Within this method i do a remote function call in ERP.
    I can test the method successfully but if i call it from CRM Webclient UI i have a BSP error:
    Business Server Page (BSP) error
    What happened?
    Calling the BSP page was terminated due to an error.
    SAP Note
    The following error text was processed in the system:
    Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status
    Could one of you experts please give me a hind?
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    there was a SAP GUI "MESSAGE" in the ERP function call which is not possible for CRM Webclient UI.
    Kind regards

  • Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status

    I am new to all of this and new to SAP. I will bew self learing my way into CRM SOA,  working with the web service creaiton i keep getting the following errlr when rtying to Activate a new created web service:
    "Use of dynpro services is not possible in the current system status"
    not knowing the system that well i wonderin if there is missing configuration. This is CRM 7.0
    Program SAPLSKEY
    Include LSKEYU03
    Line 33

    Hi Keith,
    Welcome to the SCN forums!
    You should first check your Abap dumps using tranaction code ST22, this usually provides more detail on the problem.
    In this case I think it's trying to return a screen (or pop-up message) that can't be handled while activating the web service. The "SAPLSKEY" tells me that it might be licence related, do you have a valid developer's licence for Abap development work? If not apply for one (find out the procedure from other Abap developer's that you may work with) & check if that makes a difference while activating.
    Regards, Trevor

  • In JDBC Sender Adapter , the server is Microsoft SQL .I need to pass current date as the input column while Executing stored procedure, which will get me 10 Output Columns. Kindly suggest me the SQL Query String

    In JDBC Sender Adapter , the server is Microsoft SQL .I need to pass current date as the input column while Executing stored procedure, which will get me 10 Output Columns. Kindly suggest me the SQL Query String , for executing the Stored Procedure with Current date as the input .

    Hi Srinath,
    The below blog might be useful
    PI/XI: Sender JDBC adapter for Oracle stored procedures in 5 days

  • Is it possible to pass some type of parameter/unique id FROM PDF?

    hi there,
    I will try to explain this as best as I can but please bear with me.
    I have Adobe Acrobat X Pro.
    We have drawings linked to each other in pdf.
    When you open a drawing (say, a layout of a house), my boss wants to be able to click on say, a door, and have all the information on that door pop up (size, manufacturer, when it was shipped, etc). The information log is stored in Excel. I know how to hyperlink to open an excel file FROM pdf, but cannot figure out how to open a specific sheet in Excel. So here is my question:
    1. How do I link to a specific sheet in Excel so it opens when I click on a link in the pdf file?
    Having said that, we are going to have around 1500 items and I don't want to have to create 1500 sheets (if that's even possible) to open the details for each one. So here is question #2:
    2.  Is it possible to pass some type of parameter to excel (or even Access) to know what item was clicked on the pdf file so I can write a macro/code in Excel to just fill in the details for that item? (Hence just needing one sheet instead of 1500?).
    Suggestions/path forwards are welcome.
    I hope this was clear and I thank you in advance.

    There really isn't a way to do that. It would be possible to export an Excel sheet to a tab-delimited (or CSV, XML) file which could optionally be attached to the PDF. JavaScript inside the PDF could read the data file and extract the information for an item so it could be displayed somehow.

  • Is it possible to pass a field symbol as parameter from any method of view?

    Is it possible to pass a field symbol as an importing parameter to teh globally declared attribute??

    While it is true that you can pass field symbols, they must be fully typed at the time you pass them  and they will be passed by value, not by reference. If you want to pass generically typed variables use a data reference (TYPE REF TO) instead.

  • Is it possible to pass the idoc between the same client

    Is it possible to transfer the idoc between the same system. I do not have two clients . I have only one client access. Is it possible to pass the idoc between the same client.

    Hello Preethy,
    This would not be possible as when you have to create the logical systems, you cannot create two entries for the same client.
    And  while defining the partner profiles as well.
    IDocs are basically for two systems or two clients.
    YOu may not require IDoc in one system itself.

Maybe you are looking for

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