ITunes reads ID3 Tag Improperly

I've just spent my afternoon naming 1,881 mp3s that I loaded up on my computer from old cd's that weren't in any music database and I named all the files properly. As soon as I loaded the songs into iTunes the artist switched to "various" and everything else is fine. When I get properties on the file, all the information is there. Why doesn't iTunes pick it up?
I'm using the latest version 6.0.1 and the ID3 tags are in version 2.2

My mistake, according to this topic, it is apparently the "Sound Check" feature that is adding the random numbers to your Comments field, coupled with already-dodgy ID3 tags.

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  • ITunes cannot read ID3 tags written by Perl module MP3::Tag?

    Just trying to re-arrange ID3 information in a large set of MP3 files. Before I run the following Perl script, iTunes can read the ID3 tagging information. After writing ID3 inform ation to the MP3, iTunes no longer reads any tagging information from the MP3.
    Does anyone have any information regarding this? There is some cryptic information in the MP3::Tag POD regarding setting the "id3v23_unsync" option but that doesn't seem to alter the impact on iTunes at all. Windows and other tag readers seem to be able to read the all ID 3v1 and ID3v2 tags just fine (including the altered fields) after running the following script.
    Thanks for any suggestions/guidance anyone can provide.
    Description: the following program takes an MP3 filename as input.
    Action: It appends the value in the Album field to front of the TITLE Field. That's it! Easy!
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use MP3::Tag;
    MP3::Tag-> config(id3v23_unsync=>FALSE);
    my $filename = $ARGV[0];
    $mp3 = MP3::Tag-> new($filename);
    @info=$mp3-> autoinfo;
    @albnum = split(/_/, $info[3]);
    $frame = $mp3-> {ID3v2}->get_frame("TIT2");
    print $frame;
    $mp3-> {ID3v1}->title("$albnum[0] $info[0]");
    $mp3-> {ID3v2}->change_frame("TIT2","$albnum[0] $info[0]");
    $mp3-> {ID3v1}->write_tag();
    $mp3-> {ID3v2}->write_tag();
    @info=$mp3-> autoinfo;
    print $info[0]; //print ID3v1 TITLE field
    $frame = $mp3-> {ID3v2}->get_frame("TIT2");
    print $frame; //print ID3v2 Title2 field
    $mp3-> close();
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    Changing the config entry (Line 3 in original listing) to:
    fixed the problem with iTunes.
    NOTE: This means that iTunes version 7.x still has the synchronization problem alluded to in the documentation (POD) for this Perl module. I just had the syntax wrong to set the workaround parameter.
    That aside, iTunes 7.2 works quite nicely with the modified MP3. Artwork (even though this was a modified and obscure (and legal) Bible audio, it found additional information about the MP3 in the online database).
    Kind Regards,
      Windows XP  

  • ITunes not reading ID3 tags correctly

    I have an album of mp3s, all correctly ID3 tagged (WinAMP and Windows Media Player read them fine), and when I try to add it into my iTunes library, it only add it as the filename. It does not read the artist, album, or track name from the tag.
    It is strange that it is able to read some of the id3 tags but not all.
    iTunes 6.0.4   Windows XP Pro  

    Something else on your system is probably changing the tag outside of itunes. For instance, WMP is set to get album info from the internet.
    iTunes isn't constantly scanning your library for any little tag change (a good thing, otherwise it would use 100% CPU all the time). When you go to play it or get Info, it DOES read the tag info.
    Then again, I might not understand your itunes preferences settings. I have mine set for itunes not to organize my files and not add them to the itunes library.

  • Itunes not reading id3 tags

    For some reason, many of my songs that I imported using previous versions of itunes *specifically version 10.5* no longer are reading the ID3 tags correctly and now come up as unknown artists, unknown albums.  Is there anyway to fix this without doing each song individually as they show up correctly in Windows Media Player.  There were no issues on the original computer, however I transferred everything to my new computer and formatted the original one.

    Leo: Yes, when I first imported my library, I found this case on several files.
    In every instance, the ID3 tag itself was corrupted. What I later discovered was as follows:
    -Corrupt ID3 tags are pretty commonplace
    -Winamp is very lenient in its tag reading capabilities
    -iTunes is not so lenient
    There's a few ways to try to fix these files (since it is a problem with the file, technically).
    -You can try to correct the tag using a good tagging program. I found Tag&Rename was capable of fixing most tags.
    -You can erase the tag and retag the file entirely. TidyMP3 will remove the tag. Tag&Rename has nice lookup features for retagging whole albums at once (with art!).
    But it is the tag at fault. Winamp is just incredibly forgiving, more so than any other program. And as such, it's not a good basis on which to judge the correctness of the file's tag.

  • ITunes won't read ID3 tags that Windows sees

    I recently switched my library over from a Mac laptop to a PC desktop. I have about 70 GB of perfectly organized music accumulated over years and years.
    In the process, after I loaded some songs into iTunes (using the Keep My iTunes Folder Organized and all that stuff), I noticed that about 10 GB of music were without titles, artists, or album info, and just displayed the name of the MP3 file (so like instead of displaying 15 Step by Radiohead from In Rainbows, Track 1 it displayed "01 15 Step" in the Title column only).
    The problem is that when I navigate to these songs in Windows Explorer, not only do I see all of the correct ID3 information, I see the extras like Album Art have loaded perfectly as well. I can play these songs in Windows Media Player and the ID3 info is perfect.
    Does anyone know why iTunes won't read these ID3 tags or how to get iTunes to read them?

    I am also having the same problem with about 200 of my MP3s. The tag info shows up perfectly using QuickLook on Leopard, but in iTunes I can't see any of the info. I have tried converting the ID3 tag version, revesing the unicode....nothing.
    Have you had any luck?

  • ITunes doesn't read ID3 tags properly on import

    hi all,
    today I've added ID3 tags to all my mp3 files, so that they will look better in iTunes and my iPod. I have added information for "title", "artist", "album" and "track #" in ID3v1 and ID3v2.3.
    Now, when I import these files to iTunes, the ID3 information is read only partly or not at all. This means, some tracks show all information, some only show title and artist, some do not show anything at all.
    I edited all the ID3 tags with the same software, which makes it even more mysterious. The software was implemented by myself in C#. To edit the ID3 tags, I used the library UltraID3Lib. I don't think that something is wrong with my software because the ID3 tags are displayed properly in Winamp without any problems.
    I have also already tried the option in iTunes to convert the ID3 tags, but this also only yields strange results: If I select "none" as ID3 version, iTunes obviously imports the information from the ID3v1 tags, but it deletes the ID3v2 tag at the same time, so that titles and albums are cut down to 30 characters. If I choose other options, nothing changes.
    Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem? Or can someone maybe explain this "convert ID3 tag" option? It doesn't really make sense to me...
    Many thanks in advance!

    As far as I know (and it may not be very far), iTunes does use standard ID3 tags for most things. The XML file stores info on ratings, playlists, playcounts and other iTunes specific information for use by other applicaitons. iTunes itself doesn't use the XML file but rather the iTunes Library.itl file.
    It's possilble to do multiple file tag editing in iTunes for things like artist, album, year, etc. I would say, go with whatever works for you. It just seemed as if what you were doing wasn't working. Perhaps the other suggestion will solve you're problem.
    Best of luck.

  • ITunes won't read ID3 tags

    So long story short, I lost my iTunes library and had to re-import all of my songs. Problem is, iTunes isn't reading the ID3 tags correctly, and most of my music has "unknown" under artist, album, etc. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal to just go through my library and update the information for the tracks manually. But I have a LOT of music, and it would take forever to do so for my entire library. I use iTunes whenever I import CDs or purchase music, so the ID3 tags were all originally created by iTunes itself, which doesn't make any sense. All of the ID3 information (track names, artist, album, etc.) is showing up fine in Explorer and Windows Media Player, so I'm not sure why iTunes isn't recognizing it. Any ideas?

    I suspect the tracks have multiple tags which iTunes doesn't cope with. Each mp3 file should have a single ID3v2.3 tag for best results with iTunes. Some software creates both ID3v1 and ID3v2.x tags when creating mp3s. If these are edited with iTunes it may update one tag, but then later read back unchanged data from the other. MediaMonkey has some useful tools for cleaning tags, assuming that is the problem, and you can determine which version needs clearing out. Test with small samples to make sure.

  • Itunes does not read id3 tags and its a problem

    Ok I have 60 gig of music and all of it is labeled correctly in id3 tags. But when i add them all to itunes some of the songs are blank with no information at all but if i go into "show in explorer" the information in the id3 tags instantly pops up. I'v searched google and found nothing so i hope someone can tell me a fix or another program to use that will organise my music like itunes does and also can put music on my ipod. So please help me with the problem.

    It doesn't work. I'v already tried that. I'v even tried converting the id3 tags and then removing them from the libray and adding them again. Still nothing. It might help if someone could tell me where itunes gets it information for its tags when you add music to its libray seeing as it doesn't use id3 tags for the information like any smart program does.

  • Read id3 tags

    I'm looking for a way to read the id3 tags (id3 v2) from my mp3 collection - not happy with iTunes handling of these files.
    I've found id3lib in C#, is there a way to embed this into LV script?

    In this discussion on the LAVA forums, they suggest using TagScanner.
    Now is the right time to use %^<%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%3uZ>T
    If you don't hate time zones, you're not a real programmer.
    "You are what you don't automate"
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  • Reading id3 tags

    We can't get Flash 8 to read the id3 tags that are embedded
    in an mp3 that was created from iTunes.
    We bring an aif file into iTunes. Preferences are set to
    create an mp3 when importing. So, we create an mp3.
    Get info shows the data, we add more data (like into the
    comments field).
    We should have an mp3 with id3 tags but Flash does not
    recognize the data.
    Is ther anything we can do?

    And here's the code needed to get title, album and artist from an mp3 file.
    File file = new File(filename);
    AudioFileFormat baseFileFormat = AudioSystem.getAudioFileFormat(file);
    if (baseFileFormat instanceof TAudioFileFormat)
    {     Map properties = ((TAudioFileFormat)baseFileFormat).properties();
         String title  = (String)properties.get("title");
         String album  = (String)properties.get("album");
         String author = (String)properties.get("author");

  • Nokia N70 unable to read id3 tags

    Hi there,
    I have transferred some music to my Nokia N70 phone, all mp3 files. Now, one of the albums is by The Beatles.
    When that gets transferred, the phone is able to read the artist and album information from the tag and when I go into the Music Player, it is correctly recognised within the Artists and Albums views.
    However, for all the other mp3s, they all get recognised as Unknown.
    I can see no difference between the files on my computer. Both do not contain an ID3v1 tag, and only contain the ID3v2.3 tag info.
    My Nokia version is:
    Phone Model: N70
    V 5.0616.2.0.3
    Does anyone know what special format the tags have to be in in order to be correctly recognised by the Nokia N70 music manager ? Does the mp3 have to be of a certain quality ? Does the mp3 have to be of a certain length since the tag is at the end of the file ?
    Or can anyone recognise some mp3 ripping software / tag editing software that will create tags in a format which the Nokia N70 will be able to recognise ?
    Thanx in advance,
    Is there any software out there that is able to rewrite the mp3 tags

    Hi there,
    Sorry. I shoulda used the search function at first. It seems that ITunes is the answer.
    Even though my ID3 tags were in v2.3 format already, I downloaded ITunes and selected the convert ID3 tag from the menu.
    Once this had been done, the file size had changed slightly. I copied the file back to my N70 and now the music player can read the file correctly.
    Woohoo !

  • After converting mp3s to AAC, does itunes write id3 tags?

    I'm on OSX 10.3.9 and running iTunes 5.0.1. I just recently converted a lot of music which was on mp3 format to AAC at 128kbps (saved about 30% space with no loss of quality).
    Now when I'm running iTunes, it lags and a small window comes up sporadically saying "Writing ID3 Tags."
    Is this for the files I converted to AAC recently, or what's this all about?

    out of interest how did you do the conversion ?
    Make an intelligent playlist, with the setings, "kind is" - "MPEG"
    Check that your "convert to" setting is AAC.
    In your MPEG playlist, press command and a keys together (or Edit > Select All, from the menu bar) and choose Advanced > Convert to AAC.
    When you are done, use Select All then option and delete keys together in the playlist, to remove the MPEGs from your library.

  • Itunes deleted id3 tags on my mp3s automatically

    the "let itunes organize your music" box is unchecked, and i imported my cds as mp3s, as i removed the songs from the itunes library (not the files), it took off all the tags!!!! i spent hours importing cds, once i removed the songs from the library, then dragged the folder back into the itunes window, the tags to the album, track #, artist, etc weren't there anymore!!!!! just the file name. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! the program shouldn't have authority to mess with the id3 tags that are embedded into the mp3s once i remove the song from itunes!!! RIGHT?! what am i supposed to do with all the unlabeled mp3s!?!1 i'm not going to use iEatBrainz for everything, thats rediculous! could someone else try removing their songs from the itunes 6 version like the one i have here and see if they have the same problem?? its gotta be from the same folder where all your imported music goes....
    this is making me soooo mad. i need an alternative program cuz this ain't working for me.

    If you remove a song from the iTunes library the file will remain in the location that it was previously BUT the tune is removed from the library. The id3 tag was never changed. If you go back to the file in its' original location you can put it back into the iTunes library and all the id3 info is still there.
    Usually it is best to let iTunes organize you library - unless you have a special reason not to let iTunes organize.
    I removed tunes from my libary - keeping the files - then added them back and all was as it should be. If you are looking at the file via the finder the only info that you will see is the song title (the same info as in the "Name" column in iTunes). iTunes names the file on the HD the same as what is in the "Name" field.

  • Tracks originally ripped in iTunes loose ID3 Tag then become corrupt?

    I'm tearing my hair out... After investing in a Soundblaster Wireless Media device I started to copy the 6000 odd mp3's ripped from CD's and Vinyl listed in iTunes 4.7 (I have an iPod so need to maintain both libraries) to the Media Organiser. Many of the ripped CD's (possibly from later editions of iTunes) appeared to have no Tag information (Artist, Album and genre were 'unknown') I started to manually readd some of this but then found that the tracks were not playable in either location!!! iTunes and Media Centre behave like the tracks doesn't exist and skip straight passed them.
    I'm guessing it's an iD3 incompatibility and was wondering if anybody out there knew what the problem was and if there is any way around this.
    Thanks in advance

    I had a very similar problem. Ripped tunes in ITUNES, added them to a library in Musicmatch. Everything came up as 'Unknown Artist'. Tried to fix the tags in Musicmatch and got a dialog box saying the headers were corrupt.
    After a little trial and error went into ITUNES and used the 'Convert ID3 Tags' feature to change the tags to V2.3. Musicmatch detected the change and picked up the tags.
    The 'Convert ID3 Tags' feature is under 'Advanced' on the top bar or available by right-clicking a tune.
    Hope this helps,

  • Itunes cannot read id3 tags

    Ok, so my itunes library file got corrupt and i lost over 5000 songs. So, i transferred all of them from my ipod to my computer and i got all of them. But 1% of the tags didnt get decoded. So i did the convert id tag thing but it didnt work. Is there a way to get it back to its normal file name or will it be called something like "PCQU" forever?

    Changing the config entry (Line 3 in original listing) to:
    fixed the problem with iTunes.
    NOTE: This means that iTunes version 7.x still has the synchronization problem alluded to in the documentation (POD) for this Perl module. I just had the syntax wrong to set the workaround parameter.
    That aside, iTunes 7.2 works quite nicely with the modified MP3. Artwork (even though this was a modified and obscure (and legal) Bible audio, it found additional information about the MP3 in the online database).
    Kind Regards,
      Windows XP  

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