Java tool (with a web based interface)

Hello all experts,
This is what may client has said:
+"We require a Java tool (with a web based interface) that will+
+screen scrape or copy the Britannica source content from by+
+category. Then import those pages into confluence+
+<> Britannica . Optimally+
+this tool will work as a plug-in for confluence+
+<> Britannica."+
Can anyone please tell me what are the processes (java technology) I should undertake to build the system successfully?
Thanks and Regards,

Find a lawyer.
As it appears, without evidence from you to the contrary that you are asking how to use Java to steal copyrighted content I would humbly suggest that you investigate, whether (a) the activity is illegal (b) whether you feel comfortable legally and ethically in helping someone steal content.
Happily your actual Java related question is quite trivial and the fact that you had to to ask and couldn't either figure it out on your own nor find a suitable answer through searching suggests that you will be unable to provide the client with what they ask based on your current skill set. Aka the legality won't be an issue since you don't appear competent enough anyway.

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    Please have a look at Ludek's document here which contains links: SAP Lumira Family Supported Versions Matrix
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    Go to Solution.

    If you are not able to see any Tab on your router setup page, If you have any Firewall or Antivirus  installed on your computer you may disable it and then try to Login to your Router Setup page and check if you are able to see any Tabs on Routers GUI. If still not then Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable.
    If you still face the same problem, Connect your other computer to the Router and try to access the router setup page and check if you are able to see any tabs on the router setup page. If stil the same problem on the 2nd computer then you need to Upgrade the firmware of your Router using TFTP tool. 
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    TFTP tool which you can Download 44.3 KB (It will be named as BEFW11S4-v2_SetupWizard) 
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    For Server- Enter the IP Address of the router that you assigned.  By default, the router is
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  • Getting SQL*Net more data from client waits when running a query through web based interface

    Hi, you all,
    We are having this weird behavior when running query through web based interface, we get a lot of "SQL*Net more data from client" waits, the OEM indicates that the current wait event is SQL*Net more data from client
    It's just a very simple query wich invokes a db link.
    When I execute the same query on any PL/SQL tool like toad or sql developer it works fine, but that query inside an application executed through a web based interface, it hangs for ever.
    Where can I start looking for the problem.
    We are working on a 3 Node RAC 11gr2, both databases are on the same RAC.

    Hi ,
    we managed to reproduce the case in test environment, below are the steps:
    1)have 2 databases on different machines, will call the first one local, the other one remote.
    2)in the local database create:
    a - DBLink to remote database.
    b - read data from remote database(we simply used select count(*) from dummy_table )
    c - insert data into a table on the local database
    d - terminate the connection between the 2 databases (disconnect either machine from the network)
    e - commit on local database.
    what we noticed was the following:
    1)when the local database is disconnected from the network(the machine is not connected to any network at the moment): almost immediately throws an error, and issuing the following:
    select * from dba_2pc_pending;we found some data .
    2) when the remote database was disconnected(the local database is still connected to the network):
    after 7-8 seconds an error is thrown, and issuing the following:
    select * from dba_2pc_pending;did not return any data.
    since this is pretty similar to our case ,we concluded that it's a network issue.
    is this the correct behavior ?
    as a temporary solution till the network issue is fixed ,we did the following:
    1) changed the call of the remote procedure to calling a local procedure that calls the remote procedure.
    2) added pragma autonomous_transaction to the local procedure.
    3) at the end of the local procedure rollback the autonomous transaction.
    it seems that since the global transaction does not use the DBLink database does not issue a 2PC commit.
    this works in my cases since the DBLink is only issed to read data.

  • Identity SSO API with non-web based appilcations

    i can appreciate hwo this works with cookies etc for web based applications that use the api or one of the agents on apache etc.
    but how does it go with non web based java and say windows applications?
    can anyone point me to some docs?

    I don't work for Sun but here are my thoughts
    1. Yes, if you don't want to use the AM SDK then the
    XML auth service is the way to go.
    2 & 3. dunno
    4. I think if you pass around the SSOToken ID
    generated by AM then any application can issue a SAML
    query to see if the session is still valid and get
    identity/auth attributes back
    5. I think SAML 2.0 supports authentication and
    single signoff
    6. If you are doing a lot of thick client apps you
    should use kerberos instead of AM web based
    Authentication. AM supports kerberos authentication,
    most modern browsers support SPEGNO for passing
    credentials to web server, AD supports Kerberos, and
    even Solaris 10 comes with a free KDC built into the
    OS. There is plenty of documentation around kerberos
    and the JDK out of the box supports GSS-API for
    Kerberos authenticationThank you for your feedback.
    We looked at the use of kerberos as well, but this is not really an option as we are dealing with fat clients installed on desktops of clients. So these desktops do not fall within our span control (multiple domain controllers etc.).

  • Our software vendor tells to use FF 3.5.1. because of some printer issues with their web based program. How safe is it to work with FF 3.5.1 in 2012?

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at your solution.

  • Generate Adobe Interactive Form with XML Schema-Based Interface

    I need to generate a adobe Interactive but with XML Schema-Based Interface, i have one example but with ABAP Dictionary-Based Interface.
        ie_outputparams       = fp_outputparams
    *   CANCEL                = 1
    *   USAGE_ERROR           = 2
    *   SYSTEM_ERROR          = 3
    *   INTERNAL_ERROR        = 4
    *   OTHERS                = 5
        i_name     = 'ZMMDM_CL'
        e_funcname = fm_name.
    But when i call the next function for print i need the docxml parameter and i don't know how to get it
    CALL FUNCTION fm_name
       /1BCDWB/DOCPARAMS        = fp_docparams
    *    /1bcdwb/docxml           =
    *   /1BCDWB/FORMOUTPUT       =
    *   USAGE_ERROR              = 1
    *   SYSTEM_ERROR             = 2
    *   INTERNAL_ERROR           = 3
    *   OTHERS                   = 4

    1) this questions was asked many times before, you didn´t search for a second
    2) I am not aware of any standard solution
    3) custom solution: use XSLT transformation ID to get XML from the filled DDIC structure and use string operations to add the header and footer to create a valid XML.
    Regards Otto

  • How to administer an Access database via web-based interface?

    There are times when I need to edit a database record to do something my CMS wasn't designed to do, so I have to manually edit it. Normally I just ftp the Access mdb file to my pc, make edits, and reupload the mdb file and hope nobody updated the database in the meantime.  Does anyone know of a web-based database admin system that will allow me to edit Access data?  Sure would be nice if I could install something on the server that would allow me to edit any datasource there and not have to have a separate, customized interface for each datasource.
    Thanks for looking, Bill

    I would recommend naming that page with an extension that the web server will not serve.  Rename it to use it and then rename it back when done.
    Or just put access restrictions on it via the web server, so one needs to authenticate to the system before using it.
    Or stop using Access and use a decent DB: Access is not appropriate to be used as a DB for a web application.  But that might not be an option.

  • Urgent ..How to use Tree component in a web based interface

    I want to make a Java web based windows explorer type interface.
    For that i want to use tree component .
    Is it possible for me to do this.
    Can anybody suggest me how to do ?

    I assume you plan to do this in a browser and you plan to use JTree. When using an applet, you'd have to make sure that the latest Java Plug-In is available on the client.
    If you not plan to use JTree, you could use a Tree component which is not based on swing such as the one at
    In this case still the browser would have to be 'Java enabled' by any kind of plug-in

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    Also, a related problem with my email is that you can't copy an email address and then paste the email address into the email. Pasting is not allowed with firefox but works ok with Internet Explorer

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Try adjusting the dolby digital setting.

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    We are using IEDriver 2.44.0 with microsoft webdriver tool Windows7-KB2990999-x64.msu update with IE11.
    Using IMPLEMENTATION=VENDOR, we are not able to get this IEDriver version working with out selenium based test tool, with or without microsoft webdriver tool.
    I can see the driver IMPLEMENTATION set to VENDOR in the log, it also brings up the browser, but gets stuck there.Is this a known issue?ThanksTanvi

    Selenium is a third party software, so it is not supported in MSDN forum. It would be better consult to selenium's office website or forum. Some placa like here:
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Connection SQLite with Flex Web Based App??

    Hi! I have a problem, I create a Flex Web Based App in Flash Builder 4 and I need connect that app with my SQLite database... but I can't found the method that permit me create that connection.
    My question is... exist some method or some kind of code with I can do the connection?
    Can someone help me, please?

    SQLLite is only available in AIR apps.
    The preferred method for a web-app is to use some kind service architecture to expose your data. I wouldn't be able to offer any specific advise without knowing more about your deployment environment.

  • Logitech c615 with iMac & web-based video chat

    How do I get a Logitech c615 to work with web-based video chat sites? Works with Skype, Face Time, etc. Can select it in Chrome browser but still uses builtin cam. Would use the builtin cam but your adjustments are tilting/twisting the monitor and moving closer/farther from the monitor. Really?! Is it possible to set an external camera as default for web-based video or is it yet another regret I have from switching from PC?

    on a related topic - I have the same camera but I can't hear people when I facetime - it's ok with Skype though
    can you help?

  • Problems with the web based email page and Windows...

    We've just upgraded our PC to Windows 8 and I've read the bit on the Help page which says that Yahoo Mail is not compatible with Windows 8 and that we need to access our email via the webpage. Fair enough - though why Yahoo mail still won't work with Windows 8, which after all isn't that new is another matter.
    Our problem is that when we access our email via the webpage we have the following problems:
    It seems to be very slow
    When you click on the first unopened email in the list to open it, it usually opens one further down the list. You can get it to open the one you want if you tick the box next to it first, but that wasn't what you needed to do previously.
    When you try andreply to an email and start typing, your text appears in one place while the curser is actually somewhere else. If you make a mistake when typing and try and go back it doesn't work well.
    I tried getting help via a Live Chat with someone but she directed me back to the page I'd already seen saying BT Yahoo Mail and Windows 8 can't talk to each other and you need to access emails via the webpage.
    Has anyone else had the same problem? Any answers?
    Thanks - Kiwirob199
    Go to Solution.

    Just install an email client such as Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, much easier than messing about with webmail.

  • Business Objects Web Service Interface for Scheduling (without Java SDK)

    > use BO web service interface to schedule report generation and fetch job with generated PDF object without having to use Java (Webservice) SDK
    Detailed requirements:
    > get session ID : ok, session WSDL, <BO server alias>/dswsbobje/services/Session , method "session"
    > schedule a specific report : in general clear, via <BO server alias>/dswsbobje/services/BIPlatform, method "schedule"
    > set report format to "PDF": is that possible ? With which WSDL and method ?
    > schedule right now and only once: is that possible ? With which WSDL and method ?
    > can I provide a parameter value for that report ?
    > does schedule response contain jobID for later fetching of completed job ?
    > how to fetch scheduled job for check of completion ?
    > how to check status of job concerning completion ?
    > how to fetch created PDF from completed job ?
    With focus on my research (have checked and tested with soapUI), WSDL interface of BO seems not to be sufficient to fullfil the upper requirements, so I have to use BO Java SDK, which is powerful enough. Am I right ? Can you provide insights how to fullfil the requirements with the web service interface ? Would make whole implementation simpler (invocation from Tibco, ESB implementation).

    The error you're hitting is presumably JBO-25030.
    Look to the "merge" command. In the parent you specify just the key of the preexisting parent record, and then in the child you specify your new child record.

Maybe you are looking for

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