Laptop like ibook clamshell

okay so i know you guys released that colorful laptop back in 1999 called the ibook clamshell g3, and yeah i know it has horrible hardware and stuff.  So right now, I was wondering if there is any laptops out there like that one that have like the transparency and the colors that that one had.....  either that or i will purchase that good ol laptop..... best regards,
Tom Hancock

The best of the Clamshells have Firewire, and are upgradeable to Mac OS X 10.4.11. Firewire offers bootable backup capability through a port that is at least 20 times faster than the old USB 1.1 that is found on it.  The downside is the Clamshell never did come with a decent size screen for Mac OS X.
Some people like running Mac OS 9 (predates Mac OS X) better on the Clamshell, but few browsers work well anymore on Mac OS 9, except possibly WaCOM Mozilla. 
Be sure if you get it, to get the original discs pre bundled with it.  After the iBook Clamshell, Apple released a long line of white iBook G3, and G4s, then some white and black MacBooks, whereas the rest of their notebooks after the Powerbook G3 Firewire were all aluminum or titanium colored.  Before then they were black as well.  There is an option for current Apple notebooks called Colorware
Suffice it to say you might not always get the warranty you expect on these, but if color is what you want, you can get it on a more modern Apple notebook that way.    I would not get the add on color shells on Apple notebooks after market.  Those can cause them to overheat.

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  • Where can I buy old apple laptops like iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 in London?

    And stuff for them like iSight camera.

    I have 12inch powerbook for sale in london
    check gumtree or ebay. Type in powerbook

  • Mac mini and the old mac iBook clamshell

    Does anyone know if the old iBook clamshell can be used as the monitor and keyboard with the Mac mini? I've got one and I'd like to be able to use it.
    What about the the old iMac blueberry bubbles/OS 9.2. Can I use this with a Mac mini as the monitor, keyboard and mouse?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    The simple answer to your question is that no, your iBook or iMac can't be used the way you hope. Neither has any way to get the mini's video output into the iBook or iMac for display purposes. Obviously the iMac keyboard can be used with the mini, but not the iBook's.
    This question comes up regularly here in one form or another, with users hoping to use laptops or iMacs as input/out devices for a mini, but it can't be done. What can be done in many situations is to connect the mini and 'host' system by ethernet and use a VNC solution (such as Chicken of the VNC to control the mini from the host. basically the mini appears in a window on the host system's desktop. However most, if not all, VNC-type solutions will require that the host is running MacOS X, not OS9 or earlier, and even when it does work, performance is really not that great. Aside from that, a screen, keyboard and mouse is required for the mini's initial out-of-the-box setup anyway.

  • Where can I get a new adapter for my iBook clamshell model M6411?

    Hi, my iBook clamshell is a little ancient but in perfect working order.  However, the power cord is completely damaged and emits blue sparks when plugged in, so need a replacement.  Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from?  I tried ebay and have tried several online shops but the ones I have been sent for this model have all had the wrong size end to go into the laptop.
    Its an ibook clamshell, blueberry and is model M6411.  The adapter is the 45w power adapter.  Can anyone help me please?

    Hi, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It looks like this one should work: shell_z_0033.php
    I'm not familiar with that seller. Other World Computing has a replacement adapter:
    It's more than double the price, but I'm sure that they are a reputable merchant.
    Likewise, iFixit is a known seller: IF113-044

  • Buying iBook clamshell w/ OS 10.3 Panther

    This question is for people with iBook clamshells, however anyone who has run or is running Panther 10.3 on any mac please chime in.
    I'm seriously considering getting an iBook clamshell, used of course. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to do my research so I need some help. I do want to get a macbook (the latest version), so all my research has gone toward the MacBook and the iMac not the iBook.
    I have a PC running XP and will be keeping it. So, I won't be stranded if my iBook can't do some of the things below. However, I really want to not have to spend any (or very much) time on windows anymore.
    Here's the iBook specs:
    PowerPC G3
    366 Mhz
    192 MB Ram
    10 GB Hard Drive
    Phone modem
    Panther - OS 10.3
    What I currently do on my computer:
    Web surf - I've used plenty of different browsers including Opera and Firefox. I'm looking forward to using Safari.
    Email - I use yahoo mail, so as long as there's a browser that I can run on 10.3 that can handle Yahoo mail, I'm fine.
    Download and play AVIs - Some of my files are 20 minutes to 2 hours long. I use bit torrent clients to download and different players including DivX.
    Connect to the internet through a cable modem - I don't do phone lines.
    Do some word processing - Any old text editor will do.
    Use a 2 Gig or 4 Gig flash drive - Hopefully, I can go back and forth between OS 10.3 and XP.
    Read CD-ROMs - If I burn documents, pictures, AVIs, etc to a CD-ROM on my Windows XP machine, will OS 10.3/Panther be able to read that CD. I know I have to have the right software to actually open/run the files. My question is will the ibook at least be able to read the CD and "see" the files or not?
    Should I be concerned about doing any of the above and is 192MB Ram low for OS 10.3. I know 512-1Gig is recommended for Panther.
    Also, links are good. Please feel free to link to resources that can help me.
    I'd really like to hear from actual iBook users on this.

    I bought an iBook!
    It isn’t the one I asked about. I liked the color (Key Lime) and the specs on that one better, however the one I got was better for my budget. I normally would have spent more, but this way, I was able to get an iBook right away and without over spending this month’s budget.
    Since, any iBook I get will be slow, the specs do not matter so much. I bought the iBook, because I’ve always liked the clamshells and I’ve been planning to get one for years. Also, I have a laptop I can use now instead of waiting until later this year.
    Of course, I’m still buying a MacBook and iMac later.
    I bought a Tangerine iBook Clamshell G3 300MHz, 96MB Ram, 3Gig Hard Drive. It is running OS 9.
    Tangerine is my second favorite iBook color, so I’m very happy with it.
    Spudnuty, I have an orange one like your son had Cool coincidence. I do like the "retro" look of the clamshells. You mentioned that they are "A total pain to work on". Did you mean work on as in being on the computer using it or did you mean opening it up to work on the hardware?
    I already plan to max out the RAM and put in a larger hard drive. I also plan to upgrade to a 10x OS (if feasible). Unfortunately, my first purchase will be a battery. For the moment, I’m on AC power only. It does come with a new adapter at least.
    I’m still looking for advice, insight and opinions on my iBook, however I know I can’t do a lot of what I had wanted to do on it. For now, I still must deal with windows.
    Any comments on my new hardware or OS 9? I appreciate any feedback I can get.
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  • IBook Clamshell apple logo glow

    Does anybody know how to make a iBook g3 clamshell apple logo glow like this video?

    I've described this procedure on my iBook website
    Have fun.

  • Ibook Clamshell Shows folder with a question mark when its turn wont start

    I have an ibook clamshell which was passed down to me from my cousin it was workin fine for a while and i just put it aside so i could save up and upgrade it to tiger. But just yesterday i turned it on and it did what i guess was a disk check which had one button on the left which was to retry the search and another to continue forward.when the search is done it doesnt show anything and when i click forward the page jus either blink(a really quick flash ()rarely though) or does nothing.I have only tried rebooting the clamshell to resolve the problem. Im not sure of the spec of this computer but i know its a ibook clamshell graphite, 1 usb port,,1 ethernet port i believe thats what the firwire or fireware port is, and one other port that the size of a telephone line. Sorry but i am un aware of the mhz and it does not have an airport card installed in it. So if anyone has any idea what i can do to save my laptop besides purchasin a new one please help me thank you.

    ...1 ethernet port i believe thats what the firwire or fireware port is...
    The Ethernet port is not the FireWire port.
    The picture below shows (from left to right)
    Internal 56 Kbps modem
    10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1 port
    Video/Sound output
    The ports on a non-FireWire iBook are shown below:

  • IBook Clamshell Hard Drive questions

    Hi! I am new on the forums here, so I hope this doesn't sound like an obvious question. I am a big fan of Macs, so I am thinking about refurbishing and reselling Mac computers. I am going to start with the iBook Clamshell models as they are fairly collectible, and are fairly cheap when in parts form. So my question is, what type of HD would I have to use, and what is the GB limit on these? I believe they use eide drives, but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    You will need an EIDE 2.5" notebook drive, also known as a PATA or Parallel ATA drive. You do NOT want a SATA (Serial ATA) drive. I believe the G3 processor can only see 128 GB, so you want to use 120 GB or smaller drives.
    Also check out the prices of batteries, power adaptors, and software--some of these cost more than you might think. It can be a challenge to not spend too much trying to refurbish some of these vintage computers. The parts machines can be very cheap, but often these other things are not.
    Good luck!

  • Is there a way to make the Time Capsule compatible with the iBook Clamshell (2000 not 1999)?

    We upgraaded our router to the new time capsule over christmas break and it works great but our old ibook clamshell doesnt work with it. is says an error has occured when i try to connect to it.
    Is there someway to connect the Clamshell?

    What type of security is defined for your wireless network?  I may be wrong, but I don't believe that the AirPort Card supports anything better than the very weak WEP encryption.  It also only works on the 2.4 GHz band.  I'm presuming you configured the Time Capsule to support that band.

  • I have an iPod touch 2g running on iOS 4.2.1. Whenever I download an up like iBooks it says that I need to upgrade to 4.3.. But when I check on iTunes 11 it says that my iOS is the latest.. Ideas?

    I have an iPod touch 2g running on iOS 4.2.1. Whenever I download an up like iBooks it says that I need to upgrade to 4.3.. But when I check on iTunes 11 it says that my iOS is the latest.. Ideas?

    The 2G iPod can only go as high as iOS 4.2.1. If you want apps that require an iOS higher than 4.2.1 you need a newer model iPod.

  • IBook Clamshell video out modification

    I recentley purchased an iBook Clamshell with out video out and I really need video out. I was wondering if I was to replace the sound board in my graphite ibook with the video board from a key lime ibook would it enable me to use video out. Also if I was to take the DVD drive out of my e sytem could I then burn DVD's on my clamshell ibook.

    Highly dubious.
    They are fairly inexpensive these days. Why not buy the one that meets your needs?
    Choose the model you need/want from the list here:

  • Quicktime Broadcaster on iBook Clamshell (G3-466Mhz-FireWire-520MB) ?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post that - can't find any other...
    I have an opportunity to acquire an iBook Clamshell or a good price. It has 466MGZ, 512MB RAM, 8MB Vid, and a 10GB HD - Model M6411;
    I want to use it to run Quicktime Broadcaster to live encode video from a FW device; The hardware requirements on the broadcater homepage are PPCG3 - 128MB - but they recommend intel or G5 for H.264 encoding. I know for afact that a G4 1.2 is enough to do it.. ;but what about the G3 specs ...?
    any idea or advice ?

    If you used QuickTime 6 and Sorenson Video you might squeak by.
    QuickTime 7 and H.264 wouldn't work on that CPU.
    You could barely even view H.264 encoded files on that machine let alone create them in "real time".

  • Ibook clamshell indigo won't go into sleep

    When I close the lid of my ibook clamshell it wont go into sleep. I tried going into system preferences and looking at energy saver and display, but Icouldn't find out how to make it go into sleep when I close the lid.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Two more things:
    The freeware troubleshooting utility applejack is sometimes helpful.
    Version 1.4.3 is the best for OSX 10.3 panther
    It is invisible after the installation. To run the application press Apple+S after pushing the power button (start in text based single-user mode). Type
    and choose option a.
    Check your settings concerning Energy Saver sleep and idle modes

  • IBook Clamshell installing os problem

    Ok I bought a 366 iBook clamshell indigo with firewire port, it has no os when I turn it on it shows me the ? and the finder logo.
    So I took the ram out of my other clamshell which brought it up to 320 mb and tried to install osx tiger which I have the cd's for I booted to the disc and the apple logo with white screen came up and the spinning wheel at the bottom then I waited for 30 mins, and no change the wheel was spinning the cd is spinning.
    So could it be cd drive? Hard drive I know it was upgraded. or am I not waiting long enough If the wheel is spinning does that mean its working?

    The CD drive may have difficulties reading the CD. Try to clean the lens which is located near the middle of with tray with alcohol or clean the CD. If you own a firewire CD / DVD drive you may the installation this way (press alt after powerbutton to choose the  firewire drive as boot drive)

  • Ibook clamshell Batterie

    Ich habe mir ein ibook clamshell gekauft. Wenn ich das ibook ausschalte stellt sich die Uhr auf Null. Wie kann ich selbst die kleine Batterie austauschen? Oder gibt es ein Video im Netz wo es Schritt für Schritt erklärt wird?

    Das iBook Clamshell besitzt keine Pufferbatterie, die Funktion wird vom Akku wahrgenommen - ist der leer, verliert das iBook auch Datum und Zeit wenn es nicht am Strom hängt.
    Im iBook gibt es lediglich einen PRAM Kondensator, der kurzzeitig bei einem Akkuwechsel die Einstellungen speichert.

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