Lumia 710. why can't I just close internet explore...

I've bought a lumia 710 a month a go, and i'm pretty happy with it, but i have a question: why there is no way to close the internet Explorer app with a single touch? The only way to close de app is by pushing the back button, but this is really anoying if you have went trough a lot of pages... If there is another way please tell me, and if there isn't... Well i think it should be!

You may try using the tabs when you go to IE > (...) as I think it's more convenient.

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  • Why Can't Safari do what Internet Explorer does in Windows

    Why can't Safari developers fix Safari and the mac os to run Sirius Satellite stream the way in which Internet Explorer runs it. I had to download Firefox and run Sirius from it because Safari and Snow Leopard won't run Sirius. If Apple wants to be the operating system of choice then it has to offer what IE offers with Windows.

    Hello Arthur:
    Is there a question there, or are you just pontificating? Anyone who suggests that IE is superior to Safari should migrate back to the "PC" world.
    The problem you pose is a Sirius problem, not a Safari issue.

  • Can't install itunes, closes internet explorer

    I have just got a new computer it is a Compaq laptop and it meets way over the requirements. I am trying to download itunes to it so I can transfer my music from my desktop to my laptop and when i click on the download now button for itunes it closes out internet explorer and tells me there is a problem that is causing the program to not run correctly, but it will not tell me the problem. PLEASE help!

    Are you able to complete the download if you use a different web browser, like Firfox?



    And when I click on that top-right X, it closes just the message window and leaves Thunderbird running. I can't tell what you're doing differently.
    You could close a message window with the Escape key, usually at top left of your keyboard. Or ctrl+w, or alt+F4. But the X ought to work too. Or you could set it to open in a tab, with its own close button as in my picture (but tabs have also confused a lot of people who go for the X at top right and so close the program.)
    Or you could do as I do and read your messages in the bottom pane. But I'm guessing from your choice of block capitals that you have eyesight issues and need things as big as possible.

  • Why Can I NOT Keep My Internet Explorer "DELETE HISTORY ON EXIT" Set

    Ok I have been fighting this every since Windows 8.0 and NO success.  Its like Microsoft coded I.E. to still hold onto all of my history and cache even though I have selected "Delete on exit".  Also the Advance setting where it caches
    sites files etc, NEVER deletes.   I can perform the procedure, then close out.  Turn off my computer and when I am back into IE.  I get the "previous browser session closed yada yada.... do you wish to restore"..        
    Sure enough, when I 'restore' everything I 'deleted' still there.
    and no, I didn't "cold-shut down' the computer where programs were still running (unless it is intentional that i.e. is still running even after ive closed and deleted history MANUALLY over and again)
    Is there a better "3rd" party browser to use ?

    Karin86 wrote:
    I always get an error message "Cannot update iOS software" or something to that effect everytime I try. I've tried plugging my iPad to my laptop computer and then my computer directly to internet connection (we have a router that allows WiFi access, so I thought I'd try to bypass the router instead), but this did not work.  I've tried restoring my iPad via connected to my computer through iTunes, that worked for a short time and was able to update the apps I wanted, but soon after one of the apps stopped working properly, and then the apps I wanted to get from the App Store just wouldn't install or load...Instead they would be having "Waiting..." for the longest time until I give up and delete them. I've tried restarting my iPad, no luck either.  I've also gone through the Reset process of "Erase All Content and Settings" i.e., Restore, and like mentioned above, it worked for a little while then it went back to square one, as I mentioned a sentence or two previously.
    I've no idea what is going on, why it's not working, or anything.  I just wonder if it's got anything to do with a slow internet connection (we don't have high-speed internet access), or something else I haven't found that may be just under my nose.
    I would love some help and input into my situation, all and any ways which allow me to keep my current iPad (which is the New Generation one), not having to trash it and replace it with a new one.
    Have you tried to restore as a new device? Maybe a glitch exists on the restored backup, try this:
    Good Luck!

  • Why can't I just right click on the thumbnails and set the websites I want?

    I love the thumbnail idea, but why can't I just right click on the thumbnails and set the websites I want?
    Why do i have to wait for a recent one to come up?
    Of the 9 available, I would like to set 6 to website i can input by right clicking it and leave the rest for the recently visited.
    I ho[e you include that feature in your next update.
    Thank you
    P.S. 2 more issues
    1. Firefox is the only browser that always give me trouble attaching files in gmail. I still use firefox for all browsing but for mail attachments, I use others. And yes, I have done the "Clear cookies, reset, reinstall, clear cache, etc etc etc... none worked for more than a few days. no such problem with other browsers.
    2. Your new updated search bar (Top right hand corner) is nice but can be very irritating for the following reason:
    I like to highlight - copy (a word or phrase) - and paste it in the search bar. was fine with the older version, but now as soon as I right click to past, the menu pops up for me to select a search engine. Very irritating since I have yet to paste the copied word or phrase. I rather paste it and then have the option to click on the drop down menu. If you see this as not something masses would want, please place an option in setting for us to stop the suggestion for search engines coming up automatically when we try to right click in the side search bar to paste.

    You can change the order of the boxes on the about:newtab page and drag an item to a different tile to pin it to that position or you can remove a website by clicking the close X to block that URL.
    You can drag a bookmark or history item and drop them in a tile on the about:newtab page to pin them and have your own favorites sites showing.
    Changes made manually on the about:newtab page are stored in prefs that you can find on the about:config page.
    *browser.newtabpage.pinned stores websites that you have pinned to a tile.
    *browser.newtabpage.blocked stores websites that you have removed by clicking the X button in a tile.
    So you can reset those prefs via the right-click context menu to reset changes made to the about:newtab page.

  • Why can't I just use my debit card for adding my child to family share?!

    I want to use my child on family share but can't because I don't need or want a credit card, my bank has fraud protection, who actually just called me about fraud because I purchased the newest iPhone! I don't like credit cards. Why can't I just use my debit card as usual? Kids can get credit cards just as easily as they can debit cards! This is ridiculous. Why isn't there another option to verify I am the parent?! I am so beyond angry right now. Like I am being punished for not owning a credit card!! Otherwise there will be another way to do this. A person should have the freedom to use their chosen form of payment without missing out on all the options available. Honestly even if I wanted a credit card I haven't enough credit because of past mistakes. So this is not making me happy at all.

    Mad Parent,
    I feel your pain. We refuse to have credit cards, too; yet it's required in order to create a child's apple id. I will most definitely be leaving feedback with Apple. This is absolutely ridiculous that we can't just use our debit cards! Mine is a VISA. I use it to make CREDIT CARD transactions everywhere else, why not be able to use it the same way here!?
    I just had to restore my sons phone because he forgot his 4-digit password and got it disabled. I didn't have it already on my itunes so my only option was to restore it. I wanted to create his own apple id so he didn't have to keep using mine. Because every time he downloads a new game it automatically ends up on MY device as well, not just his. Anyway, he needs his own apple id. But, apparently, that won't be happening until Apple gets their heads out of their butts and figures out how to serve ALL of their customers!
    Equally Mad Parent

  • HT201471 Why can't I just type in my apple serial number and identify which ipad that I have?

    Why can't I just type in an ipad serial number and find out what model it is?  This used to be a function of the Apple Tech Specs.  Why has it been removed?  If it is in a different place, where is it?

    Have you tried here? This will tell you which model of iPad you have when you enter the serial number.

  • ***? Why can't I just re subscribe to my magazine?

    This seems so lame? Why can't apple just let me purchase using any of my Apple IDs?
    I wouldn't have had two if I didn't sign up for the lame MobileMe. I also would have understood all of this had they explained when I purchased anything on the iPad that chose to use my other apple ID as a default. Where did that come from?
    Now I can't even pretend to buy for the first time using the other apple ID.
    This is driving me crazy.
    I did try to contact apple thru the email support. It didn't work.
    I tried to change my ID, but it keeps going back to the other ID.
    Please, someone help.

    If you don't see a Subscriptions section, then you have not purchased any subscriptions using that Apple ID.
    To change the Apple ID that you are using in the App Store app, open the app to the Featured pane, swipe to the bottom, tap your Apple ID and sign out. Then tap again and sign in with the other Apple ID. You will be informed that for the next 90 days this is the only Apple ID that can be used on this device in the App Store. After you have signed in with this other Apple ID, follow the instructions to view the account so that you can maintain the subscriptions.

  • Why can't I just use DreamWeaver?

    I purchased a subscription to DreamWeaver nearly a year ago, but every time I try to open the program, it tells me that my trial period has expired. When I follow the instructions to "License this Software," it tells me to log in and asks me for a serial number. When I key in the serial number--the exact serial number that's listed with my username and password--it tells me the serial number is invalid. Why can't I just use the software? I've been paying a monthly fee for 11 months now, and I have to go through this charade every time I triy to use the software. Been using computers for 30 years and never experienced anything like this. Any advice?

    Hi JohnLynnBob,
    You should delete all the Adobe entries from the 'hosts' file in your computer.
    The location of hosts file is
    For windows :-- C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Open it with notepad)
    For Mac :-- Open finder window ---> click on Go on the top ---> Go to folder --->Type '/etc' ---> Press enter --- hosts ( open it with text edit)
    If you see any Adobe entries in the hosts file delete them, save the file, and then launch the product ---> license this software ---> sign in ---> the subscription will be activated.

  • Why can I no longer close down Firefox while saving existing tabs?

    For some freason, I don't know what, but 2 things are going wrong.
    1. I cannot log in to an already registerd account with the same name an my [email protected] email address
    2. Why can I no longer close down Firefox while still saving existing tabs.
    If this reaches a person rather than a machine, I would really appreciate a reply to the aol address as I don't tend to use hotmail that much

    In Firefox 3.5 and later you can no longer click the Tab bar to set focus to it.<br />
    You can press Ctrl+K (Mac: Cmd+K) to set focus to the search bar and press the Tab key until the tab bar gets focus.
    See dao's post in this MozillaZine forum thread:
    Add code to [ userChrome.css] below the @namespace line.<br />
    <pre><nowiki>.tabbrowser-tab[selected="true"] {-moz-user-focus: normal !important;}</nowiki></pre>

  • Why can't I just do this...

    I will be upgrading to a mac pro soon, and I was reading around on topics regarding itunes library transfer. Why can't I just drag my current user/music file to the user/music file on the new computer? I know I will be resetting all of my preferences, but this way sounds logical to me, will it work?

    The migration works like this:
    When you first power on the Mac Pro, it opens a setup assistant. The setup assistant asks you if you want to transfer stuff from another Mac. It then has you put your old Mac into a special mode that allows it to be used as an external disk on the new Mac. More info is here and here.
    If your old computer doesn't have the data on it anymore, you may be out of luck though. I don't know if it will transfer settings from a FireWire disk. If the disk is an exact clone of the hard drive in your old Mac, it might.

  • Why can't I just download the old iPod app? The new music app offers NO podcast support?

    I just downloaded and installed os5, and now all of my podcasts are gone (everything else is fine), and there is no program that will play them when I download them again.
    What is going on? Why can't I just go get the old iPod app, it worked fine.

    Mine plays them fine ... But it did move the Podcast button off the main page. Click on "More" and then you should see them. You might want to make sure that iTunes is still syncing podcasts to your phone.
    If you click "edit" (top left) you can move it back to the bottom row.

  • In the file menu why can't i open 'close', 'print', 'properties'?

    in the file menu why can't i open 'close', 'print' and properties'?

    I have a document open. I clic print, then i select 'more options' to print a partiel view (or 'active view') of the document. But i want to have it 100%. When i choose the size of the document, if i select 'adjust' the scale is 73%. If a select 'real size' then i have shades at both end so i don't have the entire page. If i choose 'reduce pages to ...' i get a 73% scale and if i select personnalized scale (100%) there is still shades at both end. So what do i change to get a 100% active view? On the late version i never had that problem. Thank you.

  • Why can't I just speak to somebody in Sales? Why don't Adobe have a sales number on their site?

    Why can't I just speak to somebody in Sales? Why don't Adobe have a sales number on their site?

    How about (menu>about Adobe>contact us): Contact | Adobe
    There is a "Purchase by phone" section, and a "Enterprise customers" section.

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    Hi,   Does there any tcode which will give me list of Vendors with SAP codes and address ..etc.

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    I have a new Lenovo running win 7. As it was acquired in Venezuela the os is in Spanish... is there any way to change the display language to english? thanks sjferrari

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    Hey guys, want i want to do is still have the video playing but have an image there too, such as in the top right hand corner... I sthis possible? If so please answer

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