Why Can I NOT Keep My Internet Explorer "DELETE HISTORY ON EXIT" Set

Ok I have been fighting this every since Windows 8.0 and NO success.  Its like Microsoft coded I.E. to still hold onto all of my history and cache even though I have selected "Delete on exit".  Also the Advance setting where it caches
sites files etc, NEVER deletes.   I can perform the procedure, then close out.  Turn off my computer and when I am back into IE.  I get the "previous browser session closed yada yada.... do you wish to restore"..        
Sure enough, when I 'restore' everything I 'deleted' still there.
and no, I didn't "cold-shut down' the computer where programs were still running (unless it is intentional that i.e. is still running even after ive closed and deleted history MANUALLY over and again)
Is there a better "3rd" party browser to use ?

Karin86 wrote:
I always get an error message "Cannot update iOS software" or something to that effect everytime I try. I've tried plugging my iPad to my laptop computer and then my computer directly to internet connection (we have a router that allows WiFi access, so I thought I'd try to bypass the router instead), but this did not work.  I've tried restoring my iPad via connected to my computer through iTunes, that worked for a short time and was able to update the apps I wanted, but soon after one of the apps stopped working properly, and then the apps I wanted to get from the App Store just wouldn't install or load...Instead they would be having "Waiting..." for the longest time until I give up and delete them. I've tried restarting my iPad, no luck either.  I've also gone through the Reset process of "Erase All Content and Settings" i.e., Restore, and like mentioned above, it worked for a little while then it went back to square one, as I mentioned a sentence or two previously.
I've no idea what is going on, why it's not working, or anything.  I just wonder if it's got anything to do with a slow internet connection (we don't have high-speed internet access), or something else I haven't found that may be just under my nose.
I would love some help and input into my situation, all and any ways which allow me to keep my current iPad (which is the New Generation one), not having to trash it and replace it with a new one.
Have you tried to restore as a new device? Maybe a glitch exists on the restored backup, try this:
Good Luck!

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    Hello Arthur:
    Is there a question there, or are you just pontificating? Anyone who suggests that IE is superior to Safari should migrate back to the "PC" world.
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    Temporarily disable any anti-virus or firewall software before doing the update.

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    markwmsn wrote:
    To each his own. I own Outlook, but I avoid using it like the plague. The only Mac mail software I have liked better than Apple's Mail was Qualcomm's Eudora, which is no longer updated or even available, won't run without Rosetta, and unfortunately never quite got the hang of IMAP.
    Check out this post regarding this user's continuing use of Eudora on his Lion MacBook:
    Shield Eudora from Lion's Claws
    A thousand thanks and kudos to Michael for this fabulously excellent thread!
    Eudora's now happy in her new Snow Leopard VM home on my Lion ModBook!
    Appears essential to keep resource-forked data off Lion disk:
    First attempt with Eudora on SL VM was sharing data on Lion disk. Error messages on open like "can't find Table of Contents" suggest Lion ate resource forks crucial to Eudora.
    Found success by transferring data from SL Mac to thumb drive, then mounted drive in SL VM so Lion couldn't touch.
    While Michael warns against storing data in VM, appears there's no choice with Eudora. At least She's enthroned on a mirrored RAID.
    There is Nothing like Eudora! (to tune of "There is Nothing Like a Dame" from South Pacific -- Oops! my gray hair is showing!)
    (It's amazing Parallels can force Lion to store taboo resource forks. Thank God for code warriors!)

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    What kind of password?  Can you post a screenshot of that prompt?
    Also, what is your operating system & version?
    What is your web browser?

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    Macbook Pro running 10.8.2
    MacBook Air running 10.6.8

    It seems the Airbook assigns a dummy IP address so somehow it doesn't reach and receive an IP from the Express. I deleted the previous Express setting restarted the Air connected again, restarted the modem, restarted the Express nothing....
    I spoke to the internet provider and the cable modem does not require any username or pw. from the modem to the cable it's one public ip, pure internet is flowing from the modem to the Express but the express doesn't seem to assign any IP address apart from the one assigned to the Macbook Pro.
    Do you need a screendump of the settings on the functioning Mac or the faulty one? What settings are you interested in i.e. which tab should it shot?

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    == This happened ==
    Not sure how often
    == about a month ago

    Hello Jack.
    See this support article:
    I hope it helps.

  • AOL Broadband, will connect to laptop, but not connect to internet explorer. WRT54GS v.6

    I can connect to my wireless network via my laptop, but not to internet explorer. We have changed every setting imaginable and re-set the modem, router many times. We Ip configed, did ping tests, installed and re-installed the card in the laptop. Done all this 4 times with the tech support from Linksys. Finally, I realized it must the wireless router and/or modem configuration. (The laptop works on every other network in town except ours, and has not security settings enabled).
    I have been on customer service calls for 2 weeks, with AOL and linksys and nothing seems to be helping me. I have 2 wireless routers (thought the first was bad, so bought another brand new), and just had a brand new modem installed. Basically, I have brand new equipment.
    The laptop has no security settings and connect to any wireless network in town. It finds the connection to my WRT54GS v.6, but will not connect via internet explorer.
    I want to uninstall and re-install the router. How do I uninstall the router? (I have instruction for re-installation). Also AOL rep told me, to make sure I configure the router to a certain port range. Any ideas as to how to do this?
    Anyone have problems with AOL high speed and linksys router? Has the high speed cable cord coming out of the wall, not ethernet or DSL.
    We have changed the settings in till I am blue in the face. None of the channels worked, security didn't work, adding the ip address manually to the laptop didn't work. I am getting no error messages. Am trying to get this wireless modem working because I need it. Should have come to this forum first!

    hi..if you want to uninstall the router...the only thing you need to do is hold the reset button down for 30 seconds...
    i m a bit confused here as to why the ISP techs asked you to forward ports on the router...port forwarding is needed for a specific application or a device that is behind the router....
    the mentioned ports are for AOL messenger ( AIM )....and has nothing to do with the modem...anyways , let us work out together on this issue...carry out the steps i mention and you can revert back with the results and your success rate...
    1) connect the computer to the modem and check what ip address you have on the computer ??
    2) go to start -> control panel -> network connections ->
     let me know what other icons you have besides Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection..
    3)connect the computer to the router and the router to the modem...
    access the router using .. let the internet connection type be on DHCP....check the ip address on the status page of the router ui...
    4) if it is , go to setup tab and go to mac address clone subtab , enable it and hit clone..save the settings and do a power cycle...
    5) check whether you have the ip address...if you have the same ip as coming off of the modem..u should be online and if still , then select PPPoE for the internet connection type and enter the username and password...check whether the ip address comes up....if still negative, ensure that the modem is in bridge mode...
    6)if the ip address comes up as 192.168.1.x , change the local ip add of the router to and do a power cycle..
    let me know for any help !!!

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