Macbook built in iSight problem.

I am having problems with my built in iSight.
I've tried to track all the way to see where is failing and I get the following on the Console Log.
Jun 15 22:53:11 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 631.251 Built-in iSight[0x2be9b00]: error getting config. err=0xe00002ed
Jun 15 22:53:12 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 631.760 [0x2b24f00] The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 2 of hub @ location: 0x3d000000)
Jun 15 22:53:16 frviana kernel[0]: USBF: 635.601 [0x2b24f00] The IOUSBFamily was not able to enumerate a device.
It initially appers on the system information as an USB device but after I try to use it for the first time on any application, example: Photobooth I get this error and it disapeer from the system information.
I am running the following processes:
Active Memory: 110.25 MB
Free Memory: 836.90 MB
Wired Memory: 150.77 MB
Used Memory: 424.10 MB
Inactive Memory: 163.09 MB
Total VM: 7.10 GB
Number of processes: 53
ID Process Name User CPU RSIZE VSIZE
0 kernel_task root 2.30 50.96 MB 1,017.06 MB
1 launchd root 0.00 516.00 KB 27.66 MB
23 dynamic_pager root 0.00 168.00 KB 26.61 MB
27 kextd root 0.00 980.00 KB 27.53 MB
31 KernelEventAgent root 0.00 628.00 KB 27.18 MB
32 mDNSResponder root 0.00 1.12 MB 28.38 MB
33 netinfod root 0.00 564.00 KB 26.91 MB
34 syslogd root 0.00 420.00 KB 26.63 MB
36 configd root 0.00 2.20 MB 29.24 MB
37 coreaudiod root 0.00 1.10 MB 28.64 MB
38 diskarbitrationd root 0.00 1.04 MB 27.11 MB
39 memberd root 0.00 652.00 KB 27.64 MB
40 securityd root 0.00 2.20 MB 28.68 MB
42 notifyd root 0.00 460.00 KB 27.19 MB
43 distnoted root 0.00 816.00 KB 27.01 MB
44 DirectoryService root 0.00 2.46 MB 29.46 MB
45 blued root 0.00 2.12 MB 37.17 MB
50 coreservicesd root 0.00 8.96 MB 39.99 MB
54 update root 0.20 220.00 KB 26.59 MB
63 WindowServer windowserv 3.60 19.36 MB 339.29 MB
65 ATSServer frviana 0.00 6.23 MB 146.06 MB
66 loginwindow frviana 0.00 7.42 MB 351.14 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
76 lookupd root 0.00 1.23 MB 28.50 MB
87 crashreporterd root 0.00 204.00 KB 26.59 MB
122 sh root 0.00 616.00 KB 27.06 MB
123 OSXvnc-server root 0.00 3.04 MB 294.39 MB
124 dyndnsd root 0.00 7.89 MB 109.98 MB
128 translated root 0.00 248.00 KB 36.07 MB
146 nfsiod root 0.00 184.00 KB 28.61 MB
151 ntpd root 0.00 404.00 KB 27.07 MB
162 rpc.lockd root 0.00 192.00 KB 26.65 MB
170 automount root 0.00 1.11 MB 29.00 MB
175 mds root 0.00 3.88 MB 42.33 MB
180 automount root 0.00 1.07 MB 28.71 MB
185 mdimport nobody 0.00 2.38 MB 38.59 MB
189 httpd root 0.00 1.44 MB 28.15 MB
190 httpd www 0.00 408.00 KB 27.72 MB
191 pbs frviana 0.00 2.05 MB 54.16 MB
197 Dock frviana 0.00 4.32 MB 348.64 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
198 SystemUIServer frviana 0.00 7.82 MB 347.52 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
200 Finder frviana 0.00 15.09 MB 362.47 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/
202 mdimport frviana 0.00 3.50 MB 60.37 MB
204 Microsoft AU Daemon frviana 0.00 8.72 MB 400.53 MB
205 iTunes Helper frviana 0.00 1.72 MB 326.04 MB
206 iCalAlarmScheduler frviana 0.00 3.61 MB 330.61 MB
214 System Profiler frviana 0.00 8.11 MB 346.67 MB /Applications/Utilities/System
216 Console frviana 0.20 7.97 MB 347.09 MB /Applications/Utilities/
222 System Events frviana 0.00 3.29 MB 293.91 MB /System/Library/CoreServices/System
225 TextEdit frviana 0.00 7.61 MB 347.31 MB /Applications/
226 AppleSpell frviana 0.00 1.90 MB 37.75 MB
230 cupsd root 0.00 1.63 MB 27.85 MB
232 Activity Monitor frviana 10.70 12.18 MB 435.16 MB /Applications/Utilities/Activity
233 pmTool root 0.80 1.17 MB 36.45 MB
Any idea? It has been 3 days only that I bought the Macbook.

My macbook had the same problem. It began after I installed bootcamp, which I have since updated to 1.1. Whenever I boot into windows xp and then back into Os X, the isight stops working. In photobooth I get a blank green screen with a few scribbling lines of static at the top, but in ichat I get the "in use by other application" error.
I tried a system X reinstall, a bootcamp reinstall, zapping the PRAM, etc. etc. What really killed me was that the isight camera continued to work FINE in windows, but not at all in Os X (I could almost hear Bill Gates snickering).
The solution turned out to be resetting the power management unit by unplugging, removing the battery and holding down the power button for 5 seconds. Works without having to zap PRAM after.
The annoying thing is that I have to do this EVERY TIME after I have booted into windows if I want the camera to work in Os X.
As other users have pointed out, bootcamp now includes a package that updates the isight firmware.
Interestingly, this does NOT happen on my intel iMac, only the macbook.
I'm hoping for a more elegant fix.
Anyone else?

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    I am using my Macbook built in ISight with the latest version of Yahoo Messenger for Mac, the 3.0 Beta. Every time i will use the YM webcam, it will only last for about 1 minute and will not work anymore. This is happening since i bought my macbook last November 2008. it will be a year next month and still the ISight is not working properly with YM. When i checked from the store where I bought my macbook, they said it happens in YM coz according to them YM is not yet fully applicable with apple laptop models and recommended to use other messenger instead. My family and friends are using YM only to keep in touch with me so I don't have a choice but continue using YM. Its really disappointing coz I even downloaded the other version of YM before this 3.0 version, but same problem still exists.
    Can anyone help me on how can i fix this problem? or if there is really a solution on this..I've always wanted to have a macbook laptop but having this kind of problem really made me think if i did a right decision to buy this laptop. it is indeed an expensive laptop but i cant enjoy it fully...
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    Welcome to Discussions, Marianne Bayogos
    Problems like yours, especially those involving known-unreliable (Beta) software, can be difficult to resolve. You need to start by troubleshooting to determine the source of the problem. Then you will KNOW what to fix. You seem like a fairly experienced user, so try any of the following you think might help in any order you like.
    (0) You can use the suggestions in to determine whether iSight is causing your problem. Be sure to try with more than one user account and with some other apps, too.
    If your iSight works properly with all other apps in every user account you test, your Apple hardware and software is NOT the cause.
    If you can eliminate iSight as the source of your trouble, you will need to either switch to other ways of communicating or troubleshoot other system elements that might be causing the problem. Here are some other things you can consider if you don't get better suggestions here.
    (1) Sometimes a restart restores function on internet connected applications. Shut down everything and restart your entire system including modem, router, and Mac in that order. To eliminate possible communication hardware problems, allow self-test to complete on each device before starting the next.
    (2) If you updated or installed any other software immediately before the problem began, check their websites to see if there are known issues with your system configuration or installation. If these are no know issues, carefully following the developers' instructions, reinstall any recent software additions that you think might be causing a conflict with YMM, use Disk Utility to repair permissions, and try again. Doing this reinstall will reduce the possibility that some recent addition might be conflicting with your new YMM Beta.
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    (4) You can also take your MacBook to a different location and see if the connection works when you access the web via a different internet connection.
    (5) I no longer use YM because I often encountered problems like those you describe, but my testing from several years back showed that Yahoo! seemed to support the Windows version of their messenger app better than the Mac version.
    Because your iNtel Mac can use Boot Camp, VMware Fusion™, Parallels™, or VirtualBox to run Windows® software, there is another alternative available to you. Choose which method you want to use to run Windows®, add the required software to your iNtel Mac (if you have not already done so), and then install and use Yahoo! Messenger for Windows.
    (6) If all else fails, and if your family and friends are willing to try something "new and improved" (does NOT work with Yahoo! Messenger), you can both install and try a different video chat app such as Google Talk or Skype.
    (7) Alternatively, you can try the web-based video chat sites like or Defcom's recommended TokBok.
    EZ Jim
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz w/Mac OS X (10.6.1)  MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.1)
    G5DP1.8GHz (10.5.8) G4 PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11) iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9) LED Cinema Display External iSight

  • Major built in iSight problem!

    So I opened photobooth today and the image was terribly wrong. The image was in shades of purples, greens and grays, and was very grainy. It wasn't a slight change of what the normal picture looks like, but so bad that it looks like it could be an effect (and it is not.)
    Nothing like this has ever happened before. I have no idea what it could be.
    I am using a macbook pro, MAC OS X version 10.4.11.
    2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 4GB or ram.
    any help will be appreciated

    Sorry you are still having problems, annefeldman10
    So I tried all the different options ...
    So you mean that you tried the all except the last one?
    "... contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service."
    If you used the last suggestion, too, and have had your Mac checked by an AASP, what did he tell you to do?
    My camera is recognized ...
    Do you mean that your built-in iSight is recognized as a USB device in your MacBook Pro's (MBP's) System Profiler?
    If your built-in iSight does not show up as a USB device in your MBP's System Profiler after you have tried all relevant suggestion (except the AASP one) from , you have a hardware problem that will require the services of an AASP.
    ... only showing a green screen.
    Verify that the "Colors:" choices bar setting in your  > System Preferences > Displays window shows Millions. If it is shows something else, correct it.
    I am not sure what the reset is ...
    The "Reset SMC" suggestion in the first ¶4 of
    With your MBP, you must follow these instructions:
    ... (it only had instructions for powerbooks) ...
    If "it" means something in " ", your statement cannot be true. No PowerBook has a built-in iSight.
    If you mean that you only have instructions for a PowerBook, you can download the users Guide appropriate for your MacBook Pro at:
    ... I did the restart and it didn't help at all.
    Restarting your MBP is a good idea that often gets things working again. It was wise of you to try that first.
    I also suggest that you disconnect all peripherals while you troubleshoot your iSight and keep all applications closed except the one you are testing. Close the first app you test with your iSight before you launch the second one to be tested.
    If you meant "reset" instead of "restart," and if you use reset procedures for a "powerbook" instead of a MBP, it is not surprising that those PowerBook procedures do not correct a MBP problem.
    If you need to post back for more help, please be as specific as you can. We will try to offer detailed suggestions to your specific questions.
    EZ Jim
    G5 DP 1.8GHz w/Mac OS X (10.5.7) PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11)   iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9)  External iSight

  • Built-In iSight problem after migration on parallels

    I'm having a very strange problem. Recently I upgraded my MacBook Pro and migrated everything across from my old machine. Mostly without issue.
    Something is driving me crazy though. Now in Parallels when I try to connect my iSight XP tells me that it has discovered new hardware. So I go through the whole install new hardware rigmarole. It then tells me that 'It Cannot Install This Hardware' saying that wizard cannot find the necessary software. I do have the bootcamp drivers installed though.
    Also I'm noticing that when I'm trying to connect USB devices in parallels instead of it saying Apple Built-In iSight it's now saying Apple Built-In iSight #2.
    I've tried everything. Searched through these discussions, parallels forums and even tried editing the .inf file to get the driver to work.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

    RichardBradbury wrote:
    I'm having a very strange problem. Recently I upgraded my MacBook Pro and migrated everything across from my old machine. Mostly without issue.
    Something is driving me crazy though. Now in Parallels when I try to connect my iSight XP tells me that it has discovered new hardware. So I go through the whole install new hardware rigmarole. It then tells me that 'It Cannot Install This Hardware' saying that wizard cannot find the necessary software. I do have the bootcamp drivers installed though.
    Also I'm noticing that when I'm trying to connect USB devices in parallels instead of it saying Apple Built-In iSight it's now saying Apple Built-In iSight #2.
    I've tried everything. Searched through these discussions, parallels forums and even tried editing the .inf file to get the driver to work.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
    Welcome to Discussions, RichardBradbury
    I do not use Windoze, Boot Camp, or Parallels, so I have ever worked the specific trouble you post. However, I do have ideas that you can consider.
    If you get no better here, try all relevant suggestions from the iSight Troubleshooting article:
    If your only problem in any user account is with Parallels, there is nothing wrong with your Apple hardware or software. In that case, I suggest you seek suggestions from Parallel's wide variety of customer Support options:
    If you cannot find what you need from their FAQs, knowledge-base, dedicated Parallels Forum, or other Free Support Resource, you can request specialized help from Parallels Technical Support personnel via the contact choices available in the Support web pages.
    EZ Jim
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz w/Mac OS X (10.6.4)  MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
    LED Cinema Display  G4 PowerBook  1.67GHz (10.4.11)  iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9)  External iSight

  • Built-in iSight problems-"camera in use by another application" but its NOT

    I am having an issue with my iMac G5 2.1GHz with iSight built in.
    I tried to iChat AV tonight after months of not using it. When I opened my own video window it says "Your camera is in use by another application."
    There are no other applications open in the dock other than Finder.
    Same results with Photobooth. The message reads -- Photo Booth cannot open because the camera is in use by another applicaton. Close the application using the camera, then try opening Photo Booth again. < OK >
    I searched this forum and tried the following:
    • zap PRAM
    • reset SMU
    • reset NVRAM
    I looked for iSight prefs, but couldn't find anything. Deleting prefs is the only thing I have not tried, but I do not know what to delete.
    Also, the camera shows up under USB under system profiler. The IR remote also shows up on the same bus, and the remote works just fine.
    The green light next to the iSight is never on.
    I switched to another user and experience the same problems, so it does not seem to be user settings.
    Any help to get my computer to recognize my iSight would be appreciated!

    Thanks for the note. I saw that Apple KB article #93216 that basically tells you not to have any other applications running that use the camera, which I do not. Also, I have Classic installed, but it is not running as I hardly ever use it.
    Since my original post last night I have tried several more things, with absolutely zero success.
    One unique thing that I thought would work (and it sort of did) was to add Photobooth to my Startup Items under the Accounts tab of System Preferences. Unlike iChat AV, Photobooth will not even open if the built-in iSight is not available. So, I thought, let's see if Photobooth will open at Startup and perhaps take over the camera before whatever is taking it over has a chance to do that.
    Sure enough, this trick worked, although the video screen was blank. On a second time the video screen showed erratic thick lines like it was starting to pass the video data through and then was stopped. Again, my iSight is recognized by Apple System Profiler, so the computer knows it is there and is getting power, etc. As soon as I quit Photobooth and tried to reopen it, I received the message again that the camera was in use by another application.
    My next steps, when I am able, are to try to boot off an external firewire hard drive that should have an older saved backup of my system, from when the camera was working. I will also download the combo updater as you suggest, MGW, and apply that as I understand that to be a sort of remedy for any number of problems.
    To me it appears to be a software issue. I would imagine with the OS and not related to any application in particular. (iPhoto cannot access the iSight, can it? For some reason my iPhoto opens automatically on my G5 iMac every time I boot it up, and I cannot figure out why. I will look into this issue and see if it is related.)

  • Macbook built in isight not working

    first off, isight is recognized in system profiler....however, the green light does not come on, and no software (photobooth,imovie,ichat a/v, iris, etc.)can use it. i,ve tried everything in all posts regarding isight troubleshooting. Just trying to figure out if theres anything else i can do before i send it off for repair.

    Welcome to Discussions, kmcleod
    You have landed in the Power Mac G4 (MDD) and (FW 800) Forum.
    Having tried everything in all posts regarding isight troubleshooting, your only remaining option for fixing your MacBook's built-in iSight is to contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.2)  External iSight

  • MacBookPro Built in Isight problems

    I have problems with my built in isight all the time. I get the message that another program is using it if i open photobooth. If i open Ichat i get the telephone icon instead of a webcam icon, which prevents me from using the webcam, and if i use yahoo messenger the webcam icon is inactive(it turns a different shade and is not actually "clickable". sometimes if i turn of the computer, pull the battery out and hold the power button for 5 seconds and then replace the battery and turn the computer on it will start to work agian, other times the problem remains. i have now not been able to use my webcam for about 4 days. i can assure you that i only try and use one program with the webcam at a time, and i have Mac OS vers 10.4.11 and the update thing says my software is u to date. any help?

    Try resetting your SMC.
    Resetting the System Management Controller >>
    Also, read this:
    Mac Owners Support Group - Join us @
      Mac611 Mobile Mac Support -
       iTunes:MacOSG Podcast |
                       An Apple User Group 
    Have an iPhone or iPod touch? Enter in Safari on it for 'mobile Mac support.'

  • Can I use my MacBook built-in iSight on my desktop?

    Have a built-in iSight on my MacBook Air, and no camera on my PowerPC. Is there a way to use the MacBook webcam remotely through the desktop Mac?

    James Bachman wrote:
    Have a built-in iSight on my MacBook Air, and no camera on my PowerPC. Is there a way to use the MacBook webcam remotely through the desktop Mac?
    Not really. My three best work arounds follow:
    (1) Save the image/video file you make on your MBA and transfer it to your PPC Mac.
    (2) Apple Remote Desktop:
    If you want more info, I think this recent topic will give you some other ideas:
    (3) Consider an external webcam for your PPC Mac:
    EZ Jim
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz w/Mac OS X (10.6.4)  MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
    LED Cinema Display  G4 PowerBook  1.67GHz (10.4.11)  iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9)  External iSight

  • MacBook built-in iSight camera off center

    Hi Folks,
    Is there any way to re-align the built in iSight camera on a MacBook? In order to be centered in the image, I have to turn my MacBook about 8 or 9 degrees to the left. If I am sitting directly in front of the camera, I am off-center. Any help is appreciated. My girlfriend and I both have MacBooks, and her camera appears to be aligned properly.
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Call apple support, I wouldnt try realigning it myself, otherwise if you do end up needing apples help they can blaim you by "offcentering it in the first place" sorta thing...

  • Built-in iSight problem on iChat w/ Macbook Pro

    when i try to invite people to see my iSight, it says connection failed because Ididn't respond. This has happened almost every single time I have tried to connect. The only 2 times it has worked, one of the times it disconnected after a few minutes. The other time was just a few minutes ago when my dad and I connected with our iSights. Although it worked with my Dad and I, it didn't work with 2 other people both immediatly before and after my dad and I connected.
    I found this answer but have no idea what it means. someone said it worked for them but i am not a computer genious. anyone know how to help?
    the answer i found: If it isn't your Firewall settings, what kind of router are you using and does it use UPnP?
    If it does, try toggling UPnP off and on again, then connecting. Also, you might want to try using a different MTU setting. The Ralph Johns site has some recommendations on values to use.
    This happens to me with my brother and toggling the UPnP solves it (Netgear D834G router). However, if I turn off or reboot my router, I have to toggle the option once more to get video chats working again.
    macbook pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Hi Molly,
    Ok UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play.
    This is a means where the Application on the computer instructs the modem to open the ports it needs.
    It allows multiple computers and other devices on your LAN to use the same ports at the same time.
    This means that the router or modem can be left in it's default mode which is likely to be DHCP.
    Ok so now DHCP is a means whereby the router or modem gives out IP addresses to the devices and computers on your LAN.
    Your computer keeps the same IP until the lease time runs out. If the computer is on and connected to the DHCP serving device then the DHCP lease is renewed. If it is off or unconnected at the time the lease runs out then the IP gets changed the next time the computer is tunred on. (with a Mac this also includes Sleep). It acts as if it is a new computer on the LAN is one way of looking at it.
    So if you use Port Forwarding and DHCP there is a chance your computer's IP will change at times. As the Port Forwarding points to one IP on the LAN it may not always be pointing to your computer.
    As you are using UPnP which means any IP can have the ports open it does not matter if your computer's IP changes with using DHCP.
    Now your computer and modem (or router) can be set up so that the IP to the computer never changes. This is called Static routing.
    It is created by turning Off DHCP in the modem or router.
    A change needs to be made on the Mac in System Preferences > Network > Connection method >TCP/IP tab.
    In the drop down that reads Using DHCP now needs to be changed to read Manually.
    After this you need to type in the IP in the filed underneath that the computer is going to use.
    Alonmg with the Subnet Mask and "router" IP info and possibly the DNS server info if you have it.
    Now the IP you choose needs to be in the same range the Modem or router is using.
    So if your modem is at then your computer needs to be any number in except for .100 as long as it is between 1 and 255.
    The other info should be copied from the Using DHCP settings
    (Subnet Mask, DNS Servers and "router" IP address).
    Hope this is some use.
    11:03 PM Thursday; June 1, 2006

  • New MacBook with built in iSight problem

    Green light is on but when I go to photo booth or iChat the screen is black?
    I can't take pics or video:(

    Welcome to Apple Discussions, klassikgirl
    Having tried all the suggestions on the boards, I think you should take it back to the retailer and exchange it for one that works. The problem cannot get better with time, and a same day exchange for a non-functional Mac should be no problem.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.1)  External iSight

  • Macbook built in iSight "not plugged in"

    Since day 3 I've had this problem with my macbook. Whenever I open Photo Booth I get a message saying that something else is using the camera or that its not plugged in. Quicktime says "No Video Input Detected". Ideas?

    I have this problem too with my MB. I have pampered my MacBook over the past few weeks and it is basically a great little laptop. The problem iSight worked fine with all the software I added over the past three weeks until four days ago.
    I believe it is some sort of software problem since periodically flashing the PRAM seems to help and iSight will start and/or the camera is found for photo booth or iChat, or iMovie.. but not always.
    I've removed all software not native (Vonage softphone, photoshop, MS Office for Mac and two widgets for currency conversionwith, checked permissions, flashed the PRAM, etc, etc in attempt to solve the problem. Still the problem persists. I may do a clean install however I find this unacceptable this early into the ownership of a new Apple. I really can't find a rhyme or reason and believe the only option I have at this point is to return the laptop since this is obviously not normal.
    There are a lot of postings on this problem, both on the Apple web site and else where on the web, hopefully someone at Apple will figure out what is going on since this detracts from an otherwise nice machine.

  • MacBook built-in iSight camera not working

    My camera seems to have died... After reading other posts and the apple doc here: I've tried pretty much everything. There are no lights on, applications don't see it, doesn't work with a different user, system profiler doesn't see it. The first time I zapped the PMU it came back and worked briefly, but hasn't worked since, and subsequent PMU resets have not done anything.
    Of course, this started about a week or two after the 1 year warranty ran out, and I had forgotten to get applecare extended. Oops.
    My question is this: is there anything I can do short of taking it to Apple service? Is there any likelihood that it could just be a loose cable and if so how hard is it to take apart the MacBook (I am technically inclined). Or is it most likely going to require a logic board replacement... hundreds of $$ I'm guessing.

    Hello Smersh
    If the suggestions offered here do not get you a fix, and if you have tried all the other applicable suggestions in without success, it sounds to me like you need to try the last one, too, (contact Apple or your Apple Authorized Service Provider.)
    You may be right that the fix will be minor and may not take long, but there are no user serviceable parts of iSight. Have it fixed by an AASP. As part of his diagnostic review, the AASP's technician will determine whether a logic board is required. If you are concerned about cost or repair time, you can ask the AASP for a cost and time estimate before any repair work starts.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.1)  External iSight

  • Built-in iSight problems...

    Hi everybody. The last two days i had problems with my isight. First the message of "your camera is use by other programs or is not recognize" appeared when i tried to use the photo booth. I thought was problem of the program, but no! I read the manual and i do the hardware test, the answer was ANY TROUBLE. Then i tried to use the Photo booth again, and the same message. I came to the iSight support and when i saw all the persons with the same problem i thought this could be a problem from a resent update or i don't know. Whatever, we need a solution to this problem. Please post your comment if u also have it. This could be a general message for the Support area, and maybe they'll work in the solution. ty everybody.
    P.S. To solve the problem i had to reset the PMU many times. Lucky i don't have problemes with my system, so i don't know if it's the correct way to solve it. i'm still watching if the problem returns.

    If How to Troubleshoot iSight doesn't help, Reinstall OS X.
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    Mac OSX 10.9

  • Built in iSight problem?

    latest update to mac osx tiger has killed my photobooth. I get the same error even if nothing is running on my mac:
    anyone else getting this? Does iChat work OK after the latest update? (may 8th)

    I figured out the cause of the problem, but not the solution.
    If anyone knows about components or codecs, please help
    I know a lot of you are helpful at redirecting people to non apple related subjects, but this is cause for a real genius within the ranks...

Maybe you are looking for

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