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I brought mine into the Apple Store last night. I had not left it for service last time as I had not cleared it of some confidential client data. This time, I encountered a much more knowledgeable Genius who seemed to have heard of the Nvidia problem.
So, my MBPro is on its way to the depot. It will apparently be $310 total, flat fee, supposedly ready within a week.
I do expect Apple will do the right thing eventually and extend warranties for the defective Nvidia subsystem. However, I can't wait until they do. I need my Macbook Pro to be functional.
Again, my strong advice...
*At the first hint you are getting this problem, turn on screen sharing.*
If you have this specific Nvidia problem, you will still be able to access the machine remotely, which can be incredibly valuable in terms of saving data before you send it for repair. When you hand it over, you will initial a statement saying you have backed up your data and Apple is not responsible if the machine is wiped during repairs. Set up screen sharing so you can operate the machine during the Nvidia failure.

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  • Macbook pro as [MacBook Pro Blank Screen ] with voided Warranty ?

    I have the same issue as told in this post.
    MacBook Pro Blank Screen (Built - in & External)
    However, I have manually replace my HDD to another. Since my HDD die before and want a bigger one. And I think my warranty have voided.
    So does it include in the replacement program of the logic board with free of charge ?
    Will apple help me do the replacement if I'm able to charge that fee even my warrany voided ?
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    It really doesn't make a bit of difference whether someone else had an experience similar to yours. It's still up to AppleCare to deal with it.
    But you can certainly waste your time here for whatever you think you'll find. Good luck.

  • MacBook Pro blank screen-frozen.

    I have the Macbook Pro early version 2011. For the past couple of weeks, my macbook kept saying strtup disk full. I erased as much possible, but it continued. I ignored it, and my laptop still worked fine. Yesterday,I went to turn it on and the login screen appeared as usual, once I entered my password the screen tuned white and went blank. I waited thinking it would load but it didn't. I restarted it and shut it down various times. I plugged it in and left it off over night, this morning the samer thing happened. The guest user seems to work fine. Now when I login a message pops up saying startup disk full. It is still frozen. It just so happens, that yesterday I disabled my phone due to a student messing with my passcode. My iphone says iPhone is disabeld connect to iTunes. I don't know if plugging it in to my macbook could have been the cause of this. Please Help. Although I am good with a macbook, I am not so good with the technical terms and programs so if you could dummy proof this for me it would help alot. Thanks.

    Hello imawsm
    I have sort of the same problem, mbp 15" early 2011.
    The first major thing that got broken was the HD - luckily it happened when it was still under the initial warranty and apple replaced it for free, but unluckily I lost all of my files during that time.   
    After the replacement I've had no problems and no symptoms, when a few weeks ago I was watching a youtube video and suddenly the screen froze and would get stuck on the white screen when I bootup.  I had to force shutdown, verify and repair disk, reset the PRAM and it seemed to work for a time, but it kept getting stuck on a white screen, sometimes pixelized or blue screen with vertical lines.
    I brought it to the authorized store for diagnosis where they were able to recover my files and had it updated to Lion but they said the screen is starting to get broken.  I mean - !?@#$! this laptop usually sits on my desk and I rarely take it out or move it around for work, I'm sure I never bumped the unit.  I always plug it in an AVR, and all the other necessary precautions. I take good care of it since it's also my first mac, I keep it well ventilated and shut it down every night.  I work on Adobe graphics software which is not heavy and monitor the temp with iStat, and if I can hear the fans, I let it take a break.  Right now it's still on the white screen
    That's why it's so frustrating to have invested on what is claimed to be a quality product only to have its hardware break down before its second year.  Apple should definitely provide longer initial warranties, and focus on quality hardware the way it focuses on making their products look pretty.  We have an Acer laptop here at home working great, and it's older than my mbp. 

  • Macbook pro: blank screen on start up? help!

    my macbook pro had a blank screen on start up. I tried restarting it and nothing worked. I could hear the computer running, but nothing would show up on the screen. When I would shine a light at the screen on start up I could faintly see the apple, but after startup it would go completely black. Then, off a whim, I tried plugging it in to our tv via an HDMI cord and it shows up now on the TV but still nothing on the computer display. How do I fix this?

    Can you try Command+S for Safe Mode boot? OS X Mavericks: Start up in safe mode
    What year/model is your MBP?
    You can also see Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on.
    SMC reset may also help - Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

  • Macbook pro 13" screen/applications freeze -- mouse continues working

    hi all,
    i saw a few threads similar to mine, but none of them were answered.
    basically, i was using netflix on my macbook pro which is a 13" that i purchased for school back towards the end of july 2010. its version 10.6.3 and i haven't had any problems with it until today.
    It has frozen twice today so far, and the first time I was using photobooth, itunes, and firefox. photobooth was taking pictures and then all of a sudden I went to click the button and it wouldn't select. I thought this was weird because the mouse was still moving. I realized I couldn't click on anything but the webcam was still showing me moving and itunes was still playing the song normally. I did a hard shutdown.
    I started up my laptop again and went to play a movie on netflix (this movie had been open, but was paused when it froze the first time).
    I started playing the movie and when to pause it to take a phone call when I realized that it was frozen again because I couldn't select anything. I did another hard shut down and I've been on the web with it since trying to find an answer to my problem.
    any answers would be super appreciated! and if you know of a thread where this has been answered that would help a lot too! thanks so much
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    there is a new development... i don't think its my screen freezing... i think it might be my mouse clicks aren't registering...
    i was on a website just a few seconds ago, and i had highlighted something and as i went to click copy it wouldn't let me. but when i used two fingers it let me right click, and the mouse still moved around. Then i went over to my desk and moved my magic mouse around and low and behold it worked. I clicked a few things with my magic mouse and then thought, "hey i might as well try the trackpad" and for some ungodly reason the trackpad was clicking and working.....
    i have no idea if these two events are related or if this is the reason for my other problem, but is anyone else having this problem?

  • HT203176 MacBook pro blank screen

    I Was using my MacBook pro and it requested a system update so I did it it the final step which requested that I had to restart my computer so I did and when it turned back on it was a black screen saying no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key.

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    Turn off the computer holding the Power key. Then, turn it on and hold the Option (Alt) key until you see all volumes on the display. After that, choose your OS X partition. Finally, open System Preferences > Startup Disk, and choose the OS X volume.
    That happens when your computer has changed its startup disk to one that isn't available now. If you can't start up holding the Option key, reinstall Mac OS X

  • MacBook pro blank screen

    Blank screen on start up

    anyone experianced any similar problems as me and rebooter ??
    i just delivered my mbp to the apple retailer i bought it, and it will take about a month to get it back, didnt have time to try anything else, since ive basicly tried EVERYTHING already
    as i wrote, the screen is completly black, i can adjust the sound, the is NO start up chime, if i press CAPS LOCK it lights, and i can transfer files from it via firewire to my old macbook .. for me it sounds like the display is dead, but its very strange since it only happended after i upgraded the firmware, and mistakenly closed the lid in the process (as i wanted to view the screen on my cinema display instead).
    Thank you for your reply.

  • MacBook Pro: Blank Screen and Random Crashes After Yosemite Update

    Hello All!
    So I'm living with the regret of updating my MacBook Pro to Yosemite. My MacBook Pro is an early 2011 version, and ever since I updated it - I literally cannot turn off the computer because when I go to turn it on, the screen is completely black. Performing the flashlight trick, the computer eventually lights up, on average three minutes later. However, that's not the only issues I have been having. My computer constantly loses WiFi signal and is crashing every two hours or so. It's not even that I have a lot of programs running; I literally only have Chrome running... So I'm not sure what I should do now. Is it even because of the Yosemite update?! Help please?!

    Nothing obvious here, but better get rid of that remnant of CleanMyMac2. Also check if all software with kernel extensions, launch agents and launch daemons is still necessary and up to date (if not uninstall or update).

  • My MacBook Pro's screen just started randomly going blank, sometimes white sometimes black, and I won't be able to do anything no matter what key I press unless I restart it via the power button and even then I have a few minutes before it happens again

    MacBook Pro's screen randomly goes blank (white sometimes dark), wont be able to do anything no matter what key i press unless i turn it off and on via the power button. When i do that I normally have just a few minutes before it happens again. Bought this back in december just started happening a few days ago. Only thing out of the ordinary I've done is install that microsoft silverlight or whatever it is netflix asked me to install to watch the videos but I uninstalled that quickly hoping it would fix my problem but it hasn't so please help me out if you know what to do

    Try a SMC reset:

  • When I try to put on my MacBook Pro, the screen remains blank. What comes on is like showers. what do I do?

    hen I try to put on my MacBook Pro, the screen remains blank. What comes on is like showers. what do I do?

    Do just that. Connect it iTunes and restore it as it appears there is a software issue with the device.

  • Macbook Pro won't boot with external HDD plugged

    I have a weird problem. My late 2008 Macbook Pro won't start with external HDD plugged either FW or USB... The screen stays white until I unplug it and then the Apple logo is there.
    Anyone know any solution for this? Or anyone have the same problem

    yeah I had the exact same issue with one of my 750GB externals too. I just left it for a while (about an hour or so) and it was fine..
    I believe its so slow because the system is indexing the drive, which can be a very slow process if the drive is big, has a complex folder-hierarchy, and/or is fragmented.
    Does the hard-drive appear quite quickly in Finder once OS X has started up? if its slow it may confirm what I've just said.

  • My Macbook pro desktop screen is white.

    My Macbook pro desktop screen is white. I had it hooked up to my TV and it went white. Everything works except the desktop is white. The launch pad works and the top menu.

    Hi Maclover222,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you only see a white screen on your MacBook Pro, the steps in this article can help:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    I'd recommend starting with these steps:
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.
    Best Regards,

  • Macbook Pro 13" Screen went Black - Can only see when plugged into another display! HELP!

    My MacBook Pro's screen went black last night and now when it turns on it stays black. I plugged it into my tv through the mini display port and I can see everything fine on the tv but the screen on my laptop is black. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any advice that doesn't involve taking to Genius Bar??? Already tried booting in safe mode, resetting the PRAM and NVRAM. Need to fix this ASAP. Thanks!!

    Please make a Genius Appointment and take it in for service.

  • My macbook pro's screen display has suddenly gone into a strange colour setting where everything appears in a kind of infrared colour palette an I can;t seem to change it back.  It's the same for all icon and websites, does anyone know how to restore?

    My macbook pro's screen display has suddenly gone into a strange colour setting where everything appears in a kind of infrared colour palette an I can;t seem to change it back.  It's the same for all icon and websites, does anyone know how to restore?

    Wow!  I think I had this same issue just last night.
    I was cleaning my macbook pro retina on the outside.  Then I opened it up and was wiping dust off the monitor and I can't pinpoint exactly when, but the colors changed suddenly.  It looked super strange, it was like green halo's and it looked worse when looking at it at an angle.  Of course I took no pictures!!!  I was freaking out that my 2 grand laptop was busted and I somehow removed a protective film or something.
    But I digress...  The image looked very green and spacey, it was almost a neat effect.  After about 5 minutes it started to look a little more digital though.  There were straight lines of this halo effect on the edges and top.  After about 10 minutes it turned into a predominate issue with the blacks on screen.  I could open a web browser and it was unnoticable on a white background.  After about 15 minutes, you could only barely see the green cloud effect if you looked at the monitor from an extreme angle.  After about 20 minutes, it was completely back to normal, I almost feel paranoid like I see a halo or something strange.  But I believe that might be all in my head now.
    So yerp, lemme know what you guys figure out.

  • My macbook pro retina wont recognize my external hard drive

    my macbook pro retina wont recognize my external hard drive.
    i opned the hard drive in the past on my computer and used it alot.
    one time when i took it out i forgot to eject it, and since then when ever i conect it it would never show up on my computer or ever recognize the device.
    please help me!

    For starters try a PRAM reset.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi there, last week my Apple Service Provider swapped the logic board of my MBP because of the processor whine. He did it twice: after the first swap, the whine was still audible (but only with power supply attached), so they swapped it a second time

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