Making SKTO condition type as 0% in case of credits

Hi All,
              This is about the common scenario where in we give the credit back to the customer in normal practice as well in case of returns.
The requirement is that whenever I create a credit memo (G2) or credit for returns (RE) , the SKTO should read as 0%. The catch here is that since the credit  memos are cretaed with reference to the orignal billing doc the SKTO condition which has the % discount copied from the payment terms is going to get copied in the credit memo request .
Moreover there might be scenarios where the credit memo request is created independently w/o reference to  the original doc . So even in this case the SKTO is going to have  the % discount . It is because of this reason why I don't want to change/create any copy control routine from the original invoivce to the credit memo request doc.
My question is :
1. Is it possible to have the SKTO read as 0 % in case of credits ( G2 & RE) docs even though the credit memo request has a payment term which has the (xyz) % discount . ?
2. If I am going to change the copy controls from CR to G2 or RE (returns) to RE (credit for returns), how
would I need to do ?
The Whole essence of this requirement is that my business doesn't want the cash discount (SKTO) to figure when they issue a credit.

Hi Lakshmi,
                        Thanks for your suggestion .But I have bottlenecks in both the cases:
1. In case 1 if I have to change the pricing procedure I need to introduce 2 new pricing procedures as we have 2 different products and both of them use different pricing procedures. This is a viable solution ,but I need to spend most of the time convincing the business that it doesn't impact anything .
2. In case 2 , I have 2 credit scenarios ,(i) normal credit memos (ii) credit for returns . I have  the F2 -G2 in VTFF,but there is no F2-RE as of now . So I might have to create this . SInce this both the billing types are standard, is it recommended to create F2 -RE in VTFF?. Please let me know .
OR as said by Mr .Shivram , I am looking at the option of modifying the requirement 6 assigned to SKTO in the pricing procedure .

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  • We would like to Use the SKTO condition type as Acrual condition

    Hello Experts,
    We have a requirement to track the possible cash discounts in discounts bucket, Hence we though that we will use the SKTO condition type as a Accrual condition type and post to Accrual accounts at the time of billing document creation.
    While processing the Payment we will clear the bucket with relevant discounts with eligible payment terms.
    We are debating and discussing the use of SKTO as a Accrual condition type and start posting GL accounts with it (This means that we are removing the statistical check box from pricing procedure).
    In a nutshell our requirement is.
    1. Track the cash discounts in a Accrual bucket.
    2. Relieve the accrual when payment is applied (This will be done in Cash app)
    3. What are the consequences of making this change?
    4. Is there a better way of managing this?

    Your issue can be solved by CO consultant.
    Your CO consultant can generate report from CO-pa documents.(when invoice is released to a/c ,FI and CO documents are generated) and you know SKTO- cash discount amount even if it statistical condition type.
    You do not need to change in Pricing procedure for tracking  cash discount.
    SKTO is linked wtih payment terms and it is applied accordingly through standard programs.
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  • GRWR Condition type

    Hi all,
          please tell the use of GRWR condition type and in which case this is used and for what purpose

    I can't fully explain its use, but it is relevant to exports only (due to a condition type of 8 being relevant, in a standard SAP system).
    It relates to the European community only and therefore may well only be relevant for something like Intrastat reporting (relevant to VAT).
    If the PO is from an EU country and is crossing "borders" then it applies a statistical value to the transaction for reporting purposes.
    Sorry I can be more specific or more confident in my response.
    I have just seen that Yogesh has provided a lot more help while I was typing my reply. Thanks Yogesh.
    Steve B
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            Stephen Birchall

  • Condition type SKTO and SKTV

    Hi all,
    I wanna ask how the system determine whether use condition type SKTV or SKTO. I know the value is based on term of payment, the case is i do the same think with term of payment in 2 different client, but the result is different, one using condition type SKTV and SKTO for the other one. how is it work? can anybody help me

    SKTV calculates cash discount before tax
    SKTO calculates cash discount after tax
    the formulae and configuration are the same.
    difference is the requirement in pricing procedure. SKTV is picked before tax, while SKTO is after tax.
    you can pay attention to the requirement in both pricing procedures in different clients...

  • Problem with pricing condition type in case of proforma invoicing

    Hello All,
    the problem is related to a pricing condition type in case of proforma invoice where the details are as follows -
    Name of Condition Type - ZADC - Add 10% on Cost                                         Access seq.   Z038 Diff
                                                                                    Plus/minus    A Positive
    Cond. class -  A Discount or surcharge
    Calculat.type -  A Percentage
    Cond.category - Blank
    Manual entries      D Not possible to process manually
    Amount / Percent - Checked
    Item Condition - checked
    Scale Basis - Quantity
    Currency Conversion - Checked
    Quantity Conversion - Checked
    This condition type has been kept as statistical in the pricing procedure. Still in the proforma invoice the condition type is not getting reflected automatically , whenever I am updating with " carry out new pricing " option the condition type is getting populated.In case of other commercial invoices this very condition type is getting populated automatically without any updates.Along with this point to be noted is that the Condition type in which the actual costi is captured has been kept active.
    What more needs to be configured or what are the changes to be done to populate the condition type automatically as statistical during the time of proforma invoicing?
    Thanks & Regards
    Priyanka Mitra

    Kindly do the pricing analysis and check whether you have the following error such as
    Inactive condition type because of subsequent price,

  • Making condition type mandatory for a particular po document type

    I have 2 po document type namely local po and international po. i want a particular condition type ZLCS to be picked automatically as soon as the user picks the po document type.

       You may check the condition technique through a new condition table with PO document type. You may proceed as below:
       You may append the standard MM condition structure to include the PO document type field (in structure KOMPAZ), with the help of abapers . Add the field to condition catalogue in the path: OLME - Conditions - Define Price Determination Process - Extend Field Catalog for Condition Tables.
        Now, you can create condition table with document type field in M/03. Maintain the condition table in the access sequence in M/07. Assign the access sequence to condition type in M/06. Include the condition type in pricing procedure. Maintain condition record for the condition type with required document type in MEK1.
        Check the procedure and revert back in case of any doubts.

  • Checking for the condition types using case statement

    hi folks,
    I have a lot of condition types that I have to check for and I am using case statement to do that. The code goes like this.
    case wac-kschl.
            when 'ZRAT' OR 'ZAGR' OR 'ZRCR' OR
                  'Y098' OR 'Y007' OR 'ZREW' OR 'Y106'        OR 'ZTSR' OR 'Y127' OR 'Y125' OR 'Y126' OR 'Y124' OR 'Y157' OR 'Y092' OR 'Y085' OR 'Y090' OR 'ZMZD'
    OR 'Y215' OR 'Y214' OR 'Y111' OR 'ZC$D' OR 'ZAUD'.
    up till here it is working on errors and when I add few more condition types to the case statement it is throwing the error.
    I have to check for all the condition types out here.
    How can I correct it? Is there a better way to do it?

    Hi Santhosh,
    I think that your CASE statement has a flaw. The line length of one of the lines is too large. You need to insert a carriage-return to shorten it (or press the button 'Pretty Printer').
    The code would look nicer like this:[code]  CASE wac-kschl.
        WHEN 'ZRAT' OR 'ZAGR' OR 'ZRCR' OR 'Y098' OR 'Y007' OR 'ZREW'
          OR 'Y106' OR 'ZTSR' OR 'Y127' OR 'Y125' OR 'Y126' OR 'Y124'
          OR 'Y157' OR 'Y092' OR 'Y085' OR 'Y090' OR 'ZMZD' OR 'Y215'
          OR 'Y214' OR 'Y111' OR 'ZC$D' OR 'ZAUD' OR 'Z001' OR 'Z002'
          OR 'Z003' OR 'Z004' OR 'Z005' OR 'Z006' OR 'Z007' OR 'Z008'
          OR 'Z009' OR 'Z010' OR 'Z011' OR 'Z012' OR 'Z013' OR 'Z014'.
        Do your thing here
          WRITE: / 'OK'.
        WHEN OTHERS.
          WRITE: / 'NOT OK'.
      ENDCASE.[/code]If this will not work for you, you could try a different approach:[code]* Local definition
    Build variable string for checking
                  'Y007 ZREW Y106 ZTSR'
                  'Y127 Y125 Y126 Y124'
                  'Y157 Y092 Y085 Y090'
                  'ZMZD Y215 Y214 Y111'
                  'ZC$D ZAUD'
             INTO var_list
        SEPARATED BY space.
    Check if the correct value is supplied
      IF var_list CS wac-kschl.
      Do your thing here
        WRITE: / 'OK'.
      ENDIF.[/code]Hope this helps you a bit.

  • Making condition type unmandatory for free item categories

    Hi all,
    I've created a form routine in RV64ANNN the requirement is when we create or change sales order....we have few item categories were in we need to make a concern condition type unmandtory if items with those item category is created...else if make the condition type mandatory.........example...............this is done for only one pricing V/08 tcode and there i've assinged our routine number for that condition type which needs to be changed dynamically.
    say we have Sales doc type ZXXX for this sales doc type lets say we have item category ZITE1 and ZITE2.......and lets say the Condition type is ZCOND(whether the condition type is required or not is done by checking in tcode V/08 and this is always checked).now when the user enters creates a item 1 with item category ZITE1 and leaves the amount field blank it will however ask to enter the here is the problem............if user creates second line item with item category ZITE2 its againing asking to enter the amount for that condition type.............this is happing even after i've desinged the below code.............
    DATA: l_kobli TYPE kobli.
    IF komk-kalsm = 'ZINFAM'.
    *Sale Doc ZORA
    IF komk-auart = 'ZORA'.
    IF komp-pstyv = 'ZTAN'.
    l_kobli = 'X'.
    ELSEIF komp-pstyv = 'ZZNN' OR
    komp-pstyv = 'REN'.
    l_kobli = ' '.
    *Sale Doc ZORB
    ELSEIF komk-auart = 'ZORB'.
    IF komp-pstyv = 'TAN'.
    l_kobli = 'X'.
    ELSEIF komp-pstyv = 'REN' OR
    komp-pstyv = 'TANN'.
    l_kobli = ' '.
    *Sale Doc ZRE
    ELSEIF komk-auart = 'ZRE'.
    IF komp-pstyv = 'REN' OR
    komp-pstyv = 'RENN'.
    l_kobli = ' '.
    *Sales Doc ZCOR
    ELSEIF komk-auart = 'ZCOR'.
    IF komp-pstyv = 'KRN' OR
    komp-pstyv = 'RENN'.
    l_kobli = ' '.
    *Sales Doc ZCI
    ELSEIF komk-auart = 'ZCI'.
    IF komp-pstyv = 'KEN'
    l_kobli = 'X'.
    ELSEIF komp-pstyv = 'TANN'.
    l_kobli = ' '.
    ENDIF. "Sales Doc Check
    READ TABLE xt683s WITH KEY kvewe = 'A'
    kappl = 'V'
    kalsm = 'ZINFAM'
    kschl = 'ZPOR'.
    IF sy-subrc = 0 .
    xt683s-kobli = l_kobli.
    MODIFY xt683s INDEX sy-tabix.
    UPDATE t683s SET kobli = l_kobli WHERE
    kvewe = 'A' AND
    kappl = 'V' AND
    kalsm = 'ZINFAM' AND
    kschl = 'ZPOR'.
    ENDIF. "Pricing Procedure check
    CLEAR: l_kobli.
    The table which has this mandatory checked is T683S and the field is KOBLI........i've debugged it the routine come up well with item category ZITE1 and the table gets updated with KOBLI = 'X' but when i navigate the screen in VA02 or in VA01 to second item created with item category ZITE2...the table logic does'nt goes and updates the above table............Suggest me with some solution........
    Thanks in Advance.....

    I've resolved it by myself

  • Scaling in case of Pricing Procedure Condition Types

    I want to maintain Scaling in Condition Types of the Pricing procedure. Please guide me to maintain it.
    Thanks & Regards
    Saeed Arif

    If you have maintained Purchasing Info Record: In ME12 transaction go to Conditions tab. Select the Condition Type 'PB00' and click the Scales icon (F2) on top of the screen. Here, maintain the Scales.
    First decide the Scale Type, Scale Basis and Validity periods for which you want to maintain the Scales. Save your changes and you can see the effect on Price, while creating the PO for the quantity mentioned as per the Scales.
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  • Making manual entries - In condition type

    Hi All,
    Can you please explain in detail about _ , A and C  ? This is the value we give in manual entries in Condition type ? Plz give a business scenario.
    Indicator which controls the priority within a condition type between a condition entered manually and a condition automatically determined by the system.
    Make the following entries according to your requirements:
    _: No limitations
    A: Freely definable
    C: The manual entry has priority. When you enter the condition
    manually, the system does not check whether a condition record exists.

    No limitation means it is free to do all the changes,overwrite etc.
    C means even if the condition record is present and you enter the condition manualy,manual entry has priority over the condition record.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

  • Creation of New Condition Type

    Hello SAP Folks,
    I have one issue related to pricing. See the case is i have to produce an extra cost in the Sales Order which is actually depended
    upon the net price. This condition type is percentage based and calculation works in the following way:
    Let the new condition type be Z123 and Net price be PR00.
    So for year variation 1-2 year, the condition type Z123 will be 1.5 times of PR00
                                      2-3 year, the condition type Z123 will be 2.0 times of PR00
                                      3-5 year, the condition type Z123 will be 3.0 times of PR00
    Can anyone throw light on how to configure this condition type ???

    For Z123 Condition type make (V/06)
    Cond. class A Discount or surcharge
    Calculat.type A Percentage
    Plus/minus A Positive
    and all other settings are same as Discount condition Type
    For making Z123 customize an Discont Condition Type (EX:K004,)
    Then while creating the condition record give the percentage as 150% 1-2 yearin valid from and to date,
    give the percentage as 200% 2-3 yearin valid from and to date, give the percentage as 300% 3-4 yearin valid from and to date, and save the record. (VK11)
    In the pricing procedure For step z123 condition type from which you want the % that is step of PR00 should be mentioned in the FROM and TO column.(V/08)
    This will result as per your requirement

  • Error while releasing Billing: Assign HD00 (Frieght) Condition type in COPA

    I am getting the below error while releasing billing document.
    Assign condition HD00 type in COPA
    HD00 condition type is frieght condition type
    Is it good thing if we assign this condition type to COPA value field in KE4I? or we should not assign Frieght condition to COPA?
    Please advise

    HI Kishore,
    To which GL account are you posting this freight condition value? Is that GL created as a revenue element (of category '11'/'12')?
    If yes (has to be 'yes', since you are getting the error message), then you don't have a choice but assigning a CO-PA value field in KE4I. The idea here is, if you have created the GL as revenue element, then you intend to take it to Controlling module for further analysis. Thus, making your FI/CO reconciliation easy.
    If you do want to carry this value to CO-PA for analytical reporting then don't create that particular GL (assuming you are posting freight to a separate GL) as a revenue element. That said, it does make sense to carry this value to CO-PA and in your present case, you don't have a choice as the message which you got is an error message, which you can't circumvent.
    Hope this helps.

  • Condition Type VPRS not appearing on some billing items

    I have a discrepancy between COPA and postings on the FI account. In COPA in transaction ke4i I have assigned the SD condition type VPRS - Internal price to the COPA value field VRPRS u2013 Stock Value.
    The problem arises when the outbound delivery is split on several batches. In this case the condition type VPRS does not appear on the invoice for the split billing item and the amount 0 is loaded into to the COPA filed VRPRS for this billing item instead of value that should appear in the VPRS field. And this causes discrepancies between COPA and FI.
    Do you know how to solve this problem? Is it possible to make the condition type VPRS always appear on the invoice, also in case when the delivery is sent in many batches?
    Best regards,

    Welcome to the confusing world of Invoice *** batch split.. The situation you are facing is due to incorrect customization of your position types in SD during billing of the batch split. Plz check note 77414
    You can grossly summarize it as below -
    When you have batch split - the line items in Out bound delivery and biling can be divided into 2 types HPOS and UPOS i.e. Main Line items and Sub line items.. The note describes of 3 situations.. Your SD consultant will have to decide which situation you fall in...  based on that config changes have to be made in SD....
    If your billing is done at HPOS level (Main Item) and not at Item splits level or Vice Versa - Then T codes VOV7 and VTFL, you have to make settings accordingly in the fields "Biling Relevance" and "Cost"..
    Also, the item category of HPOS and UPOS has to be different - One has to be relevant for billing/Cost and the other not
    Apart from VOV7 and VTFL, check your settings in T code 0184.. Your Item catg has to be assigned against :
    Delivery Type / usage Type= CHSP/ Item category Group = "Norm"
    To correct the invoices already posted, cancel them and repost after making the config changes...
    Ajay M


    Is there any relation between material  and condition type(at item detail level) in PO?
    I am making one PO, when i use material 40 (stock) condition type PB00 gets populated automaticaly and in case of material 29708 (account assignment PO), condition type PBXX gets populated. How and where this is controlled?

    PB00 is having the access sequence as gross price hence
    when u have created inforecord,contract or scheduling aggrement the values will be copied from there only.
    for PBXX u need to maitain the value manualy because it is not having the access sequence.

  • Condition type value updation using characteristic value in sales order

    Hi Experts,
    We are implementing SAP for one of our Spain client. In that one of the Legal requirements is, whenever they are selling the finished products to domestic customers who contain OIL as one of the component then, some additional cost needs to be calculated and collected from customer and which needs to be paid back to Spain Government every month on Region basis.
           If OIL is not a component to produce the finished product then, not required to charge the customer additionally.
    The OIL content used to produce every finished product will vary based on product characteristic value. Meaning, for some finished product the OIL used will be 2.2 KG and for some products it will be 3.5, 4.3 KG and etc.
    Since various combinations of products are available for the client, during sales order creation we are planning to update some special characteristic which the data flow from u201CVariant Tableu201D. In the variant table we are going to maintain the OIL Quantity required making finished product.
    But we are not sure how to activate a new condition type with the value fetched in the special characteristic. This new condition type needs to be activated based on this characteristic value and multiplied with total order quantity and price to charge from customer.
    Example, the special characteristic fetched the value of 2.2 KG based on variant table. Total Order quantity is 10 PC and charge is 0.06 EURO per KG. in this case, (2.2 x 10 ) x 0.06 EURO = 1.32 EURO
    I need the expert opinion how to activate the new condition type based on characteristic value and achieve the above requirement.
    Thanks in advance.
    Warm Regards,

    I have replicated the whole requirememt in IDES and getting the price calculation as needed but the only issue with the Conversion factor for the condition type. Either you need to maintian the conv factor in material master or need to enter manually for the condition type in SO. Some how you have to maintain the conversion factor to calculate the price for the condition type in different unit.
    For easy of understanding Lets make the whole requirement in 2 parts
    Part - 1
    Oil qty calculation. For convenience sake I have taken oil qty also in TO
    1) Created a num char OIL_QTY1 with length 9 and decimal places 5 and UOM as TO
    2) Created Variant table to infer the OIL qty in TO per piece of finished prod ( This oil qty data may be depends on various factors). For certain Finished products the oil qty may be 0 or blank
    3) Created a REF char SO_QTY  to pull the SO qty to configuration and add this char in class 300(Table:VBAP,Field :KWMENG)
    4) Created another char SO_OIL_QTY  (Num with length 9 and decimal places 5 and UOM as TO)
    5) Created a PROCEDURE say PROC_SO_OIL_QTY with code
    *$self.SO_OIL_QTY = $self.OIL_QTY1 * $self.SO_QTY*
    6) Create another PROCEDURE as mentioned earlier with modified code
    $SELF.A_VARCOND = 'TEST_001' if OIL_QTY1 specified,
    Note: Maintain proper seq of the procedures in profile. The Qty cal proc should be before the price related procedures.
    1) For the condition type maintained 60 EUR per TO (0.06 EUR per KG)
    Now if you create SO for the Finished product of 10 PC
    the Char values will be
    OIL_QTY1  = 0.00022 TO (inferred from Variant table th proc)
    SO_QTY    = 10
    SO_OIL_QTY = 0.0022 TO
    Get into conditions tab
    Here Condition type ZSIG will be displayed as error with Amount 60 EUR per TO and condition value will be blank. Just enter value 1 in the col NumC and CCon fields.
    Now the Condition value will appear as 1.32 EUR.
    Hope this gives some more clarity
    Brahmaji D

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