[Mobile] Spotify Lite Version for Mobile Apps

Spotify is becoming is becoming a "heavy'  app for some old smartphones. So my question is andI don't know if it is allready asked, is there any way possible to let people choose for the full application or choose for a semi application with less functions, but they can still listen to there music.
I was thinking about when installing, semi app recommed for old smartphones or full app ... . And let people choose even later in options.
By the way, sorry for the bad English ;p.

+1 for this. it's taking a while to lad on my 2 year old ipad mini, so this would probably help. though in my case, it's going to be an iOS install that needs to ho on a diet.i haven't worked out if it's the player part of the spp that's swelling or additional social aspects of the app that sre growing in size unecessarily.all things said, a music player shouldn't really need to be 75mb+.the android install on my htc m8s is about 13mb, by comparision, less than 2 thirds of the install size.

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    Hello Ruben,
    some time ago I asked a very similar question in another Adobe forum: ... According to my observations a lean version of the DW software would be sufficient to such persons.
    Someone there told me to look for "Adobe Muse", which should be "for beginners I find that Adobe Muse is easier than Dreamweaver for them to grasp in my experiences." and another said:
    "Personally as an instructor I find the idea intriguing but don’t expect it to happen. Adobe has chosen another direction for introductory web design and already has too much trouble maintaining one version of Dreamweaver to devote resources to a Dreamweaver Lite."

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    Hi 245 yorkland,
    If it is an iPad 1, then the highest it can go on iOS is 5.1.1

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    You can change the email address you use as your apple ID. this doesn't mean you have to delete the old email address as email.
    When you delete an email from your device, it is only removed from the device, it does not delete your emails or the email account.

  • [Web Player] Lite version of the Web Player

    Web player of spotify in it full glory can be hogging more than 500 MB. Can there be a thinner more tamed version of the player, which just has a flash player and may be a playlist with a search bar. 
    It can be thought of as a mobile version of the same page.

    Updated: 2015-07-20Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search and differ from a similar idea about a lite version for the desktop app here. ;)

  • [iPhone] Lite version now, pro version later with free upgrade?

    I'd like to release a lite version of my app initially and then when I release the pro version later make it a free upgrade to those users who already purchased it. Can I accomplish this by doing the following:
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    2. Replace with pro version later, rename to "MyApp Pro", and increase price to $x.99 then...
    3. Rerelease lite version as "MyApp Lite" for $0.99
    Would this work?

    I believe as long as the AppID remains the same life should be good.
    I'd probably be inclined to release now as "MyApp" with and put something in the description that it will be gaining more features. Update the app as you'd like and then later on, simply release "MyApp Lite" and not worry about a name change. The ad copy on the app store (as well as the price) can be changed quickly and easily so this would probably have the least confusion.

  • I pay for upgrading ifindyou and it doesn't work!!!! it clearly says that it tracks only your mobile in the lite version, after you ask the upgrade for all the mobile... can we call this a fraud????

    i pay for upgrading ifindyou and it doesn't work!!!! it clearly says that it tracks only your mobile in the lite version, after you ask the upgrade for all the mobile... can we call this a fraud????

    "A day after the name change became official my built in skydrive app stopped working"
    Did you point that SkyDrive changed to OneDrive?
    Did you move your OneDrive to another location or change its name?
    Please login OneDrive with web-based to check if you could access it successfully.
    Please refer to the following article to try the troubleshooter and check the service status:
    SkyDrive: FAQ
    Karen Hu
    TechNet Community Support

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    I'm developing a MS VC++ 2005 mobile app than will run on Mobile 5 ARM devices. This app needs to connect to an Oracle Lite 10.2 Lite database that is currently installed on those devices.
    I know that the MFC and ATL libraries are not "fully" supported on the mobile platform I need, so I need a way to connect to the Lite database, as those libraries don't provide that kind of functionality.
    I've been looking around for ways to connect to a Lite Database using VC++ 2005 native, but nothing seems to work!
    I've tried SODA but I simply couldn't connect to the database. After that, I've tried OLEDB, as I folowed articles on adapting MFC oledb.h to the mobile platform. Useless, because the articles focused only SQL Server CE.
    Anyone can give me a clue how to access the lite database from VC++ 2005?
    Isn't there any library like the Oracle.DataAccess.Lite_wce.dll for the CF.NET I can use?
    Thanks in advance.
    -- Manuel Costa

    Where can I find those libraries? Are they available to download in the Oracle site?
    The SODA Api has very few documentation, only an Oracle HTML document.
    Do you know any links with useful tips and examples I can use?
    By the way, the Soda API I tried implemented the try-catch exception handling using a special lib (not the try-catch available in the standard VC++ 2005). Has this been changed in the more recent versions you pointed out?
    Thanks in advance.
    -- Manuel

  • How to use OneDrive for Business mobile app with SharePoint 2013 on-premise?

    Hi All,
    I have a SharePoint 2013 (with latest December updates) that host a dedicated personal web site for users.
    The OneDrive portal works fine and users are able to sync their files with the OneDrive client for Windows.
    Now I want to test the OneDrive for Business mobile app on Android, but there is no option to specify the "personal" portal URL.
    It asks only for domain credentials.
    Does I need to configure specific records on my public DNS to allow mobile users to sync their files?

    I can confirm that with iOS you can connect to your SharePoint server through the advanced options.
    But the very strange thing is that the OneDrive version for Windows Phone 8.1 is limited as the Android version.
    This has no sense.
    Why does Microsoft should limit the Business functions on its mobile operating system, and not on iOS?
    Another strange thing is that configuring my Exchange account, Windows Phone 8.1 informed me that it has connected OneDrive for business (but is a fake information).
    See attached image.
    If I open the built-in OneDrive app, it give me the option to add a OneDrive for business account, but is only for Office 365 users (like with the Android version).
    I thing that Microsoft should let at least to Windows Phone users to connect to on-premise SharePoint sites.

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    We are using old version of Adobe connect Pro (version <7.5)
    The recent version of Adobe connect mobile app does not work with our server.
    I want to get old version of  adobe connect mobile app.
    JD Park

    If you are producing software how do you detect the Firefox version and show whether or not it is compatible ? You may be interested in http://hacks.mozilla.org/2012/01/firefox-goes-2-digit-time-to-check-your-ua-sniffing-scripts/
    If you are, or your clients are in a corporate environment there is a possibility that Firefox ESR will be in use.
    * https://wiki.mozilla.org/Enterprise#How_to_Participate_and_Post
    * http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/
    My understanding is that ESR has been brought out primarily to deal with this sort of problem ensuring software may be certified in an enterprise, and does not change as often (so it will remain as Firefox 10 with point releases for a while).

  • A mobile App for lulu would be amazing!

    As I now have my phone as my link to everything from banking to research, I think a mobile app for lulu would be amazing in order to track sales, promotion of author spotlights and all the other wonderful stuff lulu.com provides us, the selfpublished authors.

    Mobile Flash is no longer being developed (it was discontinued around 2011, IIRC). It never existed on any Apple idevice and buggy versions were installed on Android, but that stopped in August of 2012.
    If your Flash files are video, convert them to a more modern standard (MP4, OGV, WEBM) and use the html5 <video> tag.
    If they're interactive files, ask yourself "can a mobile user interact with these in any appreciable way?".
    Remember, mobile devices don't have mice, all those cool mouse-dependent effects and navigation tricks available in Flash do nothing in the old, buggy mobile Flash environment.
    You "can" get an old version of Flash on some Android phones. It's a relatively hacky feeling way to install called "Sideloading" that typical viewers WILL NOT do. You just have to find a version of the Flash .apk that works with your current Flash files, have a phone that allows Sideloading, then convince your viewers that the file you found isn't going to harm their device since it's no longer available through the secure/trusted channels they would normally go to.
    A very tall order.

  • SSL Pinning support for mobile apps ?

    Hi there
    i've just read this article and wondered if there is cross platform support for SSL pinning for mobile apps (iOS and Android) developed with AIR ?
    So far my Google research wasn't successful, therefore i ask here.
    Maybe this feature could be supported by a native extension ?
    Thank you for any hint.

    I believe IBM has a mini version of DB2 designed for mobile Apps.
    Good Luck,
    Pats World Champs!!!

  • Settings for Native Mobile App

    I'm using RoboHelp 11 to generate a native mobile app for Android.
    In the Generate Native Mobile App dialog box, I've downloaded PhoneGap, Android SDK, JDK, and Apache Ant. I've then used paths that I think would work. Here's a screen shot:
    When I attempt to generate the file, I see an error (below).
    Can you please recommend the exact path? I've looked at your documentation(Adobe RoboHelp 11 * Generate a native mobile app) and Tom Aldous's YouTube video (How To Create Android App From Your Training and Technical Manuals - YouTube). Does it matter where I download the files? Is RoboHelp 11 just compatible with certain versions of these downloads?

    @Robert I am working with someone else who is having problems. I produced some instructions for Rh10 that got things working for myself and others. The difference between 10 and 11 is that 10 required some system variables to be set whereas 11 sets the necessary paths when generating the app. Thus it is likely your problems are related to the various installations. Given where you have located them, it is not possible for me to read them. I put each app (except Java) directly off the C drive.
    To the best of my knowledge, the only app that is version specific is PhoneGap which must be 2.9.0 and that is what you have.
    First try moving the apps and generating outside your profile. This is my setup from 10 but 11 is the same as far as this part is concerned.
    See where that gets you.
    @Rick Apps are great for Knowledge Bases. As far as OLH is concerned, there are some usability issues if people don't know how to switch between apps.
    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Skype & NFL Mobile Apps for Verizon

    What's the deal with getting these apps approved?  According to VZ, Palm is holding them up from being available.  There has been a lot said and written about the relationship with VZ, but to have the apps available on android and blackberry phones, but not web OS is a huge mistake.  Please tell me that this will change soon.

    Hello and welcome to the forums;
    Unfortunately, we have no information on the status of app submissions or approvals.
    As far as I knew, Skype was not even making a webOS app yet, as seen in a 2009 article from US News. I admit that's a bit dated here in the world of webOS, but a quick visit to the Skype download page lists mobile apps for several platforms, but no mention of even a 'coming soon' placeholder for webOS. I didn't stay there for long, but hopefully Skype has a feedback and suggestion page where you could request a webOS version of their mobile application.
    As for the NFL app, again we don't have any information, but if you would like to see a particular app or feature like VZ NFL added, visit our feedback portal at www.palm.com/feedback .
    Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing.

  • IPad Fios Mobile app version 2 upgrade

    Verizon, is the there a fix to all the problems reported in version 2 Review section in the App Store? Ever since upgrading, i keep getting authentication error please try again. Did you guys ever do any suitability testing before deploying this upgrade? Please fix this ASAP.

    UPDATE AS OF : 11/11/13 10:23 AM
    On My iPad 2
    My Fios Mobile App
    Version:2.0.7359   I did not uninstall/download this Version ...that's what it is today.
    Could these SETTINGS in My Fios Mobile app. have a bearing on your situation ?
    My Ip: 72.76.xxx.xxx
    My Fips Code is: 34_003      which identifies NJ_Bergen County
    After uninstalling and downloading new Version did you COMPLETELY shut down your iPad ?
    In other situations this has solved problems ?
    Please let everyone know when you get a solution.
    Freedom Essentials, QIP 7100 1,Bose SOLO TV Sound System,,QIP 7216 P2,M1424WR Rev F, iPad 2 WiFi,iPhone 5,TV SYST INFO Release 1.9.5 Build No. 17.45
    Data Object 39.45

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