Multi-Provider Provider-Specific Properties for Navigational Attributes

I need to over-ride the naming for a navigational attribute in a multi-provider.
For non-navigational attributes you simply use the Provider-Specific Properties.  This selection is not available for navigational attributes.
Is there a different way to apply alternative naming to navigational attributes in a Mult-Provider without affecting the global definition in the base cube.
Thanks in advance

No - the users want their own verions of the name as default
Thanks for the reply

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  • Data for navigational attributes # Not Assigned

    Hello friends,
    Our report is based on Multiprovider which is based on 5 cubes.
    These five cubes has one particular Characteristics which hasnavigational Attribute .
    We are using the navigational attribute directly under free characteristics Tab in Query.
    We are also using Characteristic in Query - for characateristic data is shown in report.
    In report we are able to see data as # Not Assigned for navigational attributes.
    When we checked data at info object level for that characateristic, correct data is shown for that navigation attributes.
    We have checked following settings
    At characteristic level - Uncheck Attributes only
    At cube level all navigational attributes are checked
    In Multi provider identification table - This navigational attribute is checked for all five cubes
    In Multi provider Navigational Attributes Tab - This naviagtional attributes is checked
    Activation of Master data was done once again
    we are not getting any other ideas, can any one please suggest us where the problem is?

    Hi Tony
    I have  the exact same problem. Did you find out what the problem was?
    KR Nete
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    I solved my problem
    1. Activate the navigation attribute(s) on the underlying basiscube, from which the query displays data
    2. Choose the navigation attribute(s) for all relevant basiscubes (multicube -> Change -> Button Identification)
    See also:
    KR Nete

  • Provider-specific properties

    Hi Experts,
    What is the effect on authorization if value is set in  provider-specific properties screen? For example, I set a constant value to the dimension element.

    Hi  Friends,
    Any side effects encountered on authorization when this is set and then unset?

  • Reset provider-specific properties back to default

    Hello community, I could use some quick help with something.  I have changed the Description of an characteristic specific to a DSO (when in change mode in the DSO, right-click characteristic, select "Provider-specific properties", and change Description).  I now want to reset that back to the default characteristic description.
    I have tried clearing the value in Description, but that doesn't work.  Any ideas how to do this?

    if not yet the saved the DSO after changing description it will show old description.
    after save the DSO it will show the new description.
    you want old description again go to change mode -> give the old description -> save.

  • Providing locale specific URL for navigation bar entry

    I am using APEX 3.0 on 10gR2 and 9.0.4 app server... I have successfully translated my application, with the exception of navigation bar entry URLs...
    The XLIFF export does not contain entries for the navbar entry URLs, only the labels. I have locale specific URLs for navbar entries (ie french URL, english URL)
    I can't seem to find any information on how to accomplish this... other than removing the navbar, and hard-coding them in the page template...
    Thanks for the help!

    as a workaround. The export will probably never work, because a URL isn't normally considered as language dependent.
    Have you already tried to write the different URLs into application items (which you initialize during login of the user) and reference them in the URL with &YOUR_APPLICATION_ITEM.Patrick
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  • Authorization for navigational attribute

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing an authorization issue with respect to infoobject hierarchy. I have created authorizations as below.
    There one infoobject 'A' and a navigational attribute 'B' in infoobject 'A'. This navigational atribure A_B is used in an infocube.  And hierarchy is uploaded to Infoobject 'B'. Now I want to give authorization for this hierarchy in infoobject 'B'.
    Now coming to authorization.
    1. I have made Infoobject 'B' as authorization relevant in Business explorer tab.
    2. Created authorization object say ABC in RSSM and inculded infoobject 'B' & 0TCTAUTHH (since I want to authorize the hierarchy and we are using 3.5 authorization concepts in BI 7.0).
    3. Activate this authorization object for the infocube.
    4. Included this authorization object in the role included for my user. In the field 'B' of authorization object I have given ' ' (space) and in the field 0TCTAUTHH I have given the technical name of the hierarchy.
    4. In 3.5 query designer I have put this navigational attribute A_B in the filter area and activated the hierarchy in the properties tab for the same hierarchy that I inculded in previous step.
    5. Created a variable with processing type authorization.
    Now when I run this report I get an error as no authorization for object ABC.
    Can someone help me if I have done anything wrong.

    In the infoobject A maintenance screen check the chekc box for field "AuthorizRelevant" for B to make it authorization relevant navigational attribute.
    Then go to RSECADMIN and ope your relevant authorization.
    In the menu bar just above the "Authorization Structure" you will find the button with icon of infoobject.
    Chick on this icon this will give you a screen to enter characteristic name of which attributes are to be added to authorization.
    Enter the infoobject A name here and click on continue.
    This will give you list of all authorization relevant navigational attributes present for A.
    Add B from this list to the authorization.
    Hope this helps.
    - Geetanjali

  • Variable for navigational attribute affected fiscper input variable

    Dear Friends
    Initially, the query is having an input variable for fiscper. The query was able to run properly.
    When i add a input variable for a navigational attribute to the same query which is based on multiprovider, the fiscper input variable is no longer  seen.
    So, I removed the global filter for the navigational attribute and it is ok again.  I fixed a value for the navigational attribute at filter level is also fine.
    Please advise what could be the cause. Thank you so much.
    Best regards

    Hi Bass,
    Again seems to be a strange issue, if you have two independent characteristic with two different input enabled variables then there is no reason for the variable to not to show up on selection screen.
    Once you add the new variable and save the query just make sure that you have earlier variable as it is and check the query properties popup and see the fiscper variable sequence in the variable list.

  • Defining server specific properties for EJB app

    I need to define some properties for my app which have different values depending on the server to which I deploy. Eg. the LDAP server name and port.
    When I deploy to my development server it should find the local values of the properties, when I deploy to the live server it needs a different set of values.
    What is the simplest way to do this? I obviously don't want the properties to be part of my deployment.

    EJBs are not allowed to read or write files. But they are allowed to read from the JNDI context. The idea is to provide a symbolic name, ie <resource-env-ref>, which contains the value you need.
    The startup-classes which could set this value in the JNDI context are best documented in the OC4J User's Guide.

  • How to show data for navigational attribute in a report ?

    Hello all,
    I have a hierarchy info object A which has a navigational attribute(hierarchy) B. I need to filter on B for a particular node.
    I have added A in the filter column and selected B as the attribute. How can i restrict B for a particular hierarchy node ?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    S N

    Have you defined 'B' as Navigational attribute at InfoProvider Level?
    You can Restrict B for a Particular Value once it is defined as Navigational attribute at InfoProvder level.
    Go to InfoProvider maintaince>click 'nav attributes'>enable it (check the box).activate the InfoProvider.
    Then you can see it under same dimension where 'A' is assigned and its name would be  A_B.
    Drag and drop in to rows and restrict(include/exclude) with required value.
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  • # values for navigational attributes in report . (Urgent)

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a navigational attributes for time dependent master data. In the report I am not able to see values for that navigational attribute. I see # values for the navigational attributes. I checked the master data of main info-object. every thing looks fine.
    please help me in regarding this.

    Check the following two things again just to make sure you are doing everything right. These are already mentioned by Bhanu...
    1) Go to the master data table (Q  table or the M table) and check to see if there are M version records (OBJVERS = M). If yes, you need to activate the master data using the program RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN (Change Run). If there are no M version records then check the second step
    2) If you do not enter any key date in the query, it takes the system date as the default key date. So check and see if any master data exists for today's date ?
    Also just curious, which version and support pack level are you on ?

  • Changes to Provider-specific Texts for Infoobjects are not updated

    We have some existing queries on one of our Multiproviders. We changed the description of one of the Info-objects on the Multiprovider using PROVIDER_SPECIFIC PROPERTIES.  This changed description is not updated into the existing queries. The existing queries still show the old description for the info-object.
    any ideas!!.
    thanks in advance.

    Hi Pravendar,  Thanks for your response. we are using an older version of BEx Analyzer with 7.0, which does not have the check box you have mentioned.  So, I am thinking this is not going help us much.
    Hi Orla, Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this before posting here.. it did not work.

  • How to limit a specific value for an attribute in OIM during AD recon.

    User with same attribute have diffrent values in target system. When trying to reconcile the user i wouod like to rconcile only one value but not all of them. Even though we reconcile all the values for that atribute, we do not want to display them in child form.
    Ex: There is an attrubute in Active directory called "idLevel" having diffrent values like 2, 3, 4, 40 .
    This is multilevel attribute in OIM which displayed in Child form.
    I want to disaplay ONLY idLevel values 40 in OIM child form. Right now when I reconcile this attribute for the user all the values are getting populated.
    PLease let me know if we can achieve this.

    Hate to say it, but I don't think you can without writing your own recon code.

  • Customer-specific attributes (properties) for processes?

    Hello community,
    I already know how to define customer-specific attributes (properties) for documents stored in Solution Manager using the Document Modelling Workbench. For documents, everything works fine, so far.
    But: I also want to define customer-specific properties for processes. Is this possible? If yes, how do I do that? I cannot find any related configuration options -- neither in SPRO nor in Solution Manager's own project configuration area.
    Thanks in advance,

    In SPRO, naviagete to SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager -> Scenario-Specific Settings -> Implementation/Upgrade -> Blueprint and Configuration -> Object Attributes -> Definition of Customer Attributes for Object Types
    Best regards,

  • F4 Input values for variables based on Navigation Attributes

    We would like to use the option "Q Only Posted values for navigation"  from the set F4 mode 'Query Execution Filter Val. Selectn' in the Multiprovider specific properties.
    The problem is that  this option Works for Infoobject stored on the infocube, but It doesn't work for Navigation Attributes.
    Question : Could you please tell us how to use the option "Q Only Posted values for navigation" with _Navigation Attributes _ ?
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    The input help only offers values for which you can select data in the current navigational state
    Check the below link ,
    Only posted values for navigation - what does it mean?

  • Function Module to modify provider specific settings in rsdichapro

    Hi guys,
    does anybody know the function module used to modify the provider specific settings for an InfoCube.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi there!
    For me it worked just by going to se16 and changing the records one by one. I wanted to modify the provider-specific properties and in specific the constant that restricts the infocube values and is used for logical partitioning (RSDICHAPRO-CHACONST) and it worked from there.

Maybe you are looking for

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