My iPhone 5 C doesn't respond when pressing the Home Button, do I need to go to a Apple store or is there another way to fix this problem?

I bought my iPhone 5 C last week and is still all brand new. My phone was alright thses days but suddendly when i pressed the Home button to get out of an app, it didn't respond and also when i want to see the time I press the Home button but it doesn't show the lock screen. Do I need to go to an Apple Store or is there another way to fix this problem? I have read the Helping Center in the Apple Web but still it didn't help to solve my problem. Can someone please help me?

    Getting your notifications is definitely important and we understand not wanting to miss anything katieb373. You have reached the right place for assistance in getting this working for you again. Has your phone completed any recent software updates right before this happened? You can reset the network settings to see if that will resolve the issue by following the steps in the link. Please try this and let us know the results.
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