My project crashes Final Cut Pro on multiple machines

I'm just getting ready to wrap up a project and I now can not render or export anything without the spinning beach ball and then either a "force quit" or it crashes for me. I'm running FCP 6.0.4 on a DVCPro HD 1080i60 Project and Sequence. The entire timeline is 4 minutes but all of the clips not covered with b-roll are keyed in Motion using the "send to" command. Everything was working fine until yesterday when FCP became very buggy, crashes randomly and often. I can view all of the keyed clips in the FCP timeline, they used to render out and play fine but not anymore. I've cleaned up all of the clips in Motion after I started having issues like removing extra layers that were turned off before exporting. Occasionally the clips do randomly show up pink or purple in the timeline and I have to do a 'send to' Motion again to get the keyed clip back. I've opened the project on 2 - G5's as well and the project crashes. CPU usage is minimal when it locks up.
Any help here would be great. Thanks!
- Greg

Do a test. With the range tool make a very short range selection of your project and Share>DVD. In the export dialoge >Settings, choose Hard Drive for Output Device. Click on the Add button for menu background. When the next window appears, hit cancel. See if it exports and burns a disk image, If it does, try the complete project.
BTW, is your project length 79 minutes or 79 seconds?

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  • Failed to send my project in final cut pro to compressor

    I tried to send my project in final cut pro to compressor but when I go to file then see send to compressor it will not let me click on "send to compressor". I checked but none of my files are missing or anything and the project is only 4 minutes long. This has happened to me once before and it completely crashed my computer. I had to start out fresh which was a horrible process. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP?! (URGENT)What might I have done wrong that this happens? In the picture below, this happens and I have no idea why that is.

    I suspect it's a FCP X issue rather than a Compressor issue.
    Will FCP export a master file? Make a short section with the range tool and find out.
    Tri reseting the zoo's preferences. Hold down the option and command keys when you launch to reset.

  • Mavericks' iMovie won't export project to Final Cut Pro

    Upon updating to Mavericks and its accompanying versions of iLife, I do not see where the option in iMovie to open a project in Final Cut Pro X is.
    Likewise, attempting to import an iMovie project from Final Cut only creates a blank project with the iMovie project name and then crashes Final Cut Pro.
    Is there any way to regain this feature?

    AppleMan1958 wrote:
    If you are on iMovie 10.0.2, use FILE/SEND MOVIE TO FINAL CUT PRO. If you are not on 10.0.2, let us know what you are on.
    This sends the iMovie to FCPX 10.1. If you are not on FCPX 10.1, it will not work.
    I recently tried this with one of my iMovie 10 projects and it all worked perfectly. Nothing changed in Final Cut Pro X (unlike when using the previous method with iMovie '11). All clips, titles, transitions, audio tracks, edit points and so forth were intact. I was then able to add further embellishments in FCP X. It's a delight using FCP X, given its flexibility and greatly expanded feature set compared to iMovie 10.
    Here's the iMovie 10 Help topic:
    PS Compound clips are magic (when needed)!
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  • Importing imovie project into Final Cut Pro

    Hello I need help getting my HD imovie project into final cut pro. I recored the project in 24p and it's already imported into imovie. What is the best way to get it into Final Cut Pro so that I can edit it further without sacrificing the quality.
    Another problem is that I have heard that imovie compresses the video and totally ruins the quality. Is this true? And is this reversible in any way? I have already recorded over all the clips for this project on my camcorder. How screwed am I?

    First thing to do is find your original clips that you captured in IMovie. I don't have much experience in IMovie, but see if you can select a clip and control click and choose reveal in finder. If that works, open one of these clips in quicktime player and hit command-i and let us know the format of the clip.
    Kind of doubt you'll be able to actually import your project into fcp, but you should be able to recreate it in fcp without too much difficulty.
    Let us know what camera you shot and captured from. That may be of some help.
    Hopefully someone with more experience in IMovie will speak up, but hopefully this will get us started.
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  • I can't get my projects in Final Cut Pro X to work in 1080p. One turned out to be 1080p but I did everything the same as the ones that did not.  ***?  Any ideas?

    I can't get my projects in Final Cut Pro X to work in 1080p. One turned out to be 1080p by "accident" but I did everything the same as the ones that did not. Same camera/settings (shot in 60i).  I didn't really care cause I had to get some stuff done, but now I know I "can" dp them in HD but can't figure why the one went up to YT in full HD (and made a copy in my movies folder.  That one project acted totally different than the other 5 but I didn't change anything.  Can't get it to work again. ***?  Any ideas?

    No problem! If you're worried about more complicated edits (which in all honesty, should work no matter how many clips you select or how many effects are attached to them), you can always compound a clip first, and then copy it over after if you're afraid of lots of track clutter getting in the way. Not sure if they would break apart afterwards though if you wanted them to.

  • I've recently messed up my Mac OS X Lion by deleting Aperture, but I need to get my data out of the computer. And by the way, I've got an important project in Final Cut Pro X. Is there any way I can back it up (including fxs and positions of the clip) ?

    Hello everyone
    I've recently messed up my Mac OS X Lion by deleting Aperture, but I need to get my data out of the computer. I've tried to repair it using DU, but it said I needed to backup all my data and reinstall the OS. How do I backup my data to an external drive?
    And by the way, I've got an important project in Final Cut Pro X. Is there any way I can back it up (including fxs and positions of the clip) ?
    Hope you guys can help me!

    You need to back up 2 folders, Final Cut Events and Final Cut Projects which by default are located on your Movies Folder. You can always check by clicking on a clip inside Fianl Cut X and selecting Show in Finder in the contextual menu for the selected clip.

  • Transfer clips and projects from final cut pro x trial to final cut pro x

    Just bought the final version of Final Cut Pro X and cannot transfer my existing clips and projects from Final Cut Pro X Trial. 

    RRight-click on your library, select Open With and choose FCP.

  • How to import project from Final cut pro 7 to X ?

    how to import project from Final Cut Pro 7 to X ?

    please tell me if FCP 7can create any kind of file that FCP X can read ?
    I can read FCP 7 .mov file with QuickTime, but not with FCP X ? what can I do ?
    Sould I use a Premiere on PC to make files compatibles in between 2 apple Softwares ?
    I have a lot a files that have been created with FCP 7 and I just buy FCP X , so I am Stuck !!!
    thank you in advance

  • Command to Export project as Final Cut Pro XML from jsx script

    Hi All,
    Can somebody get me the command to export the project as final cut pro xml from jsx script.
    I was using the extension builder script earlier for cs6 panel development, so we were using pjct.exportFinalCutProXML("pathname");
    Now I am working for panel in Premiere CC so working on HTML 5 panel and qe dom scripting(.jsx).
    In some jsx examples i got there is script to export sequence as final cut pro xml but cannot get the code for project export.
    Also please let me know if there are any kind of reference available about all the functions and properties in the pe dom scripting for premiere pro cc.
    I am using premiere pro cc 7.1, windows 7, Eclipse Kepler.
    Thanks in advance,
    Anoop NR

    When you reimport the exported project XML to FCP, do you get the full project or just the single bin/sequence? If you get the full project then it sounds like you need Premiere help, not FCP help ... have you tried asking on the Adobe forums? If you only get the single bin/sequence then it seems you might have inadvertently selected those prior to creating the project export. Try making sure that your FCP Browser window is active and that you have not selected anything within that window prior to using the File > Export > XML command. If that still causes issue then you might try using an earlier FCP XML version.
    Hope it helps

  • I need to transfr a project from final cut pro 6

    I need to transfr a project from final cut pro 6 to an editor with final cut pro 5.
    will they have the problem of not being able to open the file? any suggestions out there?

    Welcome to the forum!
    FCP project files are NOT backward compatible with older versions. But you can export an XML file of your FCP 6 project, then use the XML file to build a new project in FCP 5. Check the manual for details.

  • How do I export a project from Final Cut Pro onto my desktop?

    How do I export a project from Final Cut Pro to my desktop as a movie?

    Can anyone please help me.. when I click on my timeline in my project library and try to export movie nothing happens! and when I  try to "share" to youtube I get an error message stating that it cannot be exported because it contains "no video"... The 4 minute music video that I've created with shots off my Canon T2i looks and plays great....If I uploaded the videos into Final Cut but did not save them on my desktop or anywhere else on the Mac would this be a reason to get this message? I have never experienced this before...the only option under "share" that works is "email"
    [email protected]

  • How Do I Open a Motion (5) Project in Final Cut Pro X?

    How Do I Open a Motion (5) Project in Final Cut Pro X?

    You can't directly. You can either export a file, or you can save it as a template, effect, title, transition, or generator, that can be used in FCP.

  • I cant export my Project in Final Cut Pro 10.0

    Hello, I have been trying to export in any possible way my 1 minute project with Final Cut Pro 10.0 and have several problems, among those problems as soon as I click under: SHARE / APPLE DEVICES and/or MEDIA BROWSER / PUBLISH ---> There is the following problem that I dont have any idea:
    The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)
    in the past days it was working great and now not even EXPORT MOVIE is Working at all, doesnt even show the pop out window to continue to export it...
    In running Mavericks, is it maybe that the issue?

    I forgot to say thanks, though had to delete Final Cut Pro 10.0 and then download the 10.0.9, now works smooth even though Mavericks screwed up the System Performance some times.

  • How do i import imovie project into final cut pro

    I movie 08 is seriously lacking titles and transitions, so I want to spruce up my project in final cut pro, but I do not know how to get the project into final cut pro
    thanks for your help

    Apple seems to be talking down to users with much of the workflow and nomenclature in the iLife Apps - it's almost insulting.
    But I'm as old as the hills too - grumping has become one of my favorite pass times.
    And while I'm at it:
    I still can't figure out why there is a "GO" item in the menu of OSX. WTH is THAT ? And why can't users change it's contents? Very PC. It would be more tolerable if we could use it like the OLD Apple Menu back in OS9. The Dock is cute GUI eye candy but I'd like the option of "docking" items in a menu too.
    I'll shut up now before I get in trouble...

  • I have a project in Final cut pro 10.5 and the spinning icon appears with every action and each action takes up to 30 seconds to respond to?

    I have a project in Final cut pro 10.5 and every action takes up to 30 seconds for the program to respond . The spinning icon stays up during this time?

    Are you using Mavericks. If so you should update FCPX

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