Need help in SAP Business Object Dashboard

Hey, I need some help.
i have a dashboard which is current built in Qlikview.
Now our client proposed that they need to migrate this dashboard to SAP Business Object.
Please guide about dashboard desigining using SAP, since i am absolute novice about BO so guide according like which BO software needs to be install and some learning material of BO, please email @ [email protected]
Many Many Thanks in advance!!

Too generic to answer this question and also you can find lot of thread, discussions & blogs are available to get the info. Also you can find some templates & samples inside the dashboard itself, play with those component and understand them better.
Best place to get familiar with the dashboard using the tutorials.
Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
Installing SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011, SAP Crystal Presentation Design 2011 - Product Av…
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1 – SAP Help Portal Page
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Resource Centre
Please go through the above links which can help you to understand how dashboard works, install & Product availability matrix.

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    Hi all,
    I am an SAP-BI consultant and I wanted to learn BO. I came across a book by the name of
    Integrating SAP Business-Objects XI 3.1 tools with SAP netweaver. I wanted to know if the
    book starts from the basics of BO or it requires the basic knowledge of BO first..Please advice.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shyan,
    Could you please let me know where i can get this book. Is there any online Link for this book.
    Aappreciate your help on this.

  • SAP Business objects mobile on Android - No connections

    Dear All
    I have downloaded the SAP Business objects mobile app on my Android smartphone. The smartphone has a VPN connection to our company network.
    With the IPad I already managed to get a connection to our BO server and I am able to see our mobile reports (Webi+Dashboards).
    But other than on the IPad I am not able to see on the Android a connection to our BO server. I neither see the option to create a new connection. All I see is the 'SAP Analytics Gallery'.
    Is this the correct app or do I need any additional authorisations or any other downloads to be able to get a connection? 
    I hope you can help me.
    Best Regards
    Danya Liebig

    I think you've already logged into the Analytics gallery in your workflow.
    you need to go to the 3 dots/lines > (icon top right hand corner) > settings > application settings > Connections > new connection
    like this:

  • SAP Business Object Methodology

    Hi Experts,
    I'd like to know which are the methodologies to implement SAP Business Object, excluding SAP BW and includin SAP BW. I know for SAP the ASAP methodology is used, but I don´t know for SAP BO.
    Greetings & regards,

    Leonel Massiccioni wrote:
    > I'm going to implement Xcelsius, Web Intelligence, Crystal Report and Live Office on  Windows.... But I need to konw the ways or methodologies to implement BO....
    Hi leonel, that's good. But once again, you need to indentify the following first...
    1. Who are the target audience (i.e. the end-users)?
    2. Who are going to develop the reports using those tools? Is it centralized (by BI developers or IT developers) or self-service (by the end-users themselves)?
    3. What skill set do you have in-house? Do they know know how to use those tools? Do they need training?
    4. Where are the data sources? Are you going to build a reporting data mart? Do you have the in-house resources to do so?
    5. Do you have the in-house resources to build the semantic layer (i.e. the universe which is the heart-and-soul of BusinessObjects)?
    These are just the initial questions. More will come up when you get deeper into the process. Not until you can answer all these questions, you cannot proceed. I also would like to emphasize that, while you can have a general guideline, there is really no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all implementation plan. It varies from company to company. You need to sit down with all the stakeholders to come up with a good plan. And once again, you should consider bringing in hire-gun to help you out. It is very important to do it right at the beginning.
    If you are using the BusinessObjects tool, you should join [ASUG|]

  • Looking for SAP business objects technical support

    I work for Tractor supply and we have SAP, Business Objects Data integration suite.  I am trying to open a case with them for a question about AIX OSlevel compatibility with our version of DI.  But I've not been here in a long time and things have changed.  Can someone direct me to BO case management?
    thank you.

    Hi Michael
    Support can be accessed at You will need a login to submit an incident. If you don't know what your S-user ID is please contact our customer interaction center. Their info can be found under Help> contact us on the link above.
    Hope that helps.

  • SAP Business Objects Universe Desgin Problem

    Dear Experts,
    I getting Problem to create the below Scenario in SAP Business Objects Universe level
    The data base is M-SQL 2008
    The data is below liek this
    Tabel1: Note: Due to clear under standing i mantained the & for each data spearation
    Fields: EntityID    &    Parent ID     and         Effective data
    Data:  WILGP    &       WILGP          &            01.01.2010
               WIL          &      TSILGP        &             02.01.2011
               SALGP      &    WILGP             &          01.05.2010
               WT           &      MSIALGP         &         01.03.2011
                PALM       &     WALGP           &          04.05.2010
               MSIAGP    &     PALM  &              01.01.2011
              WCLGP        &   SALGP &01/01/2012
              ROW           &    WILGP &01.01.2011
    In BO The want the Hierarchy level(Time Dependency)
    liek 5 nodes:
    Node1: Parent ID(Field1 with some condition)
    Node2: Entity ID(Filed2)
    Node3:If Node2 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID 's
    Node4:IF Node 3 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID's
    Node5:IF node 4 Entity ID = Parent ID then Bring the all Entity ID's
    same Structure(Class) need to create in the BO Universe , could you please help any how to create the above Hierarchy Structure in BO universe level
    Please help me on this issue

    Hello Venkata Ramana Pandi,
    As Manoj Dhyani mention in the above thread, try changing it into CWM format and give it a try.
    Follow the below steps:
    Export the DS datastore in CWM format, select the datastore and enter a XML file name
    Open the Universe Builder (this option will be in BOE Program menu), you have a option in Universe Builder to import XML exported from Data Services/Data Integrator, check if that creates your Universe successfully
    to use Metadata Exchange do the following
    Open Data Services Desginer
    Click on tools Menu -> Metadata Exchange
    In the Metadata Exchange window
    Select Export Data Services metadata to a file
    Select DI CWM as metadata format
    enter location for xml file (C:\temp)
    Select the datastore you want to create Universe for
    Click OK
    Check for file named repo_export.xml in the C:\temp folder or the folder that you specified
    Open Universe Builder and Select
    Data Integrator bridge
    and use the xml file as input to create universe

  • SAP Business Objects Edge 3.0

    Hi Gurus,
    I was downloaded the SAP Business objects Edge 3.0 Trial version from SAP. I am using SAP 4.7 with oracle 9.2 DB... I want to integrate Edge 3.0 with our SAP for reporting purpose.. Please explain how can i configure this and what are the other softwares are required for this. I go throw the guides but i am not getting clear idea.
    Now i just installed the business objects enterprise in one system web console are login correctly.
    But i don't know how to connect my SAP DB with this.
    Please help me.

    you still need the mentioned software packages even if you do not have an SAP BI system. You can  also configure your SAP R/3 system to do the BO authentication. The main difference is that you have to use crystal reports in order to access the data in your SAP system. You cannot report using Web Intelligence (universes) on an SAP R/3 data source. 
    So you have to do the following:
    1) Install the SAP BusinessObjects Edge 3.0 software on host A
    2) Install the Crystal Reports Designer 2008 V0 on host B (HostA and hostB can also be the same computer)
    3) Install the Java Connector 2.1.8 on host A ([\connectors]). You will find more information on this in the installation guide of the integration Kit for SAP solutions.
    3) Install the BOBJ integration Kit for SAP solutions XI 3.0 on host A (Choose the server option in the installation). Please follow the instructions in the installation guide on how to do this.
    4) If hostA and hostB are two different machines then please install also the BOBJ integration Kit for SAP solutions XI 3.0 on host B (Choose the desktop option in the installation) 
    5) Import the transports delivered in the integration KIT for SAP solutions in your SAP R/3 system (Check the installation guide for more information on these steps)
    6) Configure the SAP authentication in your BOBJ Edge system (necessary if you want to logon with your SAP credentials in BOBJ)
    This way you should be able to create reports based on  your SAP R/3 data.

  • SAP Business Objects Access control with BI4.1 and enterprise authetication

    Hi Team,
    We are on BI 4.1 with enterprise authentication. We are using IDM (oracle waveset 8) for access management. Currently we receive request from IDM and we manually configure user in BI4.1. We are now planning to automate this process, like as soon as user request place request through IDM , his access wil lget configure in BI 4.1
    can we achieve this using SAP Business Objects Access controle or with any other method ? Need your guidance

    Hi Andrea,
    1. you configure the BOE Server with the SAP authentication for your SAP server
    1b you configure trust between the portal server and the SAP system
    2. you import the portal iView template as part of the SAP Kit into the portal server
    3. you create a new system (or use an existing one) in the portal system landscape and configure the properties of the Crystal Enterprise properties
    4. you create a new iView based on the portal iView template
    I have some difficulties to create a new system, I don't know witch option i should choose.
         System (from template)     
         +BI JDBC System
         BI ODBO-Compliant OLAP System
         BI SAP Query System
         BI XMLA-Compliant OLAP System
         EP 5.0 System
         HTTP System
         JDBC System
         KM Lotus System
         KM WebDAV System
         KM Windows System
         SAP system using connection string
         SAP system using dedicated application server
         SAP system with load balancing
         Web Service System using WSDL URL+
         System (from PAR)
    Thanks a lot

  • Migration of SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1 from Windows(OS), SQL Server(DB) to AIX(OS) and Oracle(DB).

    Dear All,
    I have SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.1  running on window servers and sql server database. We want to migrate this to  AIX and oracle.
    Can you please share what should be the best approach to carry on this migration?

    Hi Mohammed,
    Regarding your Query below is the suggestion:
    Step I: Preparing for moving BOBJ application from Windows to AIX
    There are some tasks that you need to perform:
    To configure the existing deployment
    Perform inventory and cleanup, to ensure that only the required content is moved.
    Run the Repository Diagnostic Tool to detect any inconsistencies between the File Repository and the CMS repository. The upgrade management tool will not run successfully if there are inconsistencies between the File Repository and the CMS repository.
    Identify any content that the upgrade management tool can't upgrade, along with the process required to upgrade that content. There is some content like Voyager Workspaces or Desktop Intelligence documents that require manual intervention before running the upgrade management tool.
    Back up existing repositories, including the system database and the Input and Output File Repository Servers.
    Back up custom web applications, HTML pages, and scripts in your existing deployment.
    To configure the planned BI 4.x deployment
    Setup and configure the Middleware and ODBC connections.
    Ensure that your machines meet the deployment system's requirements, you can find information about the supported platforms in the Platform Availability Matrix (PAM) -> Help and Support -> SAP BusinessObjects Support -> Documentation -> Supported Platform s/PARs -> SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x
    Step II:
    You can use database backup & FRS backup (Offline) in new environment (AIX) to deploy BOBJ 4.x Version
    Take the help of DBA to move CMS & AUDIT database backup from SQL Server (Windows) to Oracle (AIX)
    Test the Universe,reports, Check the rights
    Step III:
    If you are configured any SSO then make sure that same configuration is deployed in new environment (AIX).
    Test the user SSO in new environment (AIX).
    You can also use Promotion manager to move the contenet from Windows (Business Objects Application) to UNIX (Business Objects Application)
    Only prerequisite is Business Objects Application version should be same.
    You can copy content only 50 Object at a time in One Job
    FRS Offline backup is required.
    Necessary files regarding custom web applications, HTML pages, and scripts in your existing deployment.
    Please refer the below KBA for more details
    BOBJ Deployment Link:
    BIP on Linux with Tomcat and Sybase ASE Pattern Book
    Installing SAP BI 4.1 SP01 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x Step-by-step
    Promotion Manager KBA:
    Hope this will help!!!!

  • I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal

    I have error while testing the system created from a sap business objects template in SAP portal. Error text:
    com.sapportals.connector.connection.ConnectionFailedException: Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not initialize physical connection. Connection Failed: A nested exception occurred. Could not create JCO connection. 'mshost' missing
    I configure integration SAP portal and SAP BW system. All system requirements are complied.
    SAP Business Objects 4.0
    SAP BW 7.31
    1.     I configure SSSO between SAP BW and SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.0
    2.     Next I setting integration SAP PORTAL with SAP BW system
    3.     I download certificate from portal. Select Certificates and key (http://sapserver:port/nwa) – See scren_
    4.     In next window selected Ticketkeystore and Saplogonticketpair-cert( near part window form)
    5. Select Export entry button and binary format file certificate for download. Press download.
    6.     Save certificate file in local PC folder
    In next step need export certificate file to SAP system. Sequence of step:
    1.       Run STRUSTSS02 transaction .
    2.       Chose certificate ->import.
    3.       Select downloaded certificate file
    4.       Select Add to certificate list button and Add to ACL button
    5.       Inter System ID and Client(000)
    6.       In next I download iview sap business objects template into sap portal: System administration->transport->Import. And select and download sap business Objects iview template in .epa format into sap portal.
    7.       Result – downloaded iview.
    8.       In next step I create system from template. System administration->system landscape.
    9. In next step I input parameters for my system in Connector category, Sap business objects and user management categories: See screen _2
    10.   When I created the system and test the connection error occurred: See screen_3
    This issue is important enough. I would be grateful for opinions and ideas. Thanks in advance.

    Did you find a solution?

  • Error while connecting microsoft Excel to sap business objects

    I am trying to connect sap business objects to Microsoft Excel using Power Query add in but i am getting  Proxy time out connection error  when adding
    Credentials, As per the SAP documents i am using SAP Restful Web service URL when connecting to Business objects
    Details are as follows:
    Opearting System-:Windows 7
    SAP BO Platform-:BO 4.0 SP 6 (OS-Windows server 2008 R2)
    Excel Version-:Microsoft Excel 2013
    ADD IN-:Power Query
    Please check attach  Error Screen-Shot for Detail information

    please be aware that you need SAP BI 4.1 SP2 at least for using Power Query
    So maybe this error results in a non suported Environment.

  • Query on SAP Business Object and Content shipment..

    I know about SAP Business Suite... & SAP Business One... But what is :
    1. SAP Business Object and
    2. Content Shipment
    The definitions on the SAP Release & Maintenance Strategy and other docs on SDN were not too clear for my understanding. I want to know why are they used / where are they applied ? E.g: if you have a SAP BW system.. why would you need SAP BW Content ? where does it fit in the picture and what purpose does it serve...
    (PS: it would be great if someone can share the product / functionality details of their landscape where these systems are used, how does it benefit the business operations and any other purpose of having them... )

    Hi Ashim,
    If your client want it to be done in one database, then the answer is no if you do not have any add-on or SDK codes.  Most difficult part is authorization since I believe what you mean project here is not the same as project center in B1,
    If your client allow more than one database, then the configuration will be easy.

  • SAP Business Objects and SAP Business Objects PCM

    Hi all
    We want to know if is recommendable to have Business Objects and SAP Business Objects PCM installed in the same server, and if is necessary to have a special configuration of the services for both applications?
    Thanks in advance

    You can refer the below link for PCM Install guide:
    If you are looking for more info related to specific requirements then from the below link select BusinessObjects tab and select PCM category for more guides.

  • SAP Business Objects and IBM i White Paper available

    The "SAP Business Objects and IBM i" White Paper is available on IBM Techdocs under the follwing URL:
    The SAP Business Objects and IBM i white paper describes how the SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI server fits into an SAP on IBM i landscape. The paper provides detailed instructions showing how to integrate data sources located on an IBM i server with SAP Business Objects.
    Feel free to post your feedback and comments.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Edited by: Mirco Malessa on Jul 14, 2011 1:11 PM

    Hi ,
       Please find these blogs by Ingo. This should help you.
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 1 of 4
    Install Part #1
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 2 of 4
    Install Part #2
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 3 of 4
    Install Part #3
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 4 of 4
    Install Part #4
    BusinessObjects and SAP - Configure SAP Authentication
    SAP Authentication
    BusinessObjects Integration with SAP NetWeaver BI - Technical Material

  • Business Objects Dashboard External HTML/JAVA Script Link - User Authentication Depolyment Q

    <p>Hello,</p><p>I have a rather unstructured problem here and am relatively new to Business Objects Enterprise. </p><p>We have users who are authenticated through Business Objects. The login sets their access levels and permissions. In addition to the BO reports, we would also like to link through BO Dashboard a JAVA Script webpage.</p><p>The JAVA Script and Business Object software sits on the same webserver.</p><p><strong>The problem is that through BO Dashboard and also an external URL link we can only pass a static link (i.e. /some directory/some doc.html) and not a dynamic userid with the URL, which changes based on the user (i.e. /some directory/some doc.jsp?UID=user1).</strong></p><p>The solution might be to insert a Business Object API call that can determine the user who is currently logged in? Or, if there is some way around the static html link through Business Objects Dashboard?</p><p>Any ideas or thoughts would be deeply appreciated.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Joe</p>

    Are you setting Business Objects up as an external application?
    If so, what parameters are you using to set it up?
    Based on the fact that you're seeing the basic auth dialog, you probably need to specify
    that it's using basic auth -- not GET.

Maybe you are looking for

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