Need help making digital signature field read only if required fields are null

Using Adobe LiveCycle Designer, I have a digital signature field.  I want to prevent users from being able to digitally sign the pdf if any required fields in the pdf are null or blank.  I'm a newbie to scripting so any detailed help would be greatly appreciated.  The required fields in the pdf include radio buttons, check boxes, text field, etc.  I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Exactly how you check a field for being empty depends on what type of field it is. For text fields, you should get the field's value as a string and compare it to an empty string, something like:
var val = getField("Text1").valueAsString;
if (val) {
    app.alert("Field is not empty");
If there is a default value that needs to be changed, you would compare to the default value:
var f = getField("Text1");
var val = f.valueAsString;
if (val !== f.defaultValue) {
    app.alert("Field value is OK");
For check boxes and radio buttons, you'd compare to the string "Off", which means none in the group is selected.
For dropdowns (combo boxes) and list boxes, there is normally one value selected, so you would have to get the value and check against the default value (or something else) to see if the field is properly filled in.
You could place the script there, but I usually use a separate button that I encourage the user to click in order to check the field. The problem with using the Will Save event is you can't prevent the save from happening.
The script can loop through all of the fields (and test all required ones), or you could set up an array of field names to check.

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    I have set up a tiered exceptions for an Adobe PDF document.  The first person signs and certain fields become read only.  The next person to sign in the tier signs the document and if he/she Clears Signature then the document reverts back to all fields becoming EDIT-ABLE again--even after the first person in the tier signed and their signature is still present.  I need this NOT TO BE THE CASE.  The document is set so that the employee can fill the form out and upon signing all fields--except those I set with EXCEPTIONS--should become UN-EDIT-ABLE.  If the Supervisor gets the document, signs and then decides to CLEAR HIS SIGNATURE--the employee's sections become EDIT-ABLE again.  This defeats the purpose of the employees' signature.  I need the document to revert back to only the fields the Supervisor had access to if he/she CLEARS there signature.

    I'm unsure. This is just a form that I downloaded from my department website: orms/ConfirmationofClassSchedu…
    I was just trying to fill in the form and electronically sign it, that's all.

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    I am working on a form with a number of sections to be completed by various departments. When a section is completed, I have a digital signature set to lock the fields related to that section. The form is sent to the next department and so on… Locking the form fields with the digital signature works just fine. The problem I have it that when viewing the form in Acrobat 8 Pro, the digital signature can be right-clicked on and cleared. This unlocks all the related fields and makes the form free for editing.
    Is there a way to lock the digital signature to prevent using the “Clear Signature” function?
    Thanks for any help,

    Thanks for the quick reply.  Upgrading to Acrobat 9 may be an option.  If not, is there a way to lock these fields with scripting?  Or applying a password after signing?
    Thanks again,

  • Need Help in Digital Signature

    We want  to implement digital signature functionality for
    1.Bid invitation creation/Bid creation process
    2.File signing for documents uploaded in C-folder.
    It would be better if you could share documents about how to implement digital signatures.
    Please note my yahoo ID : [email protected]
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi ,
    If you wish to use your own texts/mono/signatures when outputting a purchase order, proceed as follows:
    1. In the step Adjust Form (Layout Set) for Purchasing Documents, check to see at which points you can store your own texts in the standard form MEDRUCK.
    2. Enter the texts in accordance with your requirements using the SAPScript editor. To do so, choose SAPscript Standard Texts.
    Assign unique names to your texts (e.g. names containing the key for the purchasing organization).
    3. Choose the desired text type (e.g. texts for document item) under Document Printout: Purchase Order.
    4. Create a new entry and enter the following data for it:
    Print operation (e.g. new printout or printout of changes (change notice))
    Purchasing document type and item category
    Text object, text ID and the text name
    Print sequence in which the text is to be outputted
    In the standard system, the purchasing form is called "MEDRUCK". MEDRUCK is a multi-purpose form controlling the output of RFQs, POs, outline agreements, delivery schedules, reminders/urging letters, rejection letters, change notices, and order acknowledgment expediters.
    Changing the Purchasing Form
    Before you make any changes to the standard form, you should consider the following.
    Change Existing Form or Create New One?
    You can either change the standard form or create a new form by copying the standard one.
    When you change the standard purchasing form, you must first create a correction number, because changing the standard form represents a customer modification. Thereafter, the system maintains both your changed version and the SAP version of the form.
    If you create a new form, you must assign it to the appropriate message type (PO, rejection letter, etc.) before the system can use it for printing.
    Its recommend that you always create your own form. This makes it easier to distinguish between your customized form and the standard form provided by SAP.
    Hope ths helps
    please reward points

  • Need help with Digital Signatures Please

    HI Folks,
    This is probably a really ignorant question but.....I have
    users who download packaged files to run on their own PC. Have run
    into the problem of the security warning - Publisher could not be
    verified....and providing the choice to run, or cancel the file.

    keithgcampbell wrote:
    > HI Folks,
    > This is probably a really ignorant question but.....I
    have users who download
    > packaged files to run on their own PC. Have run into the
    problem of the
    > security warning - Publisher could not be
    verified....and providing the choice
    > to run, or cancel the file. Suggestions?
    On your web page warn users that this happens or buy a
    digital signature
    and sign your files?
    Andrew Poulos

  • Dynamically making read only for a field in get_data(CL_EHHSS_INC_BINFA_UI_FRM)

    Hi Experts,
    I am making read only for a field based on condition in get_data method of class CL_EHHSS_INC_BINFA_UI_FRM.
    But it is not working. Pls find the code for the same.
       lw_field-read_only = ABAP_TRUE.
       MODIFY ct_field_usage FROM lw_field TRANSPORTING read_only.
       ev_field_usage_changed = 'X'.
    Pls help me what is wrong in this coding.
    Reny Richard

    Hi Richard,
    Please check if   this loop is executing for the correct desired event(say on click or from the start ). & the field name specified is correct or not through debugging. And check by placing the parameter ev_field_usage_changed = 'X'. after the loop statement.
    Below is a sample code for making the field read only.
    field-SYMBOLS: <fs_field> like line of CT_FIELD_USAGE.
         case <FS_FIELD>-NAME.
         when 'OC_INC_TYPE'. " name of the field
             <FS_FIELD>-READ_ONLY = 'X'.                " ' ' for editable
    CV_FIELD_USAGE_CHANGED = abap_true.

  • I created a Custom list New Form and need to make the text fields read only

    When I use SharePoint Designer and add the read only attribute  to the  SharePoint form field, then it throws  a web part error.
    but here is the thing, I have current user Filters populating the Form Fields. So the form fields  populate First name , last name etc. and I need these fields read-only....
    the Client doesn t want the end user to Change those fields.  Is there any way to "LOCK" the form fields?
    As I have only 7 text fields that need to be locked down. and one field is a signature line that is a true input field.. where the  user has to inter their initials.
    Any ideas? as I have tried most of the items available thru searches nothing works, or it throws that web part error message.
    Steve Athey

    Daniel: ( I'm now at work, a different ID is logged on for me)
    I used SharePoint Designer.
     created a web part page
    then on the SharePoint Designer ribbon I then went to insert:
    new item form
    Then I selected my data source (list)
    then I placed the 8 columns on the page
    a page viewer web part to pull the manual that people have to read.
    and 7 current user filter webparts. (1 for each form field) Yes it is over kill, but I'm trying to keep this straight out of box as much as possible...
    then for the form fields
    I added a parameter and the read only tag see below in bold:
    <asp:TextBox runat="server" text="{$ParamEmployID}" id="ff17{$Pos}" __designer:bind="{ddwrt:DataBind('i',concat('ff17',$Pos),'Text','TextChanged','ID',ddwrt:EscapeDelims(string(@ID)),'@Employee_x0020_ID')}" 
    ReadOnly="True" />
    I also  added the parameters in the ribbon area
    the error message doesn't tell me much, it just send me to web part maintenance page... 
    if I removed the  ReadOnly = True then the error  goes away.....   So I was trying to find a  quick simple  JQuery and or javascript   code item that would  make  the 7 text fields readonly and leave the
    8th  text field alone  to allow people to place their initials on the page to say that they read the manual.
    I have  created hundreds of these types of pages .. this is the first time I have run into this issue, but it also the first time I have tried to use the ReadOnly = True item.
    Any Ideas  and or thought on how to make the  items read only? and not throw the error.

  • How to make users to select the date from calendar control my making the date field read only in date time control in external list in sharepoint 2010

    How to make users to select the date from calendar control only, by my making the date text field read only (don't want to let users type the date) in date time control in external list in sharepoint 2010. I am looking for a solution which can
    be done through sharepoint desginer / out of the box.

    Congratulate you got the solution by yourself. I am new to a
    WinForms calendar component, I feel so helpless on many problems even I'd read many tutorials. This question on the
    calendar date selection did me a great favor. Cheers.

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    I have a requirement where once we press SAVE button i have to make all the fields read only in tabs highlighted below.Which is the best method to do it.?
    There are number of fields in all these tabs and we want to make them read only on particular Action event.How to do it?

    Hi Vimal,
    As I understood you reformulate this question at this page. I will try to help you there.
    Kind regards, Aliaksandr.

  • Making a field read only (and bound) or editable depending on some criteria

    I am using Netweaver 2004s SP15 and Adobe Lifecycle Designer 7.1 with Web Dynpro for Java.
    I am generating a PDF that contains a number of fields that are bound context values attribues.
    Now I know according to certain criteria if any given field will have a value....
    Now if such a given field has a value then it must populate the Adobe form and make that field read-only - so it can not be changed.
    However, if that field has no value.. instead I need to make it editable.
    I am re-implementing the application this will be used within; and the previous version had 8 different interactive forms to cater for the 8 different possible combinations of fields that would not have values.
    I would really really prefer to have one interactive form to maintain with logic in it that determines dynamically if a field should be read-only or editable. (For example I could have a boolean context node that could be used)
    Am I doomed to have to create 8 different forms? Or is there a way of doing this smarter?
    Thanks to anyone who can point me to the light,

    I did a search through the forum using the phrase "javascript" and it turned out a lot posts that indicate that this should indeed be possible.
    I am boggled, the original application was developed by an Indian outsourcing company that is well respected. The developer who took over maintenance of it told me that it was impossible to change the read only nature of the fields once set at design-time.
    My search through the forum has turned up much to indicate that this design was idiotic and the "facts" I was given completely wrong.
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I am marking this as answered now. I will have to learn some javascript.
    Are there any caveats for using it within WDJ?
    I am assuming I can do something simple in pseudo-code.. (I will need to work out the Javascript version).
    if (hasOption1) {
      field.readonly = true; = sunken;
    else if (hasOption2) {
    else if (hasOption3) {
    (There are only actually 3 options that can change.. but that results in 8 different possible forms)

  • I would make the signature field read only until something is entered in the mandatory fields.

    I would make the signature field read only until something is entered in the mandatory fields.

    You can use LiveCycle Designer's Action Builder to easily achieve this.
    Please go through online documentation for the specific version of LiveCycle Designer that you are using.
    It is intuitive and very easy to use Action Builder (You will find this option under Tools Menu item of Designer).

  • How to make fields read only after form is filled in

    I am creating forms to be used within our company.  The customer srv representative (CSR) would fill in the form and send it to the customer for signature and initial.  There are a few issues I can't solve.
    1)  I need to make the rate & services fields read only after the CSR initials the form

    Will the CSR have Acrobat or just Reader, and what type of computer will the CSR be using (Windows/Mac/mobile OS)? If just Reader (Wind/Mac), this is possible by setting the fields to read-only with JavaScript. The problem is this can't be considered secure, even if using a password as discussed here: Password-protect and hide one form field
    With Acrobat you have the ability to flatten certain fields, which makes it a bit more difficult to change the "fields".

  • How to make few DFF fields read only in Forms

    I am having an Issue in forms customization through custom.pll
    I need to make few DFF fields read only in HRMS enter and maintain form through custom.pll
    I tried with fnd_descr_flex.update_definition but in vain
    So please help me how to rectify this issue.
    Edited by: user.nazeer25 on Jul 9, 2010 5:27 AM

    Wrong forum.
    Ask this kind of question in the E-Business Suite forum ;-)

  • How to make form field read only for users with certain permissions

    We need to make two form fields read only for users with certain permissions. Kindly guide me on how to do this in Infopath. I searched and there is an option to disable to the column, but no option to select user permissions. 
    Please give your suggestion on this. 

    See the link below:
    Here you can add the fomatting action on the field to disable the field if those users belong to certain Sharepoint group (does not matter the permission levels though). Hope it helps.
    Regards, Kapil ***Please mark answer as Helpful or Answered after consideration***

  • Make field read only untill value within pciklist is choosen

    I am trying to establish if it is possible to make a field read-only until a value within a pick list is chosen. Basically we have a pick list called structure and if the field value called "Aligned" is selected then I want the text field called Aligned Name to be available for import all other times this field should not be available.
    Has anyone done anything similar? I'm guessing that this could only be achieved through WF but I haven't been able to find any code to make fields read only.

    For those of you unable to download the document from MetaLink3 here it is:
    As an example to illustrate this requirement, let’s say that once there is a checkbox field called "My_Check_Box". When this field is checked, the "Account Type" field need to become a required for entry by the user. To do this follow these steps:
    1. In the Admin> Application Customization, select the appropriate Object and go into the Object Field Setup.
    2. Edit the field called "My_Check_Box" and enter a Field Validation expression so it uses the following expression:
    =[<bMy_Check_Box_ITAG>] AND NOT([<AccountType>] IS NULL AND [<bMy_Check_Box_ITAG >]='Y')
    3. Enter an explicit error message.
    This expression means that when the checkbox field is checked, the Account Type becomes required. Your custom error message will be raised when checking the checkbox, leaving the account type unpopulated and trying to save the account record.
    4. Edit the Account Type field and enter the following expression as Field Validation:
    =[<AccountType>] AND NOT([<AccountType>] IS NULL AND [<bMy_Check_Box_ITAG >]='Y')
    5. Enter an explicit error message.
    That validation handles the user case where a user changes the Account Type value from a NOT NULL value to a NULL value. Your custom error message will be raised when emptying out the account type from a populated value to nothing while the checkbox is checked and trying to save the account record.
    Note that the expression in both fields validations begins with the field variable on which the statement is being written.**

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