Need help to view sdo_geometry maps in Java

Hi Everybody, could anybody help me to start develop a map viewing application in netbeans for sdo_geometries in 10g database.
I need a tutorial or sample application or some simple examples to start.
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If you want to develop a standalone, desktop type application why no look at existing FOSS product like uDig.
There is a lot of Java code inside GeoRaptor (for SQL Developer) you could look at to help you along the way.
If you are developing a web application could you use GeoServer.
Anyway, look at:

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    you have a notebook, there is a different forum.
    redundancy for files AND backups, and even cloud services
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    Welcome to the Creator community! Thanks for your interst in Sun Java Studio Creator. Please feel free to post any question related to creator on this forum .
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  • Need help in Object-Relational Mapping

    I'm writing a simple two-tiered business application with Swing application on the client side and a DBMS on the server side. To make my client code more maintainable, I decided to create Business Objects instead of having my client accessing the database directly via SQL. For simplicity, I'm not using any features from the J2EE framework, and the Business Objects will be hosted on the client side, with one-to-one mapping to tables in the database. Since this is my first attempt in Object-Relational Mapping, I'm faced with the following problems:
    1. What kind of methods are appropriate for business objects? For example, if I have a Machine and Employee entity. A Machine is owned by an employee, and this is represented in the DB by storing the employee ID (not the name) as a foreign key in the Machine table. Let's say in the user interface I have a table that needs to display the list of Machines, but instead of displaying the owner employee's ID, I want to display the owner employee's name by doing a join select. Should the findMachines() method always perform a join select to get owner's name and store it in the Machine object which is returned, or should findMachines() simply return the owner's ID so the UI will need to make another SQL call (through the Employee object) to get the employee's name? The latter is more elegant, but would it be horribly inefficient if there are lots of machines to be displayed (and for each machine we make a separate select call to get the owner's name).

    Business objects should be separate from how they're persisted.
    When you say object-relational mapping, do you mean a tool like Hibernate? Or are you writing your own persistence layer using JDBC and SQL?
    I'd recommend that you read about the Data Access Object pattern and keep the persistence code out of the business objects themselves:

  • Need help for connecting Ms Acces with java Swing in Mac OS

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    i need to connect to Ms Access in MAc os through my java swing program.
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    if I don't find a better solution I'll try your 2nd option but what do you mean by "combo" update?
    My understanding is to simply insert the OS 10.5 installation CD, reinstall the OS and the just keep updating it via the OS SSoftware update panel and stop untill I see the scary Java 8 update. Is that what you meant?
    While you can do it that way, the combo update picks up operating system updates through a collection of releases. When dealing with operating system upgrades, I've found using the combo updates to be more reliable than Software Update, as sometimes Software Update doesn't apply updates correctly, and weird things can happen. Doesn't happen often though, thankfully.
    So the OS X 10.5.5 Combo update contains all updates between 10.5.0 and 10.5. The 10.5.8 combo update contains the updates from 10.5 thru 10.8. Here are the updates:
    10.5 combo update:
    10.8 combo update:
    If you go down the combo path, repair permissions before and after doing each update. Then do Software Update for any other non-OS X updates, and don't apply the Java Update 8.

  • Need help Adding Account (dDocAccount) programmatically with Java API

    Using Content Server Version: (080807) (Build:
    I am trying to create a routine using the the CIS JavaDoc as a reference, to create a programmatic way to add security Accounts. Here is a code snippet that I have:
    // Get the user API
    ISCSUserAPI api = getClient().getUCPMAPI().getActiveAPI().getUserAPI();
    ISCSUserAccount ua = api._createAccount();
    I thought this would work. I don't get an error, but the dDocAccount is not created in the DOCUMENTACCOUNTS table? Is the better solution to simply add entries directly into the table?
    Thanks, Ken

    I had also posted a similar question on the intradoc group in Yahoo and received several helpful replies. The document services_reference_10gr3en.pdf provides the references to all the services, and a little bit of java code was used to call these services.
    For those interested in the code:
              // Get the Administrative API
              // ISCSUserAPI api = getClient().getUCPMAPI().getActiveAPI().getUserAPI();
              ISCSAdministrativeAPI api = getClient().getUCPMAPI().getActiveAPI().getAdministrativeAPI();
              // ISCSServerResponse sr = api.executeIDCService(ISCSContext SCSContext, java.lang.String serviceName, java.util.Map arguments);
              ISCSServerResponse sr = api.executeIDCService(getSCSContext(), commandName, arguments);
    Basically using the same base from the examples available in the CIS SDK.
    Thanks, Ken

  • I need help drawing a state map that highlights demographic data by zip code and county

    I'm trying to draw a map of Florida that highlights some data I've collected.  I need to be able to show distinctions between/among counties and zip codes.  The "make a map of geographic data" video didn't really help me, as it gave no instructions on how to find the blank map in the first place.
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    Make a map of geographic data | Adobe for Academics | Adobe TV

    google or equivalent. how did illustrator give you that impression? it's for creating content, generally, not a clipart library.
    edit: there are several here with county boundaries that you could probably convert to your needs:
    Category:SVG maps of Florida - Wikimedia Commons

  • I need help writing an if then statement Java Script.

    In the Text Field Properties box I see the Calculate tab where I think that the form can do a logic (IF/THEN) function if I can place the correct Java Script code into the form. Unfortunately; I do not know how to write in Java Script.
         - I have a form with a field identifier called BACompnayAddress (this is the field where they would enter their address).
         - I then have a form field with two radials that says "Is the shipping address the same as the business Address" - "Yes" and "No" (the form identified for the radials is SASame.
    What I am trying to accomplish:
         - If they click Yes, I would like the Shipping Address field (field identifiier ShippingAddressAddress) to fill in the information found in BACompanyAddress and if they click No leave the  field blank to be filled out by the person filling out the form.
    I appreciate any help.

    If that's what it does, that is exactly what you said it needs to do. You said niothing about what should cause it to go back to frame 1.  If you want it to go back to frame 1 with a ROLL_OUT event, then you would add a listener for that. If you want something else to trigger it to go back, then you just need to work that out.
    The only time I can see where an if/else would be needed is if you want it to change frames for every rollover such that if it is in frame 1, then go to frame 2, and vice versa the next time you rollover it.

  • ACE - need help implementing basic parameter map

    I'm trying to implement a connection parameter on an ACE module that sumply sets the TCP timeout to 0.
    I can get this to work fine if I permit all TCP traffic in the class-map, but it doesn't work if I use an ACL;
    >>Match all TCP;
    parameter-map type connection TCP-Timeout
    set timeout inactivity 0
    class-map match-all TCP-Timeout-Out-Class
    2 match port tcp any
    class-map match-all TCP-Timeout-in-Class
    2 match port tcp any
    policy-map multi-match TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy
    class TCP-Timeout-Out-Class
    connection advanced-options TCP-Timeout
    policy-map multi-match TCP-Timeout-in-Policy
    class TCP-Timeout-in-Class
    connection advanced-options TCP-Timeout
    Interface vlan 920
    service-policy input TCP-Timeout-in-Policy
    Interface vlan 923
    service-policy input TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy
    >>Match ACL;
    access-list TCP-Timeout-Group-Out line 10 extended permit ip any
    access-list TCP-Timeout-Group-in line 10 extended permit ip any
    parameter-map type connection TCP-Timeout
    set timeout inactivity 0
    class-map match-all TCP-Timeout-Out-Class
    match access-list TCP-Timeout-Group-Out
    class-map match-all TCP-Timeout-in-Class
    match access-list TCP-Timeout-Group-in
    policy-map multi-match TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy
    class TCP-Timeout-Out-Class
    connection advanced-options TCP-Timeout
    policy-map multi-match TCP-Timeout-in-Policy
    class TCP-Timeout-in-Class
    connection advanced-options TCP-Timeout
    Interface vlan 320
    service-policy input TCP-Timeout-in-Policy
    Interface vlan 323
    service-policy input TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy
    Any ideas?
    Many Thanks

    Try changing the class-map from "type match-all" to "type match-any". Match all implies both statments need to be true. The match-any is probably what you want. Either of the ACL statements can be true.
    Also try to apply the policy globally instead of the interfaces, simplifying the config might help as well.
    access-list TCP-Timeout-Group line 10 extended permit ip any
    access-list TCP-Timeout-Group line 20 extended permit ip any
    class-map match-any TCP-Timeout-Class
    match access-list TCP-Timeout-Group
    parameter-map type connection TCP-Parameter-Map
    set timeout inactivity 0
    policy-map multi-match TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy
    class TCP-Timeout-Out-Class
    connection advanced-options TCP-Parameter-Map
    service policy input TCP-Timeout-Out-Policy <- apply it globally
    Hope it helps.

  • Need help creating this Flow map ( Noob)

    I'm new here so I apologize if the answer has been mentioned already.
    In the Main menu I have Play Movie and Scene Selection.
    I have 30 short clips that are easy to make chapters in the Scene Selection.
    Question is how do I get all those clips in Scene Selection to play when you select PLAY MOVIE. How would I link or create that flow map.
    Thanks I'd Appreciate any help.

    I have 30 short clips that are easy to make chapters in the Scene Selection
    30 short clips aren't actually 'chapters' - they are really 30 separate movies and each one can only be played by itself with iDVD. DVD SP would give you additional options.
    Right now, you would need to combine all 30 clips into one movie in iMovie 6 (NOT iMovie '08) and add the chapter mark links in iMovie HD 6.
    F Shippey

  • Need help on passing an array to  java routine from PL/SQL

    I got a math routine in java and the idea is have an array of integer and the java routine does some computatoin and then pass the array back to pl/sql
    and I google the web most code is calling pl/sql from java but not the other way round. any help will be really appreciated.
    package tst;
    import java.util.*;
    public class plsql3 {
            private final static int factor1 = 2;
            public static void getFib2(int[] in, int[] out, int k){
                            for (int i=0;i<=k-1;i++){
                    out[i]= in[i] * factor1;
      public static void main(String[] arg){
         int[] in2 = {1,2,3,4,5};
         int[] out2= {0,0,0,0,0};
         for ( int j = 0 ; j <= out2.length-1;j++) {
    CREATE or replace PROCEDURE getfib5 (x IN OUT numlist, y IN OUT numlist, k in number)
    NAME 'tst.plsql3.getFib2(int[], int[],int)';
    set serveroutput on format wraped;
      in2 numlist := numlist(1,2,3,4,5,6);
      out2 numlist := numlist(0,0,0,0,0,0);
    --in2(0) := 1;
    --in2(1) := 2;
    --in2(2) := 3 ;
    for i in 1..in2.count
      end loop;
       for i in 1..in2.count
      end loop;
      for i in 1..in2.count
      end loop;
       for i in 1..in2.count
      end loop;
    javac -source 1.5 -target 1.5 tst/
    Error report:
    ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected a value at argument position 1 that is convertible to a Java int got an Oracle named TYPE (ADT, REF etc)
    ORA-06512: at "TK1.GETFIB5", line 1
    ORA-06512: at line 18
    00932. 00000 -  "inconsistent datatypes: expected %s got %s"

  • Need help to enable trace/logging for java debugging CRM 5.0 WebShop

    Dear experts,
    I'm new to sap, and i'm working on CRM 5.0 WebShop J2ee application with nwdi.
    I have to add a new functionnality, which has to call a custom FM in CRM. This FM has been tested and is OK.
    I have read the 2 files SAP_ISA50_DevAndExtGuide.pdf and ISA50_DevAndExtTuts_v1_0.pdf which have explain to me the process flow and organization of the framework.
    By helping me with the tutorials, I wrote all the files for my functionnality, from the jsp with the form, to the custom business backend with the call of the FM with parameters and JCo connection. (+ custom BOM, custom BO, BE interface, BE CRM implementation)
    Everything builds without error, and I deploy the application on my test env.
    Then I go to my webapp, I call the custom jsp with form, I put values, then I validate the form, but my FM is not called, and I don't know where is the problem, because I can't see a trace of the process flow, to know where is the error.
    By searching in this forum I found 2 notes that explain how to activate debug trace for all the application, one note for systems before SP11 and another for systems with SP11 and higher. But I don't know how to see the patchlevel of the system (I went to system information of the j2ee server and the on ly thing I can notice is below the server0 properties : Kernel Version:  7.00 PatchLevel.
    In these notes I read about Visual Administrator : I found this directly on the server with remote desktop, but the progress bar at the bottom of the window don't arrives to 100% and I can't see the properties and values of the parameters for the Log.
    I went to XCM too, and set appinfo and logfiledownload to true, then went to Logging into e-commerce administration console : in the Log configuration tab, I can create new configurations but the effective severity automatically sets to error, even if I set All or Debug manually ; in the session log tab, i tried to launch the application, then start log, then validate my form, then stop log, but I can't find anything about the trace of the process flow in the generated file.
    Please help, I have to finish this for end of week and I'm alone ...
    PS I'm french, and don't speak very well English please excuse me.
    Thank you very much.
    J. Lag.

    For logs follow this note no[Creation of logs for B2B and B2C Release 5.0|]
    Follow this code for calling custom Function Module
    public class ZBOM extends DefaultBusinessObjectManager implements BOManager, BackendAware {
    public static final String ZCUSTOM_BOM = "ZCUSTOM-BOM";
    private ZFunction func;
    public ZBOM() { }
    public ZFunction getFUNC() {
      if (func== null) {
       func= new ZFunction();
       assignBackendObjectManager(func);  }
      return func; }
    public void release() { }
    public class ZFunction extends BOBase implements BackendAware {
    private ZInterface backendInterface;
    private BackendObjectManager bem;
    private ZInterface getInterface() {
      if (backendInterface == null) {
       try {
        backendInterface = (ZInterface) bem.createBackendBusinessObject("ZCustomBO");
       } catch (BackendException e) {
      return backendInterface;
    public void setBackendObjectManager(BackendObjectManager bem) {
      this.bem = bem;
    public String getCustomFunc(String value) {
      try {
       return getInterface().getIncotermListvalue) ;
      } catch (RuntimeException e) { return ""; }
    public interface ZInterface extends BackendBusinessObject {
         public  String getCustomFunc(String value);
    public class ZBackend extends BackendBusinessObjectBaseSAP implements ZInterface {
         String exportvalue="";
         public String getCustomFunc(String value) {
              try {
                   Function func =getDefaultJCoConnection().getJCoFunction("Z_CUSTOM_FUNCTION_MODULE");
                   exportvalue = func.getExportParameterList().getString("IMPORTPARAMETER");
              } catch (Exception e) {
                   return exportvalue ;
    5) WEB_INF/xcm/customer/modification/bom-config.xml
    <BusinessObjectManager name="ZCUSTOM-BOM" className=""/>
    6) WEB_INF/xcm/customer/modification/bom-config.xml
    <config isa:extends="../config[@id='crmdefault']">          
       <businessObject type="ZCustomBO"
    [Sateesh Chandra|]

  • Need help in doing FDM "Maps" (Not able to do a like mapping)

    sub : Unable to do a like mapping in FDM
    I am new to FDM,here is what i am trying to do.
    I have a ODBC source table and the table struct is somthing like this.
    I have a Custom Import Script where i have done the column mapping as bellow
    source >to> Destination
    Accountcode1 >> Accounts
    Accountcode2 >> ICP
    YTD>>Actual values
    Destination is HFM
    with the above senario here is what i am trying to do.
    I am trying to apply the following logic
    If Accounts = "1050300" and ICP = "10909001" then the value should go to HFM account1
    else if If Accounts = "1050300" and ICP = "10909002" then the value should go to HFM account2
    and so on.
    the following are the questions i am not clear about while implementing the above logic.
    Should i be using the like mapping ??
    if yes then what should be in the "Rule Definition" and the "Script"
    since the source account values are the same should i be doing this like mapping in the ICP Dimension ??
    or is it a "reverse" in mapping ??
    any sort of help in getting me resolve this issue will be highly appreciated.
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    Edited by: 845926 on Apr 3, 2011 8:12 AM
    Edited by: 845926 on Apr 3, 2011 8:13 AM

    there are two ways of solving this, the easy one without scripting is to combine in the import format account and custom1 for your account source. This will give you a longer mapping table but solves it without scripting..
    Otherwise you use the like mapping where your target is #script and you use varvalues in your if then else satement.
    Just look up varvalues in the FDM admin manual for a detailed description.

  • Need help creating text based game in Java

    Alright, I'm taking a big leap and I'm jumping a little out of league here. Anyways here are my two classes...I'm sure I've got plenty of errors :-/ One other thing. I have only programmed the battle section of the program so don't worry about the other 5 sections when fixing the code.
    import cs1.Keyboard;
    public class Knights
        public static void main (String[] args)
            // Object Declaration
            KnightsAccount player1 = new Account (1, 100, 200);
            // variable declarations
            boolean run = true;
            int choice;
            // Game Start
            System.out.println ("Welcome to Knights.");
            System.out.println ("--------------------------------------");
            System.out.println ("You are a level 1 character.  With 100 HP and 200 gold...good luck.");
            System.out.println ();
            while (run == true)
                System.out.println ();
                System.out.println ("Enter the number of the option you would like to do");
                System.out.println ();
                System.out.println ("1. Battle");
                System.out.println ("2. Train");
                System.out.println ("3. Work");
                System.out.println ("4. Rest");
                System.out.println ("5. Stats");
                System.out.println ("6. Quit");
                choice = Keyboard.readInt();
                if (choice == 1)
                else if (choice == 2)
                else if (choice == 3)
                else if (choice == 4)
                else if (choice == 5)
                    run = false;
    }And here is the second class...
    import java.util.Random;
    public class KnightsAccount
        public String winner;
        public int exp = 0;
        public void Account (int level, int hitPoints, int gold) {}
        public battle ()
            Random generator = new Random();
            int pumpkinHP = 80;
            int playerAttack, pumpkinAttack;
            System.out.println ("Engaged in combat with an Evil Pumpkin!");
            while (hitPoints > 0 && pumpkinHP > 0)
                if (pumpkinHP > 0)
                    playerAttack = generator.nextInt(15);
                    hitPoints -= playerAttack;
                    System.out.println ("Player 1 attacked Evil Pumpkin for " + playerAttack + ".");
                    System.out.println ("Evil Pumpkin has " + hitPoints + " HP left.");
                if (pumpkinHP <= 0)
                if (hitPoints > 0 && !(pumpkinHP <= 0))
                    pumpkinAttack = generator.nextInt(12);
                    hitPoints -= pumpkinAttack;
                    System.out.println ("Evil Pumpkin attacked Player1 for " + pumpkinAttack + ".");
                    System.out.println ("Player 1 has " + pumpkinHP + " HP left.");
                if (hitPoints <= 0)
            return winner;
        private pumpkinDead ()
            System.out.println ("Success!  You have defeated the Evil Pumpkin with " + hitPoints + "HP left!");
            System.out.println ("For you good deed you earned 20 exp.");
            exp += 20;
            return exp;
        private void playersDead ()
            System.out.println ("You have been defeated.  Go home before we pelt melty cheeze at you.");
    }Whoever can help me I'd be grateful. I know there are probably a lot of things wrong here. Also if some of you could post your AIM or MSN so that I can get some one on one help on any of the smaller problems I run acrost that would help a lot too.
    Duke dollars to whoever helps me ;)
    AIM: Trebor DoD
    MSN: [email protected]

    You should really create a GameCharacter object that contains the
    statistics for a character (player or non-player) in the game.
    public class GameCharacter {
       private double attackStrength;
       private double defenseStrength;
       private String name;
       private String[] bodyParts;
       private Random = new Random();
    public GameCharacter(String name, String[] bodyParts, double attackSt, double defenseSt){
       this.attackStrength = attackSt;
       this.defenseStrength = defenseSt;
       this.bodyParts = bodyParts; = name;
    // put lots of methods in here to get and set the information
    public String getName(){
    public String getRandomBodyPart(){
       return this.bodyParts[random.nextInt(this.bodyParts.length)];
    }You then create your "knight" character and your "rabid pumpkin"
    Your fight method then just takes two GameCharacter objects and uses
    the information they contain to fight the battle.
    public void fight(GameCharacter a, GameCharacter b) {
       boolean fightOver = false;
       Random rn = new Random();
       double attackValue;
       while(!fightOver) {
           attackValue = a.getAttackStrength()*rn.nextDouble();
           System.out.println(a.getName()+" attacks "+b.getName()+"'s "+b.getRandomBodyPart()+" for "+attackValue+" points");
    }The above is not the fighting loop of course. I just put it in to
    demostrate how the fight method can be made generic. It takes any
    two characters and uses their defensive and attack information to
    calculate the fight outcome. It also uses the descriptions that the characters have
    to make the fight more interesting. (the getRandomBodyPart method in

  • Need help with IDOC CREMAS_03 mapping

    i was not able to figure out what values to assign to the following mandatory fields.
    EDI_DC40(node not mandatory)
    i am trying to map the following structure to the CREMAS_03
    i appreciate ur time and help

    you dont need to map EDI_DC40, In the message mapping right click on the EDI_DC40 segment and click on disable field.
    In the IDoc receiver communication channel, you should uncheck <b>Apply control record values from payload</b>

Maybe you are looking for

  • Screen looks red

    The sreen of my T61 turns to red every time I re-boot it. After several seconds, it becomes normal. Does anybody have some ideas about it? Thanks

  • Consume WSDL in ABAP proxy : Issue with name space

    Hi, I was trying to consume a WSDL in ABAP and I have created ABAP proxy using wizard in SE80 and also did the LPCONFIG. While calling the proxy methods it is throughing the "authrization failed" error because of the following issue.I have successful

  • ExportFile with linked pdf ... Is it a bug ?

    Hi, I'm facing a very strange behaviour with exportFile and linked PDF in inDesign cs 5.5 and 5 on mac and pc. I have a script simply doing an exportFile to png on all images contained in a inDesign file. Everything works well, except if user click i

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