New problem/bug when I set in and out points on a clip. Unwanted automatic zoom in on clip timeline.

Playing clips to log and set in and out points for scenes I will use later.  Something changed with the new update and I think it is a bug.  When I hit the I and O keys to set in and out points on a clip before dragging to the sequence, it zooms in on the clip timeline.  I cannot see the full clip time line unless I zoom out which is a pain to do time and time again.  How do I get it back to the way it was before?  It did not used to zoom in and out, it just marked your in and out point as it played leaving the clip timeline unchanged.
I am using windows 7 with Premiere Pro CC

Thanks for your post. I think you are using Premiere pro CS6 as the Project option is included in the file menu and in the video there is an option of project available and visible. Please update your CS6 with the latest 6.0.5 update and the issue will be fixed. The link is provided below. Please update once issue is fixed.

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  • Setting In and Out points

    Is it me or is it a complete PAIN to set in and out points in 7? Used to be easy. It's almost impossible sometimes to grab the playback head without it selecting an i/o point. Once I finally do get the markers where I want 'em, the In point moves when I press play?
    What the ****?

    You can use the arrow keys (right left) to step through frames. You can use the letters i and o to set in and out points.
    Hold down the shift key (after setting a point) and you can use the arrow keys to create a selection.

  • Setting in-and-out points  -- is this possible?

    I set in-and-out points in the preview window by dragging the blue triangles.
    I would like to sample various parts of a clip, though there are only 2 triangles.
    1. Is there a way to take one segment of video and establish in-and-out points for maybe the first 30 seconds of video and than set another in point maybe 1 minute later with a out point 30 seconds after that. So ultimately the encoding will encode two non-sequential segments of video.

    You can't do that, but you can achieve what you want by simply dragging in the clip multiple times into Compressor and for each clip, set your in and out point.

  • How do I globally set in and out points on a large number of images?

    As the post asks: How do I globally set in and out points on a large number of images before sending to the timeline? In AVID I can do this in the Script view. How do I do it in FCP?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks. I assumed I needed to set in and out points. I have not done an image sequence in FCP. If I have a 10 second image and a 2 second transition, but then change the duration of the transition to say 4 seconds then FCP will let me alter the transition duration?
    With regards to movie clips, what happens with setting global in and out points? How would I do that?
    Thanks in advance

  • Problems with set in and out points

    I am editing a basketball game-have done 20 of these games. Suddenly, I cannot change the set in point. If I make a new set in point, my last edit disappears from the timeline. How do I correct this?

    I DO make sure the clip in the timeline is not selected when I set the new in and out points in the source clip. I have not been able to figure out anything that is different from the usual way I do this that is why this baffles me. I use PP daily and this seems to happen about once a month. I can't figure it out. I save, quit and restart the computer and then it works as it should. I was trying to understand so that I could prevent this from happening.
    I do appreciate your common courtesy, Craig.

  • Setting in and out points in list view.

    I am in list view.  I am showing several favorited clips from one video.  Say I am playing back the third favorited range and I want to select in and out points for that favorited range.  The video is playing and I hit i.  I am immediately jumped from the favorited range I have selected to the first favorited clip in the list.  When I click back on the clip I was setting the in point for I find that it has set the in point where I wanted.  The entrire process then repeats when I try to select the out point.  Set out point.  Jumps up to first clip.  Click back on original clip to get to my out point.
    This is very frustrating and makes using favorites and list view a huge waste of time.  Can anyone help?

    That should not happen.  Before anythign else, do these two things.
    1- Go into the "Final Cut Pro" menu, "Command", and be sure "Default" is checked.   Quit out of FCP X.
    2- Open System Preferences (Apple menu), Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts.  Click the "Restore Defaults" option.  The issue here is OS shortcuts will override app shortcuts.
    3- Launch FCP X and try again.  If that doesn't fix it...
    4- Download the free app "Preference Manager" from  Digital Rebellion (dot com) and use it to delete the FCP X pref files.
    After you've done all of these, report back and let us know what's up.

  • Setting In and Out Points for Render

    Hi everyone!
    I was wondering how to tell color to only render from and in and out point, instead of rendering for a whole clip. In FCP I take a ten minute capture, then break it up into sub-clips for each shot, and then edit some of these sub-clips into my video.
    When some of these sub-clips require correction in Color the sequence gets sent to color just fine, but when it renders my changes it renders it to the whole clip that the sub-clip came from. This takes too much time because I only need the sub-clip to be rendered, not the whole clip, because that's all I use in my video.
    How can I fix this extra rendering? Thanks in advance!

    I think that you might find the answer to your question on this link below.

  • Cant set in and out point on browser in fullscreen mode

    I would like to make a 3 point edit using the brownser on fullscreen mode on FCPX.
    Someone now how?

    Thx for the answer.
    No, without Dual monitor.
    I selected all my clips and transform they on a Compound Clip on the Browser.
    Then I toggle to Fullscreen mode, because I believe that I could just play my clips and create In and Out points and insert they in the timeline on the fly.
    Even if the clip is a standalone clip I cant make in and outs while on fullscreen mode, actually any key I press I hear the ''thu'' sound.

  • Is there any way to lock your in and out points on a clip?

    Everytime I click outside the clip, my in and out points disappear and I have to reset them.  Any ideas?

    No way of locking them in, but once you have your in and outs set, if you hit F it will favorite that area. Then whenever you want to go back to that clip just click the favorite icon on the clip and your in and outs will be set around the favorite section.

  • Can't Set In And Out Points

    HI guys,
    Problem here.  I'm trying to use Control-P to navigate to a specific spot in my clips (in the Event browser, not the timeline).  When I type "Control-P" and then type, for instance, "253809" (To go to 25:38:09), the Dashboard instead displays "25:37:08", and goes there instead.  Why is this?  Am I doing something wrong?

    I just tried that (didn't know about it... thanks!) and it worked fine here. Sure you don't have shaky fingers?

  • Setting "in" and "out" - why does it export the full timeline ?

    Hi folks.
    Well, I'm scratching my head.
    I go into Premiere, onto the timeline, and set an "in" point and an "out" point. I then get Premiere to render the video. It renders out the whole timeline, eventhough I told it to render only the "work area" which of course one would think would be that area I told Premiere I wanted, because of my "in" and "out" points.
    The manual is very vague, and I just don't get it. I don't want to do any razor cuts, I just want to get Premiere to render out the video inside my "in" and "out" points I've inserted.
    Any help would be appreciated,

    The work area bar is different than setting in and out points. It's the bar with the (I think) blue handles at the top of the timeline. Drag those handles to the points where you want rendering to start and stop, and hit Enter.

  • In and Out points not showing in source monitor

    I've noticed this in the past couple of days: setting in and out points in the source monitor, the indicators don't show in the time ruler.  In other words, even though I set the in and out points, it looks like nothing has been selected. 
    If I put the clip into the timeline, the in and out points I chose are respected, but they just don't seem to register in the source monitor, so I can't have confidence in what I have selected.
    If I open another clip in the source monitor, then go back to the one I was working on, magically the in and out points are there again.  Strange...
    At the same time, if I apply audio gain to a clip in the source monitor, it sometimes doesn't "take".  It shows that gain has been added, but there is no change in the sound volume when I play it back in the source monitor.  Again, if I put the clip in the timeline, the volume is as it should be and the waveform reflects this.
    So, is there some underlying bug affecting how clips are dealt with in the source monitor?
    I'm on the latest version of Premiere CC 7.2.1 on Windows 8

    Thanks for these suggestions.  I'll try and answer each one:
    Is the Source Monitor zoomed out to show the whole clip? If not, please zoom out to see if the In/Out points are getting painted in the wrong place initially.
    Yes, it is zoomed out.
    Do the clips have non-zero start timecode? If so, please try with a clip with zero-based timecode. (If you don't have one handy, you can create one fairly easily by exporting a sequence with start TC of 0;00)
    The problem is intermittent and in this project all the clips are DSLR .mov files.  The problem occurs with some of these and not others.
    Have you done anything like setting a custom start timecode or interpreting footage to change the frame rate?
    I haven't set a custom timecode.  It's true that there is a mix of 24p and 25p clips in the project, but surely this only presents issues in the timeline rather than the source monitor?  In any case, I haven't gone to interpret footage on these clips.
    Is this happening with all types of project items, including simple clips on disc, or only with certain items like merged clips, multicam sequences, subclips...?
    In this project, the only type of clip I'm using is simple clips.  There are nested sequences; I'm not sure, but possibly the problem has also presented itself when these are brought into the source monitor - but not exclusively with those.
    I hope this helps.  This is the first project I have worked on since the latest upgrade and I didn't come across this problem before.  As I say, it is intermittent, and it's hardly crippling - just annoying when it happens!

  • Compressor 3.02 In and Out Points Not Correct

    This is a follow up to my compressor truncating movies post. I'd like to reiterate that my workflow has not changed and no new software has been added to my system. This work flow used to work like a charm, however after the most recent pro applications update this bug surfaced.
    If i drag and drop any uncompressed .mov into compressor, compressor incorrectly detects the in and out points for that clip and truncates the file on output. It seems to be by the same amount every time.
    Clip 1 is a 320x240 uncompressed .mov file created and exported directly from final cut pro (exported as self-contained). the file is 1:53:32 in duration.
    Drop that clip into compressor and it sets the in-point at 59:56:09 (it does this every time no matter what clip i try to compress...) and incorrectly reports the duration of the movie as 1:53:05. these in and out times and duration are found in the preview window. no in and out points are set in compressor.
    this being said, the resulting output file (same size, same frame rate - no changes to timing) is truncated and the last 4 seconds and change are cropped off the end of the clip.
    Any ideas? anybody else have the same kind of problem and find a fix?
    I've trashed preferences to no avail... help!

    right - the question is... what do we do about it?
    i have been able to narrow this down to a problem with footage that's 23.98 fps only however as this is part of my 24p workflow - and because it's the only reason i'm using fcp at this point -- in essence, this problem renders the entire final cut studio useless.
    so frustrating!
    who's found a workaround/fix for this?? i've been using this same workflow successfully for years and in previous versions of final cut. this problem only surfaced in the past couple of weeks.

  • Video after In and Out points Changed

    After opening up a video in the Viewer and setting In and Out points, and dragging it back to the Browser afterwards:
    1. I tried changing the name of the clip that I dragged back to the Browser, though it changed the names of the other clips in the Browser to the same name. Why?
    2. How come when you double-click on the new clip and it shows in the Viewer, it shows the In and Out points as well as the video from the original segment around it. Is this the way it is supposed to be? I thought it was supposed to just display the segment of video starting with the In point and ending with the End point.

    1. do some reading in the manual. Might try making the clip independent.
    2. Yes. I know it may seem weird, but it has some really powerful uses. Double click on a clip in the timeline, it loads in the viewer. You can then change your in and out points in the viewer and they will be reflected in the sequence. (with some limitations). If you want to "isolate" the material between an in and an out, check out "make subclip."
    This is very basic fcp stuff. Skim the manuals, explore the menus, you'll figure this stuff out pretty quickly.

  • Color is changing the clips in and out points

    I tried to import into color a fcp7 sequence.  The original footage are quicktime clips.
    When the project opens in color, the in and out points of the clips are not there and it gives me the beginning of the clip.
    With other footage that I ingested in FCP I don't have a problem.
    Can someone explain this to me.

    >The original footage are quicktime clips.
    What FORMAT of Quicktime?  Because QT is just a container that can be one of a dozen codecs.  Color ony works with certain codecs, like ProRes, HDV, XDCAM, DVCPRO HD.  If the codec is anything but will have serious problems.

Maybe you are looking for