No data from SAP R/3

Hi I have activated the following in BW.
Infocube: 0SD_C03
InfoSource: 2LIS_11_VAHDR
I have also activated the transfer rules and update rules from the Business Content. When I try to do a load it doesn't fetch any records from SAP R/3. Please let me know if Iam missing any step.
Also, first time when I do the load do I need to do a full load or initialize delta process without data transfer?. I should be able to do delta loads later on for any changes. How frequently can you schedule the delta loads.
Thanks for any reply.

Hi Vish,
Transaction OLI7BW is to be used to initialise the sales order tables.
The parameters to run this transac-tion should be:
·No restriction on Document Data"
·Enter a name (suggest ddmmyyyy with initials i.e. DF for Derek Fer-nandis), and select "New Run"
· Enter a relevant date and termination hour (1 hour in advance is usual).
·Faulty Docs = 999
Run the Job in background. Job wil have name 'RMCVNEUA'
and then check the number of records added to the setup table using transaction NPRT
Compare the number of records added to the setup table to the number of records in Sales Order header table VBAK (use SE16). The number of records should be the same or very close.
check whether this works and let me know.

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  • Upload data from SAP R/3 to BPC

    Hi Expert
    We need to upload data from SAP R/3 Payroll to BPC into to use in a butget process. We actived 0HR_PY_1 extractor and we have data at PCA area. My question is how i can to load this data into a appset in BCP.
    Please give any idea to do that.

    There are multiple ways of extracting data from ECC to BPC.
    If you have SAP BW implemented for your HR area then you can load data from SAP BW info provider to SAP BPC.
    check out the following thread.... all these things are already widely discussed in the forum.... all thats required is to search.....
    you have got to use Transformation and conversion files.....
    [How to load Transaction Data from BW to BPC]
    If SAP BW is not implemented then the other way is to extract the payroll data into Flat files and use the data manager package to upload the data.... you got to prepare transformation and conversion files for this as well.
    Directly from ECC is not possible as of now.....
    Surya Tamada.

  • How to get purchasing data from SAP R/3 to OWB (Oracle warehouse builder).

    My name is Pavan Tata. I work as a SAP BW developer. Here is the situation at my client place. Client decided to retire BW system and wants to replace with OWB(Oracle warehouse). In all this currently we have purhchasing application in BW production system and wants to move this application to OWB for the same type of reporting what they are getting currently.
    Here is my question:
    How to get purchasing data from SAP R/3 to OWB(Warehouse) with initial full loads and deltas mechanism in the same way as we do in BW.
    Please help on this, also send me any documentation about this if you have.

    here is a short report which converts S012 entries to strings with separator semicolon. Perhaps this will help you?
    Walter Habich
    REPORT habitest2 LINE-SIZE 255.
      strtab_t TYPE TABLE OF string.
      separator VALUE ';'.
      it_s012 LIKE s012 OCCURS 0,
      wa_s012 LIKE s012,
      strtab TYPE strtab_t,
      strele TYPE string.
    SELECT * FROM s012 INTO TABLE it_s012 UP TO 100 ROWS.
    PERFORM data_to_string
        'S012'. "requires it_s012 and wa_s012
    LOOP AT strtab INTO strele.
      WRITE: / strele.
    *&      Form  data_to_string
    FORM data_to_string TABLES strtab TYPE strtab_t
                        USING  ittab TYPE any.
        h_zaehler TYPE i,
        line_str TYPE string,
        l_tabellenname(10) TYPE c,
        l_arbeitsbereichsname(10) TYPE c,
        h_string TYPE string,
        h_char(255) TYPE c.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <l_tabelle> TYPE ANY TABLE,
                     <l_arbeits> TYPE ANY,
                     <feldzeiger> TYPE ANY.
      CLEAR strtab.
      CONCATENATE 'IT_' ittab INTO l_tabellenname.
      ASSIGN (l_tabellenname) TO <l_tabelle>.
      CONCATENATE 'WA_' ittab INTO l_arbeitsbereichsname.
      ASSIGN (l_arbeitsbereichsname) TO <l_arbeits>.
      LOOP AT <l_tabelle> INTO <l_arbeits>.
        CLEAR: h_zaehler, line_str.
        line_str = ittab.
          ADD 1 TO h_zaehler.
          ASSIGN COMPONENT h_zaehler OF
            STRUCTURE <l_arbeits> TO <feldzeiger>.
          IF sy-subrc <> 0. EXIT. ENDIF.
          WRITE <feldzeiger> TO h_char LEFT-JUSTIFIED.          "#EC *
          h_string = h_char.
          CONCATENATE line_str separator h_string INTO line_str.
        APPEND line_str TO strtab.
    ENDFORM.                    "data_to_string

  • How to extract Inventory data from SAP R/3  system

    Hi friends How to extract Inventory data from SAP R/3  system? What are report we may expect from the Inventory?

    Inventory management
    How to Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW (NW2004)
    Loading of Cube
    •• page 18 in "Upgrade and Migration Aspects for BI in SAP NetWeaver 2004s" paper
    Non-Cumulative Values / Stock Handling
    Here you will find all the Inventory Management BI Contents:
    2LIS_03_BX- Initial Stock/Material stock
    2LIS_03_BF - Material movements
    2LIS_03_UM - Revaluations/Find the price of the stock
    The first DataSource (2LIS_03_BX) is used to extract an opening stock balance on a
    detailed level (material, plant, storage location and so on). At this moment, the opening
    stock is the operative stock in the source system. "At this moment" is the point in time at
    which the statistical setup ran for DataSource 2LIS_03_BX. (This is because no
    documents are to be posted during this run and so the stock does not change during this
    run, as we will see below). It is not possible to choose a key date freely.
    The second DataSource (2LIS_03_BF) is used to extract the material movements into
    the BW system. This DataSource provides the data as material documents (MCMSEG
    The third of the above DataSources (2LIS_03_UM) contains data from valuated
    revaluations in Financial Accounting (document BSEG). This data is required to update
    valuated stock changes for the calculated stock balance in the BW. This information is
    not required in many situations as it is often only the quantities that are of importance.
    This DataSource only describes financial accounting processes, not logistical ones. In
    other words, only the stock value is changed here, no changes are made to the
    quantities. Everything that is subsequently mentioned here about the upload sequence
    and compression regarding DataSource 2LIS_03_BF also applies to this DataSource.
    This means a detailed description is not required for the revaluation DataSource.
    These are the standard data sources used for Inventory extraction.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to extract PS data from sap r/3 to bw

    How to extract PS data from sap r/3 to bw
    PS data like plans,budget,accurals&commitmnets
    can any one help me regarding this..
    Thanks in Advance,

    HI sankar,
    you can refer the belkow link to find the details on the relevant extractors and infoproviders

  • Help Required -- Can we use SQL Query to READ data from SAP MDM Tables

    Hi All,
    Please help.........
    Can we use SQL Query to READ(No Creation/Updation/Deletion  just Read) Data from SAP MDM tables directly, without using MDM Syndicator.
    Or direct SQL access to SAP MDM tables is not possible. Only through MDM Syndicator can we export data.
    Thanks in Advance

    All the tables you create in Repository comes under A2i_CM_Tables in Database named as your repository name. So the tables names are fields of table A2i_CM_Tables. Now i tried it but cant make it.
    Now, I dont think its possible to extract all fields in tables and there values using select query. May be pure sql guy can do that or not.
    But there is no relation of data extraction and syndicator. Data is viewed in Data Manager. and you can also store data in a file from DM also.

  • Erasing Sales data from SAP

    Hello everyone,
    We are going to give the SAP server to another company from inside our organization and we are 'cleaning' up the data they won't need.
    For instance, we will use transaction code OBR1 to clean up some credit movements, etc..
    I know that there are some transactions/programs to clean up the masterdata, but, is there any program I could exclude the following data from SAP:
    - Sales Orders
    - Deliveries
    - Invoices
    - VK12 registry as well
    Thanks for the help!
    Ricardo Sancio Lóra - Brazil

    Did you give a thought about Archiving of data? I guess by Archiving you can Archive all old data and keep in your record and can free SAP database.

  • Loading of transaction data from SAP ECC system failed

    I successfully connected SAP ECC system to SAP BI system.
    The following steps have been executed:
    - user ALEREMOTE with max. authorization
    - RFC destination
    - Distributing Data model
    - Generated Partner profile
    - Maintaining message types in WE20
    Now when I try to load any data from SAP ECC system the loading process in hanging in status "yellow" and never comletes.
    The following steps within Load process are yellow:
    Extraction (messages): Missing messages
      Missing message: Request received
      Missing message: Number of sent records
      Missing message: Selection completed
    Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Missing messages or warnings
      Request IDoc : Application document posted (is green)
      Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
      Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 3 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
      Info IDoc 4 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Subseq. processing (messages) : Missing messages
        Missing message: Subseq. processing completed
        DataStore Activation (Change Log) : not yet activated
    Can some one give me some technical steps (tcode, report) to solve this problem?
    Thank you very much!

    Many thanks for your answer.
    Via BD87 on BW system I detect that all the IDOC's (type: RSRQST) will be received from SAP ECC system.
    Via tcode SM58 I could not detect any entries.
    However the loading status from yesterday is set to "red".
    The errors are:
    Extraction (messages): Missing messages
    Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
    Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
    Can you investigate my issue again?
    Thank you very much!

  • How to extract data from SAP in FDM 11121

    I came across some documents from version 11113, says there is a SAP adapter, however ,when I check 11121 there's no such adapter, does anyone know how to extract data from SAP in FDM 11121?

    I download a package from Bristlecone, but I dont see any xml files in it, just a bunch of dll and I didn't find any instructions on how to set up/configure in FDM, it just explained how to register in SAP app server and client.
    Hyperion 11113 has readme on sap adapter(Hyperion Readme Template), but I cannot find the same readme file in 11121, all I can find is ERP Integration Adapter document. any idears where I can find at least a readme document?

  • Extracting Data from SAP ERP using BODI/Data Services 4.0

    I am trying to extract data from SAP ERP via SAP extractors using BODI/Data Services 4.0.
    I do not have my own ERP system so I am renting remote access from one of the many available on the internet.
    I am able to connect BODI to the ERP system and import the extractors metadata.
    The problem I am experiencing is that when I run job to extract the data I get the following error:
    Vendor-supplied function module <Z_AW_RFC_READ_EXTRACTOR> not found. Ensure that you can execute the function module in SAP via transaction /nSE37.
    How do I create the function? Or is the function a SAP standard function?
    SAP ERP system being used is: ECC6 EHP4
    User has SAP FULL and DEVELOPER authorizations.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    You might have better luck in the (somewhat misnamed) [Data Integration and Data Quality Management|Data Services and Data Quality; forum:
    This forum is dedicated to topics related to SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (Data Integrator, Data Quality Management, Text Data Processing), SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward (Metadata Management, Data Insight), SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts and SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator.
    (emphasis added)

  • Transfer Of Data from Sap to Oracle with the help of Enterprise Services.

    We want to transfer data from Sap to Oracle using standard Enterprise Services.Some fields were not available in the existing standard Enterprise Services,so we have enhanced the existing Services by writing code inside BADI available with Enterprise Services.Rest of the fields we have mapped with the existing fields available in standard Enterprise Services.But,the Oracle people want to fetch all data from Sap without entering any input as a mandatory field in the Enterprise Services.The existing standard Enterprise Services require to enter any field as mandatory and are not accepting the range in input for multiple records.e.g.All enterprise Services related to Sales Orders are displaying only one sales Order.We have searched all Enterprise Services for Sales Order(related to reading of data),but not able to find service which would display mutiple records without entering any input.ECC_SALESORDER009QR is the only service which is displaying multiple records without entering any input,but the required fields are not available in this service.So,kindly suggest what we need to do further.
    1.Should we go for customization of services completely,so that it would fulfil our requirement.
    2.Are there  standard Enterprise Services exists which would we give us data in range(all records).
    If they exists,please specify the names of Services for reading Purchase Order,Production Order,BOM etc.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Vaibhav,
    Let me tell you the objective in detail.
    To develop a package solution which will work as a bridge between Oracle APS and SAP system so that customers using SAP will be able to use advantages of Oracle APS for their planning needs.
    This will consist of following major components:
    OA Templates is an Oracle utility to load data from any legacy system to Oracle APS using standard flat files.
    Oracle has developed an Application Integration Architecture which is a standard architecture used for integration of Oracle products with other systems.
    Enterprise services is an SAP utility to communicate with SAP.
    AIA canonicals are standard canonicals developed by Oracle where we have to map data fields from destination system (Oracle APS) and source system (SAP)
    Fusion middleware is being used to develop application interfaces following AIA standards.
    Tasks at stake:
    Mapping of Oracle APS fields and SAP Enterprise Service fields to AIA canonicals
    Technical work of developing middleware using Oracle Fusion
    From Sap side,we have to map fields which we have received from Oracle with the help of Enterprise Services,rest  consumption of these services is done by Oracle guys.So,suggest is there enterprise services available which would give us multiple records .
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Data (Master Data Changes and Transaction Data) from SAP BW to SAP BPC 5.1

    Hi guys
    I have seen posts on this forum describing data transfers from SAP R/3 to SAP BPC. I assume the procedure for data transfers from SAP BW to SAP BPC 5.1 should be the same i.e. using SSIS packages.
    However I have some unique requirements -
    1. DATA AT DIFFERENT AGGREGATED LEVELS - I need data from SAP BW at different levels - Some data comes at Product level while other at Customer level and some at Project Level. The current procedure takes BW queries output in excel sheets (6 files) and then use the data manager package to load the data in SAP BPC 5.1 using appropriate transformation and conversion files. This procedure is highly manual and I am looking at using SSIS package to do this. However, because of having data at different levels, it becomes a little tricky. How can we achieve this using SSIS?
    2. UPDATING MASTER DATA - I need to update the master data (dimension members) in SAP BPC 5.1 at the start of every month. The current procedure compares (in MS ACCESS) the data from the queries mentioned in 1 to the dimension members in SAP BPC 5.1 and spits a file with the new entries which needs to be manually updated in the appropriate dimensions using Admin Console. I am looking at automating this task. I cannot just replace all the contents of a dimension with the members coming from SAP BW since the dimension members contains some dummy members which are used for planning.
    3. HIERARCHY CHANGES - What is the best way to capture the hierarchy changes in SAP BW into SAP BPC 5.1?
    Please advise.
    Ameya Kulkarni

    Hi Ameya,
    how did you solve the described problems? Can you give some hints about uploading master data and updating the hierarchy?
    BR, André

  • Extracting data FROM SAP BW/BI TO SAP R/3 Tables

    Dear Experts,
            I would like to know How to get the data from SAP BI/BW which we extracted earlier to SAP R/3 Tables.
    in specific I want to get the data from BW/BI to R/3 Tables again.
    for Ex: I have loaded data to ZFC_C25 Cube from SAP R/3 System. But now I want to load the data from ZFC_C25 Cube to my selected R/3 Tables.
    Please give a clue if it is possible or not if YES How.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check this Retraction document
    You can find more details regarding R/3 retractors :
    Chandra SekharT

  • How to Pull data from sap r/3 tables to oracle tables

    how to fetch data from sap r/3 tables & data pulled to oracle table .
    If it is useful for me , i am giving point.
    regards ,
    Edited by: NAVITA YADAV on Mar 7, 2008 2:07 PM
    Edited by: NAVITA YADAV on Mar 7, 2008 2:08 PM

    You need to perform some native SQL to fetch data. Before doing this connection must be exists b/w your R/3 and Oracle server.
    Basis team will help you to have connection.
    Check the connection name in the table DBCON.
    Check the below code to handle native SQL.
               FROM  DBCON
               INTO  DBTYPE
               WHERE CON_NAME = DBS.
      IF DBTYPE = 'ORA'.
          EXEC SQL.
            CONNECT TO :dbs
    ERROR Handling for Native SQL *************
          IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
            MESSAGE `Docusphere connection failed.` TYPE 'I'.
      EXEC SQL PERFORMING loop_output.
        OPEN C1 FOR
        SELECT  UK1, UK7, uk6, uk9, uk22, uk23, uk25    "field names of Oracle table
        UK19 = 'E'                                           AND
        UK20 IS NULL
            CLEAR W_OUTPUT.
            EXEC SQL.
              FETCH NEXT C1 into :wa1-arc_doc_id, :wa1-bukrs, :wa1-belnr, :wa1-gjahr, :wa1-wi_id, :wa1-ARCH_METHOD, :wa1-barcd.
    Reward points if helpful.................

  • Question on the flow of the data from SAP R/3 to SAP BW

    hai bwgurus,
    I am learner of  sap bw ,i have small doubt in the extracting the data from sap r/3 to sap bw  i.e
    Extraction is always performed only on master data table not on transaction table , Am I right or wrong pls correct me with an detailed explanation ?
    EmailId:[email protected]

    Hi raju,
    Extraction is always on Masterdata and as well as transaction data.
    a transaction is event that ocurs on masters(like business example would be there will be a distributor who orders certain quantity of material so Disturbutor will be the companies sole distrubutor who comes under master and transaction data is the qty of materila he purchsed).All the transactions occur in SAP r/3 and that data will be replicated to BW for Data ware hosue and reporting.
    ""assign points if it helps""

  • Extracting updated data from SAP R/3 to BOBJ DS

    Hi all,
    I have a doubt reg extracting updated data from SAP to BOBJ DS. For example i am extracting 50000 records from SAP table to BOBJ DS say its taking half an hour, after extracting data 10 more records have added in the same table. Do we need extract the whole record again or do we have some other way to extract only those 10 records from table.
    Please help me.  I have searched in forums but cudnt find the exact solution fyi.

    Apart from stepd 1,2, you need to create a Target Data store and a table to load your MARA data.
    3. Now the MARA data will be available in data store(DS_ERP), say table name as BO_MARA
      Why do you want to change the table name? Are you planning to stage the data anywhere?
    4. Create a dataflow source as BO_MARA, query transform and destination as a table
    Data transport object is required if you are using R/3 Data Flow.
    This would suffice just for a full load, if all your transformations can be incorporated inside the Query transform.
    5. Do Transformation.
    6. Transformed data will be available in target table.
    Only after executing the job that the transformed "data" will be available in the target.
    The above part mentions only about a Source, Query transform, Source Data Store and table.
    Apart from these
    You would require a Script object to write the condition, to SELECT the MAX timestamps. You would require Variables to be created in your job to redirect your job path and to restrict the data extracted.
    Use your DataFlow in a Conditional object. If load type is first, in the then part use the dataflow which you might have already designed. Else part will have a replicated Data Flow with the above mentioned WHERE condtion in Query transform.
    Suggest you to refer Desiger document and DI supplement for SAP as well. Inform if you are stuck.
    Suneer Mehmood.

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