No keylight in Adobe After Effects CS4 ?

I can't find the keylight in Adobe After Effects CS4.  not under "keying" and not when I search for it in the effects search input.
where can I find it? or how and where can download the plugin in order to install it ?

Keylight is not available in the trial version, only in the full one. A demo should be avialable via The Foundry's website.

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  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content only installed on one of two computers

    I installed Adobe Creative Suite CS4 MC on two systems. One system lists "Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content" in Add/Remove Programs. This left me a bit baffled as to what this content is and why it only installed on one machine (i.e., assuming I did not erroneously selected or deselected it during the default install). I thought it would be reasonable to install the missing content on the second machine but I cannot find an installer listing "Adobe After Effects CS4 Third Party Content" in the CS4 default or custom installer.
    Could someone please tell me what this content is used for and how I can install it on the second machine?
    Thank you...

    > It should by no means be shown separately in the install database
    That's not true for one case.
    If you install After Effects in trial mode, the third party content won't be installed. But it leaves the third party content installer on your machine so that when you add a serial number the plug-ins can be added. This causes a new installer to run, so it will be registered (and need to be uninstalled) separately from the main installer.
    Frederick- Verify that both machines have the third party plug-ins that Mylenium listed. If it's not on the second machine you probably have it in trial mode and need to serialize. (If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling After Effects from the Master Collection package.)

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 won't install.

    Ok, so I got Adobe After Effects CS4, because my computer is only 32-bit. I clicked on Set Up to install it and the little grey box that says 'Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer' appears. I select Yes, the box disappears, but then nothing happens. What's worng? Can I do anything to fix it?

    We cannot know. We need exact system info. As a start, you might consider turning off UAC completely and running as admin...

  • Adobe After Effects CS4/(CS3) Installation

    Yesterday i downloaded Adobe After Effects CS4 trail. When it finished downloading i ran this file: "ADBEAFETCS4_LS7.exe". It started to extract all the files but when it almost was done, it said the program had to close with the Don't Send and Send Report thing. After that i tried opening: "ADBEAFETCS4_LS7.7z" with WinRAR and run the Setup.exe from there. But when i double clicked it, i also got the Dont' Send window.
    Then i thought maybe Adobe After Effects CS3 works, so i downloaded that trail. When it was finished i ran Setup.exe and it started to initialise, but when the progressbar was 100% is closed, but no setup window appeared.
    How can i install one of these beautiful programs. Please help me out.
    (I also tried to download it on my laptop but there i couldn't  download the download Manager...)
    Stupid errors...
    Thanks in advance

    Please provide more info about your system. The installer popping away is eitehr a sign of a severe permission issue or insufficient drive space in the temporary directory.

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 trial installation problem, Please Help!

    Ok, I downloaded the trail version of Adobe After Effects CS4 onto my PC (Windows XP). When I try to run the setup (by double-clicking it), a window pops up saying 'Adobe setup has encountered a problem and needs to close.' Does anyone know why this is, and how I might be able to fix it? I already tried re-downloading it, and I checked the system requirements. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO USE THIS! If it will help here are my PC's specs:
    Operating System - Windows XP with service pack 3
    RAM - 2.0GB
    Graphics Card - ATI Radeon HD 4830
    Processor - Intel Core 2 Dual 2.2GHz
    Monitor Resolution - 1280x1024

    Verify the following:
    a) you run as administrator
    b) your virus scanner and firewall don't interfere
    c) you have enough temporary disk space
    d) no other tools are interfering
    For b), simply turn those tools off during install. For c), check your user temp directory (C:\Documents and Settings\You\Local Settings\Temp). Clean it out either manually or using tools like CCleaner. Also defragment your drive. For d), you may need to uninstall otehr Adobe software. also monitor your task manager for processes and services that may have a negative impact. A dump of those can easily be generated using HijackThis!, so you can post the list here for verification, if needed. also provide any otehr info that could be important, like e.g. special drivers or user settings.

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Installation

    My previous thread:
    I Made this new thread, because i though nobody would look at the old one
    System Info:
    Windows XP - Home Edition
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 3
    Dell Dimension DIM9100
    Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
    Free Space on Hard Drive (C:) = 60,4GB (C:\Temp) is 60,4GB available.
    Free Space on External Disk (L:) = 84,1
    I tried to extract the trail in L:\Program Files\Adobe After Effects CS4, but it crashed at the end, and gave me a Dont Send/Send Report window.
    I also tried C:\Program Files\Adobe After Effects CS4, but i also crashed.
    Then i extracting the *.7z file to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4" and tried to run setup.exe,
    But it also crashed when i double clicked it.. Leaving me with the same Dont Send/Send Report window.
    Here are some screens of my steps.  (I made a gallery on ImageShack)
    Its all in dutch because my system is Dutch.
    Can anyone help me out, i really want to use this super cool program

    Well, for starters, I wouldn't extract the installer packages to the place where later the program will reside (C:\Program Files\Adobe). that is bound to cause any number of conflicts in the installer because source location = target location. Please move the files out of that directory to a neutral location. The same may even be true for your L: drive due to similarity in folder structure. That aside, your computer is not the newest one. While CS4 should run on P4 processors, there are no guarantees, so even a call to support may not resolve the matter. Since the setup crashes right away, it is more likely that some critical system library is missing or it5 really cannot handle your processor. For the first, run a manula Windows Update and include a few extra components like . NET runtime. You may also need to install additional MSVC runtimes, so stop by at the Microsoft site. Regarding the processor, you should look into turning off hyperthreading in the BIOS and/or tweaking other settings like SSE support or interrupt handling. sometimes this helps.

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 will not load to Snow Leopard

    Recently My hard drive crashed. I reloaded Snow Leopard on my computer and all of my support applications.
    I attempted to load Adobe After Effects CS4, but it would not load. 
    I read where others had problems back in 2009.
    Is there a fix for this problem?

    Mmh, something is leaking. Are there any other Adobe products on the system that use MPEG CoDecs (Premiere, Encore, Adobe Media Encoder). If so, my best guess would be that those are not installed correctly or were messed up during an update or so. That stuff is shared by all apps and while your system is not ideal, it certainly should work and not give this error. Depending on what is going on, only a full re-install of everything might fix it, though, unfortunate as it may be. So make friends with the CS3 and CS4 Clean Scripts from the support pages, set aside a good afternoon and take some deep breaths...

  • Can you create the Title effect in Daybreakers, adobe after effects cs4,,please take this one as cha

    im currently studying Adobe After Effects CS4, and i found the title of DAYBREAKER(2009)movie a very interesting effect to create, i hope you can give me tutorials on how to do that..please! more power, NOTE: im using adobe after effects cs4

    From what I saw on the trailer for this film the titles are a modified version of George Peolvoy's Flowing Title tutorial posted on Creative Cow about 10 years ago. You'll find the tutorial here.
    The glass effect on the type can be duplicated using layer effects in Photoshop and / or then applying those layer effects to your type layer directly in AE. You'll find a bunch of those tutorials by doing a simple Google search for Glass Text Photoshop.
    There is no one click, one plug-in solution, but if you integrate the layer effects, a displacement map, some compound blur, and a little position keyframing + motion blur you should be able to duplicate the effect exactly. George's tutorial should get you started. If I remember right the project files were for AE 4.1 so they probably won't open in CS4.
    Good luck
    Daybreaker Trailer

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Crashes During Startup

    Hey I have a major problem i think.. after I installed AAE CS4 I picked the trial to see how it was b4 i bought it. Once everything was installed and complete I restarted my computer but when I went to open the program it pulled the grey aae startup box. It had 4% complete and said Initializing Media Core then it just stops and minutes later crashes with not progress. It continually does it with no improvement. Anybody that can help me?

    I did all of the above:
    - 9.03 update
    -   1. Go go Control Panel -> System-> Advance System settings
         2. Click Advanced tab, Performance -> Setting
         3. Click Data Execution Prevention  -> Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select - > Here you click Browse and choose where your AE CS4 location is, and click Apply -> OK .
    - Run as administrator
    Nothing worked. I still get the crash at start-up with the message
    <960> <AppDirs> <5> Required Dir=   
    C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Required.
    and after that sorry, AE can'r continue..
    Help me please, I have the 30 days trial and I desperately need to learn how this program works for a project. After that I want to buy it.
    My system is 32bit Vista Windows, I installed AE CS4 (that's the last one to run on 32bit right?) and did an update to 9.03.

  • Installing Adobe after effects CS4 \m/

    this is my problem when installing adobe after effects Cs4
    here's a video that i that u can understand it..

    Sorry, but you have wasted your time. There is no way to discern anything. Provide higher resolution screenshots along with some system info.

  • MP4 File in Adobe After Effects CS4 Only Plays Audio

    So, I recorded some videos of Just Cause 2 on my PS3, and transfered them over to the videos section, I then put the videos on a USB flash drive, and put them on my computer, where I tried to open them in Adobe After Effects CS4, it didn't work. xD
    It pretty much has no video, only audio.
    But if you play the actual file with a player like Windows Media Player, it'll play fine.
    I've tried changing the file extension to Mov, WMV, AVI, and every other one I could think of. And it'll only give me an error saying it's probably not a supported file type xD.
    Oh, and I also have other mp4 files that will open in AE fine.
    Any help would be awesome.

    Transcode the file using tools like SUPER©, MPEGStreamclip, ffmpeg and so on. There are too many flavors of MPEG 4 out there that AE could handle them all and this seems to be exactly one such case.

  • Karaoke text in Adobe After Effects cs4

    Hi, i need some help, how to make karaoke text in adobe after effects cs4? have any tutorial?

  • Trapcode missing in adobe after effects cs4?

    am using adobe after effects cs4..  i cant find 'trapcode' option in effects what shall i do to use it?

    You can download the demo versions from Red Giant which should be good enough for following tutorials and if you really need them and like them, you buy them and the red crosses wil lgo all away...

  • Please insert adobe after effects cs4 into drive G:\ to continue installation

    Why show message that "please insert adobe after effects cs4 into drive G:\ to continue installation" while installing Adobe After effects cs4? How to do it? My computer OS is windows 7 (32bit). Who can help me?

    There's not much to go on here but it sounds like you are installing from a set of disks and you need to insert the next one.
    If that is not the case please give us some systme info so we can help.

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 post render errors.

    I am currently working on Adobe After Effects CS4.
    I created a video on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 mixing 2 sound tracks and a video track + another transparent video track with a logo. I've checked the project many times on Premiere Pro, and it seemed excellent. Then I imported the Premiere Pro Project to After Effects CS4 and checked the sequence again in ae cs4 to confirm it before rendering. After checking the video, I started rendering it.
    All went ok.
    But after rendering the video I got a huge problem. The video works excellent up to 20mins and suddenly the primary video became green colour, but the sounds and the video track where I set the transparent video, still works fine. The primary video was green colour till the end.
    This is a serious problem! Can anyone help me to fix it!! Its Urgent!!

    My system properties are as follows.
    Processor - Intel Dual Core
    Ram - 4GB
    O/S - MS Windows 7 Professional 32bit
    Video render settings,
    Format - H.264
    Frame Rate - 25
    Profile - High
    Level. - 4.0
    Output. - 1280X720

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