Non-responsive Yahoo mail page

My Yahoo mail page is non-responsive and is missing content (icons).  Browser (Safari 5.0.6) or Yahoo problem?

I figured out what is going on.  The newer version of Yahoo mail no longer supports Safari 5.0.6.   You have two choices:
1)You can upgrade your MAC 10.5.8 to 10.6 and get the newer version of Safari.  You can only upgrade if you have intel processor. 
2) You can change your Yahoo mail from the newer version to Basic (there is no more Classic) by doing the following:
Click the settings gear icon near your Yahoo! Mail's top right corner (or hover the mouse cursor over it).
Select Settings from the menu that appears.
Go to the Viewing email category.
Make sure Basic is selected under Mail version.
Click Save.
I opted for option 2 and it worked!  I now have full access to Yahoo mail, icons and all.   I actually went to another newer computer to make the switch to Basic Yahoo.  Let me know if this works for you.

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  • My yahoo mail page is incomplete and its only on firefox, on my pc only.

    my yahoo mail page is incomplete and its only on firefox and on my PC only. it is ok on other browser (IE). i followed yahoo mail customer care troubleshooting task but it did not fix problem. i pasted into troubleshooting information window.

    Do you have that problem when running in the Firefox SafeMode? <br />
    [] <br />
    ''Don't select anything right now, just use "Continue in SafeMode."''
    If not, see this: <br />

  • Automatic page updates causing problems with your screen reader? this kind of message come when i access yahoo mail page not come properly.

    Automatic page updates causing problems with your screen reader? this kind of message come when i access yahoo mail page not come properly.i can't chat,compose mail nothing accessing.

    Try Refresh Blocker:

  • I am not receiving my yahoo email on both my IPhone 6 and IPad Air.  I tried deleting the account and reinstalling but still not receiving email.  I can access email if I go thru Safari to the yahoo mail page.

    I am not receiving yahoo email on my IPhone 6 and IPad Air, both are iOS 8.2.  I can only access email by going thru Safari to the yahoo mail page.  I tried to delete the yahoo account on the phone and reinstalled, to no avail.  Any suggestions how to fix this problem?

    My wife’s iPad was not downloading Yahoo mail, although her iPhone was. Both used IOS 8.2. We tried deleting the account several times and troubleshooting all of the other settings. The problem appears to have been that allowing the IOS to automatically create the account on the iPad resulted in the wrong settings for the incoming server. The following procedure, pieced together from two websites, fixed the problem for us. So far, so good.
    On the iPhone, tap Settings.
    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    Tap your Yahoo account, then delete it.
    Tap Add Account.
    Tap Other.
    Tap Add Mail Account.
    Complete the Name, Address (email address), Password and Description fields.
    Click Next.
    Ensure IMAP is selected.
    Enter the following incoming mail server information:
    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server - Requires SSL
    Port: 993
    Requires SSL: Yes
    Hostname is
    Username is your full email address
    Password is the same password used to access webmail.
    Enter the following outgoing mail server information:
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - Requires SSL
    Port: 465 or 587
    Requires SSL: Yes
    Requires authentication: Yes
    Username is your full email address
    Password is the same password used to access webmail. It may have been entered for you.
    Tap Next.
    The iPhone will establish an SSL connection to your IMAP and SMTP servers.
    That’s all!

  • Firefox 16.0 and the last 15.0.1 I had issues with yahoo mail page turning fuzzy and an error message firefox is unresponsive. Page froze up and could not close

    I signed into yahoo mail okay. what happens is after I open my mail the past two days all of a sudden the page would get fuzzy and I couldn't read anything or it would turn white. This never happened before and I looked at the top of the browser and it said mozilla firefox is unresponsive. I tried signing out and nothing worked. I tried minimizing the page and closing it manually and it would not let me. I tried deleting cookies and what happened it that the temporary files kept deleting for about five minutes. it was very upsetting. I have no idea what is causing this. Even when I went to control panel-internet options-delete cookies it sometimes went unresponsive. that's a first. any advise is helpful

    Firefox keeps its own temporary files and cookies, separate from the ones stored by IE which you can manage through the Windows menu. If you haven't already done the following, please give it a try:
    (1) Bypass Firefox's Cache
    Use Ctrl+Shift+r to reload the page fresh from the server.
    (You also can clear Firefox's cache completely using:
    orange Firefox button ''or'' Tools menu > Options > Advanced
    On the Network mini-tab > Cached Web Content : "Clear Now")
    (2) Remove your cookies (save any pending work first) using either of these:
    * While viewing a page on the site, right-click and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
    * Alt+t (open the classic Tools menu) > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
    Then try reloading the page. Does that help at all?
    When Yahoo goes blank or fuzzy moving to a different task, it may be doing some kind of animated transition. Have you noticed any graphics or font rendering anomalies?
    Try disabling Firefox's hardware acceleration of graphics. Since this feature was added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there still are a few glitches.
    You usually need to restart Firefox in order for this to take effect, so save all work first (e.g., mail you are composing, online documents you're editing, etc.).
    orange Firefox button ''or'' classic Tools menu > Options > Advanced
    On the "General" mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If you restart Firefox, is the issue improved?

  • Yahoo mail page sign-in button no longer works

    I suddenly can't sign into my yahoo accounts on my iPad 1.  It seems the sign-in button no longer works, when I tap it or use the "go" button, nothing happens - no error message, nothing.  I've re-set the iPad and I still can't sign in.  I can get to all of the other Yahoo web pages, just not my mail.  I can sign into other websites no problem.  Any suggestions?  Is my iPad now completely obsolete?
    I can sign in without a problem on my iMac.

    Reset your iPad. This will do no harm and you will not lose any data. See if that works. If not, clear Safari and then try again.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    Go to Settings>Safari>Clear History, Cookies and Data.

  • How do I save a Yahoo Mail page to my hard drive?

    I want to save a page of the Yahoo Mail to my hard drive. How do I do that?
    I have tried saving using "Save page" but that doesn't work. It saves an .html file and a folder file to only certain places. For example my home folder but not to my Downloads or Documents folder.
    However when I open it by clicking on the .html file, it comes up but only once or twice in the browser. After a while it says "session has expired" and I have to log in to Yahoo Mail.
    If I delete the folder that is saved, the page opens in the browser but it only contains some information like the Yahoo border, not the message itself.
    I have tried the Print option and it tried to save it as a pdf file but that does not work for me.

    What does not work for you when you save it as a pdf? Works OK here.

  • My yahoo mail page is huge font. How do I get it back to normal font?

    I started using foxfire, but for some reason when I go to my yahoo mail the font size is so huge. How can I correct this so the e-mail font is normal again. This has only happened to my e-mail and if I open an attachment it has large font too.

    Try to press '''[CTRL]''' + '''[+]'''.
    More details: [[page zoom]], [[text zoom]].

  • Why did my yahoo mail page change? it goes toASK, why, I don't like it

    When I log on I used to get my yahoo home page, now I get ASK and I have to click on a choice
    of icons. So, when I click on yahoo, everything is different and I don't like it. All I want
    is my former e-mail and home page to return.

    hello ksbrzy, i don't use yahoo mail myself so i don't know if this is a general change. you could go through all the steps described at [[Websites look wrong or appear differently than they should]] to make sure the problem isn't at your end & else contact yahoo's support if you're still having issues with their site
    ''edit: sorry, my original reply was meant for another question.''

  • After I did a Firefox refresh, I lost all the icons in my Yahoo Mail Page - how?

    This relates to my Macbook Air (2010) running on OSX10.10.2.T Three days ago, I ok'd a Firefox refresh and when I did - my Yahoo Mail! account dropped all of its icons on the mail pages. There are programming symbols there and when I place the cursor over them, the function is defined and works but this is really slowing me down. Is this a Firefox issue or a Yahoo issue? I have been trying to get Yahoo help through their answer community but no luck there.
    I am at best an advanced novice - I do not program at all and primarily reolved my problems through help desks or community help.

    Hi rqk849,
    I understand that the Yahoo Mail! Icons are missing in the Yahoo website.
    Please update to the most recent version of Firefox:
    *[[Update Firefox to the latest version]]
    See if this also happens in a new profile:
    [[Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles]]

  • I cannot see my yahoo mail page correctly, not even when I enter my mail. I already have Shockwave and Adobe plugins.How can I solve this?

    The photographs on the Yahoo Mail can't be seen. If I use Chrome, they work perfect. When I enter my mail account, still happens the same, I can only see text with hyperlinks and thats it.

    If images are missing then check that you aren't blocking images from some domains.
    You can use these steps to check if images are blocked:
    * Open the web page that has the images missing in a browser tab.
    * Click the website favicon ([[Site Identity Button]]) on the left end of the location bar.
    * Click the "More Information" button to open the "Page Info" window with the Security tab selected (also accessible via "Tools > Page Info").
    * Go to the <i>Media</i> tab of the "Tools > Page Info" window.
    * Select the first image link and scroll down through the list with the Down arrow key.
    * If an image in the list is grayed and there is a check-mark in the box "<i>Block Images from...</i>" then remove that mark to unblock the images from that domain.

  • Firefox does not display the mail on att/yahoo mail page

    How can I restore the display showing my mail? I am using Firefox with Yahoo mail. For some reason it appears that the margins have disappeared and now only the first column (i.e., the column showing the "Inbox", "Contacts" and "Folders") is displayed. Nothing happens when I click on the "inbox" icon; the mail is not displayed.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == two weeks ago

    I have been having this problem too of late. Buttons on the top of the inbox view are not showing up. And most painful is that the body of emails are not showing up.
    I checked my IE view settings to compare them to my Firefox settings and they are equivalent (i.e., using UTF-8). On a whim, I switched my Yahoo mail to the "all new Yahoo mail" and the problem went away. Switched back to Yahoo mail classic and the problem comes right back.
    So it could be a Firefox thing OR it could be precipitated by Yahoo.

  • Yahoo mail page shows blank content when opened in fedora 12. the same opens in windows

    I recently installed fedora core 12 on my lenovo ideapad s10-3 to dual boot with windows7. I connected to internet and opened yahoo mail. when i viewed a mail (any mail) it does not show any content. When I open the same mail in windows, I see the content. I am using Firefox browser in both operating systems.

    antivirus was not a problem since there was not one installed. Firewall settings are fine. I did just finally resolve this issue. Spyhunter was able to detect a couple of hijackers that the other programs did not and this fixed the problem. As I stated in the original post I did suspect this was the issue. The lesson learned is to run multiple malware programs until you find one that eliminates the problem if you suspect malware as the problem.

  • I am not able to use chat on my yahoo mail page, I know this is a firefox issue because I can use it on another browser, IE. Do you have a suggestion for me?

    Just recently, I have been unable to use the chat feature on my yahoo page. When I receive a message I see that I have it, however that chat box doesn't come up for me to read the message and I cannot send a message.

    A workaround to to try and get chat to work.
    1. Go into your Yahoo Messenger Options - Change the Window in the dropdown to Tab and press OK.
    2. Then go back and switch it to small window and press OK.
    Then chat should work.

  • How do I get pop up blockeer to allow yahoo mail page?

    The pop up blocker keeps some images from appearing on my e-mails. A screen appears and says my pop up blocker prevented the picture or box to appear. Thankyou

    When Firefox blocks a popup a yellow bar should appear at the top of the content area of the window. See the screen shot here. <br />
    If you are getting a different type of message you might have another popup blocker on that PC, like part of a Security Suite. If that is the case, you should turn-off that 2nd popup blocker and let Firefox do its' thing.

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