One more fb question......

If I deleted my messages from my blackberry with someone on facebook does it delete the message from their
messages as well?  I know this sounds like a stupid question but I just don't know the answer and need to....

I'm not sure you understood or if I made myself clear. Or perhaps I'm missing a vital detail in your implementation.
I'm talking about the cast to E in this line:if (node.item.equals((E) object)) {Object.equals() takes a parameter of type Object. So the cast to E is superfluous. That cast is what's causing the warning. You remove the cast => no more warning => you can remove the SuppressWarnings annotation.
Unless your E's have an overloaded equals() that takes an argument of type E. In that case you'll have to live with it.

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  • Connecting to the internet + one more Macbook question

    I've just noticed that I haven't updated my profile, but I am no longer using an eMac. That machine just died on me, so I've purchased my first Macbook. I've also moved into a new apartment, and cannot get connecting using the apartment's existing ethernet connection.
    My girlfriend has a cable modem and uses an ethernet cable to connect her PC. Our compters are on the same table, so we share the ethernet cable. But when I plug it ino my Macbook, no dice. Can't reach the internet. Any clues? I don't know a lot about internet connections, but I have my network settings set for a DHCP connection, and I'm told that it's all set correctly and should work. Maybe my girlfriend's connection only allows for one computer in the apartment?
    One more question: I don't like the color scheme on this new Macbook as much as I did my old eMac. On this one, the whites (for instance, the background of this page) seem "too white." So much so that it hurts my eyes. When I turn the brightness down, it makes the blues and grays look dull. But when I turn the brightness back up, the whites are blinding. Has anyone else noticed this?
    eMac 40GB 1.25 GHz G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    If your Sky router is anything like my Netgear, the problem is the way you have to enter the WEP password on a Mac. IIRC, there are a couple of options for the password format, and you need to choose the right one. I think they were Hex and ASCII. My password has to be entered as 26 characters of Hex - that's how the passkey is displayed in the router when you enter the password there for the first time.
    On a Windows machine, I just key that password in full. On my Macs, I have to tell it that I'm using Hex, not ASCII - there's a drop down box with all the various options somewhere that allows you to select the encryption type and the key format.
    For some reason, OS X isn't clever enough to work out whether you are entering Hex or ASCII.
    If you get really stuck, you can always disable WEP on the router - log in using a wired connection (usually you type into Safari) and set wireless security to none. Check that your macbook can now connect wirelessly, then re-enable security, making a note of the new passkey.
    Might be worth doing this anyway, and choosing a more secure setting.

  • Sorry. One More OnyX Question!

    Sorry. I just realized I had one more question pertaining to OnyX. When I'm on the Optimization page, it says to either "update" or "complete optimization" options for optimization. What do either of those options mean? I'm just a little scared to try any of those things if I don't know what they do.
    iBook G4 14'' 30GB HD 1.2 GHz PowerPC 256MB   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   (RED) 2nd Gen 4GB iPod Nano•••Black 1st Gen 2GB iPod Nano

    If you value your data, you will sit down and understand what it means to backup your data. Lack of patience is no excuse. You'd have even more lack of patience with your machine when you lose it all. Keep at least two copies of everything at all times. Don't reformat your hard drive without making sure there are two external copies of your data. Methods of backing up vary by individual. If you are the kind who lacks patience, run a clone every night the weather is known to be good with Superduper. It has the least complicated interface. Use a couple external Firewire hard drives at least the size of the internal hard drive to make the clone. An iPod is not a backup, since software copying music from the iPod to the computer is unreliable.
    Upgrade only when you need to, and are aware that everything you have works with the update before you do upgrade. And repair permissions before and after with Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility.
    Upgrade and backup only when you have no peripherals attached other than Apple's own (i.e. keyboard, mouse). A display is not affected by updates or backups, as long as there is no USB or Firewire plugged into the display.

  • One more ultrabeat question....

    hello folks...
    i have an idea which i want to try but have no clue how to get it done in ultrabeat...
    so i load three samples in ultrabeat (with drag & drop) say 1.snare 2.hi-hat and more hi-hat
    now is it possible to have one hi-hat in 1/8 resolution playing in the pattern and other in 1/16 resolution (at the same time) and is copied to logic when i drag the pattern of it. hope i am clear here with the question....
    i am not able to do this because when i change the RESOLUTION in the lower options it changes resolution of every sample loaded (1-25)
    waiting for an answer....

    In short... No!
    The resolution parameter affects the 'size' of each step for all sequences in a pattern.
    Maybe you could program one of the parts in a second pattern set to the correct resolution, import that MIDI region, the merge the two regions.
    Or maybe run 2 instances of Ultrabeat??

  • One more generics question

    One more dumbshit generics question...
    Is there a way to do this without the warnings or the @SuppressWarnings({"unchecked"})
       * Returns the index of the last occurrence of the specified element in this
       * list, or -1 if this list does not contain the element.
      public int lastIndexOf(Object object) {
        int i = 0;
        int last = -1;
        for(Node<E>; node!=null; {
          if (node.item.equals((E) object)) {
            last = i;
    produces the warning
    C:\Java\home\src\linkedlist\ warning: [unchecked] unchecked cast
    found   : java.lang.Object
    required: E
          if (node.item.equals((E) object)) {
                                   ^... remembering that List specifies +public int lastIndexOf(Object object);+ as taking a raw Object, not E element, as I would have expected.
    Thanx all. Keith.
    PS: Crossposted from the tail of
    which nobody has answered, I presume because the thread is marked as "answered".

    I'm not sure you understood or if I made myself clear. Or perhaps I'm missing a vital detail in your implementation.
    I'm talking about the cast to E in this line:if (node.item.equals((E) object)) {Object.equals() takes a parameter of type Object. So the cast to E is superfluous. That cast is what's causing the warning. You remove the cast => no more warning => you can remove the SuppressWarnings annotation.
    Unless your E's have an overloaded equals() that takes an argument of type E. In that case you'll have to live with it.

  • Hehe one more speedfan question

    Ok i realise that ive asked this before, but im sure that p2 diode is giving me bogus readings.
    My p4 has the stock hs, with the shitty normal heat pad thingy and right this moment my cpu is at 30-31c (alledgedly) and my mboard at 30c (which i can believe).
    Sorry to sound like a nagging old woman or something but i just cant believe my cpu is at 30c with stock hs.
    Alternative settings give me 45c for cpu which seems right to me.
    One more last thing what is the p2 diode?
    Am i right in thinking p2 diode is built into the cpu and thermistor is part of the mboard?????????????

    I was in the exact same boat as you when I originally fired up my comp...I wasn't too worried about the temp cause 45C with stock cooling sounded right...however, when I changed my hsf to the thermalright SP-94 with a vantec tornado 80mm, installed with artic silver 5, I was still getting 45C.  So I re-installed the hsf to ensure I didn't do something totally crazy, fired up once more, and guess what temp I got with thermistor diode? that's right...45C.  I then switched to PII diode and started getting MUCH more realistic temperatures.  So believe what you like, but I'd stick with the PII diode readings if I were least until a response from MSI is given.    

  • [solved] One more conky question (convert cpu temp from C to F)

    Okay, one more and then conky is finished I want to convert my cpu temp from C to F because it's just easier to understand for me, I am an american ... I've tried various ways I've found on these forums, but none of them seem to work, here's my cpu temp conky script:
    ${execi 1200 echo $(($(cat /sys/bus/pci/drivers/k10temp/0000:00:18.3/temp1_input) / 1000)) C}
    Last edited by Mr_ED-horsey (2011-07-21 01:26:16)

    What's the output of
    cat /sys/bus/pci/drivers/k10temp/0000:00:18.3/temp1_input
    ? It should read about 55 C.
    I have no idea how the sensors work, I've never used them, but you can doublecheck the conversion using just about anything, even google: … =firefox-a

  • One more memory question

    Hi again everybody,
    I just realized I forgot to ask one more thing about memory. Does anyone know, using System.setProperty, what the command is to set the JVM to a specific size inside the program? I don't mean setting the memory size permanently, I mean setting it just for the run of the program. I'm trying to get my application not to depend on the command line so I can take it out of my IDE.
    Edited by: jezzica85 on Apr 10, 2008 8:31 PM

    Yeah Kajbj I agree with you only from external side we can set the heap memory size.
    As you told already it is impossible to set the heap memory size dynamically with in the program.
    Suppose Task A has B,C,D tasks and we want to set different set different size of heap memory to these tasks
    in this case lets have B,C and D as separate processes and invoke them from A with the heap memory sizes we wanted.
    Its just an idea feel free it criticize it.
    *If our tasks are as simple as the ones i have told this will be good otherwise it becomes complete mess.
    D. L. Kumar

  • Yet one more production question: search topics

    This might be another pain in the rear question, but I am
    looking for a way to globally replace text throughout all topics.
    Does Robo have a way to search through ALL topics so that I
    can replace text? (This isn't something right now that can be
    handled via snippets or variables as the original text is not in a
    variable or a snippet. We've decided to change some phrasing and I
    am looking for keywords that I can highlight/find so I can reword
    the text. I very well may be able to insert snippets or variables
    during editing, but will want to locate all instances of a
    particular word or phrase.)
    I have about 50 - 60 separate topics in a project and I'd
    like not to have to eye ball each topic in order to find the

    Hi there
    RoboHelp does offer a utility called Multi-file find and
    replace. But it's probably only reliable for single words. If you
    want something fancier and more robust, consider BK ReplacEm or
    FAR Home Page
    BK ReplaceEm
    Cheers... Rick

  • One more vPC Question

    The scenario is two Nexus 5K vPC domains connected to each other in a bow tie.      
    If you went into switch 1 and did a "sh etherchannel" or "sh port-channel" or whatever the devil the command is, would it show the uplinks in the peer switch (2) as being part of the channel or just its own local uplinks?

    Essentially you are correct in that switch1 will only use it own ports to send traffic to the upper pair of Nexus switches.
    But it is misleading to say it is not the same port channel because it is even from a data plane perspective because all ports are forwarding ie. STP has not blocked any member ports.  I do understand your point that with a stacked pair of switches, for example, any of the available links could be used and this is not the case here or maybe a better way of putting it is it is not the case from switch1's perspective.
    If, as Glen suggested, you look at it from the perspective of a device connected to switch1 and switch2 with an active/active configuration there are four links available, all forwarding traffic.
    I actually think the first diagram you posted explains how a double sided vPC works far more clearly than the second ie. from a logical perspective it is just one high bandwidth path.

  • One more scrollbar question...

    I have a JTable 'embedded' in a JScrollPane. The table is wide enuf and hence the horizontal scrollbar
    is always present. The problem is, whenever I click on the table the horizontal scrollbar moves accordingly.
    I dont want this to happen. I should be able to move horizontally ONLY using the respective scroll bar.
    Any one knows how to do it ?

    Hi Codekin,
    To address your first question, the best way to create a tooltip type of message would be to register the PlotMouseMove event. This event will fire everytime you move the mouse cursor over a plot. You can then create a callback function which you can use the X and Y coordinates, which the event provides, and display them any way you desire.
    Unfortunately, you can not add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to the graph control. On the graph tab of the properties, there is Track Mode selection which allows you to decide what to do with the graph as the data leaves the original screen. Although none of these allow for a scroll bar, you should be able to find the best behavior by playing around with these values.
    This should get you on your way, but if you have any additional questions whatsoever, please repost and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks and have a good one.
    Adam B.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • Just one more liccle question.....

    Im seriously considering reinstalling OSX to reclaim some space. But how would i go about this and keep all my apps? How can i back them up? Just drap them to an external HD? Is that it? I dont want to be stuck with a useless laptop with none of my Apps!

    Hi Jimbo456
    In addition to Mr. Kracinski post, there is application that perform as uninstaller: app delete
    If you really want to experience reinstalling OS X, fell free to do so, opt out the language, printer driver, ms office demo and iwork trial, and all application you don't want to use.
    And your apps are third party apps, if it is a simple apps (freeware), just download new one and you might get latest versioon too. And for license apps, make sure you take out the license from your macbook first before you format your macbook and you might have to re-install it.
    Remember to deauthorize your songs from iTunes if you have any, and back it up as well as your other data.
    Good Luck.

  • One more importaat question (i'll award dukes if i have a good answer)

    I have some code that shows the number of lines in the text box:
    protected void updatenochars(){
         int length = textbox.getDocument().getLength();
         nochar.setText("" + length);
    }which is called from
    public class MyKeyListener extends KeyAdapter {
        public void keyPressed(KeyEvent evt) {
               int charsleft = 20 - charstyped;
               detailarea.setText("" + charsleft + "letters until autosave");
    }however it is always one letter behind the true number of characters, why is this?

    it didn't work, it had an error if i put the
            javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                     //insert something here
            });around the actual public class that is MyKeyListener and if i did this:
           javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                     luacode.addKeyListener(new MyKeyListener());
            });then nothing changed...

  • One more newbie question, please (Motion 5)

    I think this is simple, but I'm hopeless. I have a video clip that is 1280x720 resolution. I have tried every "scaling oriented" thing I can find, to no avail. How do I (if doable) convert this video to one with half the resolution size... 640x360 (or close).
    Thanks much.

    Do you have compressor?  I know that that it has a scale option in the geometry section.

  • One more basic question with Compound message

    i wanted to know one thing :
    Using JOptionPane , or on a JLabel , sometime i need to display some message which value is a variable (i mean whole message is variable) ,
    for ex.
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, result, "Error", JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION);
    JLabel label = new JLabel();
    NOW in both cases "result" is variable ( a String )
    HOW to localize it ?
    As i understand it wont be possible to localize it.
    Please suggest .
    thanx for ur time and help,

    All you have to do is store all possible error messages in your ResourceBundle files. The following is a section of my file:
    # ParseException messages
    err0 =Unexpected end of expression
    err1 =Parenthesis or Bracket mismatched
    err2 =Too many arguments
    err3 =Too few arguments
    err4 =Variable or Constant expected after an operator
    err5 =Missing right brace
    err6 =Unexpected comma
    err7 =Invalid range name or address
    err8 =Unrecognized function name
    err9 =Invalid numeric constant
    err10=Unrecognized operator
    err11=Unterminated string
    err12=Operator expected
    err13=Unrecognized array delimiter
    err14=Unrecognized array constant
    err15=Not a balanced array
    err16=Invalid If-Then-Else format
    err17=Invalid Expression
    err18=Named variable not accompanied by an assignment operator
    Now, in a ResourceBundle for a specific Locale, the characters to the right of the equal sign (=) would be translated into the correct characters for the Locale.
    The way it works in my program is that given the error number encountered, I would fetch the appropriate error message and store it in something similar to your result and display it (so it effect, result is a variable). For example:
                 ResourceBundle F=PropertyResourceBundle.getBundle("myErrMsg",Locale.getDefault());
                 if (j<0) {
                     throw new ParseException("",errmsg,0);That's how you have to do it......
    I guess what I'm trying to say is you can make result a variable to a certain extent but since you need to internationalize it, the only way to do it, as far as I know, is by using the ResourceBundle.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error in SRM 7.0 WF..

    Hi Friends,    We are in SRM SERVER 7.0 (Ramp-up version) with SP02, We are getting a dump error 'An exception has occurred' when we try to order a SC after activate the Standard Evaluation ID u20180EV_SC_SL2u2019 and Responsible Resolver Name u2018R

  • Regarding ibots in obiee 11g

    Hi All, i have got one requirement from client. he wants the report in mail. for that i configured ibots. but they want conditional ibot . i have seen it but not able to understand since they want condition on the value of rows not on count of rows.

  • How to dispaly large images?

    Hi! I have a simple problem, hope somebody could help me! I would like to display images from a LONG RAW type column of an Oracle database (Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release in a BC4J application. I use JDEV 9.0.3. The wizard generated e

  • After Leopard install, CAn't open Final Cut

    I did an archive and install for Leopard. SInce then, I lost my Final CUt Express ANd Final Cut Pro registration info. They act as though I've never opened them before and are asking for my serial numbers. I'm assuming that the info is somewhere in m

  • Every time I open a website, I have 3 or 4 others pages load, why? Also now I have a pop up commercial lpading in the bottom right of my page, why?

    This happens everytime I start Firefox. It never did this before, but now it is constant.