OO ALV hotspot creation not working with Multiple Methods.

I create a Test Report for Hotspot creation - It works. Code is  as -->
class my_event_handler definition.
  public section.
  methods :
  handle_hotspot_click for event hotspot_click of cl_gui_alv_grid importing e_row.
  class my_event_handler implementation.
    method handle_double_click.
      read table itab index e_row-index into wa.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
       set PARAMETER ID 'ANR' FIELD order
call transaction IW33.         
BUT - When I take multiple methods in PUBLIC SECTION. & Call it from START-OF-SELECTION the HotSpot is NOT WORKING
    METHODS:  data_gathering,
              handle_hotspot_click FOR EVENT hotspot_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid IMPORTING e_row .
    CLASS-METHODS: get_data,
                   set_header IMPORTING er_table TYPE REF TO cl_salv_table,
                   set_coloum IMPORTING pr_columns TYPE REF TO cl_salv_columns_table.
  CREATE OBJECT lr_details.
  lr_details->data_gathering( ).
  IF gi_final IS NOT INITIAL.
    lr_details->display_alv( ).
*    lr_details->handle_hotspot_click( EXPORTING row = ?  ).  " What to take?
    MESSAGE 'No Data for the Selection Critaria' TYPE 'S' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.
How get Hotspot in this Case, Do I need to take the Method in START-OF-SELECTION ?
if YES - then what to Export ? If NO - then how to create Hotspot in this case?

Thanks Neil. Now it's working.
For this One line clue - I really searched a lot.
Thank you so much.
If checking this link For Reference -->
Search 'SET HANDLER' in Google for sample programs.
* Before Class Defination
DATA: event_receiver1  TYPE REF TO get_details,
* At the End of Method display_alv (Check question for Methods)
CREATE OBJECT event_receiver1.
SET HANDLER event_receiver1->handle_hotspot_click FOR ALL INSTANCES.

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    Your link doesn't work. Do you mind reporting it?

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    Your link doesn't work. Do you mind reporting it?

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    Message was edited by:

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    Elizabeth Dyer.

    Hi, Elizabeth. I see the problem you're talking about and concluded that merging associative links between subhelpsets is not supported. Whether it should be supported is somewhat debatable, but the easy workaround is to use an associative links file with your master helpset. This link file would just include all the associative links you define in your subhelpsets. Something like the below ought to work.
    - Ryan
    <link version="1.0">
    <linkitem topic="Test-1">
    <linkentry target="nnmacX1" text="Chapter Template" />
    <linkentry target="fwHOHtoc" text="Table of Contents" />
    <linkentry target="fwGSoptUser" text="Setting User Options" />
    <linkitem topic="Test-2">
    <linkentry target="nnmacXX2" text="Whatever" />
    <linkentry target="fwHOHsearch" text="Full-Text Search" />
    <linkentry target="fwGSoptPortal" text="Setting Portal Options" />

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