Page Numbers in Adobe Story

I'm writing a script in Adobe Story, but each of my pages has the same number on it, for example 1. How do I default back to having a new page number for each page?

Manual editing of the page numbers might have put you in this scenario. You can just go to " Production -> Insert header... " , choose the suitable alignment and options and click 'Ok' to bring back the defualt numbering.
Let me know if this solves your problem.
Rashi- Story team.

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  • How to print page numbers in adobe form

    Can anybody tell me how to print page numbers in adobe form.
    Thanks in advance

    Yes the field page n of m is used normally for printing page numbers. But it won't display the current page of total pages by itself. You have to set the run time property to n (current page ) and m (Total number of pages). Carefully select the # (current page ) and ## (Total number of pages). Hope this works for you.
    My requirement is to have the user control on current page. For Example:
    Example for a Invoice with 5 PO items (stands on 2 pages) :
    1st  page is the letter : no page number
    2nd page is the 1st page of the 1st copy of the invoice : we should read u201C1 / 2u201D
    3rd page is the 2nd page of the 1st copy of the invoice : we should read u201C2 / 2u201D
    4th page is the 1st page of the 2nd copy of the invoice : we should read u201C1 / 2u201D
    5th page is the 2nd page of the 2nd copy of the invoice : we should read u201C2 / 2u201D
    Presently i cam getting the current page number for page 4th as 3 / 2 and for 5th page 4 / 2. I could able to control the total number of pages from print program. But when i am printing the second copy (4th and 5th pages), I couldn't able to control the current page number. I need to initialize the Current page count (4th page ) as 1.
    I have used the follwing java scripting:
    this.rawValue = wv_pages -
    where wv_pages is total no of pages calculated from print program.
    Please help me in this regard with some formcal or java scripting conditions.
    Thank You,

  • Does anyone know ifyou can amend page numbers in Adobe Reader Xl

    Does anyone know ifyou can amend page numbers in Adobe Reader Xl

    Hi janiceh,
    To edit a PDF, including modifying the page number, you need Acrobat Pro or Standard (not Adobe Reader). If you don't have Acrobat, you can try it for free for 30 days. See for more details.

  • Scene numbering in Adobe Story

    Have you noticed that scene numbers only show up in the left margin in Adobe Story?
    Do you see a compelling reason for us to show scene numbers on both the left and right margins in Adobe Story?
    Would you find it useful to have the scene number on both the left and right margins like FinalDraft does by default? Or, can you live without this?
    Anubhav Rohatgi
    Product Manager, Adobe Story.
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    No one responded that they didn't want scene numbers on the right.  That doesn't mean they don't want them and that they shouldn't be there.  One other person did say there should be scene numbers on the right.  If it's standard industry practice I don't understand why it's not there.
    Other issues at the top of my head:
    Lack of fonts.  I want to be able to use different fonts for the titles on the title page.  Other screenwriting software allows use of any font installed on the computer.
    The title page uses the same page layout as the rest of the script.  This forces the text too far to the right on the title page, and the copyright info and contact info butting up against each other at the bottom.  Final Draft has a different page layout for the title page than the rest of the script so we can really customize our title pages.  This is minor, but still something that was giving me difficulty to the point that I'd have to create the title page in a different document or even a different app.
    I started another thread that hasn't been responded to about scene headings being left on a preceding page by themselves.  For example, I start a new scene on the bottom of a page.  The only room left on the bottom of the page is enough for the scene heading but not for even just one paragraph of action for that scene.  The action falls to the next page, but the scene heading is still left on the previous page.  This goes for new scripts and imported scripts from Final Draft.  I don't see any options in the preferences or template settings to fix this, and this makes Adobe Story unusable.  This is a big problem.
    I don't want to use the online features and don't want my scripts ending up on a server.  However, if I go online all of my offline scripts are all automatically synced online.  I want software that allows me to keep my scripts on my computer and only on my computer.  Someone could hack Adobe's server and download scripts.  It's intellectual property and I'm very protective of it.  There should be an option to turn off syncing, even if status is online.  This is another big one.
    There's a lot of great features with Adobe Story, but certain things will prevent a lot of writers from wanting to use it, especially when there's other software without those issues.  I'll keep my eye on it, but right now I'm perfectly happy with Final Draft.
    I have a great suggestion though... take a good look at the outlining/summary and scene writing features of Mariner Software's Montage.  I wish Final Draft had that feature.  Montage could do a little better job of implementing it, but it's a very cool feature.  You write your outine in the screenwriting app, and then write the scene within each outline sequence.  You can disable or enable specific sequences or scenes, move them around, etc.  It's the best and most unique feature of that software, but unfortunately the software is buggy and hasn't been updated in a few years.  Something like that would make me switch.  You have to offer something very unique and compelling to unseat the industry standard.

  • How can I add page numbers using Adobe Reader?

    I am trying to add page numbers to my document only using Adobe Reader.  Is that possible?  Or do I need to use Adobe Acrobat?

    The free Reader can do very little more than reading (opening) PDF files. I'd use Acrobat.

  • Page Numbering in Adobe 9

    We have created a .pdf from various other old pdf documents.  There are page numbers showing up on them, but they're not correct, since we just used pieces and parts of other files.  We cannot remove them.  They're not set up as header/footer and we've tried the Advanced-Document Processing.  Any other ideas on how to get them gone?  Thanks

    I'd be inclined to use the redaction tool. If the page numbers are in the same location for a range of pages, you can easily duplicate the redaction mark to the range (Hand tool > Select redaction mark > right-click > Repeat mark across pages).

  • How to add page numbers to a PDF in Adobe but maintain the ability to convert to a PDF/A

    I have an PDF in adobe that I am able to convert into an adobe PDF/A document. However, when I use the header/footer option to add page numbers to the document it is no longer able to convert to a PDF/A document. How can I add page numbers and still be able to convert the document to a PDF/A?

    The report says:
    Convert to PDF/A-1a (1 object)
    Make document XMP Metadata compliant with PDF/A-1 (77 objects)
    Flatten transparency (high resolution) (1 object)
    Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers (1 object)
    Remove document structure compression (1 object)
    Remove document structure compression (1 object)
    Recompress LZW as ZIP (1 object)
    Convert color to sRGB (486124 objects)
    Results (Summary)
    Layers used
    Marked entry in MarkInfo not set to true
    TrueType font has differences to standard encodings but is not a symbolic font (313 matches on 313 pages)
    When you look at the specific comments on the pages the page numbers are highlighted and they specific comment is: (on per each page number. the page numbers start on page 27)
    TrueType font has differences to standard encodings but is not a symbolic font
    Page 27: Arial 12.0 pt TrueType embedded RGB (ICC) (0.0/0.0/0.0)  overprint: off
    Some PDF-based ISO standards require that a TrueType font must not define any differences from standard encodings (e.g. MacRoman or WinAnsii) if it is not a symbolic font.

  • I am using CC adobe Acrobat to combine multiple pdfs and add page numbers. Mac users can no longer read the page numbers but pc users can.

    I am using CC adobe Acrobat to combine multiple pdfs and add page numbers. As of about 2 weeks ago the mac users can no longer read the page numbers they get a font error message and see only -- where the page information should be. The pc users do not have this same problem. When I replace our regular font (URW Grotesk) with a system font (Verdana) everyone is able to read the page numbers. This is a new issues, I have been creating these documents in the same way for years without a problem. I have been on hold and on and off calls for the last two hours, I keep getting hung up on once I find someone in adobe support to talk to!

    Hi KnoopL,
    Are the Mac users using Preview to view the pdfs or Adobe Reader?

  • Creating PDFs using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and can only see the first 10 pages in PDF even when the page numbers on bottom state 10 of 13 (or any number greater than 10).

    PDFs create great, unless they should be over 10 pages and then it appears the data was converted to PDF by viewing the page numbers at the bottom of the PDF but you can only view the first 10 pages in the pdf file.

    Hi stephaniec0103,
    Could you please let me know what exact dot version of Acrobat 9 and OS you are using.
    Have you tried repairing Acrobat from the Help menu?
    Acrobat 9 is an older version and incompatible with new OS versions, so I would suggest you to try using Acrobat XI (latest version) and check for the same.
    You may download a 30-day free trial version of Acrobat from the below mentioned link:
    Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat XI Professional
    Let me know how it goes.

  • Adobe story is not loading. Once the program has accepted my password, it get stuck on the "loading" page.

    Help! I cannot access anything in adobe story. It is perpetually stuck on the loading page. I tried deleting my history and using a private browser page. Nothing is working.

    This may be an issue with the Flash Player or the Browser. First try updating to the latest version of flash player. You can install the latest one from here: Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions<>. Then try to login again. ?Can you also try a different Browser to see if that is the issue?

  • Adobe Reader - how to add page numbers with the free version?

    Hey guys,
    Imagine I've got a PDF file and I want to create a new one by selecting some pages out of it. I know this is simply possible by using the PDFcreator but I want to add page numbers. As far as I know this is not possible with the free version of Adobe unless I would add the page number on every single page by using a text box. I want to make different catalogs from the PDF so the page numbers are really necessary. Have you got any idea how to solve that issue? You know that's pretty much the only thing I need to add which means it's not worth buying the Pro version. Unfortunately I only got the PDF and I can't work on it e.g. with MS word before I export it. Do you know if there is a way to add page numbers with a free version? There might be an additional free software which allows that?
    Thanks for your support! 

    Thanks for your quick replies.
    I know how to add text page by page. But obviously it's hard to place the numbers on the very same position, is it?

  • Adobe Pro X and Bates/Page Numbering Cuts off 1/3 of Page - Please Help

    We have been using both the bates and page numbering features in Adobe Pro X on Windows 7 with various .pdf files.  However, when we scan files using Adobe Pro 6 on XP in combination with a Visioneer/Xerox Documate 632 scanner, and when adding bates or page numbers to these files, the image on the page shifts and cuts off one-third of the image.  (We use Adobe Pro 6 and XP with this scanner because Pro 6 is not compitable with Windows 7 and Pro X requires too many mouse clicks when compared to Pro 6; thus saving time in the field.  We like the page and bates numbering feature in Pro X because it shrinks the document to avoid overwriting texts and graphics.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue aside from using Pro X with the time spent using the additional mouse clicks?
    Thank you in advance!

    Hi Suzbat,
    If you try to print any other document from any other application. Did you check, are you facing the same issue or not?
    Have you tried to install latest drivers of the printer.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Loading Page for Adobe Story Free doesn't go anywhere

    Why can't I get past the loading page after logging in with my ID and password? It just keeps loading and doesn't finish.

    Try the Adobe Story forum:

  • Adobe Reader Read Mode Floating Toolbar Missing Page Numbers

    How do I get the page numbers to show up in the Read Mode toolbar.
    Mine are missing.
    I Googled it for a while and wasn't able to find anything.

    Could it be related to a group policy setting?

  • Page numbering/imbedded font issue ~ converting from Word 2003?

    I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if this issue has been addressed 100 times already!
    I am preparing a novel for publication through Createspace (Amazon). Their requirements include that the fonts all be imbedded, and that page numbering begins with '1' on the first page of the story. When I convert my properly numbered word 2003 file to pdf, it comes out looking great, but the page numbers begin with 5 on first page of the story. So I have 2 questions:
    If the pages look okay in terms of font, does that mean that my fonts are correctly imbedded in the pdf?
    Is there a way for me to control the page numbering so it begins with 1 on the first story page?
    Thanks in advance!

    I'm terribly sorry for the trouble. We are working to address the problem with page numbers in an upcoming release, but for now I recommend you try the conversion again using Adobe Acrobat desktop software. You could download a free 30 day trial if needed here:
    Kind Regards,

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