Premiere Pro crashes when importing audio

I am using Premiere Pro CC, 2014.0.1 Release, 8.0.1 (21) Build
This is updated
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600)
Using AVI and WMV videos. The audio file I am trying to import is MP3 Format Sound (.mp3)
The error message is Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.0 has stopped worked, below that it indicates that Windows is looking for a solution.
Trying to put an audio in with my assets, so I can add it to the sequence.
This is the first time I've tried to do this one my Windows 8 laptop.
Google Chrome is running, Articy Draft 2 is also open. All other programs are background programs.
No 3rd party effects or codecs are installed.
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.4GHz, Memory: 16384MB RAM, DirectX Version: DirectX 11,
I have a Nvidia so I don't believe I am using  Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration
It also happens when I go into the Media browser in my music folder.crash

We're going to need more information:
Do you get any error message or crash report?

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    >It may be a corrupt font, but I have thousands installed. Is there any way to test for that?
    Reply #8 was specifically to address this question.
    >I basically wanted to know if this is a 3.2.0 issue or not.
    That's not what you asked. Perhaps asking a specific question will get you closer to a specific answer?
    The titler does not crash for me at any stage of the Adobe updates for Premiere Pro, including 3.2.
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  • Premiere Pro crashes when writing marker notes

    I'm on the trial version of Premiere Pro and when I place a marker on a clip in the source window, then write a note for it in the marker tab of the browser window, it quits repeatedly.  What's up with this?  I thought I could use markers in this way.

    Welcome to the forum, Sharon.
    What exactly do you mean by "the marker tab of the browser window"? Are you referring to the Markers panel in Premiere Pro? What happens if you double-click the marker icon, which opensthe Marker dialog, and type there?
    What kind of content? Please check whether the files are write-protected, locked, etc., and whether you have the necessary user privileges to modify the files. (This could be important because clip markers are written into the files on disk, though I've never heard of PPro crashing on account of files being locked or something in that vein.)
    Do you get an error message or a crash log?
    Exactly which version of PPRO?
    What operating system?

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    You may get more specific help in that forum
    When you go there, you need to provide a LOT more information for anyone to help
    -PPro Information FAQ
    Also, Go to and, in the area just under Ask a Question, type in
    crash on launch
    You may now read previous discussions on this subject... be sure to click the See More Results at the bottom of the initial, short list if the initial list does not answer your question

  • Somebody know how to fix that?  Premiere Pro crash when i try to load some project

    I work with Premiere Pro CC
    When i try to open a project ( only that project) i have this error message:
    [/sirreact64/releases/2013.03/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Make/Mac/../../Src/Content/Vi deoMediaContent.cpp-175]
    How can i fix that?

    Hi 0dbVideo,
    Thanks for choosing adobe forums,
    please provide following information :
    What is the OS and version ?
    What is the Graphics Card installed on the system ?
    How much Ram do you have ?
    Do you use any external Hard Drive ?
    Are you using security software e.g. Norton, etc
    if windows, Please check if you have windows defender turned on ?

  • HELP! Premiere CS5 crashes when importing Nikon D300 avi

    Just purchesed CS5. It crashes when importing Nikon D300 avi files (which is why I upgraded from CS4 in the first place.

    vista 64 (home premium)
    8 GB RAM
    Intel quad core CPU 2.66 ghz
    array of 720 drives (800gb free)
    nvidia 9800 dual monitors
    mainconcept codec
    workes fine for CS4
    system crashes instantly when I select a nikon file to import.

  • Premiere CS4 Crashes when rendering audio

    This is the first time I have encountered this issue.  I am working on a nested 4 camera sequence and have performed a multicamera edit.  I have been cutting the multicamera timeline for a couple of weeks now and today I had a issue where I was rendering the audio on the multicamera timeline and premiere crashed.  The computer crashes every time I render the audio or shortly afterwards.  If it makes it through the render the program crashes soon after when I am scrubbing through the audio.  No specific error just "Premiere Pro has encountered and error and needs to close"  I've tried deleting the rendered files then recreating them.  I've tried replacing the audio layer 1 from the source sequence with a new .wav then rendering the audio in the multicamera sequence but neither has worked.  I also tried starting a new project and importing the multicamera project into the new project I had just created but I still could not render the audio.  Now I'm wondering if one of my clips within the project is causing a problem but I don't know how to go about testing this theory other than deleting each audio asset one at a time from audio layer 1 of the source sequence timeline, then attempt to render my nested multicamera sequence.
    Anyone ever have this problem before?  It's driving me crazy!

    Thanks, that is a good option.  I was able to find and remove two clips on the raw footage timeline that seemed to be causing rendering problems.  I have not had any crashes since.  If I do, I will use your advice.

  • Premiere pro crashes when opening project

    Premiere pro project crashes when opening. I have an imac running OS 10.7.3 (8GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD 6970 2048mb) and have Premiere Pro 5.5.2. I have had 2 projects that I have worked on for hours and saved numerous times and then when I closed pp and tried to reopen the file the screen goes white and then crashes. Please help.

    Ann, THANKS for replying!
    If I open a brand new project, which I could do before, and then IMPORT a previous project, it works and I can edit and export the project.  However, it did crash upon trying to save it and I still can not just open a previously created project.  When I do I get an error message that Says: "Premiere has encountered an error and needs to close down.  We will attempt to save your project."
    Do you or anyone else have any ideas?

  • Adobe Premiere Pro crashing when doing nearly anything?

    Usually, the program crashes when I import a file. If it doesn't crash by then, it will crash when I move a file to the timeline or create a new sequence with the file. I have reinstalled the program four times, and the errors persist. I've had the creative cloud on my computer for about a month, and I've always had this problem. Never had time to deal with it until now. I'm running a Windows 7 64 bit desktop. Can anyone help me fix this?

    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ
    •What is your exact brand/model graphics adapter (ATI or nVidia or ???)
    •What is your exact graphics adapter driver version?
    •Have you gone to the vendor web site to check for a newer driver?
    •For Windows, do NOT rely on Windows Update to have current driver information
    •-you need to go direct to the vendor web site and check updates for yourself
    •nVidia Driver Downloads
    •ATI Driver Autodetect
    -and a fix for at least "some" ATI crashes

  • Premiere Pro CS6 only importing audio .mov

    Recently I've exported an XML file from FCP7 which seems to have translated well into Premiere. However, I am having trouble reconnecting the media onto a PC.
    When I import the files into the project, only the audio plays, and not the video.
    The files are XD Cam footage .mov
    Outside of Premiere the files play perfectly in VLC player.
    Any suggestions? I am a Premiere newbie.

    [Below is copied and pasted from the other thread.  As it's still the same problem, I'd like to keep it all here.]
    animatedlies wrote:
    I've installed Quicktime since then, but the .mov files are only playing audio in Quicktime and not the video. They play both audio/video in VLC player.
    I tried creating a new Premiere project and importing the same files, and now I'm receiving an error code saying the codec is missing or unavailable.
    Any suggestions why I am having issues importing .mov?
    I am using Windows 8 Pro and Premiere Pro CS6.

  • Premiere Pro crashes when editing with strange error

    My project in Premiere Pro CS6 opens up fine. When I attempt to edit anything in the sequence (simply moving some footage around), I get the following error:
    Premiere pro has encountered an error. [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/mightykilt/shared/adobe/MediaCore/Backend/Make/Mac/../../Src/S equence/FeedbackGroup.cpp-193]
    Then the program crashes. Have to reopen, and rename the project. And I'm never able to edit anything. It's been working fine for about a month. This happened suddenly. Tried rebooting both external harddrive and computer. Tried saving the project file on the harddrive and on the computer. Tried opening a new file and copying in the sequence.

    Thanks, ibrahimashmawey. That error report gives us enough information to investigate this crash. Our offices are closed all next week, so it will be at least July 8 before we have any answer. In the meantime, you might want to try downloading the CC trial to test whether this issue is fixed in the new version. Also, I suggest Googling: ".cpp-193" premiere. I got several hits, including one on these very forums that moving an audio clip to another track resolved the problem.

  • Premiere Pro Crashes when Nudging Clip

    Premiere Pro is crashing (spinning pinwheel forever... go for lunch...45-60min, come back, force quite, "PPro has encountered a serious error") during simple tasks such as "nudging" a clip in the timeline or clicking with the "razor" tool.  This is destroying my productivity, any help appreciated.  This is hapening on 2 different machines linking to the same set of media.  Full system details below.
    All Media is ProRes422(LT) stored on a AFP share drive.  Both systems are setup with media cache files on the local drive, Murcury Playback Engine (CUDA).
    System 1:
    System is running a fresh install of OS X 10.9.2 (as of Monday)
    MacPro 5,1 dual 6-core 2.4GHz
    48GB RAM
    GTX570 2.5GB GPU (Driver: 8.24.9 310.40.25f01, CUDA: 5.5.47)
    PPro CC 7.2.1(4)
    Blackmagic Intensity Pro Card
    Desktop Video 10.0
    System 2:
    iMac 13,2 i7 3.4GHz
    OS X 10.9.2
    16GB Ram
    GTX 680MX 2GB (Driver: 8.24.9 310.40.25f01, CUDA: 5.5.47)
    PPro CC 7.2.1(4)
    Project files contain approx 13,000 assets and take upwards of 8 min to load all media.

    Hi Scott.  The reason I made those suggestions was because I had the same problem once.  Nudging certain clips or moving audio keyframes resulted in an instant repeatable crash.  This was because I imported the XML with audio automation from an FCP7 project.  Stripping the audio keyframes cleared up the crashing issue.  I just had to remix the whole short film.     And Adobe also volunteered that they were seeing the same problems with stabilzation data.
    I haven't seen much corruption on ProRes.  My experience has mostly been with JPEGs and Long-GOP video.
    I haven't done much cutting off a network; mostly just transcoding or exporting.  But, no crashing ensued.  However, you could rule that out by copying some of your footage locally, and see if you get the same crashing.
    Before Corrupt Clip Finder, I had a "search and destroy" method for finding clip corruption.  This goes back to my Avid days.  The routine in the same:  start isolating or taking half your media off line, and see if it still crashes.  Keep taking footage off until the crashing stops.  That tells you the corruption was in the last batch you took offline.
    You can use the "Make Offline" feature in Pr without having to physically move anything.  So, another thing you could try is to take all your media off line, and see if you get crashes by nudging clips.  If so, that would implicate the project, and not the media.

  • Premiere Pro Crashes when I open the titler

    I just formatted my computer and reinstalled the CS3 suite on XP Pro with SP3.
    When I open the titler and click on a font, Premiere crashes.
    I think it may be the 3.2.0 update.
    Is there any way to uninstall it?
    Or to get it not to crash with 3.2.0?

    >It may be a corrupt font, but I have thousands installed. Is there any way to test for that?
    Reply #8 was specifically to address this question.
    >I basically wanted to know if this is a 3.2.0 issue or not.
    That's not what you asked. Perhaps asking a specific question will get you closer to a specific answer?
    The titler does not crash for me at any stage of the Adobe updates for Premiere Pro, including 3.2.
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  • Premiere Pro crashes when scrolling in Icon View

    Dear Adobe Community,
    My Premiere Pro CC crashes EVERY TIME when I switch to Icon View from List View, almost as soon as I start scrolling through the Icons/thumbnails.
    I have all the latest updates for my Mac, Premiere Pro CC and my nVidia CUDA drivers. Also, my Renderer is set at the CUDA setting.
    I would greatly appreciate someone's help. Thank you in advance.

    What is the pixel size of the photos?
    Try updating or rolling back your video driver.
    Try disabling GPU acceleration.

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