Price is too Low

When I am getting the below error while processing the MIRO. The error is:
Price too low (below tolerance limit of 1000.00 INR)
Message No: M8084
We have done the changes for Unplanned Deliver cost tolerance limit to unlimited -ve amount but +ve 1000 INR only. I got some of suggestions last time. Thanks for that.
Now they want a different thing. They want the tolerance should be of both the option i.e. 10% of the total value of PO or Rs1000 whichever is less. Can we activate both the option in tolerance?
Please suggest.

Hi Gaurav,
Now the user wants only the warning message. So I had tried OMRM. I got the message 084 details as below:
Online: Error
Batch: Error
Standard: Warning
So I have to change both the Online & Batch from Error to warning or any particular out of them.
Need suggestion.

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  • How to block an order if the price is too low?

    My problem is :
    How to block an order if the price is too low?
    I created a new type of condition ZMIN and an access by material.
    When the net price is below the minimum price the system must position the order on incomplete document for error of price.
    Thank you in advance.
    Frédéric Blaise
    e-Kenz S.A.

    you can enter a lower limit in the condition record:
    Lower limit of the condition rate/amount
    Indicates whether, during document processing, the system checks if manual changes fall short of the lower limit allowed for the corresponding condition record.
    When you maintain the scales in a condition record, the system checks whether the scale value falls below the lower limit.
    Or you can use the flag 'conditon update'.
    Condition update
    Controls whether limit values are relevant for pricing.
    E.g.: you can make the use of a particular condition record in the document dependent on a specified total value.
    This total value can be specified in the condition record.
    I hope that the information are helpful.
    With best regards
    Claudia Neudeck

  • My local BestBuy store won't let me price match with Walmart because Walmart's price is too low

    as what title said(NOT clearance item)
    I was supposed to get the movie tonight
    here is the movie at BestBuy:
    Titanic (4-Disc)(Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack)(with e-copy) 1997 BestBuy Link SKU: 5401018      BestBuy is selling $21.99
    Here is the SAME ITEM at Walmart:
    {removed per forum guidelines} is selling $3.58
    I'm living in NYC, no Walmart around
    I would have to pay something like $4 shipping from Walmart to get this movie
    I still have about over $300 BestBuy GC plus elite membership to get a free shipping
    Is anyone can tell me the price protection/price match policy for BestBuy?

    Hello williamtan,
    Welcome to the forum! Using our Price Match Guarantee can be a fantastic way to save some money on your purchases while still visiting your preferred stores. It is discouraging to hear you may have been dissatisfied with your experience requesting this price match on a copy of Titanic at our Atlantic Center store in Brooklyn, NY.
    Per our Price Match Guarantee, sadly we do not price match That being said, we would price match a Wal-Mart that is within a 25 mile radius of one of our stores, assuming the product meets the rest of the criteria, including being the identical item. Unfortunately, as you state there aren’t any Wal-Marts around, we wouldn’t be able to provide this price match. Furthermore, upon my review, it does seem that these may not be identical items.
    Given this information, it would seem that the Atlantic Center store would have been correct in denying this price match, although I’m sorry if you were provided any inaccurate information as to the reason for the denial. When such instances come along, we should be sure we are courteous and clearly explain the Price Match Guarantee. I apologize if this experience has caused you any dismay.
    Thank you for taking the time to register with the forum to share your experience with us! Please know that I’ve made sure to note your price match experience at our Atlantic Center store in detail so that we may have it available to better our methods in the future. If you should have any questions, please let us know!
    Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • Price too low - Invoice is not blocked...

    Probably you all know that invoices can be automatically blocked for payment based on the tolerances set up in customizing. When the price is too high, the system acts like expected, but when the price is too low, we don't get the preferred result. You get a warning message, but no payment block. It would be nice if the invoices with a "price too low" are blocked too.
    We don't like to park them, because we work with a scanning procedure, so all invoices have to be posted immediately in the finance department, otherwhise it's very difficult to follow - up...
    The purchasing and stock department are solving all the issues (qty and price differences) based on the list in MRBR. If the invoices with incorrect contracts are not in the list, this can give some problems. I've asked the finance people to block the invoices with a lower price manually, but for them this way of working is a little bit annoying...
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Is there a BADI or user exit (or customizing parameter)?
    Thanks in advance!
    Kind Regards,

    Please note the following:
    The system will check the lower tolerance limit but an invoice will
    never be blocked if the LOWER limit is exceeded. The system will only
    display a warning message. In the standard system invoices will only be
    blocked if the UPPER limit is exceeded because normally one wants to
    prevent to pay more than expected.
    In SAP Library: MM-Invoice with Variances-Tolerances you will also
    find the following explanation:
    ".. If the variance is outside the tolerance limit, the system displays
      this in a warning message. If you do not adjust your entries, you can
      still post the invoice. If, however, the upper tolerance limit is
      exceeded, the system automatically blocks the invoice for payment."
    If this is an issue, message M8084 and M8085 can be customized as
    error messages, as a work around. Please transaction OMRM
    (spro -> materials management -> logistics invoice verification ->
    Define attributes of system messages here you can set message 084 to
    You may also want to see the user exit exit_saplkont_002,
    enhancement MM08R002 for blocking.
    I hope this information will answer your query.

  • Price too low (below tolerance limit of 10%)

    I am facing the below error while processing of MIRO. The error detail is as below:
    Price too low (below tolerance limit of 10.00 %)
    Message no. M8085
    The invoice price (value invoiced divided by the quantity invoiced) varies too greatly from the net order price.
    The category of this message can be changed in Customizing for Invoice Verification. This means that you can receive a message as an error message even though it is defined as a warning message in the standard system.
    The following documentation deals with the case applicable to the standard system only.
    System Response
    The system has established that the value invoiced is below the expected price (quantity invoiced * net order price) by more than the tolerance for price variances (10.00 %) set in the Customizing system.
    Check what you have entered and make any necessary corrections.
    Please suggest.

    The tolerance keys that you have mentioned are to do with Invoice verificationion tolerances. In most cases the comparison is with the PO, which brings the line items in the invoice verification screen in MIRO.
    Check the transaction code OMR6...
    On percentage lower limit
    Check limit : Checked
    PercLowerAccLim : %
    On percentage upper limit
    Check limit : Checked
    PercUpperAccLim : %

  • Narration sound too low or else have background hiss/hum

    I am using PreE8 on Windows7 64-bit.  My sound card is....hmmmm, my spec sheet says "Integrated 7.1 Audio."  I don't know what that means.  Perhaps that is the "house" sound on my computer, a Dell Studio XPS 435MT (lack of a decent sound card may be part of the problem now that I think about it).
    Continuing on, I am trying to overdub a video clip by muting it, and recording dialog to the narration track.  I have a cheapo desktop Labtec microphone.  I have two settings in the Control panel to adjust microphone volume.  one is labelled "Microphone" and the other "Microphone Boost".  I have the gain in the PreE8 narration window at max.   For both the front and back microphone jacks, with the control panel "microphone" setting to 100 but the boost at zero, the volume of my narration is too low to hear.  If I slide the Microphone Boost to +30db (the max) in the Control Panel, the volume of the narration is barely okay, but I get a loud background hiss/hum that is unacceptable.
    My goal is to record my voice overdubs with as little extra work as possible, so I am looking for a setup that will allow us to speak into a microphone at normal volumes and to end up with a clean narration clip that I can simply use straight in my project with no denoising, no cleaning up in audacity, etc.
    I read in another thread that a condenser microphone might help.  Will it?  If so, I don't want to break the bank.  Can someone recommend a condenser microphone that will record voice well, but not cost a fortune?
    Might my lackluster sound card be part of the problem?  If so, what recommendations are there for sound cards to record voice well?  I am only looking to record dialog--no music, no explosions--which is why I didn't get a high end soundcard in the first place.
    Lastly, is there anything else I am missing here with respect to recording audio in PreE8?  Because we are trying to sync dialog to existing video, it is imperative we be able to watch the clip while recording dialog, so I don't know that recording outside of PrE8 is an option.  or is it?  Is there a way to do this easily using, say, audacity.  ( I have a great old USB microphone that used to work with Audacity years ago, maybe this might work?).

    The microphone used can make all of the difference, as can a noise-free environment.
    HERE is a good one. I use similar. I would go with a mono, but then you will want your narrator within the pickup pattern. (See below). If this is out of the budget, then I'd stop by a guitar shop and discuss mics with the salespeople. They should know about mic'ing single instruments, and singers, and have many such mics available at differing prices. Discuss the cables, as you will likely be using direct connection via 1/8" connector, and not have a phantom power source - hence the need for a powered mic.
    Now, it sounds like you have more than one narrator. The capture pattern of the particular mic will make a difference. I use a tight cardioid mono mic, because I am the narrator. If you have more than one narrator, you'll want a much broader pattern. Having a powered condenser mic will likely get a usable signal, without having to boost the signal - adding that noise that you are getting.
    Seating your narrators very close to one another will be helpful, as will adding some sound baffling to keep the fans in the computer, etc. from being picked up. Sonofoam is great for this, but one can do similar by just placing some cardboard panels with upholstery  foam glued to it, or maybe even blankets. Do NOT wrap the computer's case, but place these between it, and the narrators. Depending on your room, you might even want to hang blankets behind the narrators to cut down on reflected (echos) sounds from a live room.
    Now, if you do need to record in Audacity, or similar, and watch the movie, you can just Export/Share the Timeline as a Video-only file. Play that in WMP, or similar, and use Audacity to record. I use Adobe Audition, and it incorporates Video in its GUI, so I just Export/Share and Import that into Audition to be played, while I record.
    Your sound chip is probably fine, so long as the level of the signal from the mic is adequate for it. I like to have my narration peaking at about -6dB, so that there is no clipping. I can still boost that slightly in my editing program, if needed.
    I have several panels of foamcore with sonofoam on them. One is between me and the computer's case. Two more form a large "V", with me in the center of that "V." This effectively kills all room reflections. I just use a couple of lightstands besides my chair, and use some spring clamps to attach those panels. Blankets would work fine too. Your setup might look a bit odd, should someone drop by, but what you want to do is eliminate any liveliness in the room, block things like those fans, and be sure to turn off the heater/AC and kill any audio sources from the rest of the house.
    Good luck,

  • Usb port 1.1 too low

    our usb ports are 1.1. too low for ipod shuffle which needs 2.0 if we buy a dock or flexible dock, will both work for converting or will we still be in trouble? operating w/ OS x10.2.8

    I'm confused, since Apple claims the shuffle will work on a USB 1.1 port using 10.2.8. (Transfers will obviously be slower.)
    If your problem is that the ports accessible to you are low power, for which Apple's recommendation is a different operating system, I'd try a powered hub. The shuffle dock I'm familiar with is really an extension cable with a fancy end on it; to use it you'd want to make sure its male connector was plugged into a port which was providing enough power.
    Good luck

  • Pop up window saying Memory is too low to continue in Logic.Why?Way to Fix?

    I recently purchased my IMac OSX 10.6.3 as well as Logic. I have about a half dozen projects on my hard drive now, which is also being backed up to a "time machine" external drive. The projects are pretty small( just piano, or piano and string quartet, etc.) I also just installed Office Suite for Mac and the full Adobe Creative Suite.
    Recently when I have been working in the Score Editor(In Logic Pro 9), a pop up window appears saying something to the effect of "memory is getting low, don't install more plugins and remove any unused ones." Then today, after that pop up, another one showed up and said "memory is too low to continue. we will close project, autosave, etc. etc."
    Why is this happening? Is there not enough memory on my computer? Will this actually effect editing procedures in Logic? (because it seems like some things aren't working like they used to) Is there a quick and easy fix? Is this related to space remaining on hard drive, or is it completely different? Could it be related to the IMAC backing up files to my "time machine" drive at the same time I am working in LOGIC?
    Could someone who has a little time on their hands please answer these questions IN DETAIL? I am new to MAC and LOGIC, so I really have no Idea what's going on with the memory issue. I don't even understand how MEMORY corresponds to available space, quality of running programs, etc.
    Please help. I'm working on a deadline to finish a Master's portfolio and this could potentially be a big bump in the road for me.

    The System Requirements for Logic Studio call for a minimum or 1 GB RAM with 2 GB recommended. So you should not have a problem with your 4 GB.
    First make sure your RAM is being recognized by your computer. Go to Apple Menu (apple in upper left hard corner and click on "About this Mac". Make sure it say 4 GB. Ram chip at times will go bad or become unseated.
    Now for troubleshooting, here is what I would do. The next time you want to use Logic, restart your computer. Restarting "flushes" the RAM; it may not sound like it but that is a good thing. Then do not open any other programs other than Logic (except ones you may need for it). You listed an awesome group of software you own. Your computer is not set up for all these programs to automatically start up when you turn on the computer, is it??
    So I am betting that you will not get the low memory message when only Logic is working. With some trial and error you will be able to open more and more programs at the same time without effecting Logic.
    You can better understand your RAM by opening Activity Monitor (Applications >> Utilities >> Activity Monitor). Click on the System Memory tab at the bottom and you can visualize what your RAM (Memory) is doing. There is also a list of programs that are open and what resources they are sucking up.
    Good luck with your computer and your masters.

  • Volume too low on ringer and with hands-free headsets

    Both the ringer's volume and the volume within headsets are too low in my new Droid X. When holding it to my ear while talking it is loud enough well below max volume, but hearing people through headsets while driving is often too low with all volumes set to max (on loud freeways, for example). I usually keep my phone's ringer on silent vibrate, but it would be nice to be able to turn it up louder when the phone is sitting on a desk at home. Cell phone ringers can be obnoxiously loud, but there are times when people need to have them turned up.
    Because it is an issue in both the ringer speaker and the jack for wired headsets, it seems like there is a good chance of getting a software fix to raise the max volume levels. Reading posts on forums, it seems clear that this problem is widespread in most, if not all, Droid X devises.
    If you are having similar problems, please take a moment to call both Verizon and Motorola with a polite report of the issue. I spoke with both today and they said they were aware of the issue, and the tech at Motorola said they were "looking into" a software fix for it. If enough people call and report it, we have a better chance of getting a fix sometime soon.
    Verizon's support line is: (800) 922-0204.
    Motorola's is: (800) 734-5870 (I chose #6 for "other issues" a couple of times after routing into Droid support to get a live tech)
    It can be frustrating to filter through the support systems and report it, especially if they tell you to try obvious things like rebooting the phone and turning the volume up, but it really is the only way to get them to fix this issue. Both techs I spoke with actually looked in their systems right away and acknowledged the issue is being reported by people.
    Of course, if anyone has a real solution to this issue, please let us know what it is!

    Thanks for the suggestion JKramer. I should have been more clear about having adjusted all volumes up in the settings screen. Assuming all sound options are located within the "Settings --> Sound & Display" screen, then yes, I have tried changing them. I have also tried changing the option to "use incoming call volume for notifications" under the "ringer volume" settings, after reading that someone had success in improving volume that way.
    This issue is not a problem all of the time. It is only an issue when there is an elevated level of background noise, such as driving on the freeway, or having music or a movie playing in the room.
    The phone is otherwise excellent! I live and commute in areas of very spotty reception (with all cell providers), and this phone will keep calls and not even have voices garble where my past two phones have consistently dropped calls in at least five problem locations. So far, everything else about it seems to work great!
    Maybe some of these phones don't have this issue. Or, maybe the people who say they don't encounter the problem are lucky enough to live in relatively quite environments most of the time. In a quiet house or office, it is certainly loud enough. It just needs to have the option for increased volume when in noisy places. The issue is that its "max volume" settings are not as loud as with other phones.
    Searching for something like "Droid X volume" will indeed show many people experiencing these same problems on various forums...

  • Drum loops are too low in volume vs guitars when overdubbing

    After 8 hrs of learning Logic Express 9. I can't record the guitars "hot" because the Apple drum loops are too low in volume. I max them out with extra gain. I even duplicate them so I have two tracks. How can I get the drum loop volume up. I've tried everything I can think of to push it as loud as it will get. I've tried normalizing. I am assuming the quality of the guitar recording is related to how "hot" it's recorded or at least you shouldn't have to turn it down to about 20% when I overdub. I've got an M-Audio solo. Thanks.

    Have you tried monitoring the guitars at a lower lever? You can still record them hot, but listen at a lower level.
    From my LE8 manual...
    Setting the Monitoring Level
    If the Independent Monitoring Level (for Record Enabled Channel Strips) preference in
    the Logic Express > Preferences > Audio > Devices > Core Audio tab is enabled, an
    independent monitoring level is available when an audio channel is record enabled.
    After arming the track, set the fader to the desired level. The original playback level will
    be restored when the channel’s Record button is disabled.
    Important: The Level fader only controls the playback (or monitoring) level, not the
    recording level, when a track is record enabled. Recording levels must be set
    externally—on your mixer, or at the original sound source. Care must be taken when
    setting input levels, as digital audio will clip when overloaded. Clipping results in a
    particularly harsh, metallic distortion, so unless you have a penchant for heavier
    musical styles, overloading the inputs isn’t recommended (see “Understanding the Clip

  • Hellow my i pod is not working.actually bettry was too low then i puted on starting charging but not going to power on.when it tried to starting on sunndly after the apple logo it showd the 5 % bettry and went back off and this proses is carry

    my i pod is not working.actually bettry was too low then i puted on starting charging but not going to power on.when it tried to starting on sunndly after the apple logo it showd the 5 % bettry and went back off and this proses is carry on.plz help me how it witt work starting.i urgently need to on my i pod.plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hi there shehla sattar,
    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    iPad: Basic troubleshooting
    -Griff W.

  • How do I know if my image resolution is too low now that the yellow triangle warning is gone?

    I am creating a book in iPhoto 11 for the first time. In older versions, I would get a yellow triangle indicating my image quality was too low for that size image. Based on other threads, it looks like iPhoto no longer gives the warning. What is the best way to know if the image will print okay? Is there a workaround so I can check the quality of the image prior to printing out the book?

    I noticed that there's not resolution waring also.  Create a PDF file of the book and look at the pages at full sized with Preview and determine if the photos are sharp enough for you.
    I ran a test with two images, one 4000 x 3000 pixels and the other 230 x 200 pixels in a 2 photo per page book page and then created a pdf of the book, Modern Lines theme.  This is a screenshot of  the page in Preview at View ➙ View Full Sized:
    This screenshot is of the same photo in a different 2 photo per page layout in the same theme.  It does look more like I expected:
    Right click on the image and select Show in New Window from the Contextual menu.  I'm really surprised the first example of the small image looked as good as it did. I expected a very pixelated image like the second example but iPhoto upsized it rather nicely. So iPhoto can upsize a small photo to some degree but I don't recommend relying on it for such small images.   And it is a very, very, very small image.  Soif your image is reasonably large you should be OK.  But check it in the PDF file.

  • OCR won't work because too low dpi, but clearly is very high DPI

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro version 8 on Windows 7 64 bit. I have a document which won't OCR--it comes up with error messages saying the pages are less than 72 dpi. I can't find a way to verify the actual dpi of this file. However, if I zoom in to 6400% on the text, it stays looking very clear and clean--almost as if it were vector text already. I have trouble believing the resolution is really below 72 dpi or too low for OCR to make sense of it.
    Any advice?

    Thanks. I wasn't familiar with the pre-flight too. I double clicked on
    "list bitmaps below 300 dpi"  - result: no problems found
    "list images below 100 ppi" - results: no problems found
    I can't seem to find any other place to check for resolution. With my limited knowledge both of these results would seem to indicate that I shouldn't be receiving the error--and then of course there is the fact that the text resolution is visually excellent at the highest possible zoom--which makes me think that OCR should be working regardless of what the preflight tool says.
    Any further advice would be appreciated.

  • Volume too low on Lumias

    I previuosly owned a Lumia 800 and now a Lumia 920, and both have exactly the same problem...the earphone volume is just too low. Things are fine of you are hearing in a quiet room, but if you are walking or jogging in the street, the music volume at 30\30 is too low.
    Nokia should get an iphone or ipod and compare, Hard too see how Nokia can sell itself as a music platform, yet produce sub par music devices.
    I'm angry because of this. The Lumia 920 is an expensive device. Switching back to the iphone...

    I love the Lumia 920 and the Windows 8 OS. I started off with the iphone, then to android, and now to windows 8 phone. However, there are certain things that should be left up to the consumer to control. Not everyone is the same, your hearing may be more sensative than another person. Since this is a Nokia issue, the volume should have been left to a volume level that will please everyone. I like listening to music loud especially when I am cutting my grass. It is annoying using a weed trimmer and I can hardly hear the music cause it is too low even though I have it at the max setting. The exteranl speaker is the same issue. 10/10 is rediculous. Everyone is always trying to control the way others do things and say things, express themselves, etc. It needs to be adressed and included in the next update. 

  • Volume too low on download from itunes store how to fix

    My download from itunes store won't play on my ipad at a decent volume.  How do I fix it? 
    Actually, I suspect the download itself is too low and fuzzy.  How do I reload?

    If you are having a problem with a song you downloaded from iTunes, you can report it to an iTunes worker and they will redownload the song for you for free.  Go to the song you bought and find where it says "report a problem".  Click on that, and you can explain your problem to an iTunes worker.

Maybe you are looking for