Problem with burning DVD's

I have Roxio Toast Titanium and I have a problem with burning DVD's. When I put a blank DVD-R in my superdrive, select the files and go to burn; the advanced recording options will not let me deselect the check in "close disk". It is shaded. But when I use a CD-RW I can and so far the Roxio help has...well has not been help at all. I mean why would I spend the money to buy a software package that lets me do the same thing as the basic OS-X disk utility would let me do? Drag a file, burn it and close the disk from any future use....
Sorry if this does not belong here, I did not see a area for general software questions way back in the main forum area not one here.

Hi and thank you.
To give you more details on what I am trying to do; I am trying to burn in Mac & PC format. I am mainly trying to back up all my assorted college files (I am a college student), these files are lecture notes in Word with embedded audio recordings, standard Word documents such as essays, etc., spreadsheets, PDF documents, etc. The files I am attempting to burn should not be larger than 4.7 gb and Roxio has not given me a warning that it would be.
I am just frustrated that when I put in a DVD-R or -RW I only have one option, and that is to close out the disk when it is finished burning it. I have also gone to the recording tab, on the menue bar, to uncheck the "close disk" box after I put in a blank DVD and before I select files to burn. The option is shadded preventing me from even trying, which is not the case for a CD!
Thank you!
12 PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.1)  

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  • Problems with burned DVD in iDVD - Works in some players, not in others

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem with a DVD I burned in iDVD.
    I have a disc image that I made in iDVD and then burn the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders to a DVD.
    I burned to a Memorex DVD+R.
    The video pops up fine and plays on my computer after it burns, but if I eject the disc and try to re-insert it, the DVD preview says "Supported disc not found". It did this same thing when I tried it in my Macbook.
    It works fine in my standard DVD player, but I also tried it on my Playstation 3 and it did not play.
    A few things I am going to try is buring directly from iDVD instead of first making a disc image, and also using DVD-R, although I heard that DVD+R is generally a better format to use.
    Someone also told me that DVD+R does not play on macs, which I question.
    If anyone has any other suggestions or might know why this is happening, I would greatly appreciate it. It is an important project that needs to be done soon! Thanks.
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    The disc image option is within iDVD: File > Save as Disc Image. If you switch to DVD map map mode you can drag your movie to a spot prior to the menu so that the movie plays automatically when put into the player. Under advanced, you can set the movie to loop.... otherwise I think it goes back to the menu when done playing. BTW, all DVDs MUST have a menu it is part of the DVD specification. It is just a matter of whether you see the menu. As far as exporting your project back to tape... you won't loose any quality and your audio, along with your video and any editing to each will export back to tape. However, a MP3 is not generally considered a higher quality file (although perhaps the recorder was closer to the source?). As a matter of fact, if you are editing your audio I strongly suggest using a file sampled at at least 16-bit/48Khz, AIFF (or WAV or anything lossless).
    In regards to the slow burn speed: I agree that a slower burn speed is better than the fastest burn speed (due to error corrections ect). However, I would choose a middle of the road burn speed. If my choices are 4x, 6x, or 8x, I would choose 6x. If it is 2x, 4x, 6x, I would choose 4x. And yes, quality of blank media can effect the playback of a disc that played once just fine.

  • Problem with Burning DVD/Audio

    iMovie HD version 5.0.2. I have been editing movies and burning DVDs for more than a year and have not encountered this problem before. When I play my latest movie, there doesn't seem to be a problem with the music that I imported in only one of the audio tracks. However, when I try to burn a DVD, the video encoding proceeds as usual but the audio encoding stalls when it appears to be about 90% complete. I have produced movies that are 2 hours long and have not run into this problem. The current movie is a little over 1 hour long, so I don't think the length is a problem.
    Background info: As in the past, the source of the movie I am editing is a DVD that Walmart converted from old video films. I CINEMATIZED the DVD which I have done in the past to be able to edit the movie. When I copied the WALMART version of the movie, I only imported/copied the video portion and NOT the audio.
    I hope this explanation of my problem is detailed enough. I am not very technologically educated so I am limited in my ability to explain the details.

    May be this applies.
    *No audio on DVD disc.*
    Most common origin:
    1 Imported audio from iTunes:
    • In iTunes copy out as an audio-CD .aiff
    • Use this in Your movie project
    2 Strange audio formats like .mp3, .avi etc.
    • Change them to .aiff. Use an audio editor like Audacity (free)
    Before burning the DVD:
    • Do a DiskImage (File menu and down)
    • Double click on the .img file
    • Test it with Apple DVD-player
    If OK:
    • Make Your DVD - or -
    • Burn from DiskImage with Apple Disk Util tool - and at an as slow speed as possibly eg x1
    • OR burn with Roxio Toast™ if You got it
    Yours Bengt W

  • Problem with burned DVD on DR8-A

    Hi everybody,
    I have a strange problem.
    If you could help me it will be great.
    I burned a Memorex 8x DVD+R on my DR8-A at 4x speed. This works fine.
    So after i look my DVD in Windows Explorer and it shows me the all the files ( i have twenty video files of 200 MO each) of my burned DVD. But i can only access to the 10 first ones. I see the others but i can't copy them to hardrive, i can't  launch them with Windows Media Player (they are movie files).
    My PC configuration is :
    ASUS A7V8X
    AMD Athlon XP 2400+
    512 MB RAM
    80 GB MAXTOR DiamondMax Plus 9 7200rpm IDE, 8Mb
    120 GB MAXTOR DiamondMax Plus 9 7200rpm IDE, 8Mb
    Leadtek Winfast A280 LTD
    MEMOREX 16x DVD player
    MSI DRA-8 DVD writer.
    Windows 98 SE

    You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed Utility to check if you have the disc burnt properly.

  • Problem with burning DVD

    Is there anybody who can help me? I try to burn a lot of photos at DVD (DVD+R), but there are problems. Burning is OK, but veryfying not. Then I get the message "Sector 1 unreadeble" and that's it. I got a new DVD station in my iMac, but the problem still goes on.

    Does your iMac have an internal CD/DVD drive, or are you using an external CD/DVD burner?  If it's an external USB burner, do you have *ANY* other USB devices connected to your Mac other than your keyboard and/or mouse?

  • Problem with burning dvds

    I recently made and burnt a project consisting of home movies. I made five copies. When I checked out the dvds, a couple of chapters in the project (18 chapters) won't play from the chapter index but will play when playing the whole movie. (happens on all copies and there are chapter markers for those two chapters).
    There also is one chapter that plays for awhile and then jumps to the next chapter before it is finished. (happens on all 5 copies)
    Before I remade them, I thought I'd find out if anyone knew what might be the problem. Was it related to the making of five copies or something else?

    What you need to do in this situation so we can verify is to go to the file menu in iDVD6 and create a disc image of this project.
    Click Here
    Then use apple's DVD player app to verify proper playback. if it plays ok in the DVD Player app, then we can likely help isolate this issue .... perhaps a better media may help like verbatim DVD-R Minus.

  • Problem with burning dvd"s in idvd

    I have just learnt from local Genius bar that idvd is no longer supported by Apple {after I had wasted loads of recordable dvds!}. The answer is to download midvd from the apple store - free at present and "share" from "imovie" direct to 'itunes", then drag movie to "desktop", the movie can then be dragged into midvd. I found the whole business of making a dvd  very easy with this new software.

    Note for potential users:
    iDVD (and iDVD Pro) only supports MOV files containing H.264 video. Editor codecs (such as AIC and ProRes) are not supported.
    It is not an adequate substitute for iDVD.
    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it and how do I install it?

  • Problems with burning DVD on Encore

    Same settings as always but on this DVD it is squashed in preview and on DVD

    no setting/don't transcode - And then the transcoded version that is imported to Encore.
    I don't understand that. The usual workflow is Original Source -> Premiere Pro sequence/edit etc -> Export file for Encore (or dynamic link) -> Import file(s) to Encore. Describe what you are actually doing. The par has gone wrong somewhere.
    square pixels (1.0)   - And what does Encore show as to its aspect ratio when you right click on the asset and pick "interpret footage"?
    That, of course, is wrong. Pal SD Widescreen should have a par of 1.46. You can try to change that interpret footage to manual and specify 1.46. It is possible that will fix your problem.

  • Audio problems from burning DVD's from Macbook Pro?

    Hey guys,
    So lately I have been having problems with burning DVD.  I use either iDVD or Roxio Toast Titanium 11 too burn movies to play on my television. After burnign them I notice all of them have audio problems.  It's as if the audio is faint for the dialogue but when background music plays its blaring! I checked my TV and its definitely not my Television because sound plays from both speakers.  I was wondering if any other Macbook users had this problem or users of either of these programs had this problem because it's such a hassle burning movies without really enjoying them.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Try the Importing & Burning in iTunes for Mac Forum

  • MOVED: Problem with SATA DVD/RW

    This topic has been moved to AMD64 nVidia Based board.
    Problem with SATA DVD/RW

    I use the Plextor PX-712SA's with no issues. However...I do not believe the SATA versions require jumpers. Try plugging them in on SATA port 1 or 2, making sure those are enabled in BIOS of course. Make sure all connections are secure. There have been some issues with these particular drives not operating properly, but it has not been an issue with seasoned system builders, so the problems may be with the builder himself. Usually, Plextors are so good, they'll almost burn a paper plate! Try a different medium, maybe another brand of blank CD or DVD.
    You may also want to check Device Manager in Windows, to see if it is listed "This device is working properly"!

  • Im having problem with the dvd quality, I'm using compressor to convert the video fils from apple prores to mpeg2 .It doesn't matter how long my video is even if its just 5 minutes  I'm getting cut edges in the video , does anyone have any idea ?

    Im having a problem with the dvd quality, I'm using compressor to convert the video fils from apple prores to mpeg2 .It doesn't matter how long my video is even if its just 5 minutes  I'm getting cut edges/lines  in the video specialy if i have titles it comes up really bad , I took the same video to a friend of mine who have PC and he uses Encore , did the encoding there and it was just fine no problems! BTW I tried using doferent setings in compressor from CBR and VBR I even pushed up the setings to 8 or 9 BR and still no luck !
    does anyone have any idea ?
    Thanks in advence ...

    Let's focus attention on just the Sony. (What model and what resolution are you shooting?)
    For now, I'll assume you're shooting 1080i.
    Take a representaive clip  into a new sequence. Add a title.
    In your sequence, make sure field dominance is set to Upper.
    Set render settings to Pro Res 422.
    After rendering, export QT self contained.
    Import into Compressor (I'm now referring to v3.5).
    Select the 90 minute Best quality DVD preset.
    Open frame controls and turn on (click the gear icon). Set Resize filter to Best.
    Submit burn and check quality on TV.
    Good luck.

  • Problem with copied DVDs--"DAMAGED TS FOLDER" (HELP or I shall go MAD!)

    Hi folks--really, really hope someone can help me. This has got me beat. And I'm by no means sure it's a problem with my computer, but...
    The facts:
    1. I recently acquired a Panasonic DMR-ES20 DVD recorder, primarily to make DVD copies of a number of old and treasured videotapes. These are from broadcast, so copy protection isn't a factor.
    2. I often use my Mac as a TV to watch DVDs and have never had the slightest problem with commercial DVDs.
    3. I am (or was) using Roxio's Popcorn 2 program to make up backup copies of the DVDs I make.
    4. I made about 20 DVDs without problem, and ALL work perfectly on the Imac, and ALL can be copied via Popcorn 2.
    5. Then, SOMETHING CHANGED, I have no idea what--but now, each and every DVD I make with the Panasonic shows up on the Imac as follows:
    "The TS folder appears to be damaged."
    These disks will NOT play on the Imac and cannot be copied with Popcorn 2. They DO play on the Panasonic machine, however.
    6. I have tried varying media, including high-quality Taiyo Yuden disks. That didn't help.
    7. I have reset the recorder to original factory settings. That didn't help.
    8. I have used a disk lens cleaner on the Imac. That didn't help.
    9. I have spoken with Applecare and (God help me) Panasonic. Both pronounced themselves baffled.
    10. As am I. As things stand, I've got a lot of more or less useless equipment. Ideas? Hints? Suggestions?
    2 GZ PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    2 GZ PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    2 GZ PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    The only time I have ever expierianced an issue like this is from doing extensive burning. The cause is from the storage of the cache files and some of the older TS folders even after you trashed them from your machine after you burned.
    The only way I have been able to work around this is
    First Repair Permissions as is submitted by Gulliver.
    I have also found that by running 3 freeware or shareware programs one right after the other and after the 3rd it will restart your computer all is well when I do it.
    First run Macjanitor.
    Next run Cache Out X.
    And last but not least is ONYX.
    take note when you run Cache out X and Onyx be careful to not delete your favorites in your browsers.
    A note of interest, I have had to do this after I have done a lot of copying to get rid of all the excesive junk that is left behind.
    Give it a try.
    Good Luck Don

  • Satelite 1400-503 problem with a DVD+R

    I have a problem with my dvd - rom. Family of me have burned a dvd+R. Now can't i play it on my notebook. So i tested a dvd-R and this works well.
    A friend of me tells me that i can change some configuration of something like that so i can play the both formats. Can someone help me with this???

    I don't think this is a setting to be changed. The drive must support the + format.
    This is not very common if the machine is not very very new. If You get this problem with the built-in drive of Your Sat1400-503 and it is not replaced by some unsupported one, then I am very sure that it does not support the DVD+R format.

  • Problems with my DVD/CD-ROM Drive (MS-8216)

    I have a BIGGGG problem with my DVD/CD-ROM Drive (MS-8216)
    I was copying somethin in my comp, and the cd got BOOOM into pieces inside.
    My warranty expired 1 month ago, so i clean it in the inside. After this it is like this :
       - i can watch 700mb movies AVI format with no problems, but when i want to copy anything in my comp from the cd it always stops rotating at 6% of copiyng and BANG it stops and an error has acourde. Same with the dvd's. Please don't ask me about my comp config couse i know it has no problem with that. I left every thing like it was inside ---  impecable, no wiress unplugged and i've upgraded the firmware also
    What can it be. Thank you

    if you can read the CD, but not copy from it, try this program:
    It allows you to read with a much better accuracy than the generic windows driver.
    However, i'm afraid your drive has been damaged in the explosion and this is only a work around, not a real solution.
    The good point is that DVD burner are now cheap, but it is not much...  

  • Fit and usage problems with second DVD burner on Mirror Drive Door

    I got a Mirror Drive Door Dual 1.25 GHz (Firewire 400 only) to replace my dead Digital Audio model. It has been working fine for the past week, so today I was trying to transplant all my compatible upgrades over from the Digital Audio, but I am having problems with using 2 DVD burners.
    I left the original Apple Super Drive in the top optical bay and put my LaCie Lightscribe burner in the bottom bay.
    My first problem is that the opening in the lower bezel is too small from side-to-side for the LaCie tray to come out. It hits the bezel and goes back in. It looks like it is off by about 1-1.5mm on each side. I don't know if the drives will fit if I reverse their positions or not.
    Secondly, I don't think the jumpers are set correctly, and I am not 100% sure how to set them. I am guessing that they both need to be "Cable Select" like the hard disks in this model? I think I would prefer that the Apple drive stays the main drive. Right now, when I press the eject button on the keyboard, all I get is an endless cycle of the lower drive trying to eject its tray. I'm not finding the procedure for ejecting the the top Apple drive. Is there a key combination to select the upper drive? So far there is only Tiger 10.4.11 on this computer, though I will be installing Leopard shortly.

    I am guessing that they both need to be "Cable Select" like the hard disks in this model?
    Depends on the IDE cable, Master & Slave may be a better option.
    Might try this...
    On your main hard drive, dig down into System > Library > CoreServices > Menu Extras. Inside that window, double-click on the icon called
    If two drives are properly recognized it'll allow you to choose which one.

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